Beach and Company North Korea 5-24 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, May 24th
The White House has cancelled the June 12th North Korean summit. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN 

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Well hello is reaching company up sandy beach that's outrageous at. Absolutely outrageous in jail that news story. Richie and con Migo. And let me go on so. Jerome Maxine Waters at another person in the gym. I think that's outrageous. I've had this very to a dumb ballot somebody I assume it was Maxine Waters he's got to cut their behavior now. All I am so Abbey's. Have reason have we got very encouraging a note yesterday. An email from our manager we're doing a lot better our paper use. And though we're going to do our our morning show. We got a memo on a few months ago there were using too much paper. And they agreed they want us who think they're creative way because I mean we are creative company. We use creativity. For every aspect of our business. And so we didn't Ollie could help and now we've come up with the idea and there were training Tony I'm Tony is gonna help us or get this done. You see where everything that we do like the cash code is on a separate piece of paper. And the buys his first pitch four events on a separate piece of paper. And weather is on a separate piece of labor everything we have is either on paper on the screen. And Elena are trying to burn it onto the screen that would be a little bit ago. And so what we're going to do is Tony's learning to use an Etch A Sketch. And so he can put the eighth of what the weather on the as Etch A Sketch when he knows that wanna do it any shakes it. The edges schedule is clear and then he can put these first pitch forecast on there and out week and save a lot of paper. Always have to do is find out where they still selling matches sketch yeah I have as to what he cares seriously is going or get yet. In effect is Samantha had them so all you have experience but that will be good because you just shake it goes away. Famous last words. Shake it and pick up. I'm sure you can nickel back org. I. Huge and goes away and that's that also I have to admit it's true if you've seen video sandy beach of FaceBook page. And his eternal in our front yard. A turtle. And you saw last night and it was digging when his back legs into the mulch around the plants. And always took pictures of it and as cinema Gina Browning. And asked them if the sugar checked to see what kind of return it was. And she didn't she'd check with their wildlife people instead. And I think it's column painted turtle. And that was digging obviously. Two to put eggs in the ground and we wanted to do anything we could to help but not in the fear. Aren't but that I here's here's the problem. Out went out later and where she was digging was totally covered over so we don't know she laid the eggs in there. And then they and she covered over some though no other animal would see it whatever but I keep an eye on it and guess what he can't make this stuff up. You know I I sway you from why Ana and I and yesterday Gina told us was national hurdle today I mean do you believe that. In National Journal read as Terrell and in the month visit turtle and my mulch and bigger countries are a mile below. It has deterred in my amounts is going to see wow on I won't put it in my mouth yes Hillary while while it was jamaicans who will be amazed are also obviously. But it. I'm getting a lot of grief because we named eternal name everything in our house cars and anything. The journalist called Merkel as myrtle maternal and the reason the turtles come myrtle is that was my first pet. When I was just so little child and Fitch were in Massachusetts. I had a journal and I named it Murrow merlot journal. And so that's why my journal has kind of a strange. Non masculine name is that a female turtles those granola for a masculine. Why did they just have an old seventies commercial pop into my head. Turtles turtles JEA yeah got hurt out there. I hated the journals as a singing group. At. Angie I think so well. And oil zone Lyndon Johnson's daughters favorite group and favorite songs. Obviously in light. Now so do you have any hurdles in your yard. No frogs. I frogs rabbits get a little teeny drugs I've seen them there probably about an inch and half long there I didn't know what to do the journal decided not to do anything. Because there is a creek near where I live at first thought was put him in a box. And go to the creek and and and put him in the water but. I didn't want to interfere she got there. I don't know how she got maybe should have your cap maybe should've been over. Hit first and have a journal giro lift rights but yes so keep your eyes out for turtles especially got to be careful with your. Mowing the grass and things like who's gonna move too fast no you don't goes like going to be and sales meeting. She's sick easier than ever get through the end. Are we take a break will be back Etch A Sketch at all with the agent company hang in there it is that I Abidjan company while. I days as others of the Buffalo News today and I hate it. When employees steal from their employer. And the cops caught this person. It's it's just a terrible story and I'm just wondering on how they went about making the arrest. About the woman has been accused of stealing. 9000. Dollars. In merchandise from her employer. Her employer is Fisher Price she's got nine fashion -- 9000 allegedly. 