Beach and Company Leaving the Job 9-17 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Monday, September 17th
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It is region governor I have not sandy beach I I got out of a wow. From Tony and that being emerge that they will stay through the whole show today. They were thinking of leaving at 1030 halfway through the show they're gonna her. Now there have bonded labor it. They decide if they're going to keep these five million dollars and actually work for. Slayer will be talking about Vontae Davis I've never heard of it the players have never heard of it you've probably never heard of it. Somebody quitting in the middle of a football okay if you look at. He must ahead there must have been some defining moment. It is said now is it time to get out. And he looked at the Clark maybe that's maybe that's why I left early look at the scoreboard. Maybe that did it may be peppers that way I went there are camp. And I've spent my whole life training in how to be a professional football player look at that score I'm out here I got by me embarks on gone. Maybe we usually is at the bills it's usually the crowd believes in have to I'm not the team and so we'll see what happens there. Meanwhile something happened to me. Over the weekend that it's the kind of thing when I tell you the story because it sounds like a made up story but I swear to you it is not. I absolutely swear from Wyatt I'm Diane this is a true story. My sister Sanders had some real health issues this year. And go on a Friday got some really good news very positive on a couple of different areas of her health issues. And so when I found out that she got the good news decided. Al Hala I'll help celebrate Sanders some flowers. Now she lives in in Florida. And so scent of flowers with a nice car and it wasn't my usual Smart NASCAR it was a nice car okay. And OK okay yeah so disease that attacks later in the day saying she's the flowers are nice but. Let's with the card. In the cards says happy birthday granma. And she thought I was trying to make a joke about her age right now on I was aggressive. That I didn't put that on the card. And so we we found out later Rivera apparently she got grandma's card and you also got grandma's flowers. Which means grandma got hurt card and grandma got her flowers. But here's the deal on her car and I it written grave health news. Signed bro. All right now which I never use a version but gray how those. Now the one they gut the tired it's a great help loses granma and I'm just praying that Grammer is in good health. Those grammar could be sick. In worst scenario in my could be on her way out make about that I imagine your sicker than what it out. And you get a great help knows. My god he edits this guy grow so back could be if she if Graham I had as a young brother. It could be that and so I. That's has anything like that ever happen either you guys us and Iran are the wrong message or anything like that hole. Dot FT days. I think your grandma's gonna get another bouquet. And I think my sister's gonna get another bouquet to. So I bet it it's how embarrassing. If it if wasn't drama it would have just been funny. But the drama can be almost anything. You know I'm talking about and I was mortified to hear that at least at least it wasn't a super root guard which is what I usually go. So that's that now in policy. Tony's old address for TV today you're going to. Some TV stuff with the schools we have with Niagara falls high school and many in the spectrum what are you doing. I guess I'm going to host a sports show. Okay. Ice goes after school cards in his life and do some deal with the kids a lot of should the camera and produced Iraq in your shoot camera our guns allowed in the school we keep our eyes. So okay that's. For and I've taught my kids about broadcasting he's going to have anybody with the organ to a buy yourself. I imagine I'll have a couple of students with refund refund my personal efforts on spectrum because Ireland times they have events that. You'd like to see if you know there were on some equipment fine now big. Are being hired you were there in the heat. Beamer and he does not know but we are in this Dennehy was a spectacular. How did you survive the game actually being there. Well let me tell you sandy. Awful and tailgate but you know hydrate early with water that is. Ozzie and out and mix in the water with the alcohol greats Brad great food great time. Minus the game yeah I've encountered gamers and it is harder place to meet and there have been there before. But I finally remember the first time in thirteen seasons sitting in the seats and the I remember that the sun shines on these seats the entire game. So I got seventy. SPF sun screen and I applied it. Twice and this morning no sunburn. Sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home eggs they're so you've got no burned now you'll appreciate those cities. Well we have our December games where at least the sun will be facing you but now is way too high a way to Monday. Yeah first of the season at all take heed any day any day of the year you just have to you know prepare for in December 3 home games I'll be begging that