Beach and Company Muller Investigation 5-17 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, May 17th

Happy One Year Anniversary to the Muller investigation, is it time to wrap it up. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN 


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Elliott back live region gov today I have a pair of tickets to the video's star spangled spectacular. Friday may 25. Which is a next Friday at crime as music hall at 10:30 AM value 66 dolphins general confidence rules apply call 644 minutes have five. And a window we chosen by buzzing beamer at random Soviet ice the governor Jeb. You might be going to visit a concert. Stephon Sanders well he's the BBO and buffalo DelHomme on a chorus in the annual celebration that makes our country special. Enjoyed tributes to our veterans marches and music that pays tribute to the American spirit. Common 9 AM for complimentary. Coffee and doughnuts so that sounds like fun. Let's says cigarettes are more attacks here on the board before we change our subject. People. Are giving last minute thugs who are our discussion. Your own Columbus one. I have vote some chance. I had some chance to defend myself. Longer ago. And I had to flee a hostile situation. I know it's not the smartest thing to do what I feel like New York's mayor is leaving there were no option. I just remember falloff all of the law and though let's make sure that the law doesn't further dilute your ability to defend yourself. I here's another one to 21 months to get the response and now I have to wait one year to re apply now I carry a BB pistol. Let me everywhere I go. My pistol permit was denied because I accidentally put down one wrong number one of the references. And the state accuse me of falsifying records while okay. I know villain in years and years it's. I give your chip because I've been through it and a lot of you have been a lot of you have read and think you're going through it. And I assisted. I assisted the person and going through it be via have a lot of patience. Get it exactly right as I recalled even tell you what color ink you're supposed to use. Each of their references has to be signed it separately. In ink OK node node duplication and make sure you got all right and then go over it. Greg go over line by line because you'll you don't want to have anything wrong with that you wanna make sure it's exactly representative of the truth. Everything's in there is supposed to be and there. And then. Good luck than you are submitted and depending on Waller county Iran. If everything is Kosher. Everything goes as well as it should go. You'll have area I near Paris apartment in New York State it's not easy it's not designed to be using. I don't necessarily want to be easy a lot of but I wanted to be available. OK but just remember have patience because I can't tell you. How many people anecdotally over the course of the years so while I started that but it now since I gave up on it. And that's exactly what they wanted to do. So if you really want it you've got to have the patience to do it right take that time and and you'll you'll get it. As long as you don't them disqualify yourself certainly. Okay everytime I hear something like this where. This though legislator what's her name again. Linda Rosenthal wants to take away BB guns and balls and Merrill. Everytime I it's all right here is I've put ten dollars and the NRA jar. A okay. Miller can't read that line. Guns give us security and help ensure our rights liberals harm our security and they're aware guns and that's have been trying to do anyway. The reason behind this log guys is that there are more crazy and outlandish ideas he proposed the Mars slightly less crazy ideas. Seem reasonable law that's true result it's all relative. There really and as I said before I I would guess that in her heart of hearts Linda Rosenthal the noses isn't going to. Pass however it's just another. Another thing to add to all the other things. In this tried to overcome you just buy it buy critical mass. Mass alone just so much that you just give up by this there's they've picked the wrong group of preventive which is only down and give up Warren. OK common sense because I mentioned remember about this sort of a Villa. Husband killed his wife with a radio frozen leg of lamb we need frozen food control. And that's it. I think vision come and check and check to make sure nothing is part of that kills them anyway. It enforce the laws we have and punish the criminals and that's exactly right no question about that. I won't we come back from. There are two very prominent people along with the others and I'm sure. That are celebrating. Today as a special day are celebrating. Is the right word. There are making sure we understand that today. Marks no one year anniversary. Of the yeah appointing of a special counsel Robert. Mueller the third. To investigate. Alleged Russian election interference it has been a year. And true very prominent people said it's time to wrap it up. And I want your opinion on that or return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB couple of vote left or left over notes from the first. A way of its argument pistol permit application when you get the application make a photocopy of it I absolutely true. And fill out these photo Cobb refers to men go back and check notes if there's any version meant I always I always do. Just in case and you gotta make sure that its exact. For the best of your ability it's got to be exact. Here's what I've been waiting fourteen months from mine. I was law enforcement in the military would