Beach and Company Leaving the Job 9-17 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, September 17th
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How are you have your job I love my job I hit a great job at being a defensive back for the Buffalo Bills among national football a ride Vontae. Job ship. Watts. He handled. Oh they're winning forgiveness and the reason. And an interception thing. There than the stadium parking lot is jobs and snow bigger five million dollar game here no homo that's runs. It ever singing. He could be a maybe he can make a new version of this take this job and shove it. I don't know if he said that we still don't know if he told anybody. I I don't dog got out never supposed to I saw a video. Of somebody going crazy. But I don't it's supposed 3 AMR I I wouldn't come on I don't count on anything on the Internet. Lessons been verified. In fact one of the one of the taxes zero Volkswagen. A larger Marchex board Paul is opposed to good there is a video like that have either of you guys seen it if you have you believe it you have NC. I had a slight I can't comment on it. I'll DeWitt who we told at halftime it's been just one person could every player they talk to you said we can't know until you do after the. So they go out and the second half there getting ready to play and nobody noticed that Vontae wasn't there really wasn't maybe they thought he had injury didn't tell you wanna make out some of that stomach something like that ability and that little Bhutan they have it now when they're questioning viewers through what whether. Indeed dead you have a concussion or not the privacy who the pop up lieutenants and a bigger. Maybe maybe jump on the table in her self. It up any numbers on how many people got arrested because they are a lot of videos of people going through tables the bills parking lot yesterday on a hot muggy humid day so. I guess if you've got a five million you know employees say you made up your mind you know I'm gonna play after this season. I can see quitting at the end of the season. Well I if color or are they thinking. Even the younger gamers pretty dramatic. Budget the end of behalf. And he didn't have a that's that's our way of finding RB you know a lot of faith they're gonna make a comeback. If it appeared in stars leaving one and it's time. I'm at halftime it's even better without them though only judged it to us like catering and event some other people would quit. LB guys you know like the offensive line data I think majority have. Right we have bombers there line allegedly you know they have are swinging door a pardon me in my in your way did you wanna see your quarterback he's right or bigger thank years ago or the ball. The guy running for his life. He had that's the offensive line. Let's go to do Terry in Texas terrier on WB ENN. We're random quarter. I'll warn you did did you quit her job by impose it going. Yes. Will click backs so it outward of one company that company was bought out by another company. And sell and we were taken under that companies playing. The whole tape process changed. So stick at a Mets net a ballad about reasons for it but I am a little undeclared it's got the military yeah obviously can't quit. And so my plan would select when I got the military get it got in the battle for like the day. Get quit for no apparent reason at all this elect what it felt like he quit. Just trust funds do when it's your call OK I like alligator opera and I'm like I'm Matt Lewis. Out. Never. This company what they would do. Air conditioning company and they would pay you but ultimately you're on the outside it's not an exit traffic outrageous. Be in the truck for like two hours. In the net also announced that it. And elect on down there and I know ray as their is. It was the malice summer. I'm not where are pretty get. One expect. It detract from a now unload Obama or Obama Clinton. To struck back this. He's on there and in the I'm and look I priceless thing partly answered you know making certain day. And you know oh and we will schedule mapped out routes where it's street the bad my. White House so there and and you thought it was a pretty good chance you get another job in. In fairly reasonable amount of time. Yeah act out when the next day at first. More dollars an hour lull ended up staying there and love and right after I moved out opt in and that was my first couple years in Texas. So I didn't know what I hospitalized. Like I do now. Well sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do is. A guy who work where. When The Beatles first came out who now has done mornings in Austin a uses a different name now for like forty years. And ideologues sexes and loves Austin's note at thank you think it's area really appreciated that nice go thank you. A EI has I think it's everybody's dream if you're. Unhappy with your job. To just have another job and and you give your notice and leave but every once in awhile you can't goes through a niceties he got to say take this job and ship and we don't know if Vontae actually use those words but. He is actions spoke louder than most worth it would've been interesting if he did verbalize that to somebody what he said. Just I'm retiring. As I mean that that had to be a shark and what he says Joseph probably have a general manager of the owner. I mean could say at Harvard coach but I think that's at least the general manager or an owner who you think should be tolls. While he should Mittal won some game management what he could've told the trainer summaries that are told anybody could tell them I'm I'm on his dad here's my uniform I hear you or here's here's my fob of the stadium. Here's my it. Here's a key for free refreshments what do you think he should result. I think you should've made it if he really couldn't go out like he should've said something to the team at halftime and why so they were questioning. And it probably made a stop to the GM and said hey look. I physically can't do this little changed at thirty minutes but it that's seriously how he was feeling which. I think his statement was complete you know why. On but that's here's how he was feeling he should've been a man about it in and said what was the Leno. And there's a certain thing about the team aspect of this you see that you may not feel much of a responsibility to your employer. But usually people like that have a responsibility. Or at least an implied responsibility to the team. 