Beach and Company Plastic Bag Ban 4-25 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, April 25th

The Governor wants to ban plastic bags. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Yes we've predicted it would have been added happened the day after we predicted a Governor Cuomo is against plastic bags. The way they describe it is single use plastic bags and I'm thinking there any plastic bags that are only single use. How many of you just go home. Take it out from a grocery store and throw them away. I think a lot of you save them for for a use of storage are picking up after a dog things like that. And so that's recycling business and and a lot of them are made out of recycling plastics though. There's no public import on this mil won't be this is this is how the idea of their rule you'll notice I didn't say government I should rule. This is how they rule in Albany. And as I said only half joking. If a candidate for any. Any seat in Albany said elect me and I'll just leave you alone. I would vote form in a heartbeat instead. We seven have got to take over our lives. Big a thumb their nose at our opinions the only thing they don't thumb their nose that is our wall. And they regularly light through a raid that some nights ago you're in favor of our Governor Cuomo has assay or not. Anderson text right here. And he needs to complete work ultra liberals Cynthia Nixon well that's true if they go out like this. Most of things that we hear coming out of politicians miles. Are not designed to make our lives better is to make their lives easier. And that's what they do that's as simple as that. If they see it go out political opponent and they have to move further left they move further left. If they have the moves of a senator they moved a prisoner. I'm moved to the right very seldom happens but it might in some circumstances. The bottom line is and then playing to YouTube. And they're not planning for you. The they're doing it to offset their opposition. Here's another I think we should deliberately set and use dog bags by the triple a truckload. To Cuomo. After their full to show our respect for him. I don't like that as answering your. In a perverse kind of way obviously. He needs a completely very does because I think. I don't know she's like that a 31 points ahead of me I don't Rocha as any kind of a chance but you know she was Smart you know what you do. Is she's a buff motivate okay. She is in buffalo today if she was Smart even though she's running in the democratic primary. She would come here. She would come through this radio station and be interviewed and find out what her views are she'll reach more people. In in one interview here at WB and today. Then a lot of campaigning. And that is at the supermarket in the drugstore and that and the coffee shop and all of that other stuff. And now we find out what she's all about she might actually win some votes from us. Even though or Cuomo. Never never knows that and he knew he doesn't want such grace would any of their constituents. While you're not wherever you touched him bizarre or Jimmy that don't you know that. I hear Republicans should put obvious they want things VO where king and the nonsense liberal policy going to extreme levels in the next few months and that's probably true. That's probably true. Is simply because that's what they do they react. They're not proactive they react many times through their opponent. And when they think that the public isn't going to approval of what they propose. What they wanna do. Just the public. There. This year as somebody say well this and it we know what's going on here. And though just it would just make those decisions for you note says and you actually giving us an idea of how you feel about it. So low blow when we ran video of the pocket peace there while Paul's vision says there's been no public import it pretty. Kidding me. What are your from out of town and know they'll be any public imply you mean. Word gets a stand up and either debate agree or disagree with a proposal. I find that amusing. Because it doesn't happen here plain and simply does not happen here and I'm thinking plastic bags may seem like a small thing. But it's really not it's it's just another invasion and in your everyday life. So now okay for those of you talked to was somebody. Coming out of a supermarket is that how you feel about plastic bags being ban band. You've oh yeah absolutely great yeah we will we must do when wants to another planet is doomed. Because you told them what you wanted him. To hear you told him what you want and him to think of you know you care about the plot and say. No I don't give a damn about the planet or no I have argues that these guys say that secrecy the other thing but then I want to think about it. Think about it today. When you come home from work maybe you're going to walk the dog. And the dogs as well I'm watching and I know I'm not supposed to do that other thing in the house. So let me do it here on the neighbor's lawn net neighbor's driveway. Of the road who goes where. Now what do you do what do you pick that up would have or don't you pick up. I mean it's out of a small thing and many people have dogs. Lots and lots of dogs okay. So you tell me what you're going to use you you told the big guy asking your question. How you're probably gonna Google and yet they get aluminum foil. What are you going to do how are you gonna pick Derrick area cardboard box around with the as you think about it. When you think about recycling. I think that you don't OK you mechanic tuna. And you wash out to carry recycled or can now there's no other use for back care okay that's simple he obamacare have been same thing. What happens a lot happens when you brought something home in a plastic bag. You'd probably use it for something else. Especially storage or picking up. And there are many times where is very very handy and nothing else is a good substitute for