no criminal record that goto evident as had the application cents. They keep reminding New York State. It is a statewide Harmon but it's issued by the county. And because they have some leeway. For instance. When I got mine. Niagara company issued a they carry permit. Right away Yury county did not I don't know if they do now so it varies from county to county ambulances state. See everywhere in fourteen months from violence and that's a long time. Right there ago now we're talking about it is very special day. Today is the one year anniversary. Of Mahler getting involved but somebody's. Do. Let's not forget mrs. you tax let's not forget before Mueller called me. In the FBI. He headed the investigations. Of has been going on 1618. Months. Will say a year for the sake of today's the anniversary thing. So that it has been a long time. And vice president Pam says it's time to wrap it up. I have an article here. It's that says just that by John Wagner. And it was. A week ago they said this last Thursday. Vice president pants urged special counsel Robert Malo via third. To bring his investigation under Russian election in reference to a close saying it's time to wrap up. Peres' remarks echoed calls by president trump and his lawyers. Who've argued that there's no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign or Russia and that Mueller is now seeking to trap trump into committing perjury. About his actions related to an investigation. You see I think looking at what what did you Reggio. I think that if if you get asked. Enough times. Them but the same thing over and over and over and variances of this and that the event. If it might even be accidental let's just say something or comfort or something else. Even though it may not be on purpose pens. Was passed Thursday by Andrea Mitchell from NBC. If he believes investigation has a hoax as trumpet is characterized it. He says our administration. Has been fully cooperative in the special with a special counsel and we'll continue to be. What I think is it has been about a year since investigation against the Saturday our administration has provided more than watch pilots. A million documents. Have been provided. By the president were fully cooperating women and the interest of the country and it is time to wrap up. Parents added and I would respectfully. Encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion. Now I want you to think about this is a logical thought. It has been a year at least most some say up to eighteen months. The trumpet administration. According to their own count has contributed over a million documents. And they have unlimited resources to investigate. If you have unlimited resources to investigate. I knew I had a full year. You've got full cooperation from those are investigating. We'll supplied you with a over a million dollars a million documents I say it's time to the polite version is fish or cut baits. Either come up and say this is what we have this is what we recommend or shut it down. It's a waste of taxpayer money now it's a distraction for the country. I don't know if you feel I should just keep gonna like the Eveready battery. Bunny keep going and going and going and sometimes they'll find out. That trump didn't pay for pop charts when he was twelve years all the something. I go to Tony what do you think has it run its course. And if you know if indeed use a shouted down now amazing wait where'd this close. To come Mayo was somebody else you might give them an extension of a month two months or whatever. But it's time to shut the damn thing down. They have shown no reason to keep it going there is no nothing this inning. You know trump doing anything wrong. And like everybody's the same Rush Limbaugh's own so it's a fishing expedition polity just. Now they don't want you to do rancor. Via a job usual knock down a fishing expedition. And other words it's just unlimited unwillingly just add to throw up a net and see what you can catch and bring it back to a vote. Does not seem as if it does seem to me that will do what they have and a year or more already. Through conducted that if they haven't found it by now that are gonna find it. As us and not talkers. Democrat was on the scene Leo we at. X amount of indictments and tarred and wait a minute wait a minute. How many of them are Americans. Don't get to know how many of them are Americans. Not know we talked about before a show indicted C Russian company that doesn't exist. Yeah it's it's it's an idea or keep mine as long as the investigation goes the media can stow. Can sobering enough or can still be well they're checked in this and that ms. and that there is not a dead issue so they can still do and that's exactly what they wanna do. Because they even if they don't come up with something where where a summit to be charged or indicted or anything like that. It's just that constant drumbeat. It never stops that doom doom them every single day and it's been like that overhears the president's office. So that's what they're trying to accomplish they want us to do the way I just described don't give up. On your pistol permit because it takes impatience to do it don't give up on well they don't wanna give up on it because they haven't found anything yet and is probably driving him now. It's okay severe one year worth of an investigation going nine and yet trumps numbers keep going off. The idea alive because people see is see if for what it is not only. Not only if fishing expedition but there's just trying to do catch anything. Catch him saying one wrong word. That's what they're doing and that's a waste