Beach and Company Players Kneeling Anthem 4-26 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, April 26th

What should the NFL do about Players kneeling during anthem? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Well hello hello hello is BJ governor of sandy beach I don't know what to do. I'm glad I got this to do now now biggest tonight Michael I didn't know I I don't watch the draft. Or bonus Heros movie I am kind of my god in the draft is what we tells me. Why I hoping those early so that I can go to the early showing of the superheroes. That is as Oregon and everybody says we're gonna get a quarterback I am thinking yeah now nobody there rob Johnston he liked our guard floating. The Johnson Flutie Johnson truly did and Gucci Portland coach at exactly. That's what we need we need some of that and go before the draft tonight I wanna watch video on ESPN. A draft from 1960. I I insist on watching them because I'm that much to a football a year ago. Get audiences for that they were running pre draft stuff on. Last weekend when it was in New York City was sold out from this now in. And while radius or is it Dallas Dallas that they had to Alice tan with a big venue and candidates and now hey thank you Brando lacy. Brando Lacey broadest information on Sunday we've been talking about straws. And how lobbed a Delaware north so we're not gonna give straws with cold drinks the most US for them. And I said well what's next a plastic bags and that was it the next day it was plastic bags. We're looking for alternatives I did not know that there are alternatives. Legitimate alternatives. To plastic straws that are not paper straws because if you got a paper strong. And you're going along fine like this. Will this is a good beverage room and then it him loads. And and your to console flawed I mean that's that's not a good thing now is she abruptly something from in by aired teach. Whatever inviolate no and buyer fact I'm sorry they have and and really fancy fonts here in buyer for back. Stainless steel drinking straws stainless steel drinking laws. And here's here's what they say are pack go for stainless steel drinking straws is an intelligent earth friendly. I'm Lou I think alternative to plastic or paper. Disposables drugs. And cleaning brush for easy clean up sold separately. How would wanna use the same show over and over and over and over again and have the cleaner with a brush. Dishwasher safe one year warranty and you know what you can get a package of 26 inch Estrada's. For only a package of fall are for only seventeen dollar just look at. Every effort that. Guys are you don't wanna use the same strong all over again in the area and I don't know I go oh this was uses last night is a potato and it. And I don't want to go now. But that's that this Els is in the air. OK they have a water filtration system. And look at this the reusable grocery bag. First seven dollars edit edits as on the side. Being a green in the world. Now where she's. I wonder how alumni clubs are and is that a lot of effort underway. It's nice that this is not bad and then they have reusable probe whose bags. I didn't get a set of 38 partly reusable proto was bag for only fifteen dollars. It's only five bucks a bag. Yeah a must have for every shopping trip don't have plastic waste of landfills and green into our bank account yes. Yeah I think we added they're really great as always thank you really care about this here I'm gonna fire well. It's. Cyclists that's really did OK thank you thank you thank you don't wanna waste papers and god this can be reached debris posed this can be tomorrow's blog. It could be something in the men's room we really don't know by the way and messed up I used for sheets of them and yet now prominent of which you won on report a file that they have their reward program. You know it's Mitch. I. Asia in order of three she ages most snitch on them. Well Ira you know of analysts Asia's impressive like you're just this law I'm an honest person that I heard when he snatched it first dibs what's in the be stroked the pockets too intense ditched today at. It that's that's a gift that the beginning of the line. Now Tony got a great nose from his that a therapist is doctor because as you know he was out of commission for several months. We have built as it elbows it was a ruptured tendons in my arms in both football and both of them so now video the restrictions are gone with the braces in the and that sort of thing. But and now you you can do something you couldn't do before. And what is that packing lightly push off. Push up what my body has it was there everybody I'm now Q and you do you have figures certain position they sit ups are great. Are they pull ups would take a position to the right. Your yes your. I am drew an outlet and if I can hands just and put them or re earning my chest in Equus law which. Oh from the floor from from the bat of from the vet from the bad and OC is you can seniors now make. That and then push up active roll over and then push up of one that's going to be a very strange decision VO it is an encore. Standing about hamburgers are always good to try to do. I think I've got to wait like five years ago or six years ago well congratulation and we're glad you're practically your record into man which is great because reward that through with a goal I don't blame you very good but how much tickets start lifting