'cause you do with work as a team thing doesn't seem live as a team. Until your last day and you're not then so we don't know what he said I hope some day we find out. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB EN and we wanna know if you have any stories about sudden sudden sudden quitting or you are up maybe he's. Make him on the spot decision to retire. Maybe you're fired that they expect to that maybe you had a fire people out of bad it usually doesn't go over well. Illustrate that I Israel 106 point 6906. I'm very watercress and number aggressor on WB ENN. Actually a vehicle that's when I get there or there's the federal government and military. Port the United States Postal Service or some of the worst they did you could ever ever imagine there was never truer statement. If you can't get a little bit workers in aces or service you promote the marriage I got so fed up with that. I went to work with the manager. Did up. It did all the work that I knew there was the senate go out with a six weeks 50000 dollars bail but it spelled the current. I look at the major exit you know I've ever not this I walked right into the budget but it worked 151000 dollars. And I'll tell you what they'd never ever regretted. Every day so I will at least I can appreciate it. Well you're you're a man of your own words if you're willing to give up some money like that -- to follow Jim felt it was a right big free you know and and you said that you felt good about Iverson's. Our no question about it you know I I was so wonderful white luster lost their budget. She did bears and are subject to the federal talks or the village I don't buy secure Social Security baited. Because here but urgent it's called butter are so I give up against our current survivor against you right now. So huge security I hated to sort hear people say about idle boats. Absolutely now it's a tech. Well good good for you Chris could figure out doing your thing you felt was right for you and I and I hope the rest of your days that you always think you do the right thing thank you thank you so much it takes a lot of courage to do that. Lot of they would like to do it. But you have family responsibilities you got a wife you may have some children. Maybe some college loans you on your car who knows what. There aren't a lot of people who Graham of financial blow put a place where they go equipment would have no no impact. It almost always has an impact. What do you do with the health insurance then you gotta you gotta a redo that there's a lot of thing did you think about. But the money alone will not keep you in a better job. I don't know a lot of people in this business. In I know a lot of people on his business and make a lot of money. I don't know one person in this business now 1 that I am aware of it doesn't for the money the money is nice if you can get it. It's nice if you've earned it. But of the money alone won't do. The money alone won't do it so are you figure I'll allow higher Harry there. Item a lot of money on a lot of grief for the same time Unita to keep merry but money alone will not do it. And so basically. That's a lesson Kabila and if you're in management. A good work environment something where you hear is nurturing. Given take back and forth literary exciting you're contributing to a successful product. Means a lot more than just the paycheck I'm not saying divisions as a matter don't I'm not insane of course it matters. But not to the degree that some people would think. Let's go to Carl own a cell phone Karl here on WB end. Carl what he got a forest. I edit job delivered fuel oil while forty years ago. The company I was working for. I'm the wealth for oil contracts we were delivering 150 gallons for. And I'm delivering up and felt awful. And oil in the tank if you saw the web on my. I smell like I look opener secure in the second floor window in armor. Rarely. Shut upon proper role the role hold back the truck for our sector the dealer since you're here are like. I'll man I don't think that's that's ridiculous. That. You walk. It you are you should be that is I mean how much more antisocial behavior can have them that I see you like the ultimate well good you get another job. 00 boy I've ever ever gonna pay unemployment that shirt I ever worked for the present system sort probably. Are there is a moral. Yeah I'd probably have developed Baird Julia when you interviewed for my job I'm sure he's at how do you feel about somebody peeing in your head. All inaudible at all it was it was a part time deal light show offers flights the night I was working another job and I was working through this. I deliver oil and it's like you know your. Other drove a truck. Olympic for thirty doing is it's hard work absolutely. One I'd. And well good feel and I'm glad that you did