of government time. I think the start with the Sony did some Iran investigated if there's something that's charger bull decide whether you wanna charges or not. But if you can't do it to us and continuing the investigation. Because you have an unlimited expense account doesn't kinda limit how about. Rather we investigate. You people put in place to spy on trumped. You know the allegations that Obama ordered spies and plan. Remember when it from first was about to take officers just their love is we thought he was like little strange he's claiming that the bugs. The bug from tower never notified later are dead. And things like this happening where it seemed irrational. When he was saying it and they later came true. And so because he's so flamboyant is so over the top. You tend to dismiss a lot of the things that he says until you find out later that day that there indeed. True let's go to repeat an Ontario Peter on WB yen. You know they're pumping up more than any political and situation in my life and what right now. Mike Rogers was the guy that actually it's from op that they were. I trumped hours in and he took it Berry you're out. It's been like getting. Who brought it to them for what we know yesterday she Jordan. I got in these few others are targeted on the clock supply all of everyday and egged it and everything immoral but we know that. The patient. Well throw people don't realize and then I'd complete guilt in that area. We will see inspector general report aren't. With the next month because of being so pressured you really. Are. Such that we know at this point Beijing call me through. Map well that well. Why are you whip well. We're. There were brought it on duck got were actually a public record. You know about who is. The pertinent Columbia University. So he looked so many ought to be. Ate it up like a longer. Game Kobe decided to drop a lot minute we also. Age. Two weeks ago to basically what the lawyers in you know today. I work network and see. If we now. And at her trial. Is not speak up. In. The and make himself look quite helpful. Not only not only money off. It all over. I bush it would why do you think he isn't. I think because so shouldn't these guys blow up that go light on each other. We know what makes it way out BK. I can. Or aegs. Off the hop and old are they so oh sure I clearly we want nobody writes about. Crap but it happened with god not in there. With his wife yeah. 7000. Dollars which was running off that ought to remember it. Back up that all law started. Personally I think it caught by the rockets out of pocket it's much he'd probably like one more. We all. Obama strategy and Rush Limbaugh with the biggest one. I actually wrote about quickly gonna. He would. That you about it ever retail Bob why you guys. All wired up for duty at our operatives law. Well we'll find out where does it so it's more than via soap operas Luke thank you very much we'll be back with more on newsreader and I'm thirty WB CN. Back when Beijing governor is just chill is amazing he really is. Here's the president was talking about the Mexican drug gangs and we've we've all heard of them there and he said there you know their animals. In Chuck Schumer come in humans are well you know our forefathers came here. And our you know and they were not animals no they weren't in Mexico and drug gangs either could he be more embarrassing shuttle wedding himself. Could he be more embarrassing as a US senator there really. Was more bears and that there are people right now going rob wrong way to go Chuck Schumer that's great that's shown those. Those are great Republicans it's unbelievable it really as if so is so unbelievable you can't because your arms around it. Anybody wanna stand up for the Mexican drug gangs and giving me I don't think so. Are they were asking it's been a year and it's been longer actually buddies a year since Mueller took over Lou. Virtual unlimited. Resources. And a year. And hasn't come up when anything yet is it time to Fisher drug bait two prominent people obviously both Republicans. And obviously. Oh we have players in the game. Says. Let's say I would respectfully encourage a special counsel and his team to bring their work after completion. Rudy Giuliani great lawyer but seems like grocery guide to the rest of us here says shouted down as veneer. Add logic will tell you. That we're vet with the amount of resources they have available to them in the special counsel's office. The amount of leeway they have. A full year and the in the administration says they've supplied. The investigation would over a million documents. I mean I can't imagine in the scope of this thing if you have this button down and a year yet everybody not at all. So always just to go on the drone is to go on until. Until he runs for re election. A real way to get Hitler visiting every day it was filmed nothing. To go on. I think you have pants and Giuliani are right signed the reverend up and get on with the idea the work of the of the people. Sort of pat ourselves on patent on W via Ambien. So I think so or walk or. So well yeah it's very important to a lot of people are so other numbers thirty money buys. There and to earn your what it took it or aren't. That Smart bike or out of your essential. And gloomy and parents are to bring built it. Into an Richard Neer. Weaker Euro bought into one thing don't go our way why don't. And it's giving up I think is being realistic because remember for every dollar that's spent and for every hour that span is one land on this when it seems like a dead and that's one less dollar on legitimate law enforcement