Beach and Company NFL Anthem Policy 7-20 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Friday, July 20th
The NFL is putting their anthem policy on hold, what do you think the league/Owners should do? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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How they thought they had a deal at the end the last season in the NFL contributor and a boatload Romario was several 100000 dollars. Two of any National Football League players. In order to address give them as some access to. Addressing. The perceived. Social problems okay ice I I saw that as a cell. And then and this spring we heard that note here's what's gonna happen according to of the NFL at the owners' meeting that came up with. You have to stand if you're on the field he represented team when you were in uniform or Kosher and l.'s. You have to stand during the anthem if you don't wanna stand during the anthem. You don't have to but you'll have to go into the locker room. And come out after the anthem is over which is a perfectly acceptable thing. And then they asked the owners to come up we have the suggestions. Of war be punishment for not before or not they're going. Oden or foreign kneeling and not following the a directive. And Miami. Something leaked out of Miami that said it could be a possible. Four game suspension. Well it hit the fan right. Because nobody wants is suspension the owners don't wanna suspension. Because some of their key players though may not. May not be playing the players on a suspension. Form the reason is that they be suspended I was pretty easy. And now of that's on hold. While they have a dialogue discussion. A lot of crap. And now I'm thinking that I think the owners of lost track of the feelings of the fans. Because guess what the players don't kick in money the players are on the outgoing ledger they get the money. But they don't kick it and the ones are Qichen and make everything possible are the fans. I think they have to remember that. I think with the owners should do is threaten to trade. And any player that is going to programs to Cleveland or the jets job metal what they're well you're gonna go to Cleveland or the jets. You always hear individuals there was one players that are a couple of days ago and I don't want the fine as I'm nearly every game after the Tennessee Titans so aideed. Everybody is trying to make that. There they're the most socially conscious or or this or that. Here's some checks. Okay. Going on this airline. Policy. Nailed a Zandi sheep and indeed there shape. In every team here are you don't have twenty leader on the team you have wanted to. And that's the way it always is always has been that way he wanted to show the kind of lead. The team and have these wanna joy that was going on nail others are gonna in respect. A might of my teammate. Day. Baloney you don't you don't get information from your teammate and any other reform except. That you don't want to disagree because. Then maybe the medial spark it up a little bit and they'll be disagreements on the team where one family on them your team. Let's get a straight in the you can have great can't ship. In great love bush family that's a whole different ballgame. And so this is what they do. Somebody kicks it up and they others are afraid to step up and go against that. And that even though they come off when they're being interviewed as a sure fire. Leaders. Sure fire people don't know what they want what they don't want. They're not usually going to go against other members whose name. Now you know why do the keys you can't ya gonna have a divided locker room you can have a divided Tina and play well I during the game if your quarterback and you don't agree with a wide receiver. Well our wide receiver you know may drop some earlier passes. Made a major look good so many Mano block free you are the quarterback a reverse I mean I wrote that receiver and our exactly. So that's the way it works it's it's not them and calling via locker room as you'd expect. Let's go to a Peter and saint evidence Peter on WB AM. Suddenly a special thank you you heard right just you music to correct them their uninformed. You don't need and they don't have an idea even know what they're protesting and they've been gay using being just poor. But he leftist but Democrats. To me I always argued that company. And apple wanted to play I don't even know if over the last two years even practice. Remember cameramen was offered an extension and he said no. Yes he does not want to play I think there's something more publicity has actions but let me get my point the police and military had to back. I wanna see this. The president. What people are not focusing mornings he had. The United States. Is a unique position in the sense that he's the commander in chief of the military. He combines the military and he can disrespect the military or brought against the military would flag except for a he has to defend them he had not come out and defend them if the president did not. Obstacles to get started this suspect in the black and military except that he would be derelict of his duty that point one point two. This might keep what you couldn't an accent I came from the item originally but I'm slushy and because these people don't even understand what you're talking about because this candidate. The issue here is. I'd be alert. In the black community. Tendon in Black America employees how to speak to those who hope to become completely opposite. Nor can I tell them that. I hope a particular community except that being told this easiest we've hit. Like a police officer spotted up against the system is not being torn hope to be abnormally and this is that you could issue. I didn't quarterbacks simply to once fundamentally issue. The Democratic Party. Hadn't been to more devastating. Devastating. They're a backlight in America backlight have been destroyed. By the dependency. In nineteen fortnight signed the 1940. 