Beach and Company Plastic Bag Ban 4-25 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, April 25th

The Governor wants to ban plastic bags. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Earlier match square in Beijing governor M sandy beaches today after I said. Plastic bags will be the next thing their come after they get to the next day. Which was yesterday to a two days ago we talk about. Straws being. A eliminated. As far as regular service at your table by any of the Delaware north companies and they own race should they are service racetracks. In this day and national parks. And baseball and football stadiums and all kinds of things they do with service all over the world. And they no longer will a serve. Serve up vote cauldron with the star you can ask for sure. And if I were server I would once that goes into effect I'd carry straws what Mayo is going to be running back and forth all day. But so it's only a matter of time before they go after a plastic bags so that I stated that. And I wanna know how you feel about that here's some mom drags its response and he. FYI. This is this will be a shocker to your right. FYI. It cost more our. To make paper and plastic products from recycled materials. That it does to make them from wooden toy though cause of the process. Well as just going they'd take away something we use in major cost more to replace it. Sounds good sounds about right for a via the mines in Albany. What about vacuum sealer bags. I'm used a vacuum sealer bag I mean I know what they are. But have you ever vacuum sealed anything like put away you know backers on the freeze during now I've seen done on TV you know as seen on TV. And analysts as Tupperware containers. Yeah its wears very useful this might make you feel better. And though when you take your egg salad sandwich out of it you probably have the rinse it out Washington in the duel that's the bug though when when the sandwich bags those cells which I think a lot of people use. In the bags to pick up your value the litter bags really cats and they the street over the lawn or whatever for the dogs. This gonna change a lot of people around. I here's another one plastic bags promoted to save the trees originally. And a utility. Let's I use that day three times Cuomo is crazy. Other times we recycled bags the single purpose bags mortal punts. And and we cherish them I told you I know is that sort of paper clips back. I was there and I value paper clips I think someday in the future that will be our currency. And I have no way the small ball weeny little they were idle barge ones pretty soon Cuomo but shoot. Use a large paper clip on a small piece of paper I mean that'll be about it and I bet I have something you don't have I have various collars. Coded paper clips this is to have a big important stuff you know. Things that costs thousands of dollars worth of paperwork. Used that coded paper VO you don't have any right now it picks up no need for god as seen on a week. Privacy Diana and the Warsaw and your on WB BN. Hi Andy I like to make the point as an older person. Elderly people are most often need they had fewer heavy items in one day so it's we have to use force being called say. We're going to have quiet huddled and and I'm very items just clicking all over the place because we'll have to get towards the many of those. Interior virtuous instead of just being able to pick efficiently. A few items is small plastic bags. That's a good point it's very logical is very realistic and I had not thought of that but I think it's it's a good thought. And I'm budget presented it maybe as somebody in Albany we'll hear about that though logo be more. A Busch Series about accommodating. Older people thank you Diane an excellent idea. Forgot about that often times I oftentimes they'll put. If it's something like ice cream they'll put that in a separate bag as she said if he is a cloth bags. And are you going to have to put everything in one or two cloth bags. If you're older might. Might it take no more strength and you have. As seen in public. Import comes in and that's why they have public him. Because no sat around thinking of this here brain deal probably recall Poland cars. It was a thinking if only. If only the governor would come up with autism and the governor did that with a lot always know what's good for so they just make decisions not based in life. It's like when they've redesigned radio studios they never asked the talent that using them. But is that a good idea to put the microphone eight feet away he is adamant that. Should report the restroom and an exhibit quote a great idea let's do that true they never ask ever. Okay and then you come any echo. I can't reach them and switch I have to walk from my chair dramatic switch and then they are becoming and maybe changes so that's what it alerts. You always as the viewer or use it how can be as as user friendly as possible because then get more prone productivity. Out of a lot of the work day if things are designed to be efficient. And to work and not to fall apart. Let's go to Sudan and buffalo bill and on WB yen. Expanding our water and had an early talked earlier about the plastic bag and used as I respect. All but glad garbage bags older actually Engel used garbage bag you don't. Google or anything aren't going to. Well that's true you put amendments if you put them in the garbage can and and they take them away so. They would be considered a single use even though those that use was over a period or maybe seven days. Exactly and populate they had a lot of it I believe a company I'm addict and your Babcock that don't have the printing on these plastic bag. But she'll policy of these bags and believed to be some people out of work. Are you gotten you know not only auto workers aboard inconvenienced. And like the older lady just described herself as not being able to carry in the cloth bags a lot of groceries. Because they simply