two pounds 2000. It would be huge in each arm. Asked yet hollow Richie and Doug meego would be he could be jealous of that culture that's it that's regrettable two pounds at two rounds recently you can go to Burger King. And get too low one pounders nevermind that go to the cycle you need haystack they say I have ever way they haystack it's over pound. It is over now so it would've been too much free lift right and I imagine going to your doctor. And and your record says you strangers show what have you been doing is that I I had a haste. I. Go there in dolls why not go for more I think that's so well enjoy it while on the question of hot women. We have Joseph vehement known affectionately by via via says buzz he beamer. Any luck of the women department I know you were out there and various. International web sites. I'm never. Let's not spreading rumors but you know the weekends coming up you know Joseph beamer back on the single market while so a lot. All all all of get back out there on Saturday there's a nice thing going on of the nineties bar crawl that it's goods and I wish Google what you but I am going to I'm going through. A house announced Marty in my jokes vol exactly it's where your pink visor night well well it's so that regard and he tests are innocent of these years something like. Like a starter jacket eighties and shorts right ill at spyware. I'm sorry he's everywhere. Starter starter jackets okay and George Selig night style hat with with the step back of course and I just go to bars that are going to be. The last ninety's music to fund tightening. Accuracy services today and as that's when it is that bad. As I mean that's right my wheel house right hitting on a girl wanted to ask you boys are plain. Are you Rhode Ozzie comment on the out Backstreet boy now. We go to break. Yeah. It's a stormy Paula I don't match. Happy go bigger crazier than regular selling out shows nightly in Vegas are selling on barriers and sure. There is no surprise why yeah exactly law how come in sync isn't in there. You're like boy advance. Justin Timberlake yell is doing flying solo I'm sure in ten years when he's not doing well in sync will miraculously happy reunions Amy Nelson show up or stop McNamara and sound. Yeah demand isn't Vegas about a minute commercial back always further about flock of seagulls like flock is part of C guy eighties the last assault flock of seagulls on TV. They were on the shell hit me baby one more time which was one. Islanders that came on saying their one hit in the current head and laughed yeah definitely in this song pop. Our I would take a break and we will return on news radio I'm thirty WB ENBR that's ideal I'm surprised you didn't jump out of a chair. That's a good place we've reviewed it kind of stuck out female command injure what do you think we are your kids. For some Arlo I don't know its automobile air. Not driving mr. McDougal Visio yeah I think I think cost couples more my oh my ballpark law. Your current problem Graham and I know email message on my music and who would know that. I just think you did a good sales pitch few shows ago furcal thoughtful and on down consider yeah. That's the that's the man from Chicago and on talking about. Is it when you have hearing jazz and you have to shave once a week. That's drove off. I think Greg every chance Jack when you go when you come in Vietnam. You NATO jet for weapons that jazz at these this suggests there if you and laws Somalis to counsel them exactly that story goes. Anyway a lot I know you guys I know you guys your both super excited about the draft tonight you've already got your picks all lined up with the fact that we're Bill Schulz is that tip that's true you that you both are boring brochures and will say there are allegedly at least four. Fabulous quarterbacks. And we'll see I assume we're gonna get one of them. There's an 80% chance. That only one of the six top quarterbacks actually becomes a regular starter in the yeah it's amazing there's a big difference between collagen and the Perot emerged from a huge difference and not everybody can make the adjustment you know because one thing is is in college they now more more programs get wheat from post I'll gain for the quarterbacks are not prepared coming out. What does the type of offense and run in the NFL if I were quarterback and I were just would be getting out of high school I would search for callers that does weigh the pros that I'll be with ice it was think that would make sense you know. If the bills are Smart stay twelve takes remain Edmonds linebacker from Virginia attack. I've. He's expected to go Mary yeah eight yeah need be to let the best linebacker yet he's projected actually go to the dolphins Atlanta. Are well okay well will be on the edge of our seats and if you want a jam packed sports today the Mets play 1 o'clock against the cardinals. No listen to guard on the mound throwing makes him would you please. And it's just that makes it should be a fun sport that I think the bill's gonna draft nick Caligiuri with the first. About jarred you know that we needed RPI and they need to guard that can grab a flag and thank your car and my dog in an odd but. And your drive momentum of the game yet. That's. Always nice. Right now what are you about today what would tell you about the draft against an idea that because everybody else is doing that in that it's covered by our sports