44% of Black America host who. Looked under the poverty line from 1965. Or more popular than the Indians got some good society that don't think it's a percent. People need to rapid hat heads around the back. But he democratic leftist socialist agenda is off the media and would destroy the United States trumpet you only got sore right now. OK Deb bitter I hear you loud and clear and factor. That's narrower road we're talking about the influences that come in through. Into the locker room and he was mentioning. And now even at very young people he level. They're very disrespectful to any kind of any kind of authority it's the same thing what what do you think this is about the about the police. It's about the National Guard is about the armed forces in general all the people who Wear uniforms. All of people who are authority figures and that's what this is about there were any authority for anything. What drives me crazy is how you have players in those who. I'll stick up for the players saying that. While that fit that does that mean that they don't love the country doesn't mean that they don't love the flag. They're just and they don't love the that they don't know of the military they do that you stages highlight of what at all your disrespect dean. The military anthem and the flash. They don't even know lol oh what effects the pro just past now they have no clue there's shape that's what I said they had they see somebody else do it now and they do it and we ran a somber I would LeSean McCoy earlier. In which he says the president president trump. Is supposed that he is supposed to bring us together he's the president where and how was bush John McElroy the last eight years during Barack Obama were every single speech divided us. Every recognize that division every single speech was how come they have something you don't have. Why are you not being treated fairly. High all you always bay where the bad guys in the world. I mean that was every speech was McCoy out of town. Was he you know moving furniture for his girlfriend we don't know what he's doing but he obviously wasn't listening if he brand gone as they bring it and I think you bring a gun that's my that's him through ya. That brings a lot of people together. The government leader come on one or two sides. But that's it that's the scary part so they come up with something that they say regularly. And remote that held dropping out. Was wrong when Matt picture where are back after. This biggest thing is that it's in the peaceful manner. You know they're really bothered me and helping us as a group as a team and we want to display that we come together as a team you know and so that the world no matter how different each other person are we come together selfless act. Like you might get your baseball games in on them having. There's looking at a couple of showers looks better and ended yesterday. We got the actually at the party Saturday his baseball plans Monday. Which is looking like rains are well in trouble there well and if figures posting the first day of football practice if. You have any extra food you know I. Buzzing and I'll leave it. Yeah because that's the good part about having a party is always left over food in fact when is the last time you attended any social function that food we ran out. I don't recall ever go or out of potato salad and dignity that much I love potato salad soup. A dollar you're never out of what is he a lot of social event yes ever go well what's the matter is mocha coffee here there's no pie what's going on and others. Always a spread from the beginning to the end. Unless you're a very poorly planned party but I have yet to attend. Usually our you have plenty of food for the people coming your party. It's a Friday night bash by the way tonight is a buys stake on the dorm bulls 705. And celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the movie wow. Wow. That move is forty years old now Guam. And the of the movie is called Greece remember how good. She looked in those blacks Dodgers opt it and it's not. Whether your favorite team bird or opening the way you make sure. Their you know how to do the hand jive you know what's funny is I heard them say that this morning. And as I'm driving to work on my oldies station they're applying it willingly and is now while I don't out of all the oldies he is. But anyways do that is going to be a lot of fun. Beijing company we got another impasse they're not going to. In forest. We have the rules there are rules. As the NFL. Puts girls out. They're the only ones Brigham put the rules now. They're really fallen victim relax the rules so they make up rules by their own people. And then they put among all that. Is a funny. Is is really funny as pathetic as what it is. So then I'm gonna faucets so. Let me get this straight now I have I think your great man once that if you don't enforce the law you don't have a law. I don't know Zetterberg some Asia because that's the point it's just meaningless if you don't force it and they're so afraid. That somebody is so offended social it would injustice. Toward the war person who has offended. That they can't possibly go on. Or really so a hijacking your game as your stadium wearing your uniform. Taking money from the fans so that they can they can view your protests. Usually when you approach this can be viewed from nothing for free. But not in the NFL game now Ozzie we have we needs them and as some of FaceBook entries please. Well let's go with rich he says it's not. What the players want it should be what the fans