and I think this is one of them. So it was a small thing. Is not a trivial thing and even a bigger outrage is that there is no public import you know the public input is here this is appalling and this is it. The Buffalo News isn't gonna do any kind of vote of great editorial piece. That that's gonna happen. The politicians are not going to allow you to speak on that the only time you get a chance to speak on this year that's it. It Austria and Montreal 1806 months is Andrew who's six and I'm thirty Governor Cuomo says. No single use bags is there such thing as a single use bag is that not going to be recycled or what about public employ. A U matters elements take it anymore you're just tired of being told that. Contribute to the party's vote for the parties to shut the hell will be back after this. Clearly we need to take steps to protect the environment. Wanna make sure that we're putting in place strong legislation that has the most benefit toward people are a lot. Is region company and have a pair of tickets for your 6449875. Winner will be chosen at random by Joseph beamer. Formerly known as buzzing. A pair of tickets to the videos via to have area Friday may fourth that's going on a climb as music hall at 10:30 AM value is a hundred bucks. It is a celebration of Italy's so something you want alone and check out. Call now and and you'll pick one let's go to Bob in Niagara Falls Bob you're on WB yen. Well hello Bob what's on your mind regarding the governor is once those all single use plastic bags ban. That's all the balls get reelected. Him there in New York City am that velocity of enforcement law in New York City. The primary opponent coming up and as of November. Lori Sutton wasn't liberal enough. Cynthia Nixon she's in town today. Sure it's. Not. I find that amusing you know yeah it was because she drops in for government property and and now she decides to run for governor. She's gonna push him further to vote for is that correct. Yeah our. Campaign works out well enough. And giving away power to everybody and yup exactly era of free college. For those it'll give free college. Instate tuition for illegals. He's he's done everything possible to stay anywhere near his original position and they'll do anything he has to do to get reelected. Yeah it's all about how look how far left you can go and gullible reelected him. Well you're right I wishes via left that I wish we were just left alone I think we realize happier thank you thank you very much. Yeah that would be a great campaign. Errol we're getting national attention. If I'm elected through whatever is open the senate assembly worker if I'm elected a bad position and I promise I'll just leave you alone because one of the Texans showed the exasperation. Those of us who live here. Have it's like every day they had us upside down Siewert kind of coins would drop out of our pocket. But they don't even bother to talk to us they don't even bother to ask us they just do what the hell they're gonna do. And there's no public import we saw it in New York say forcing him now. And if they if they do any kind of way of our survey. People often say to somebody taking a survey what they think the survey taker once the here. And what they will think of him that's been going on for years that's nothing. But the bottom line is there in as far as real. Real conversation. And I gonna have that I'm gonna happen because you know why. Because the governor's opponent whoever that might be. There might be one slip of the tongue and that will be in the governor opponents commercials and can have that. Let's go to Walter in Boston New York miles stomping grounds walls are here on WB again. Thanks Cindy. White well police think they want our. Import input about these bags when they didn't let us even talk about your Turks say fact they've rammed down our sort it midnight. That's true they didn't and and they as they waved of the usual period where it would be a discussed. They didn't want to hear any of that they just push it through we woke up and there was. Right in Saudi why now what do you do he gave. Bill of rights to. Former. Convex below. The guy he said that if you're on parole right you can vote as as an idea. A parolee and I are from that to be ridiculous because that's still part of the original sentence. And under most circumstances you would not be allowed to vote. Right and that's what Stalin did when he took over. Russia he emptied the prison the same way. And look who else pitted in Cuba row. I figure Castro permitted to we empty the prisons. Yeah. So we're gonna have a really. Concerned. State now that I don't say yeah you know worst part about it though Walter is we're gonna have illegals. In the country now but at least they won't have plastic bags. Right now than it intact. Of that's right another wrote articles journal on this one that. And next time you buy a car a new car look at the paperwork you'll see your business fee charged for tire disposal. Now the tires on your card depending on how you drive and how long did you put on there in May be a couple of years before you need tires what they want that disposal fund up. Affronts. And that's that I would give him an event their fingers in every aspect of our money thank you awhile that. Didn't see that. Tony they have a disposal fees for your tires as and it when you buy the car the tires are Brando when you budgets are. I'd be cars than them and then when you go to disposal. Some people are charged. So just those you know. That's called the double whammy and you wonder why it's called the vampires they guy exactly and they certainly don't want you are disposing of the tires alongside the road. So they they just figure be doing the right thing hey Andrew what do you think so many people are leaving New York State would lead the third most laps being something like that guy and though last year we have we lost almost certain that we lost almost 2000 people. And that