station and they. People who are pro sports fanatic. There are nervous that they're excited at the same time about the big draft tonight you don't watch those and mine mock draft. Hoosiers who was your job charge of first of all Dewey trade to go further up. I you're gonna try to book don't give away the farm teams all right so that's you're you're more conservative position by yours you. I think it all depends on what the browns do it. If the browns Levi at Arnold out there and I think though the bills take next year's first round or 21 round this year something later in the draft anything to get that number two pick. I don't think that's gonna happen to build draft at twelve and I think they take someone yelled let's talk about I think they take Mason Rudolph and B twelve overall. Well miserable lie I hit it see here's the problem with the other well here's a weakness. You have a billion walks. Cost of the team you have a billion stadium cause. And all of that is tied up in what the browns do. I think answered every at bat red white and of course drafting teams and everybody. On your man. Well as we got to wait to see what they're going to Jews. I'd obviously like to see baker may feel I just don't think. In an eager to scenarios they could make it'll be either the bills unfortunately. Baker may feel sounds too loose movie from buffalo you know that's the rich guy's name on don't know regular guy. They like OK we had Jim Kelly one of the best quarterbacks ever. I'm Kelly that's a man lame name I'm not a guy it's gonna have a drink you have Pennsylvania coal mines is that it call for breakfast every religion I've got the we have baker may feel. I guess please don't tackle me I just had my uniform for its. Tell by his. Actions on the field his demeanor his attitude I love it when they beat Ohio State he took the Oklahoma flag. Input in the middle of yoke of the Ohio State field he ought. Didn't get to play the first quarter of his senior game four. Adjuster all the help I think at baker mayfield is if a buffalo kind of guy I'd love to see him and what I will juggle. Tell you that his name does not fit in buffalo can use the they post game press numbers. The teams so excited that we we won today's game we're going on for stones and Lula. Did it tells cones of the anchor bar of that half. I would like that no itself guys and some other names. Josh Al and Josh rose okay those are okay and okay that's that's about her name. The way. Audio and video runny Jackson has withdrawn his name from a consideration by congress. And try to get even is now forget it by Iran rejects he's gonna go with Tito Jackson I. Ha ha ha ha and marlin Jeff. They're gonna get as far as Michael Bush I got a lot of Jackson Jazeera. You don't like the jets take this Jackson. The backward Maher and take all of Jackson 5 to get have almost the line will be back after this. A good. Disgusting my guys are reading Harris. I see somebody come here with a large bag of something and you reached in and grab that I couldn't tell what it was from here in retirement distance away from view. And in the old days we had pop charts. And the odds why. And a community that has Paulo's donuts. Why would you be eating a carrot is that Mazur rust he's influence on it as a big bag of carrots every day Ochoa has a Hugh I've never seen a bank cares so they come as a big carrot he has they care it's OK I just wanna point out. The last two years I that he carries during the show. I know that this day I thought it was circus peanuts in there orange. At least have some you know have some pride either circus we know he's dropped anything off the beast rules I had no choice would be strollers are without food Manassas and usual today's the other day from my problem perk is a family for back to colonial lake park in amusement park featuring. Historic rides in northwest Pennsylvania valid Thursdays or Fridays for just pointing dollars to forty dollar value. Now for details go to my buffalo perks dot com. A clerk couple off of the attacks board. Because they usually via common known what we talk about the reunion show whatever team baker goes through I'm their fan I love him. And sandy Baker's attitude fits buffalo. And that's what that they were saying apparently. He's a lot tougher than his name is. A baker mayfield beamer warped world currencies somebody's getting after being grown up. And it is that is they have re usable pros bags at wegmans. For a few dollars not a big deal and no way on steel straws yeah they have stainless steels. Who won one. And wanna have the clean in the straw. I mean that doesn't make much sense to me who knows will be growing and there. Exactly any any got a reusable strongly contrite or. Dan just to get a clean. Yeah I know I'm on there that at all is as I ever set up for straws I got them at the embargo and heroines emphasis though there greatest ever. When it was very in my office overlooks. Via market aero floor to ceiling glass. And I was in the big ships come in under the bridge and things like that over going over Oakland and had to be amazed there was no I would roar. It happened he never took a picture of what looked like outside your all right I should've I may have dug that sent them my mother or something. Because it was a very impressive office I can tell you that. But I now have a a draw with a key. About that I can I can walk my valuables and there we