want they're the ones paying the bills no pun intended. Well that's exactly true. Big bills don't contribute a cent to over club on line. The fans pay for the fans and all the fans in the stadium. You're the one good fund not only the bills all the things. And if then I'm making you have to either making a serious. Serious. Misjudgment and other ways. Leo says charge for non football messages during televised events at the same rate as but by Budweiser is charged for their non football message. I like that pays for commercials. You'll bias by pay for commercial. I don't think you'll be seeing many people ponying up for that special during the Super Bowl the job. The guy exactly pay here pay for your own spot you want to you wants thirty seconds gimme 400000 dollars. Now my vector of their attention. So this is this is what is charged. For people who watch you play football not to give you a sermon if we want a sermon will go to a religious channel another please. Rich says you know what's lacking. Competent NFL leadership. Well that that true. The owners of course is always a strange relationship between the commissioner and the owners the owners hire the commissioner. The owners can fire commissioner but the commissioner Kim suggests things that are usually usually done. But very. Commissioner also has to keep in mind we're talking about guys that are all extremely wealthy. And have billions of dollars. Invested in their clubs so Theo walks that fine line uniter or do something is gonna check off sole ownership or he'll be out. And so and I got the an NFL PA which is the labor group hope I'm told. And that's. This is a family. Our team is a family. I know it's it's a group of professional athletes is not a family so got to stop don't do it anymore. I'd be truthful he's being honest OK so that when this summer he stands Evans is. Well you know war we're in it together. Makes me wanna bar to be honestly you're not in it together when you sign a contract. And you know I'm in it together when you go to camp and you are playing the same position as somebody else you know and it together then you are not there had enough. You know you wanna do that you know you wanna do it so you semi because you may attain our 01 family. Thinks now. One final one from Yuba. Buffing. You know it's funny thing that. A Good Morning America this morning we're gone and they above the other was shelled Buffy was Sarah Michelle Geller they are talking about how the people who bought house. Had to sue. Because they weren't aware that so many people we're going to visit to take pictures up that when he bought the house that's not agree that the real there left that information out. I like her journal and our present Maria native American singer voice. Richard says this will be another season of these stadiums horn TV ratings sorry NFL you are not too big to. Yeah that's the thing I think they really are. They really think like that they are not too big to fail. We've talked about that do well before the needling took place well before cavern meg ever nailed outside of a Catholic Church. We were talking about the NFL is getting too cocky. They getting too comfortable with thinking that whatever they do is dead. And we have no choice we have a lot of choices. 'cause a lot of people want that money a lot of people want you to spend that on something else. I'm and they want to spend it on vacation or something special or new car they don't have to have your product. He knew you have to keep them satisfied or you're suddenly going to be finding yourself. What's with this balance sheet doesn't look too healthy. You gotta pay attention or customers or won't have a business in Austria on Montreal won and I wanted to visit from 606. And star and I'm thirty. That revision governor is showing no good differentiation. Here around me its export. Just watch the World Cup or every national team even from some poor small countries sang their whole national level with gusto it was a nice fantasy. And now I I did watch. The and the final. Cup game man and that is the first one I've ever seen and I was impressed about through. I've seen tears come down the players' faces and during the World Cup. As they sing their net their country's National Anthem there it's pride it's oh we're gonna go and do this for you. How classy was MLB Major League Baseball all star game that should be shown. To all NFL players. Sandy not everybody is met my wife is very happy. I went from football Sunday can go through maybe I can go about our football next week. So C that's it that's a Rhodes. Very few people just go cold Turkey. You go okay I'm I don't watch every football game it's on. Jittery even of its past football games and finally I know one. Engineers. Even average games that are college games so I get them before your professional career started. Challenger so it's just like that and then as well okay now lodged in my team and a couple more. That is don't watch my team. That is might seem isn't worth watching right now I'm done. If that's it goes in spurts it doesn't happen all laws. But taking off your customer base is not a good game plan. Today they know how to I don't plan for the team and gonna play but apparently go on a plan to get via losers get the people who pay. All the money that they earn all the money every penny and there and comes from new. And so they don't out of my game apparently you don't care they just don't care. Anyway how as the winner picked. Put a word game winner is we have one winner and our. Four or 1000. You know you don't know or don't you play the whole matter lumps and that's why I was a trick question. You know logs. OK let's go to what was next it would be married. In Lancaster merrier on WBBM. Well good morning and