what you did obviously the right thing and I'm glad it worked out for you thank you very much as an outrageous story thank you. He imagined that can you imagine that. I would receive I'd be in jail. Because I would have fun no what floor accuses. I would've climbed it was great rapidity. And and find out what kid did it. And then I don't know what I would have done about it probably would have been actionable was worth. It it. That will be today can measurement now I would've done the same thing out of went in about you. Yeah I. Quitting probably is was the best choice there guy that I act beyond your a notion is exactly where I probably would have done at least go find the parents of the kid where where the. It's like giving your parents here. I mean really seriously. But are you eager kids is picked it up on his own. Yes and here. There's TV and goes something hazardous candy here is luncheon and if the guy comes Google over oilfield Fareed appear in Asia I don't think that and that's instruction. So they don't say go to Israel wanted to 106 on 69226. Star and I'm pretty. Well well well well well well. Some interest and people attacks on the line items idea that. 011 backed up for that work from a post obvious that. Most postal managers are like that C I don't know any postal managers I did know and I still boo attrition fish. She wasn't a manager you resume you know regular employee there. And while we're she just retired. Still bet it is in a similar people. And why is that the people we do business whether we like either end up retiring or going to another job. There's no relationship no ongoing relationship where you walk enemy know your name. Like cheers you know you go to name and they know your name. You like people you get them in November you talk to them you know little bit about their kids or whatever. And then they're done this somewhere else I think and we have that and relations with two businesses. What do they know who I am and you know and I can strike congress now I think I have some of friends that own restaurants and things like that no venom and bills today because they own a restaurant right but usually like to bank. I mentioned the other day remains the bank keeps changing people all the time in never know anybody there. And then when you don't know somebody there he got to know me you know you're treated like. A war criminal as if you know trying to deal with your own money. That's in the bank. So I don't like that but and it's true width. People you do regular business where. It's hard to keep good people bode of people that are good at what they do Milan via a better job made more money whatever. This place like wegmans by my house where are familiar with the managers you know I don't know anybody's names put. Assures us airlines be with their kids and and it's Al always very friendly I like that best. Guys out targets and I think I think it means a lot I would take a break. And what lawyer John we'll take your calls. Give us going in Austria and on 30180669. Through drew six yards almost up to sandy the ultimate quitting in the middle of a sporting event. We'll know Maas no my sort of terrain that's right duress that on the stool and did not get up. He quit right there on good and he is a tough guy. Nobody ever were against that he would have done but he did it. Under Israeli and I'm thirty W via. Elliott back where debate to go and end. He. Or ask king it's Vontae Davis today here on the show on today. Defensive back for the Buffalo Bills formally of the Buffalo Bills decided at halftime. Was some fans are probably our eggs there's. I've had enough Michael. With the differences Vontae quiz with five million dollars the fan quits who have a sunburn. And five dollar bottle of water and that's about it the good news is sandy it's 1038. We all made it to halfway point that's true I mean they're guys promised that they would stay where it made me on the halfway point which. Is that I'm 37 or eight minutes and then thank you for that we really appreciated. I here's some attacks from a Yugoslavia or Jabbar to explored why don't we pay football players millions of dollars and are truly heroes the military get squat. Good question. Here's another as they supervisor for a large buffalo manufacturer. I got a and you'll ratings were hundred hour weeks. Five days a week at meetings we're human resources. They were late by over half hour so I left I got home there was a call on my phones are angry or fired. The worst job ever. Regret giving them under present. And signed mark mark tells me who it is so odd now that I know I'm not going to ever applied for jobs. Cut at that in some very good minute no. Let's go to Angelo in Niagara Falls enjoy your on WB yen. I only sorry I'm Angelo what do you tell us. Well I got a story. That occurred where I work back in the 1980s I am very quickly. I was working the night shift and our that the manager Al the U guys interstate in the ordering a pizza I called we also yeah. Always know he'd been on the sheet died it's not gonna be a gift he goes it's going to be a bucket like okay. So we all you know what you have been we have our pizza now Al coast of the beat the box it's empty. Are now out in quite interrogate well how many places the year but we I'll tell him you know. Are we gave an Eagles how many places and brilliant guy and we go well at least two. And I at the end of this year Al called the new guys ER a that we don't get anymore. If I am creating a piece of pizza. And walk at all. As long as either worked for pizza place that says outrageous. But that was back in the eighties and all that we could. Art