don't have lose our drawers and and as I flew a comfortable chair a comfortable if I. I like our report I like our overlook of the T ninety. Our guys who truly care you know very special wondered are precious I can see the building across the sweaty very nice especially it was snowing. I have poly carbonate plastic and glass straws. Yes after washing them there they're good idea you have doors from. In mirrors stainless steels drugs were the best Amazon purges ever. Now what would you do I mean just using Romo against it caring around. Going into a restaurant what are your own struck keeping your time in the match in case you wanna siphoned gas from somebody is showing. All right that's habits are good let's get started on the show was shot Playboy's. Of the shows about the National Football League but it's not about the draft. It's about a secret meeting. There was a secret meeting. From thirty people were there from the National Football League called by the commissioner. And the commissioner in new rule where we're sensing trouble here because we're losing sponsors. We're losing Revver or oh we're losing took us in the seats. Because some of our players are disrespecting. The American flag by taking a knee. What do we do we need answers here in this over their very image conscious of course. Because literally divide up a couple years ago was nine billion I think is like twelve him. Something like that twelve billion dollars divided among what 32 of 32 James in the Amazon. 32 college elected divide that up. That's about that that's a good deal okay. So they're very leery. And their broadcast partners get nervous too when they see a direct result of something that's happening. At the game causing people to either get ticked off. Now wanna go to game go to fewer games or whatever so they had this secret meeting and obviously when you have a meeting. Of the NFL. I you've got owners that are used to just saying something and it gets done in arms and about and you have all owners who didn't make their money in football they created somewhere else and who is. And this is trusted mechanic millionaires would be left that you've got to be a billionaire to get into that club. And basically. I always it would Jacksonville's moving to a the London. And the owner is buying Wembley Stadium is a couple blocks he might have a few dollars absolutely. A city that you got a lot of egos and a lot of people said hey I don't want anybody messing with this this is good deal. And so they had the secret meeting and we come back we'll tell you what Terry Virgo says. Because he was active and he should be repaid over a billion dollars for a team I think they like to talk every once in awhile. And they're Kim Google was comments as well talking about what should happen now or nothing should happen. And no we're gonna charge you about what is it logical. Way to resolve this on newsreader and I'm thirty WBU. Well the New York Times. Got a whole of of a your secret. Our transcription of what was going on at the NFL our owners basically it was a an NFL meeting last October. Now last October is basically the beginning of last season. But there were thirty people there. Am very well there were addressing the problem they're having more players kneeling. An audience is going what the hell is going on here I don't want that I don't like that. I'd pay the bills stop. And and a lot of people obviously were I'd aghast by guys. And what happened is is started taking a huge hole on ratings and revenue and went to junk ratings and Revver ago. Then of the NFL pays attention they've got our our golden cow they are and they do not want anybody who to full weather. And the jays thirsty one of the Buffalo News. The sportswriters has an article in the above windows. About it's very broad goal his role in in this and have a meeting with thirty other people. Is the Buffalo Bills all monetary Pakula prominently feature and a New York Times report. Did outline what took place in a meeting among a group of NFL owners. Our players and executives last October. Now the meeting was called by a Roger Goodell. Because they're electric they like to be ahead of things they don't there are play catch up so he Britney brother people together. It was in response to the fallout from a president trumps. Now here it was a response sugar of follow the president trumps inflammatory. Rhetoric. Above players in the healing during a National Anthem. In a way to protest. Racial injustice and police brutality. Thanks CJ doesn't think you all know that it's about the kneeling. It's about what trump said he got a target is not that it's not about the in the regular trump says don't Jewish donors and we are sure we ever someone's head. Don't you wish the NFL owners. Is it would see some someone of their players taking in the in just fire them that's the nice way of saying he's. And that's what Jay thinks the the response was going to be to not really actual players in the healing mind you. I don't know about you but I gave more thought that that as far as being angry. The good times. Obtained a audio recording of the nearly three hour session. That included about thirty people was held in in new York at their headquarters. Among the things very Google is said to me. The anthem protests issue is like a glacier moving into the ocean where Gail where great getting hit within a very tsunami and he's right. And