integrated majors. Candy. I told her earlier. It's K be. Allowing inmates to run the asylum. Leg irons and a one out. To resolve to do about this military you know being on the fielding and if not and they found out that. Today they hectic pace. The military has to pay in order to do you know what we found that out we are outraged as I wasn't well known but this is this the point is don't owners. Are willing to let these idiots do what they want I think these owners should take this salaries of the players it's. You know refuse this and the locker room wherever. And give it to the military wouldn't display. Think about my dress. They have the money there that they get from the military which we didn't know about the fly overs the big flags on Maria on the field and all that. That's income for the owners and then the owners take some of that money and give it to the players so the players don't want you know they don't wanna recognize. The necessity of by showing some respect I to a very people are paying him. In this discussing them. The debate that that's the point that any money that that is noted that take up take care what would have been a bonus or extra things from their salary. And they are contract. Ticket they or whatever but the cost of the game OK whoever goes stayed in the locker room where does whatever he wants. Take that amount of money that his heart of the salary and make a big check and an on the field and say this is. Power written showing respect for the players that may disagree with what. Someone earlier suggested that the players is they want political message should buy a commercial. By your own commercial make your own misstatement. Don't just achieve your way out on the owners field. Interrupting the owners product making people listen to something they didn't sign up for. And you call that courageous sounds like a courageous at all. Some of the dollars so I mean they they're like using Google along because you know. And the other the main thing I agree with this. But they're more on that no well. Not these guys need money let's start that way they're not getting government cheese. And a big don't have enough balls to stand of their own players or shouldn't be in the NFL. I think they should give there and that the owners to OK at thirteen and X number of players the fact is in the locker room. That portion that she's being a mother that go from those players is done ownership for contribute that can amount by. While one or one like whatever the player a lot on aircraft. Ever remember. They didn't like prepared Joseph trounced. Read the beginning of his old controversy. If you get them now a lot of off the field. Yeah you know thrown out. You know in some ways are being interesting and Donald Trump where NFL commissioner well well well all bags thank you very much. Can you imagine we used all of professionals. That wasn't the generals familiar general's New Jersey Jon and Jersey generals you know he owned team on time and he made a bid. For the Buffalo Bills. Think about the world would change his bill would be in the morning. Because he bit a billion dollars remember. And noble is I think one point four that the for goes if I'm not mistaken. But can you imagine via the winning bid. I don't think he would've run for president. If he would just show about a billion dollars to buy an Afro thing. Somebody else we've resident in his is truly changed. Think about that. Think about that and you and you think about it like this so. Is that people are surprised that anybody like Donald Trump. Could be president. How about the fact that people who made their money on fracking. Would only tell him. These are not well known professions the government for pro sports. But anyway and so these these owners are not short on cash. So it's not like G it and you know. That close than not being like oh they're making climbing a money and they have to out of conference it's a game that people go to see. And they don't go to C a political campaign. They don't wanna see it in a lot of hearings they don't want everything to do it and if they took I hand vote. Before the opener all of those in favor of never hearing political messages that the games again ranger man I think you would find. Virtually all hands will be raised. Because the ones that are a bit protest things on our balance on imam most of the time they're just for Thursday whether it's somewhere else. We'll be back after news. The flag. And ask him means a lot. You know to me to my teammates me you won't mean Saturday night and I was very bother by their comments of our president of this comes as a president whose forces leave supposedly together. It is regional governing our sandy beach and we're talking about the fact that. Guess why those those new rules that the NFL owners. Put into effect at the owners' meeting. They're being held they're being frozen they're not going to enforce them now. While we're having meaningful talks on policy with the players union. I find that amusing to be honest review of its it's ridiculous. The if you have radio religion on enforcing it on overrule. You don't have a role that's as simple as that. Just reminder was better than a burger or above thirty that's how many they serve up suburban murder company and Batavia right now yet. A twenty dollar voucher for ten dollars to use suburban and burger it's an a's view on Tuesday. From my buffalo perks dot com he the owners are showing those fine at all. Is it's not that we're looking for the labor unrest but you certainly have as the owner which enterprise probably paying at least a billion dollars war. And you got a stadium it's worth a ton of money that most of its time. The taxpayers on the hook for absent guts. Have some guts is your investment. And