is because when people come here we come here or great hopes and then they see the reality. The reality is that this is this is not a good kind of stay good if you wanna have some say and now is run they welcome you. You're on the outside looking in the only thing welcome as George Washington. Abraham Lincoln and grants antibodies on the money they welcome back. But they certainly don't welcome your employer. I saw this when I FaceBook is pretty funny sad but funny. Which governor is worse formal or Jerry Brown of California all I think they're trying to are doing just like out of these two mobile phones. Real Jerry Brown is I don't wanna give formal free passes he's known Motorola. No grades. Deal. Jerry Brown's sane. I I I'm believing that. Jerry Brown I think is more suitable to be in charge of Cuba Vinny is a state. But he is and they keep voting form and this is the thing. And it was here before anyone when he came back today and Ron says as I recall governor home being the guy governor moon beam. And it's the same thing would New York City. They cool and the are they nuts they have Bloomberg who was just unbelievable. And bigger Bloomberg Aaron who's who's good Lazio who are Bloomberg. And what are we here. After refresh my memory. That that Bloomberg wanted to use some of his own money to fund some public venture. Some laws something who knows if you know or can never given up. He's got all the money and have a doesn't have the the president's that the current. Mayor of New York City would have and so he's got money and drive byes where density. So it's just insane and they go to New York City. I was and they are a few months ago when they seem like regular people they seem normal crowded. Kamikaze driving yes but the people seem regular people in seem. We like to kind that would collect those two mayors back to back but didn't discuss any politics either. They go from Giuliani to Bloomberg to applause I don't think you do. I don't think you do. Giuliani did his job for the betterment of the city anybody's dominant thing that goes through counselor or bettering the city. Because I'd I I don't see if Americans. Let's go to Maryland Maryland and Williams earlier on WB yen. Proof will be a little long term I think we know what governor of Como and the other people that are against domestic base guy doing referred Garrity. Very much against the governor's. Banning the plastic bank. Yummy tool the plastic bags a thing about it re cycle of their almost all are used for a purpose a real purpose like you just said. A secondary purpose would be of secondary use of a bag for. For storing things are picking up after drug. So it certainly useful but I think they're they're trying to go as far left as possible and very and get rid of anything as long as they can use the charm. And that might hurt the environment. Is one of those terms where when when somebody says it to you you have to stop talking because there's no reply to a thank you Marilyn I'm would Leo thank you very much. It's one of those things that's for the children. You have the stuff. If it's for the better environment you have to stop talking it's four road for racial equality got to stop talking. It's the girl of these things that are very instant stops. Because there's no reply to them so they hide behind them. They you know there are almost like shields. If you're having a discussion where you are making some headway just bring up the environment. Just bring up children and just bring up pretty poor destitute people we're from foreign countries bad governments. Guess what they get here are gonna find on our department. Expect greater anger surprise surprise surprise. We'll regret what morrow agreed to governor a Governor Cuomo no plastic bags. No reside you're gonna reside you're better. Those plastic bags bring the phone home in each hand. Wear baggy pants. Battled battled through it. That'll do and they use him. You can. No. OK we'll be back after this thing and there. Okay a couple of days. Oh we're talking about straws because Delaware and are said they were not going to furnish the straw is aware of their drinks on a regular basis. You can get lumberjack and actual. OK and we talked about that arises just a matter time before we come after your paper your plastic bags and it was one day. I conventional two days ago yesterday the governor announces that he had no classic it's known Ohno single use plastic bags and. I'm I'm not really sure what a single use plastic bag is four cents to let me give you an example shell I think. OK you know a bit when you take a sandwich to work. Chances are you wrap it now there's only two things you can use the rapid as best I know. You can use aluminum foil. Or you can use a plastic sandwich bag. Now most people would use a plastic sandwich bag simply because it's cheaper. In does a good job you know you just put the sandwich and pull them over. That's at least that's his single use plastic bag so what what what's going to happen the next time to bring a sandwich to work. You're gonna have to either use aluminum foil or watch what would you recommend. I really don't know would you put it in newspaper probably not as ink on that. How would you do paper towel holes is that going to be any better. You're nominee we've been focusing on picking up the things your dogleg is behind on the yeah. On the pavement and that's certainly a big one but certainly a lot of people takes which is on us in a sandwich bag. We need guys like you know. So if all of a sudden you couldn't buy those anymore because they're illegal in New Yorkers single use. Plastic bags. What was would you make up your sandwich tomorrow what eligible what would you use to bring it to work before they'll. For aluminum foil which is more expensive. And probably am a grand scheme of things probably worse than a plastic bags. So should have thought this out they don't care. Care the and he will happen after the thing is