can't Muslims of a car. So these are a lot of thought that if they had public and what they be airing them. I thank you good point thank you. Single use bags. See there's a difference between using a bag one time 41 sandwich and you either and that's that the never going to be throwing property alike are glad trash rag inside your. Container and you you have a week's worth of stuff. And makes sense and I don't put loose stuff I don't argue I don't put loose stuff in the big trash container it's always in a plastic bag. If it is so that it's easier and other allies when they dump them things fly out of there are millions mention your neighbors that your. In Ukraine amber are rappers will be back for more on who's rated. Some people are pretty much of coached with some people are and fear grew up in some people have similar suggestions. About what to do. Other people have stood well. What about all the paper bags. All the people said okay well this deals where numerous small. Portion of plastic what about on the plus. Governor Cuomo knows single use plastic bags. Sent us a gorilla of a plastic bags and things like that with some exceptions. Busted they specifically mentioned single use bags and we pointed out to. Great video views on single. Bags would be sandwich bags Tuesday to work. Who would your lunch. He ended bags you reject through empty your kitty litter and zoo and in the house and outside the house your dog go about droppings of for lack of a better job at the they don't seem to care I don't know what the Olivia that next step would be to leave the droppings there. Carries a sandwich in your hand. I mean really seriously and here's a couple of attacks 30930. Very good. Those reusable fabric bags. That's not a great idea. Think of how many times you use those and how much bacteria. RM those bags because I'm sure people don't wash the inside of them after every use. I got a settlement very similar that I understand that the reusable cloth bags harbor bacteria. If he used to generate fresh meat Scott in the Ontario. Yeah and then here's one Caylee get rid of the these are the biggest eBay again that would be. Andrew Cuomo I and these stents were delightful. Delightful of the lovely. Though wobbly though I've told the various. Good dictator dictator or at least half of that. He's rotator. For those of you are mover look the ride moves at the same spirit is applied for farm bureau get the jobs when their original too bad. We don't have freedom we do have they an hour an hour long repeat. Number one number two and number three hours we do that and you can check him out in case you missed it orientation and as you just joy of joyfully here and again. Oftentimes. IE I was in my own show on repeat what I have Tuesday. 'cause I missed it the first time let's go to. Christine and into wander Christine your WB and deal with the governor are against them on the on the bags. I'm that bad. I mean I don't get FOS but anyway what I was trying to respond Il is there is that you cup plans. Biodegradable. Pay. That is available for the dog people person. All okay so they they would have provide those separately gun. Absolutely. And dipping it you know I try to reach you have FaceBook. And I could not have a direct link to. I was able to realize that indeed I did vote to heal via FaceBook. We have let's bring in buzzing eBay where she says she's trying to regions on FaceBook and it doesn't have a link. Are you you're handling phrase book what's we've solutions. The solution to that I should we we did we did talk about the soft here I apologize on. I'm not sure if because if that's not all if she can't comment right on the page. First of all we don't allow links on the on page. We you'll. And I was able to make. Our Tony says we don't allow links on the on the pretty Christina future. If you're trying to get a link across he can just email to me and I can pass it on. And what is your email young man. It is JP. DEA NER Thank you you thank you for that and thank you young men. Move yeah yeah that sounds and their your available right that's right young lady is. Even the odds are being underscore machine known now are sure. That's not yet is actually doing promo forward kisses Murrow. I would take government had brunch spots and great. No it isn't any of your social life everything we we haven't went out and we publish it publishes photo on our page report the opera he won there yet with speed though Chris put the speed of one yet not a bikini house thing it is on there ago. This skimpy I'll think yeah I think its laurels and sandy on my FaceBook page is likely I'll tell us the Athens beamer. That is our commitment is near there. He should be working at affair as selling those myrtle mops and all of us are very I'd be at a wonderful hands that you'll see anywhere else. Make very very good. You know those guys have been fair. I have a great deal of respect for anybody that does what they do well. Those barker is that the fair who were showing the pans in the mops and they have very good at what they do. We forget sandy I did have to push those products for two years this restaurant if that's all right you have to. Because there are things you know as seen on TV. Makes sense because he sees them on TV. You know what. Oh I didn't know you could do that something that would. Do that that's great I should I ships and board but you don't have anything and nearby to write it down get the information out. So when you see those when your mind directly larger places like the affair. They wanted to demonstrate them as to how many things I watched Weil's home for two months that I wanted to buy you're the biggest soccer and all who are gay bigot. Nobody bought snag us novels or whatever they were this doesn't agree you only bought one for yourself Cuba or for your mother yes don't you have more respect for your mother or your love your mother she'd like today in council blocked the past