the and video of people over community has shown faith and you move by ponying up taxpayer go to get this thing done. A special laws are sometimes made just to accommodate you so you're gonna sit back like a weenie. And and just not do anything it is that offensive to you well we we simply won't enforce it. I'll come on and so I'm asking. And video players I think. I have have X the owners in the thinking that they're in charge. The owners as far as I know are the principles they don't want to put up ago and they make. Rules. Guru David interviewed David here on WB yen. Today bank's role in what you have for us. Good to hear your voice they don't forget. Newly coach well absolutely this make man you know so that's another. Pressure on the corners isn't bad in your mind just saying hey you know what. Even if this thing man lowers the Bourne again which probably will. You know make them you know aren't plywood should. Yeah I've they're going to go up against the NFL I hope it's a good legitimate brand of football. And I think they have some your curiosity seekers if they have a couple of good names and some good games I think good people are ready you're kind of cut down on their NFL experience. Yeah I ain't plus the fact is that that this threat is there of the trip okay. They could this. Gerald jump ship say it'll look you know let install it wanted to do in nearly. Already utterly OK it's all there. You'll potential increases jump forward and apple would utterly he would USS you. USFL. Yeah I mean people love football they like all kinds of football if you give him a good classic version of something that you think they'd like to see I think for game and the NFL game is surely they have great athletes there but it's gotten promoted they've gotten a little too cocky they've lost track of a mission the mission is to entertain people. Format broadcasts or entertain people for that game. And they're getting away from joining side too many side issues now. That your your ridiculous like Canadian football they don't have time today well well it's the body rules. I'll call that I can they call it the body and tired getting down all the way to the end opera here. OK I hit bottom there adventurer much so I tell me what kind of things. We're very competitively. You have to do. Through it and you know I just totally make everybody quit the NFL but draw them over and they get them talking about something that their friends might be accuses him. It's like you know the talk of spring football coming on I don't think that that's going to be huge success I think some people watch it. People are traditionalist like football in the fall. You know there's really want hearing in the air for football and the springtime here baseball starting now you have. Our hockey in the NBA getting into the playoffs people are more and of that so I don't see. A big switch in the whether yours is the view we know or people wanting to play at that you know on the spring time. I don't see anybody being able to compete with the NFL read now until the NFL. And clones if they can get some traction. And maybe compete for a road assigning. Some some promising names people who might be really good. So yeah I think people stick with a team. That's competitive. But as a super player. They may now become of him in Columbia Super Bowl caliber but it's good game I think people looking for good football. And also. The last caller said to mentally going through soft now it's easy for us is sick of when not wearing a helmet on every week. But maybe there through and so he has got a little too soft as far as hits and in Georgia. I think though the Al won the Al think is a snake man's league that wants to. If focus or attention on college towns. Taking those players let's say you're in and Tennessee area. So you wanna give mostly the Tennessee balls on that team you have people that have been watching. Those players the last couple years playing for Tennessee so they might continue to follow the teen. Or the players into our professional football. You may in my encode the bills into ailment. As. A it is not a good idea yeah thank you as sorry as it took Sammy Watkins and stand the all you have it is. He he is president now there club for men yes and their organs and the earth is flat out there and Rob Johnson has a cannon for an arm he did he did read the Canon as Jeff George also had a cane for now that I had in Belgrade bright ideas cannon for an arm unfortunately we're Canada's on the main. Veterans of foreign wars building on main main street and who knows who land you know the number cast on the opera from the basically I think there is an unrest. Not we the people who want a Neil. I think there's an unrest with the people who don't want to be lectured to. By NFL players. I'm sorry I don't think I don't think that's necessary. Unless you wanna teach me. Grew at tackle somebody or throw a football or catch a football or rodeo on kick a field goal whatever maturities and that. I'm not interested in political messages from the NFL. What else goes into what we talked about the other day everybody has to get political not every single thing. I social media everybody's political expert. I think my my example of like Kim John on meeting where Donald Trump was criticized. By LeSean McCoy who can't even get his girlfriend a move out of his house shows me that that is a reality check is needed in the NFL. All right that about wraps it up. Yes always got. We got big cash code for a thousand dollars 72881. Is the U number U. You're taxed and the word for this hour is adventure. ADV and TU RE adventure. Seven to eight a one good luck to you you might win that thousand dollars. It's. They never asked me to be used certainly let you know I do give him.