he could give it away exactly how. I know how so ever wants that allow you run and there's some strange people who have. They have the authority to do stuff like that and it's amazing thank you thank you very much. You'd be doing bad Dexter the good that we don't have that here. I was just gonna say good thing pocket didn't go work for all of you. Man our pockets Gregg is man about they look at his resume ago. See you good pizza. Doughnuts. And ice. All man it's. All I know I of one person owns a business. And had a long term employee. That was they found out was stealing. From the company. So they hit them as you put it this proves that. And they fired this person later on they find out that the person applied for unemployment. You ready for that when you've stolen. And you got your you know what bounds because your faith. And they applied for unemployment. Let's go to woods 13 would be you have Enron Elton earlier on WB CN. Hello bill what do you got for us today. These stories about say I think the best on the back in the mid seventies. By and I was announced that so my entire time keep finding work. So I was working noticed paper board company which is one of their most brightness (%expletive) spec in the seventy's it's as. And so I was working graveyard shift on Monday morning and I got up early and went around looking for all these caps. And I was told from a machine capped yet we would hire you that you have a cap. Saudi academy situation it is we can't hire you the pleasure of working. They loyalists until Wednesday at 3 o'clock in the morning. That is strange for them is that you you already have jobs or you can have this 11. I don't blame you I don't blame your bill at all thank you very much. You know he says that the job was one of the Rodman's jobs out a murmur or several years ago identity or show on jobs. That show is an unusual jobs in the summer jobs my favorite I'll never forget and as long as I live. This guy said there when he was in high school around here I don't know where it was now a member around here. He worked on I can go on a conveyor belt and the pickles used to come by November oh. They were being loaded into the jar just ahead of his workstation. Now he was sitting at eye level where he could see across the top of the jar. If any of the pickles. Did not get into the jar totally. Obviously it was screw up putting the cap on which was the next workstation. So his job was to detect that I level. Any pickles protruding and the pro or protruding tackles he had a rubber mallet. And he had to pound the pickle down so that was below. The ball. There the cap so that the provision in that scrimmage thought he was a pickle founder. I don't know why you know it's kind of Monday here about a job like this. But hey you know you're in charge of protruding vehicles and I'm thinking what a job that would be can imagine putting that on your era. And income tax or either like from vehicles among Bob Herbert bomber and it's not easy because some of them are probably straight up those are easy ones. Some of them may be on an angle. And you don't wanna break the job are you gotta be careful and an order form that live they're gone in the pickle had to be below that level. And so it's only that started I died laughing when Mitchell is a job employment story and yeah I got. On. I yet here if you're in charge of the pickle pound I think it was a peroni technical company hints. At a B and they stand aside your based political comes out on Friday your beat their current drought. Qualities or Bill Clinton's goals I'll go look at Bagram are illusory and I thirty WB yeah Tim Weiner is here or an update on and wide 27 you have some news for. Extra yeah a lot of news here it looks like a Chris Collins is not cooperating in will be on the ballot. Four NY 27. There's reporting coming from the Buffalo News from channels four and two. Sources are telling them that. He's not not that cooperating in any any way shape or form. 11 o'clock this morning just in about eight minutes will be live. With Carlo calabrese and let some analysis of what this all means that it noon today nick Lang worthy is holding a press conference obviously will be at that as well. As something extra special because it's one thing to vote for somebody you know is not gonna serve or has he given indication that he was. Well let's get this you really said much at all you know only he can be all we know is what he told they graver and channel four you know we could go and when that interview aired. But you know said he was cooperating cooperating well operating with the entire process will apparently he is not and I think that's a junior at noon today from the playing worthy is. He's not cooperating that they had a plan and play and he's not gonna two you know he's not a played also took. I think is that his manager Vontae Davis to he has so they don't block our path that war. That's has ever oil will hit 11 o'clock you'll hear Carlo calabrese and who live insight that only Carl can give thank you very much more hours ago lot of surprises here. He stays on the balance I would be very interesting to see if Leo. Service he wins. And I don't buy you but I beaver reluctant to vote for somebody I know isn't going to serve because then you don't know who winds up wood bats eat. Is one thing to be an in favor of a party it's another thing to not know who that person would be. Unless now hold on congressman Collins thinks he can't serve. And if gets elected will step down because of early did was suspend his campaign if he gets elected he stepped down from his seat. The edges fingers they we're