9000. Dollars. Worth though vote of Fisher Price. The woman's name is in here and you know it's funny it's the same name as a girl I went to high school. I don't think it's fair because this woman's when he won. Is a big girl I organize who have now is a little over 2123. At least she faces a third degree Grand Larceny charge according to police or police. Who said she falsified business records and that took merchandise. They recovered more than 2500 dollars in toys. According to the press release up here she's stealing. From Fisher Price and I'm just wondering who wondered do they could. All of the swat team can you imagine the swat team trying to get a woman out of Fisher price's go all those guys are. The rabbi. Air well what Joseph. Europe and people out. It's. No not while all we know our remember we have gone. This area as. A shot probably think a lot of my arm with a little balls and it. Come on out what your hand up. Imagine that. I like that law more wanted there are a lot more on news is good Fisher right and and the little people. They wobble weevils wobbles you know now I look your wobbled and out wobble your what Tebow I guess that's ever will be able afraid of them send them out a couple of if you look methods and that. Of how would you do that. You're gonna resell them. And it knows those mean streets of east roaring that's ruling people's time is running rampant it is six union although beer drive through coffee place me. And I don't and I would avoid a couple own lives era I. I. Don't they got a bad reputation. As it was going on as though the lives and anomalous and his Las Vegas. Hockey team motivated in my nice column but I sites right now the first I remember a couple of movements there weren't ones. So here they are the first year in the league are always going way out there and I'm going anywhere beyond that are going your words have to the finals of the Stanley Cup. What a story idea being a story like that the only QB it's all right that is the windows them yeah asks can you imagine that I hope they do yeah I dutrow highlight those kind of stories. Now play against them will be the capitals and Overton I don't like Ovechkin go. He's he's a good player canyons now what do you guys think who is when they visitors and go along with my higher because I lived in Las Vegas so I have to pick me yes you're rooting for Vegas is used to live there right that was as good reason not to argue. Vegas coming in really hot they've won four straight on it lost the first game of the Western Conference finals won four straight to get to the cop. It'll loss to the entire playoffs however I think the capitals beat the nights in seven. Agree agree one way and use that I think and it's still pretty good season for Europe inaugural season. But I they capitals are good team came back from down 32 against the Al lightning. I see this one going seven it's a fun series to watch. I Heidi who are better on Iraqis give odds like seven vibrant colored girl was right yes. Through that through that we've been on. If you put money on the nights at the beginning of the season they had 501. Are now. I say that's kind of bet the big if you than Vegas that you might make because it is 500 to one so you'll put ten dollars. The ten dollars and isn't gonna get your copy of a scone. But if it down and you never expect to win and you never now if that better be very very nice it would be. It would be one of those emotional bath that you don't really think it's gonna have numbered you wanna support your team. Like every summer and in Vegas I always put twenty bucks on the bills when the world's art to the super in the world's athletes are the girls allergy answer sir I was there. I think Google is nada. Throat rosters of bills and the sabres up in the air and then his piccolo randomly is that which team will play for you so you got some savors playing football and some bills playing hockey. I think the sabres point four bowed to a better drug probably. So you used to bet a sports wouldn't Wear all white I always yes I can't wait till August I'll be thrown some more money down a sizable ourself on Vegas residency great. I get the urge to go to raiders' every once in awhile again you know I've been there about 56 times and I enjoy it. And it's it's replaced ago but. Every once in awhile you just get the urge to have to go to raiders' I've had years ago for a while meanwhile he is the second girl right there via a -- Chicago cop caught up with the you have relatives that live there yeah my aunt and alcohol and my cousin Paula still love still there my friend Mike that's a moral. And non union only national there are so so I know people I think you can live there and enjoy what Vegas has them without Gordon brokers or gambler personally if you are gambler. Is they use set aside each month like have for car payment or something. And that was that if you win it you win if you lose you lose but you don't go beyond that. And I think that Newton and trawlers when you go the go the worst oil and you'll see is somebody at the ATM machine. Because they're obviously not meant following a budget I would put aside forty dollars out of every paycheck yet and that's when I went. And gambled with the final lost one home he and are you working landscaping and missiles some of those plans to people probably your life because of it in the win and I didn't take if you give me fifty. My role in Vegas is the plastic bunny stays in the room safe you bring so allotment of cast revealed so if you go through all that you have to walk back to the hotel just. I guess. You know what I'd