passed and people are bitching about it that's when their grow old G. We've got people take 012 workers we don't Wear on expense accounts. People bring a bring us out to lunch and want to influence us to get rid of single plastic eggs. Neighbor what you bring us amateur. And a single plastic bag was not available how would you rather. I have to do it is as Tony set an all or all might have to re use like one of those take out containers. Which you know the one that you can reuse I was at the styrofoam type. It would just it would be a mess. You're go to our Chinese restaurant a lot of them for their take out Al vote of the very nice the containers. And I think they'll get around getting those through eventually you're gonna get everything. There eventually you can only show up on what you can carry in your own arms. Here on media sure. Yeah sure you know exact order in the trunk. Because those Chinese take out containers like him as you can microwave film which is really rare with containers and drug but again this public employment. Gonna stand up to Andrew Cuomo to say how do I bring my sandwich stores tomorrow. Is gonna do that. For us all a concept of bringing your sandwich to work tomorrow is probably very very Florence Andrew Cuomo. He lives where they cook. He broke or any you know he travels around everybody feeds them the only thing missing is burping him. Yes some of us have to bring him sane yet some of us have to and that's the bottom line let's go to Tom in Cheektowaga time there on WB yen. Yes they did agree when you're a 100% you should try to get a hold of Nixon so connection. You guys she if she were Smart should be unless they show like this because this situation began her eyes agenda known when men are like about racial motives. Well you know we know. Well that that's true labeling your own converter I thought that this is a user friendly place where you're. Your message would get out what do you think of the governors have proposal while the bags. He swapped one of them are I thank you vendor very much yeah I Cynthia Nixon is supposed to be in town today. And apparently the venue is changed. There was series supposed to be at some senator and it turns out something there was some snap closure is going to be there but there anytime she's in buffalo. During this campaign wants Stewart come on WB and I think should be most welcome now traditionally. I'm Bob most of our row audience perhaps would be in disagreement with a lot of the things she believes that. But she might score some points and it might be the lesser of two evils. Between her and Andrew Cuomo at least one thing we know she probably doesn't wanna be president. Andrew Cuomo's living his life like he's going to be president. And we're paying for. Illustrate 3018061692. Recent experiment thirty and when we come back we'll talk to you and also FaceBook. And sex are here and I'm 30. But how does that help you wanted to just they're now going to be greater usage. While on the types of plastic bags is that going to be greater usage and more pollution while other types of products. And if you're trying to change computer and that's why we get them more input. They're a little ways to do it all the way outweighed clerks to. Here's latex in your I guess they think your showing offload that it says hey Tom. Man Tony is living our lives it's still doubtful are PB and well buck up. And now you're hourly mentioning ham c'mon now Tony get real get the real people I'd buy it once a paycheck. I go out just the trees you know I've been enjoying lately but excellency and I'm Olympics so I'll Mike did until I would just talk about. The panel this summer it often excel as drugs. Or go bad not I'm always worried about a food group goes bad. I actually look at expiration dates all the time in an even televisions recommendation right you know best if used. That was the human honeymoon. At a bit dirty path I did I wrote that. I now let's say worry here a couple of a text and let's go to FaceBook first okay Joseph beamer when he got fours and faced. All right Hank goes a lot plastic bags I have many causes form that the governor has some money invested in the bag company that sells their bags for a dollar. That can be used dozens of times. I hear it if bringing cloth. Bags you wanna do that be my guess I don't care if you do not. But not everybody wants the first of all you oh gee there's the market I think oh run and oh I don't have my cloth bag with me. Well a lot the guy so that means I'm going Saturday. I think we're getting a little over the top a little ridiculous. Now here's something 'cause I wondered with the sandwich bags which we will use and which ran its. It's going to be wet paper can be used. Route to wrap sandwiches remember cut right wax paper. Now I like wax paper. To me it is I like Scotch tape. And standard and rule. I like aluminum foil is that a wax paper and the only time I ever use wax paper. Is only used to sneak up the playground and I would wax paper and whacks the slide. And then the next person unknowingly doesn't know the slide was wax and they go flying into the next zip code. That's fun. Did you know that but my mother newswires favorite but I don't remember how she used it your money is look at my mother did and I can't remember either the heritage television is extra paper dolls always sandwich bag kind of guy yeah I edit the parchment paper for Betty yeah do you expect version for something because they still solid. I have no idea. I don't think I've ever bought waxed paper. And now so well would be that's I guess you're going to rapist and what you wax paper but then what happens you go wax paper. And your dispose of it. He's supposed to do just hang around animals. And every Wednesday when McCloud you know this is gonna milk blue ball underneath and scored a few annoyed to arm out. That's the only way the government's gonna leave us alone while we're against house because the