one less dollar for a legitimate investigation. Should instead of just trying to you know this is is trying to figure out something to make a point that you already made. Without the evidence they're trying to they're trying to plant something I think in the minds of the American people how dare of all people. The Russians get involved a must be collusion. Ever after here you don't do this time it is time that jacket I'm giving up as being realistic a lot of investigations are closed because big big camp and they don't have the evidence. And what they want to. Are correct and is that that they're like a soap are. If that what people need to counter. All add up or. Mike Moran. And hurt one another all American and normal but still you know they're ready. Other notion there are from our worst what. If you don't then now repudiated by itself correct you don't know what's he useful so would you say that we're out. That's I have not heard that he really if you heard that that is repudiated that no I'm not hurt. So what do what kind of a time what would you have any time limit on any investigation. Well as answer my question any time limit on any investigation or did you stay away even though you all retire from the force. Hybrid and fit the people an apology and there are very thankful that Tim Howard. Your reputation or oh after point but I've I'm certain there. Yes and and Christ rose from the dead to all right you guys let's let's stay in modern times shall we thank you very much less investigative for 25 years has this will find something yeah mainly White House call you the whole Republican Party. Let's go all the way back the whole Republican Party let's start with link him who form a revolver and if you Wear them if you can't figure out what this is all about the miss something wrong with you. Well it's it's a video winter I would say is a vendetta. It's a vendetta against somebody who would there be Hillary Clinton and election. I'm the bottom line is with the amount of resources. That is and the amount of power special counsel have us. If you can't do it them without a million documents. Get handed over by the administration. If he can't do it then he can't do it does he think that no investigation is ever closed. Of course there are investigations those because they did not have. Any information to go forward there's a time when you have to say. We thought it was there we couldn't prove that and so it's time to shut it down meanwhile we don't investigate Hillary. I don't know she's in the woods tees having having a fine line patience is running around. In the woods the exactly but I I see there was a blur this morning that being. AG's office says since some information about. Hillary will see word goals it's it's so it's so amazing is overwhelming. And you don't you didn't realize that this is the way Washington was wrong. Do you ever realize that you could appoint somebody who could come after you move boards you can get rid of them even if they come after you open up. Amazing never got a funny actually said this not. We're back we're more under Israeli and I'm thirty WB had a couple of attacks though the second. Previous caller comparing apples oranges presently we're gonna matter remains so much faster. And that the investigation. Another of the dams they do remember what goes around comes or our elements Dem president gets tied up in nonsense litigation. And is a third want him in every case that guy who's pro us well. Mentioned there was evidence of a crime in over a year lit unfettered access. He to information Mueller still has no evidence. So I apparently unless you believe that that's a no. No investigation should ever end idea I don't know what your thought is here. Fox posted this is from Rudy Giuliani it's been a year. He's got one point four million documents he's interviewed 28 witnesses in the has nothing which is why he wants to bring the president in for an interview. Amazing it just is amazing and it's overwhelming if you try and give Butler good luck. I just reminder. Quickly because I should've done this a ten minutes ago but I didn't Mae is nurses month WVM an absolute care want to. Want you to nominate a nurse who has made a huge difference in your life. Or the lives of your family friends or community visit the contents page at WB and guard come between now on May 21. Florida is. Mr. nominated deserving Western New York ours vigor when a bird tickets. Two of his summer solo in star and I'm a garden hundred dollars is so much kuril wellness spa a sanctuary from your busy life. Fifty dollars and 716 boom sport. Airfare tickets through select performance of love never dies. As she is performing. Arts center that's an offshoot of the fan belt so that should be and Tuesday. Mr. buzz beamer Esquire do you have a FaceBook for us please. I do enjoy says Mueller should pay the twenty million back the taxpayers for investigation. That. Never should have started. It what is obvious what it was a why they started and they're try they're still trying importantly a drive is embarrassing for them so. What what Obama used to do. Remember when Obama would get nail is something he doubled down and keep doubling down now if you're gambler you know that's the surest way to go bro. There sure is absolutely way to go broke. Because you can't have enough money to keep gobbling down. Nolan and bill Bill Gates doesn't have enough money to keep doubling down. I was so until you until you win something I think that's what they're trying to do I think they're trying to desperately clause something. Make something out of whole cloth that