do if I'm never raiders won like three days so okay hectic here is the money I have to gamble. And I split it in three and I'd just take I don't like he does take out of a room day number one. And if I lose that I can't bat a gamble against Obeid who I've never never had to go back ever. Or so ago Wright and that's the way it is but it's when you start let's go to day two now. And I took a group to Vegas of from Milwaukee and we're standing a good I'm not making this up we were standing in line. At one of the casinos to check in to the hotel. And so somebody in my party steps out of line. Threw it to play a via a machine it's right there and how dumbest right. It. And won 100 when he got home or. I'm sure they want over the period we're there. But 120 dollars a standing in line those overtime things that happened that his aides I don't do that as. Just to go what are things that would definitely do is visit some of the reality based TV shows that I watch one side Costa. Counts custom cars they're Gregor gasoline does a lot of custom motorcycles. Which are really cool and cars. I like to see that. Whereupon. Shop. Aria on stars as oil and and there's a couple all the things that interest there I think I'm fine how we're measuring him. Oh yeah exactly find out when they're shooting because the place always has a huge play in front of it. I've been there twice. Ever saw which are Yahoo! doesn't wanna see that are dumb fat. In effect at the last three times I believe the last three times and on the biggest happy even bother going bikers like. Why waste your time if we caucus debate. Says the for a regular right there you can go and visit a good place for Ferrari dealer business is it in a hotel idea part of moto. And yet you know that well one of trips that we took we went to Monaco. And the monocle you do you want to on the street in Monaco and all of your dream cars are side by side by side. Remember Gainey. Miles variety. All of them they're. Side by side went and took a lot of pictures in the short miss a lot of people who go there but what do what do dream street that is would drool all over the place the Clarence I'd never even seen a McLaren in person one. So it's it's like really really cool just hang out with from the start the cars in a few sequel cars just go to. Or go to YouTube. And just type in cars in Monaco or anything like that. And you'll see there because some of the richest people world of Monaco the biggest yachts are moored in yacht in the Monaco they look like cruise ship some of them. And it is really eye candy and I said I would never wanna live away from this country but if I ever did include at and could afford it. I gotta go Marco is still claim they literally washed the streets in arena it's always square mile. Michael's only a square of it that's. But it is gorgeous. And it is finalized as who say via the put it mildly. And after that are due to lower keys this ethicists I love it when it's on its roaming the policies. I would take a break and we will return a lot to talk about it. It's all kimbo go all the sometime today arbitrator ordered thirty WB here. It's an agent got a end where my companion this Sony Caligiuri. Certain way he's the producer's seat. In the cold policies today we've got to mr. B himself and at home I've got myrtle journal so I'm surrounded. The by area and this is some tax on turtles. Sandy. Oh we go to Cancun every July sea turtles. Come up on the beach at night. They dig for hours they lay their eggs and then takes another hour after it covered the eggs. It's takes a long time before returning to the city. And then and that's that so I guess that's what they do. Sandy you can now mow your grass. We're out warring. Bugs about B because you know with a journalism and Aaliyah luckily it's not in the grass. It was in the the mulch around the plants. And now I I don't know where she went I think she may have put the eggs in there. And and she was big weather Backstreet a mobile home put the eggs in there. Oh and actually that's where the egg dispenser is boom boom bow and now if you looked that you wouldn't even know that there was a hole where. And that's pretty Good Friday animals. Amazing hardly know where to go from one time or another. As they seemed to have certain instincts that we don't have yet they really do know. Would pick a spot to might go more often and knows when we get home creatively before Maria husband rise which he he organizes. And I've seen him getting his back feet Panama beach with the guys. Is one Vegas can't afford to have a nights when the cup signed robbery wired couldn't Vegas aboard that doesn't explain it to me. I don't know what it would be a great party you know biggest wins I mean. He'll I'll downtown Vegas going crazy strip that oh sure but that residents of Vegas will actually come down to the strip departed. They don't they don't need an excuse to party would have certainly if they won the Stanley Cup as a big deal as is a real hero deal. Do. Through the nights a draw well have been. Season they've had a great turn out this. 6000 people shall for practice or Rio right now is Syria advantage of being in Vegas is that you can get a lot of participation. From the businesses in Vegas for any kind of an event because you bring people. Two of the event very they may be coming into town. They may be their locals who live there but bills spend their money during the event while I was gonna UNLV the run rebels mean to the final four and that's almost crazy. I can't imagine what would be like if they want a