gonna have a more information that at 11 o'clock and we're asking basically. About Vontae Davis who quit his job as a as a quarterback go for the Buffalo Bills at halftime. He did not come out for the second half of Tony brought up and know my situation. Where the fighter did god get office stool altered to answer the bell so I had enough no mas moments. But but that happens a much more. Regularly somebody putting on the stool then somebody quitting in the national football you have to. I've never heard of it and some of the players haven't most of the players ever. I mentioned. All of a good nose with the bills though is that there's no rib problem. They suspected enemy he was holding his ribs. When. One of our own guys problem did you see the obvious one of our alignment that was February fell on that was John. And when he got up going ashore again. Who got a copy had his hands over his ribs like this. And I know guys are set I broke three ribs once in to us from my horse and there is Leo at Texas and it was at that time you NJ area race. And in the saddle while western new ones outside Shannon Crosby. No that's a different time Shannon may cause he's married to Gerri Crosby overtime and he and I. Where friends in the outdoors and I don't horse and I said well on the field and as it. Let's let's raced down the mayor of and that Alter our comeback and move Woolsey who have yet. So we go flying because I had a very nice big big quarter were seventeen and bare quarter horse very fast I agrees. Never have on his motorcycle beat him three times but anyway so we go flat and there and as I went to German car my settle camera. And exciting and I was and brown. Going ribs to have Communists and there are my hands moving that's good. The united Jeremiah had yet as swine steel and they're selling cars you've got to be sure that's instructors tied because horses. Many horses will will block their stomach when yours citing the censure. He said he got to do it twice bears are Smart enough to do once they don't really don't know Richard George Weiss. So they push like this and if you don't do it twice this is salute is okay if there were twice the second time desires and tonight. Well either I forgot to do with the second time or they were smarter and Iowa. Because is settled camera around Iowa off and ground eagle to tie them that with a horse like you know problem. I mean those houses are a lot stronger than you are I've never seen anybody it's over over to write about the bottom line is gonna make sure it's tight. No my idea I was not talking about that Shannon thank you very much and Gerry obviously one. Saying that I don't know my horoscope back to the starting line. Before he did. Dave on a cell phone was find out what Dave passes sail on WB Ian banks are holding them. I barely got that certainly talk about that pickle factory artwork back they're back in 1971. And just think the concern about owning up fickle weather would have ballot. Got rubber hammer yes. Now what we could do is simply could get Berrian. In a dart at it would Aldridge could still another Agilent almost. Oh. Okay. An element of it I had the years ago said that he is the pound them down. If they were protruding above. The rim but you're saying if you put your finger in the bottom pickles I wanna make sure you do in short change anybody. Being short one technical. And all of meter at the base toward the outside that's sort of inspectors headed to make sure all of me because the meat based outside of this didn't face the outside yet to take it out and turn it around or or replace it with another pickle. Well policy may now you're giving me the inside on the pickled empirical fact drew a thank you Dave wedge you got clipped her by that forest thank you very much. I'd say I'm way ahead be a breaking story and a couple minutes will be getting more information out of but apparently Chris Collins is saying. No I don't think I'm going to cooperate I wanna stay on the ballot for NY 27 so we'll see. What happens I'd like to know and we'll probably find out together. What the ramifications. That it seems like. And let's see note you must know something now he didn't know then. That though woods exonerate him or allow him to serve as if he's indicted now so. If he thinks he's not going to be charged though or they can hold the charges or approve the indictment. Then he could serve as a B hasn't learned that it seems a little while without knowing any more about it it just seems a little selfish because really putting that seat on the line that has me. Because even if you're a True Blue Republican. And even though you have a large majority of large for plurality in for that seat. I think people would be very hesitant to vote. Not knowing who was gonna end up serving. It's one thing to vote for a party line it's another thing to not know who that person might be effective way he can't. If he has to step down so we'll have. And information on that coming up and row 11 o'clock minnows and if we have brings to follow up with we will follow up with a will be back tomorrow breaching company who wanna know about so Vontae Davis. It may be you know more about whether we do now there is a video going around on my nice out this morning before out of the house. But it was one of those those those videos where you go home I don't know what Vontae Davis looks like. Is this him is it not him there is no way of a program but it's a pretty bizarre. It's a pretty bizarre videos saw what I don't say that it's him for sure you can check it out and answered for yourself we'll be back for more on those radio and I'm thirty WB ES.