that plus the probe which pieces as a locking topped two. So that here you wonder why people hate us and other parts of America and the world. Here's what you do. You put the top on our university of boiling water and pluses and there. Okay now. It's done so what oh only in America would you have it locking up so that you can turn up and upside down because there's holes and it. And drain in the water I mean c'mon. Oakmont Wheaties. And you try to event and your prost the probe. Are kind of pooped out yeah locked up ahead again hand. And a screwdriver to us national and nothing says good positive and I hammers screwdrivers and let the average at best I really wish Tony had come into my store and I was work yet released the sale yeah. If you could cover your shorts about and we like some of those things but we don't send them we. We waited for other people's governments illegal use them for that. But it was slime like some people get that was that holds that. Those are small make fun in my home. I know. Put our best harder nosed works well. But here's the deal if you if you call to order the partner rose. I forget which knickers are several like that in at least the one that I tried to yeah okay. First I thought and it makes sense because these big heavy rubber hoses. Not easy logic wins that again this is very lightweight. It's expendable ones to water run and they collapses on its own right. Well I I show him for. One and his what is that they do would you would you like to wanna advertise or do you have via a driveway that's paved or cement is that you. Well we haven't upgraded model. Where it won't do where you can drag it along the cement or they. Or the the pavement and it won't. Because they probably know and I just want the original android. By the time of threw me I'm making this up because people think you have to be making it's obviously what holds for granola. They ended up ice who do you if I'm I'm tired as my hand up Tony is that as president. They tried to sell me I'd time share Condo in Florida. It's the web Holmes. And they kept elevating and going up up up up up and at the end it was a time share Condo in Florida now thing and now I just need holes. I can't wash. My car with a timeshare Condo in Florida can't do that but that's the way it is once they get you on the phone they got you you're president then but as I said. The people I get the fair or whatever I have great respect for them that is a hard job and they are very good. Very good. They make you want to get that ball about take a charge card and go for. But I hope your charge card is in plastic because eventually. Governor Cuomo will load he wants you to use it now the cinema donation. But after that I'd say no no plastic for him especially single use plastic. And it looked at pick it. Up. It. Take a break error we will return we will I don't know if you will agree when Governor Cuomo. No single use plastic bags. Isn't that the of the real definition of recyclable. The bags that we use to wring our groceries home. Are often use to pick up. Leftover waste from the dog. To store things in. And to keep things dry there's a lot of uses warm and people do. Many people take a moment to just throw them away they reported no larger today. And next thing you know. He had an honest from the town mature horning. And they come whether it bounced learn to pick a normal way. How many people have in the closet one of the bulls take home bag atop things like Beck. Filled with like a hundred other brands. That hey here dry cleaners when they put your shirt some things you know plastic bag. What are they gonna do high yield on the way home will be back after. Elliott back where the basic governor a lot of action on this today. It shows that the governor should have allowed some public employed. I think it's usually part of a deal would for summaries in this government doesn't figure necessary he certainly didn't think it was necessary during New York's days. Knew which they. The haggled around in them midst of the all night process of of getting things over the public before the public even those that are up there you wake up and suddenly you bound by new laws. And this sort of thing public input is very important we got a lot of checks lot of FaceBook water calls. In some fun some fun all right here in the fun thing. The women in our family use the plastic bags as rain bonnets after shopping. Yeah. I like that. Also sandy just charged everybody wants plastic bag in the checkout an extra nickel the state cannot resist money. Well that's true but I don't think you should have to pay for that should be part of a process of shopping. Here's another fun one Cuomo have to buy a new blow up doll every time. And a vague about. Exactly. Of the passive row. We have to throw logs of our store. Two let's see to heat the water. I'm Tony you can afford chocolate milk to a question mark. Now you mentioned earlier event viewer and joining hands now which and people are thinking you're living high on the go hog and now. Chocolate milk and a ham sandwich eating chocolate milk OK. And you've got it from rumors rumors we have the best chart from. And wait a Christmas time. Wait till Christmas time and and they are Vietnam. One hole it is like another world I can't wait to try it is fabulous track I told Jean and she goes through his. Queue the strawberry one curious travel as well strawberry milk I used to I remember as a kid I use those that was the biggest treat him the world the world as the Castro remote. And remember if milk in school came in that little card which hardly had enough and it. That was just regular milk and that was written bow when you go to start. The decision was chocolate or strong upper right. And they were both good. I think they sell a lot more chocolate milk them into strawberry milk it. It's still look so good I think it was Nestle's quick that we had as kids. Larry I do with a rabbit come