copy of concentrator college when you're in Las Vegas. It's a separate these out I mean I was not like to deal with time members of schools when they meant to the final form and plain. Stern school in the professors knew like yeah we're not going to be here. I guess guess kids have a normal a childhood in Vegas is just like anything else except. They don't go to him and over casinos and a lot of through but if you don't like some things I've aggregate of appropriate use. And it mostly like I what I want to go see the Mets play in Vegas years ago. And I talked to some locals and it's a deal we really unless people are from out of town stay away from the strip. Now I'm I'm sure that changes now with the arena right on the strip and in two years the stadium. Right on the strip you'll probably have more locals but also probably draws people you know in town for the weekend. Overnight to home Purina is right next to my hotel. I got out exactly because I mean it's the same thing here we're Niagara Falls how many times the locals unless there are people for months now go to the falls and the false is. We've really should go to the falls even more than we do because it's magnificent but you forget because it's here. And you're used to it you forget how great it is drug trip through falls is always worth I love it live national gulf and there you go on maid of the mist they give you that little blue ring co we still haven't done which Cramer where's your mandates. And that's the reason you never get Sagal. Ensure open and transparent little blue. I always ask is this casual. Yeah I don't know yeah. Some say the word casual that opens my Dresser for exactly as there was an issue award following closes mines nothing. Every page in the mail earlier today and it's gonna go black guy I didn't even read the rest of it. I don't even know what the rest of it is I threw I think if you can't blame him actually Schroeder. Speaking a formal and casual and going to a wedding in July and Dudley said casual night picked full work summer casual suits I'd Chicago's addresses their roots and I would like our listeners to go to either at B underscore machine. Or Joseph beamer on FaceBook and vote on which suits they'd like to see. When you are right Tommy bahama and that finger shore and so I'm very good they don't have on France right now they're some worst summer says they really didn't exist and we have to rethink some last night and I wonder is is the world gone nuts is gone Manhattan so please vote for 123 or four you actually where I want I'm wearing the winning one with shorts. See that's the problem that's the difference between you and I these stated New York does not allow me to our shores of the moment. It's a gift or image and it's that you really are what are you buy stuff like I don't mind. Yet it says it on my website they are also responsible for my speed goes on and they make the the great suits as well sell I don't. The one that I thought was the most suitable. They're goofy because they have stuff on number it was a while molesters are looking at present the one I thought that's that's the one lead right now by two votes. So we've got the party had. 28 votes on three social media platforms so I would love your all your all your is. In place and I will the when he won I will Wear to the lighting and I will have until proof I would suggest you download in the final boring entering Kerry Wood view's joy at the wedding when people say what are you thinking say hey it's the public's choice yes the public chose resolve reformer and how can that be critical. As California are right man in my experience using moving in. Beamer world willow and I got to ask you this you really go to C Nielsen net. No tickets sold out but if lies. If you were gonna go see the it might be the last time agency feels that the era you know what city. I love my tail girl. Are Obama about the amount and a rare blood. And I just kill love you know it's a little creek Ewing used to sing and about sweet sixteen. The site that great songs these guys have been singing along. Yes he has been around wherever you are expected to hit a high note your thumb. Each. A break orbit back on newsreader I'm thirty WB yet we weren't trying to do a different subject today however were just got out that the White House says cancel. The solemn meeting with Kim Jong-un. By letter that's all we know right now those CBS I'm sorry ABC's good. We'll get your caught up at 48. When they're 48 I think that they fell off a cliff for something so but at the top of the hour we will be catching up. And giving you all the information I just wanna know how you react to that. The cancellation the summit first overall are you surprised. Or did you expect this kind of an outcome are you happy it's cancel. Are you unhappy just your general thoughts. What your expectations war. Whether they were for feel good or bad and whether it would have a bit of good good deal to have I think it would have been good to have it a by a lot. I don't think the president did any thing. To those scare him offer at all. Hey what's sad is we didn't have people out there that were rooting. For this to fall apart because they want trump to get a Nobel Peace Prize. Yeah I mean ask for a pretty pathetic if you think about we've been in a career since the Korean War obviously it was in the fifties. And this was a chance suddenly out of the blow at least it looked to us like out of the blue Kim John Boehner who is not the most predictable guy. He won they Richie and hugged me no not predictable