he's right now what happened is it started that way and better stated however little bear and ago. A little less than merely end of last season it was still samba. Not much did not do you recall seeing much of Vienna last season because I don't if they did they'd they'd downplayed it I think the network's stop showing it you know their foreign the issue went away yeah if you don't show it isn't an issue that's the point because then you can only offend the 80000 people in the stadium. Like. Nobody paid attention cabinet had been sitting for a couple of weeks. Earlier than some reporter picked up on it you know and that's when that started out so vets. Basically the audience was reacting to week it would consider. The NFL. Is the major sport in the major league of the major sport and we don't particularly ago content of that kind of stuff. Very times said it was extraordinary because of how low was set up. After remarking. To the league. Then it was under assault. There are brutal made a series of nautical references according to the times to me this is like a glacier moving into the ocean we're getting it was anatomy. He said the league should never again Ambien a glacier crawling. Into the ocean and other words he wandered professor action he wanted to. I'd get it done note before wrote it got out of hand. According to newspaper Bakula sounded anguished. Over the uncertainty of when trump would take another shot at the league because that's what it was very worried about. The first time people are just becoming aware of it but if they capped. Juan it's like once you become aware of something and it keeps that's what they're really gets your attention. All dot needs to do is decide to do this again said there Ebola. We need some kind of immediate plan because of what's going on in society all of us now we need to put a band aid on what is going on in the country. Well we're all due respect I would what's going on the country needs more of abandoned. I think you know maybe and coach Lewis band aid would be nice if you're five. But the bottom line is what's going on requires major surgery. And not just the idea matches the bandit. As a result. In them in Alabama they have. As they rally in Alabama in my September immense they trump said the owners. I should fire any player Tiffany and the play with the players were disrespect in the country he urged fans to leave the stadium of players kneeled during the anthem. You know I don't recall that that much that anyone originally but I do think you want you to react and and as people bid. Maybe some of them by not being in the stands where they normally would. As day is Saturday meeting of the agriculture marks the bills discuss how players would react. During the National Anthem before the next eight days game it was against the Broncos okay. A good team released a statement saying impart your goal was to provide open dialogue and communication we've listened. And we believe it's the best way to work through any issue we're facing on and off the field well and that's true. Talking back and forth makes cents. And if it's if it's realistic and have its practical and if it's doable. You you might get something done. President Trump's remarks where do vis a divisive and disrespectful to the entire. NFL community beat asks. Okay because. Because if somebody wants to disrespect the flag. I don't wanna sit back as a well it's okay it's their rights and it's their right and it's so you're right through to support him so just as much you're right so I don't agree with. Would mr. for goal on that one. But we tried to use them as an opportunity to further unifier team and our organization you say here's the thing. In the NFL. The world is the NFL you've got that. And the fact that he would even suggest the band aid is being able to fix it. Tells me that may be a little out of touch with what the real world is the world is more than the national football. Always has been always will be very popular Wii like if you like and I like it but it's not the end of the world. And that's the way it seems that is vetoed by the by the owners. And our players have the freedom to express themselves through. In a respectful and thoughtful manner. And we all agree that are sold messages to provide and promote an environment that is focused on love and equality. Problem. Love and equality. Mario. Give me a beret but anyway a dozen players. I kneeled. Afford that Denver game. LeSean McCoy stretched and I'm sure the people so who is that on this it's plastic man look at him stretching. So that's what they did and then a bit big game after that there were fewer and the game after that there were none. OK so they start it was some. And them went to Fiore and then went to none. Eric Campbell look we'll deliver irrational says that the best way to solve problems is defined middle ground if you can and that's the key. Middle ground isn't always available. Sometimes it is sometimes it isn't but here you have be positions. And the positions are interest thing trump says if you take a knee issue get fired. The NFL did not saying. Is there room for compromise in the middle. What would you like to see happen would you like to see some action figure making sure that's that's not an issue this season. Or are you think you just sit back and do nothing because the worst part of it over. 803930106. Once it's not your reserves and I'm very.