out now as our policies. Rhetoric. Well OK. Okay is that wonders why can't use that are refining. Follow what's wrong with a gold fashion and Kyle Enders nothing. A look of a colander every channel into a Davis. Are okay. And on exactly okay. Instead do not be too tough on yourself. Which I try not to be because I really enjoy my own company. It says adoptees have it's tough on itself because you have enough charisma to get me to drive thirty miles the buyer Coptic. That's nice the Olsen thing. Believe me it also is is worth learning miles you have to get a cut down. I was country has other things yeah those subjects looked like there in the art gallery. Must take. I'm enormous amounts though to decorate those. Because there you know their cupcake size they're not okay excise let's put it this really never hired me do it no I won't keep eating them yeah that too far as my mother uses say when they were making Christmas produced. Any of them a break in heaven mysteriously. People were breaking cookies accidents happens ads announcing today that. Let's go to can. In buffalo Kenya on WB yen. Fine Jim what about plastic bags. Or I knew I quote solely those players think they exert my. Sister accumulates from Orly is she was so kind of does separate you want to call earlier. It was oh victory was particularly that are not that she. So. I like bird species goes over. And we don't accuse Q as well here. To analyze it and are we are seeing. Operated as new orders for big problem now. I need is plastic wallet you must have a good relationship there. Were. Well as I am glad I'm glad you're happy person makes is that BB every group through thank you thank you very much. Yeah I there's there's certain things that have intrinsic value well beyond what they sell for. I evade their just valuable when I was a kid my grandfather smoked cigars. And movies cigar in my cousin David and I would fighting not literally flight though we fight to see who gets the cigar box. Because there was nothing better for storing things. Like coins or baseball cards and things like that in a cigar box. I also have put great value on a paper clips I never throw favorite groups away. Are you guys have anything that's if you were just buying it wouldn't be worth much but as a kid you remember. While a member. The other big big glass balls that area. When you play marbles the Martin yeah yeah that those were good especially the ones that were the good ones that are colors inside them. Though they were always worth more baseball cards alone were worth a lot I think they still are through the collectors that. I still have my collection from the seventies. Oh baseball football hockey town as the trading cards have all kinds. Yeah everything everybody thinks that if they say things that have numbers on them eventually. They'll be collectible and they'll send your kid to college. Like I know that I've just educate the cow as well about beamer was telling me they named one of those things after him the Bieber baby feet and I am biblical could be her babies. And and that's that's what they did. And they thought oh these are going to be very very. Worthwhile to save him turned out if you enjoyed them that's fine but the dark like that. You have anything beamer besides the beamer gave me. Yeah you know I didn't have a lot of the beanie babies the other team lies but interest. Well let's throw as hard yeah collecting. I can't really think of anything and our march I do like milk. And Elkhart you can play cards baseball cards kind of were on the aisle are comic books no no real lot of comic books is that Superman or Batman as well I think every possible comic books I seventies this is pretty lame and in love it's worth anything but I've try to collect it like a lot of stuff from sporting events I've gone to over the years don't you shops ticket stubs especially from places I don't venture too often obviously. You know what it's amazing why we do this in in my career. I've been invited to emcee a lot of concerts. And I've got you know complimentary tickets for plays and stuff like that review. And on each of those things. IE I would take home plate bill. Or program. Figuring this will be good sometime you know twenty years from now thirty years now review it. Guess how many are reviewed now and I haven't opened one of them. Not one of them so is it seems like a good idea at that time. It's like code signing on to a beamer is a web page it's like a good idea at that time. But you never use them that you would ever trip down memory lane. How recently I lost something that hand I had to defiance of going through boxes presumably you. He had lost the hotel room and I was that's what I'm a born again and so that's how I'm all about her hopes journal I file and it was meal program guy from. The sabres used to have a dinner as Samuels grand manner. Where we would buy tickets in the sabres. Would it's for your drinks for you got a celebrity bartender yes. So that was pretty cool site arbiter ensemble stuff around that but that's probably the first time I've looked at that since what the mid eighties. I have boxes and boxes of. And I'm not a collector normally rises that this would be a nice thing you know and I had to go through a for the hall of fame thing for the presentation. It took me a week to those who I mean a week. Because everything will bring about memory it's not you go boom boom Momo Momo okay this is that none are you go boom arm. She and who I was wearing a green shirt is still have it your adrenaline will take a break you'll be back where more are newsreader and I'm 38 W via. I don't think this solution is very comprehensive. And I believe it's very well thought out. One of the regular new Google also important vision certainly wanna get public input on this issue and there was really no public. In this reminder tee up to save they Batavia country club. Get a seventy dollar golf package including eighteen