guy award a last year and every year he's been in office since that. But the bottom line is I was shocked when. Jim Jones suggested a summit meeting. That I got the thinking well maybe he's come to his senses because he was Saber rattling a lot. And he was testing missiles or whatever and they came covered conclusion that he's not gonna win that against the United States not gonna happen. So maybe if he wants there and get his place in the history books as people do when their position of authority like that. Then maybe instead of being a warmonger. He could be a peacemaker. In the world loves a peacemaker maybe even win the and you know you don't know what goes through a mind like that so I was I was surprised that it was gonna happen in the first place. And then after Kim Jung met we have the president of China a couple of times actually he got a little wobbly in the knees. And was that it it would be a member somewhere in there were questions about whether it would happen at all. And now the president our president Donald Trump magician for that. Has canceled Lee's summit meeting. It is this the kind of thing that you know the girls on the same note of the prom so you don't invite her is that the way that works them are really sure. A Jose's more face Donald Trump by. By canceling it because maybe he was being as it was being jerks. By your Kim Jon or maybe was suggesting. Or demanding something that oh wouldn't wasn't gonna happen wouldn't happen and the White House decided though there had an office. Yeah I've got the letter right here in front of me now it's three paragraphs long but the bullet points. President trump goes. I was very much looking forward to the time with you sadly based on the tremendous anger in open house still be displaced in your most recent statement. I guild is inappropriate at this time to have the long planned eighty therefore plea but this letter serve as. To represented the summit will be. The summit. For the good of both parties but the detriment of the world will not take place this missed opportunity is truly a sad moment in history. The entire letter on a website WB Ian. Well for what you just read very it seems all right if you're going to cancel load the being language it was not inflammatory I don't think it was insulting. I think it shows more disappointment and anger. I thought it was a well well written one thing after realizes that we judge everything by our own society. And our own upbringing in our country thinks about things in the world honorees like that. How you present yourself was very important in the world community. And or whether you're reduced or not. Means a lot I think if you're not going to be able to have it. I'll look like that serves those services serves the purpose. A short and sweet shows disappointment but not anger. I I think either language a similar ordinance on that they can think it was solid yacht so. Are you surprised that there will not be as summit meeting I'm not surprised I was surprised that there was going to be a summit meeting. Disappointing it's I know something I really am because especially where regime like that and remember prisoners were released. Things were happening. Seem like you really has some positive stuff. Don't facilities nations realize that you're not going to have a lot of for problem with the world community. If if you're peaceful you're going to have a lot of problem with the world community if you're not. So maybe he's just decided to take a different road to the history books. And and believe you know peacemaker and then found out that well I got a couple allies who don't think that's the greatest idea. But the thing is is not a closed doors and Derrick I know from did you just adore yet we can still do this in another time but merely went back into a right now. Yeah I don't think he closes doors slam the door or did you or just respected him at all. But you'll see how that's received and of course. As Tony brought up it's sad. But obviously these the politicians the ones that want to make. Every possible. Opportunity to point out a stumbled it could be attributed to our president will will do that I don't know how we're gonna do this but they did they will. I guarantee you that assist from small. It from several did something maybe even joking about getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Anything like that Greta vote could trigger this because people who are saying to be honest. A right at the beginning that this guy is so unpredictable. The good don't count on anything with Kim John Owen. He's apparently done stuff before that was totally unpredictable. And so this should not come as any any big surprise. But I will say the emotion. That I feel is not anger it's disappointment. You have a wonderful chance like that who cares who gets the credit for. If it happens it happens and people benefit from it and now is not going to happen. And it'll be interesting to see if suddenly then again it's reenergize. Revisited and and it happens do you think that. It should happen like that. If they're if the opportunity arise Gary can we BS who have promised second time or have we learned our last. Was the first time. One would think a good the rule the world would be less pleased now than we were around you on half an hour ago but we'll see it'll Treo and I 3018061692. Through six. As star and I'm thirty. Meanwhile this isn't quite on the same level as that because we have a cash flow of the word the word is I come I TEM. And Tex at 72881. In my plan a thousand dollars.