global warming it flash Malaysia that's exactly right boy you talk about that. The good that they are the largest provider next to the New York State Legislature. Which is big time going missing is the pasture. It's it's owed to us and be in Lancaster is Andy on WBN. Is standing. And I open now comment area all my mum always wrap my lunches. And wax paper. Okay you because I don't I murmur yeah I'm really using it but I do remember now. Over the years but now I'm dating now well they have video as we have improvements. Wet I'm sure aluminum foil is more costly. Then sandwich bags so people are going to have to move up to something like that or maybe waxed paper. You're in favor of what the governor has to say or not regarding the plastic. Very months much against that and what the reason we switched from. Paper bags at the grocery store I seem to remember that they add that. That paper bags. Are recyclable. Yes they did. What you don't saving the trees. That is such a false impression the trees are not die. And as the trees harvested more are planted them are harbors that it is a shortage of trees and yet we have everybody bring up the point we're gonna save the trees well of course we need trees to survive we know that. But there's no shortage of trees. And out. Course I I don't have a whole couple holder of plastic AI. That I used to clean out my letter back sure I take the doctor who are of course I used it to pick up after them and out for you that from my age. Little way scams around how. See you're a good citizen your bureau using a bad for a second third and fourth views. Different card type of things. Why don't they just leave people like us all responsible people with a rather have you walked the dog and not pick up things or just throw the litter into the trash no. And I you thumb. Are transparent. And bitter one time you. Yup I would be I don't know that simply because that would be unfair if you've got a big trash bag and you and you put outside in the garage there. You're throwing him out over the course of a week. So I don't I don't think that's the same as oh look here's a sandwich I'm just going he would throw this away as opposed to a week's worth Novo litter. So I don't know if that's a one time news or not. But I think he's got to get import from people like you sandy. And the audience here that we don't like being left out of the equation we should be decision makers to thank you thank you very much. Yeah I wouldn't you think tea any of big plastic trash radicals inside the container. Would be there when use because he wants the ban single use. Classic and I'm thinking this sandwich a bag is the exact. Thing they're thinking of you put a sandwich in it you take a sandwich to work. You take a sandwich out and eat it and you throw that rag away because you know use that bag for anything else. So now you need a replacement for that he might have Mayo stock guy it presents an OK you don't know what those zip I use those all the time. Yeah I'm here I'm actually I use this for like three or four times for different bag of carrots and I don't have to reach deal will carry bags. And put him into this is a Barbara and LO what does that bug that go from you know a week or so until sources. Well yeah until it starts with a little grubby and it's awesome out I carry a couple of those in the bags that I have would various things from the show we've. And they're good at the sealing things. Not that there's any left over from pop tarts or anything like that but it does steal things gives them brash fear now I think that what you just showed me. Would go would be a single use bags. So ovitz oppose you put some carrots and there and they do anything you just throw that away you know it's funny. Is that when I go to the bank if I put any money and there are always want the paper clips that you do that now you know hooked up. On your own Los. Already. Got much but it does a five. One to three or five paper clip well I wanna be humble. I would have won bill so that's easy it is yeah yeah they close the pearl department is set by Quaker goes you can vote. But I go bag Joseph that is that can be used over several days with no problem because I I do this event that. I see a lot of things like that ignored him fresher clean either way. It's as a lottery is to I think the unintended consequences. Are things like a sandwich today. Which I'm sure it was not in the pinhead. Thinking department in Albany when they decide to do this. Yeah opinions they are and the worst part they're pitching has well partners you know I have Doctors Without Borders we have pin heads and our partners. They don't ask us. Anything majors do what's worse the ideas that they come up with. Or the people that like the ideas that they come off. The people liked the ideas come when they're so out there that you know. Both military and fifth would never have that I don't just throwing oil of that the one you. We militants some of our poorer relatives in Florida I was Reese Gil this year Derrek Lee and if we have to Uma. In the plastic bag we want your round and hopefully it's drive by the time they get there. And you know if there are far they're perfect. For vicious on the home weekends. I'm just telling. And we meet every model reopened the picture of the vehicle over drinks. And we poured a drink and applies to brag imported my pants so we can bring him home and they don't know we've ordered to march worker. Doesn't his biggest problem the establishment Italy's. Unbelievable. Because it's just really as. I sent an accident if you're in town and you'll wash your venue come here we got another hour. I casual sex in the city so I know all about her I don't know much about her politics. IA I think I did do a good interview and a fairer you're just asking here come down Cynthia. Your cab driver will probably had no where we are. If you have a limo. He'll definitely know oh yeah we'll be back after this thing and.