holes cart lunch. And more for just 35 bucks is a seventy dollar value for 35 dollars it's today's value of the day. The deal of the day for my buffalo perks details. At strangely enough my buffalo Merck's. Dot com there's some answers thing had a really considered this day of a friendly gesture. They may learn something by having. A public ambush for instance I I hadn't thought about this here's the attacks. Food pantries depend on donations of plastic bags. As they you know separate food four people who are very grateful. There's a lot of places that you as a mean clearance dry cleaners think about that. Since I can remember every time you go to a dry cleaners Europe soon your pants or shirt whatever your breath of a dry cleaners was in a plastic bag. Iron to Aruba to do something different. Hi Sandrine is too loosely about things Cuomo is accused of being Smart is the one of them. Sign this animal thank you Sam and go sugar state troopers would be looking for your extend their state highway. I said you friends what Bert on Sesame Street he collected paper clips through. By my collection a much better than Burris I have the coded color large paper clips. And they're better than those claps if she goes clamps are about as got them you put paper to governing and use that that may get clamp. There and you have to stand on it practically an open and you know it's it's round like this and as I handled demo like that and you do you have any of those no. I'll buy new beamer. Not that no alt. You mean if like Elan closed pan out but at the metal ones you are exactly yeah that was important school placed a clip those to my finger and see how I guess. Gordon's oyster clubs and groups and it's paid for as an adult I'm thinking and you never know about those things. But. I don't think there are actually tough. If you if you are like he just said if you put your finger. Good luck because they're very hard to even open. Let alone when they are younger like the jaws of life or make him down like that you see how long you keep your finger and I have. And out and lilies and Roger Federer be all red develop blood was rushing mayors say were nervous. It is a good time we played was like I'm sure she'll upheld shell met a guy exactly Tony and his jewels you. How much you upscale that either a ham sandwich with Giacomo kind of guy. Trigger finger too much is really too upscale audience and which not to me it isn't but somebody who owns that one call. You know they said to him or popular and jelly is is more for them. Believing it's BP VGA after tomorrow I'd like TV's Jerry Micah I was a fill me up like a light soon to an accident I'd like exile in government edicts though. And divide it's it's good ones ones you know once in Mexico is like Turkey and problem or yeah. And plus they're hearing it no monster by mail. Mail but you're hitting partner that's going I have upscaled competitors here. Now we can be baloney from me. Yeah exactly I mean I like isn't it we average among their right you know it's Sunday nights like. Bradford dinner in or you're gonna roll anything to drop on the floor. Almost vertically good. Bob. In Buffalo's Bob bureau W via I'm about what's gone. And I understand our look at littered Albany. Yeah I got a raw I would not even in a bag. Descended. Didn't lose. Everyone that's called you are our users buy backs her half a dozen different things. It puts this is silly. A day used you know just the term single use. Now that that might apply to a sandwich bag okay we'll give you that most people don't use them more than once. But the other zoned single use as many of them in fact most of them are used for other things. They use this where the when he was eight years old with a golden dragon lady. Now Joni get on that microphone is running here sparring partners when you were eight years old at the golden dragon while this is a blast from the pad his name is Bob that narrows it way down. Yeah I term Bob I can't recall your last name on every troubles victory. Well. I'll master long used to have me start with you when Dan you know women and the guys with a higher felt really made these are what everybody. Well I'll tell Billy how long I've run into recently unfortunately. He had done he was in an accident and he's no longer able to communicate. That is sad. And I recently I was going through FaceBook won't be an online and looking up something on T form long barreled master and I came across. Any outcome food studio. And and it is a picture of the in our class. From 1972. I believe a magazine came in took pictures in master long and probably relative as we're doing demonstrations. In all of us in the class were sitting there watching. So what is says Bob when he got a jazz spiral them wasn't fun blizzard. It's enjoyable Florida. I'll tell you. I was I was in my early twenties I just go out of the navy. And I started. Starting with long. He used to having army authorities say at least by the women. And best job we don't like I diablo waiting and a woman. When I can't because Kathy will be cleaned your clock that's an. Art. I'm so glad you caught all of I wish to do we have more time in my bill total lying about because again we like to go over more things where you think it via FaceBook Bob yeah I do that Bob thank you very much you guys are martial arts guys now mind you I was only eight he so I was a bit younger okay boards I used to take lessons from sung sung blue he was everybody knows. It was not as good as mr. Weiner gets you remember to ones government right now will be back robards Amaro great simulating comedy like this. And I could hear from him. Because the so you sparring with a twenty year old guy out of the navy when you were eight probably well like I felt pretty that's pretty. Ray beamer remind me of the knights of the zone. I was single morning at 900 triggerman there he WBA. It's. They never ask me to be used certainly let you know I do given him.