they don't have. Right now that's basically the way it is. And unless you believe vision never being Annie and to any investigation. You know I think they're trying to do. I think it maybe they're trying to stretch it out every single day. The Donald Trump as an office is one less day that Donald Trump will be an office I think they're trying to stretch him out as long as possible so every day. Is clouded with some kind of questions some kind of investigation. Something hangovers. If you keep investigating trumped by a mess what's taken place is that you're not able to investigate that. While you have a that's the point you know it's the old a distraction. The distraction of OK and the point I've had to make where the the gentlemen we have on just before that of the break. Is that every dollar spent on this investigation. And every man hours spent on this investigation. Is one less dollar and one less man hour. There's been a legitimate and things that need an aging care of you know it's amazing. I'm watching a series of excellence on the air a bit and I'm Benjamin. And it's been on for like seven years OK and it's about the CIA. And and you look at it you know one now biz can be the C this can hearts our homeland. Is unsure of this can't be used Camby is going to be but a lot of his matches double what we're seeing on television so. What was seeing him on the television set. Instead of drama is real life and you wonder can their be that many twists interns and people double crossing people in double agents or whatever. Apparently. A lot of this could be seen as the real world and it's it's unfortunate I think. Right now what I'm trying to move America forward they're trying to move Donald Trump out of office if I was trying to do. It's as simple as that. But I think when the chickens come on the road side I hope that all of the truth is brought up and let the chips fall where they May Day. And as as simple as that but I do think the call for rum ending as. By vice president hands course is the vice president the other thing that mine. And Giuliani and of course he's the the law lawyer for the president. Both say it's had enough. Ones that one million ones at one point four million documents. Following via a fully cooperating. A year or an unfettered access a year would have budgets that you could do virtually anything ever wanna do with. Manpower and they've got and you've got nothing remember term until I arrive in front of me that federal judge who. Lamb based it says some people going after a dead end saying all you wanna do is say you care about the issue of if you run up. Are you wanna do is take on the present so he recognized that and and that is the very rare. You don't you don't see your judges talking the. Ali they have to feel that they have not been able to sway the public opinion. President trump with all of the money time that they put in to this phony investigation. And as I've mentioned earlier trumps. Numbers and you're going up. I know it's gonna is gonna frustrate him let's go to Xavier any stammer Xavier on WB again. And gave thanks for all they want you guys. I am IRA member from the order. Zola idea wallet and insurance and about this year so widespread in my company. They didn't investigate. Goes higher rate in my brand. Or block or you might hear. A guy out there. And. Why go out with seven. That's because that's because they recognize reality government is not reality they haven't unlimited access to our money. I. Want to get me one more quick thing Gary area of the night while you were no I've done. They are viewed an umpire and outwards and now that our. And they or one I'd love. Or totally equal. You're standing on day you're right there and be back. And on the air okay. I'm bay aren't all. And I was one right there every. Option that bad that I cared about a mile or around for. I'll let serves they're part of a failure it. Everybody is cool. Nobody is better than anybody else and nowhere more money look at what do that it's your Sunday. And it's not that I inspired I was by their. Well I'll tell you one thing. Mr. beamer feels that way about women they're all equally all have an equal opportunity. He's very much an equal number German guys thank you thank you were and keep supporting me NRA and thank you very much. So he's investigator and describes the real world other real world works as opposed to how the government works. First of all do I not have a special. Perez. Big cash code word for this hour. Poppy growth as ins young dog that is where the driver sure I mean you I've heard you say look at those properties. And I'm merely a little dogs live for. Exactly coffee so cash code the word poverty through seven through eight dateline and you. Yes you yes you hope. Undeserving. You know you could win a thousand dollars I can't know I can either or neither can be home when none of us are eligible. Otherwise we would like to try and 1000 even though we have the names of late next what I did conjure government money through Ameristar dutrow and it'll tonight okay. You know like coming in here and working with you guys every day is better than any Castro contest I never honored guy you are having our own star named bad aliens who are two here as an X video of one of those what do you column again here's some stranger's body body for everybody for every one yes I hope there's still popular Christmas. I your eyes a lot of pros you over these quality quality. Snedeker who were very that you are measures that were never restaurant. I can't hear but survived these cookies on that path and it's like the united thirty.