sun. To be shining right on it. Yeah I've notice I notice some kind of losing my taste for the NFL. I used to watch every game that was on every single one and this week I watch I watch the royals game. I didn't I didn't watch the game opposite the bills and wants a 4 o'clock game I knew I see it at my game and I don't intend to watch tonight's game. I just I don't know why it's it's just I don't you know it's like a gang. Maybe if there's nothing else them analyzed but I can now like lost my exist for it to be honest with. I think the same way you know it used to be Saturday Sunday is nothing but football college on Saturday Sunday the bills' game and Daniel 4 o'clock turn on the red zone channel check the stats from the 1 o'clock games. All that stuff really to what. Now Saturday we don't have the best college football games obviously the vessel was canceled churn. And your area at the best pals about we have some great games Auburn LSU Ohio State TCU I was watching college football from noon till midnight. A lot of games on I mean I know when I go through the browse section. Everybody everybody's that hey you these three and I'll bet you. No my my interest but you know what's in the after the bills game yesterday. I I got home from the from the stadium I slept for three hours and when I woke up ate I didn't go oh. What happened in the New England game I couldn't care life. Now there are runs over the weekend now how can people run in that kind of heat and humidity I know Aaron Murkowski is runner Chris is Iran are. You just started to run ma how can you do agreement kind of weather in Jesus. Ball over just like the bills' game hydrate prepare yourself. AL make sure make sure you've got a lot of liquids in you before running because that's all you're gonna lose more than usual. But shot out to Chris Johnson his first half marathon and he exodus of the pretty decent time. I bet he was time. Yeah says you know he that was I have a marathon right calf they're like yeah Chris wasn't sweating forever Maradona and worst of this. Well. Sat there that. And grandstand and got them hopefully first of many very happy for him. Art villain the Joker at home on Maghreb or. I thought I would be back right after this and is ready and I'm thirty W via and now we're talking about let's see he's a first of all. It was chuck about football. The game at least it was a good game but at least it wasn't boring like that boring and bad. It was bad but it wasn't boring at least we got the C news some of it passes being aired out them. And some as some first downs being game it was it was a small victory in that regard. But if it wasn't as bad as the first game you guys agree were veterans fighting get to see much of the first game so. I would have to take your word for club but believe me I'm an honest man how hard you. Set the bar really low with the first game so it would have been a bit tough for this game to being in our ad not a hypocrite football they all have what. And our prayers I Vontae it would have been the only one there. They would law had to leave the game immediately. But it is that it showed some spark of life. You know it's like a dead battery when Hugo. And but it about the first one just went won't. Didn't even go quickly got a good they were gotten little miss Harley's one pool so we couldn't we hope something would show up. But beyond that. Really you know wasn't mustering and sixteen point underdogs. Four run next week since NAFTA partners succeed in a half or let's beards for. NFL game yacht that's unbelievable that meet the browns were awful last year they will never sixteen point underdogs that's embarrassing. Sixteen and under guard you shouldn't have to even go to the games. If you're play there I mean measures before. But those eight although I I don't think I'd bet the bills aren't even getting sixteen. Would you. I wouldn't touch men aren't RS about football off. Yeah I got their team at all I would you read that game and no need to and I. Okay bonds and the press vine today this I'd start oh I'm gone. Nobody. It was online. And what I saw that I didn't believe it I thought there's going to be some mistake here. Nobody. Quits football is in the middle of a game. You can quit football certainly at the end of the game you can quit in the offseason. But who quits in the middle of the game. Maybe he had some kind of revelation. I joke pricing may be some scoreboard this. That is enough but I guess he gets there came five million dollars. And I'm vegan for five million dollars everybody in the world quit their jobs practically Bill Gates might not but. Everybody else would for five million bucks if you didn't want to play anymore. And if you don't want to play it's time if it's tough in the Arab world to fake it. Does this play is such a high level. Anybody see that one handed. I catch yesterday. Beside him via one of a sports shows. It was just by eco over the head backwards and falling down and seems like those one handed out grants or become more and more of these guys. Yet again and there it was ripped the ball remember the old days on the he LeMieux stickam at and they were dead they were put stick a not only on their hands barometer for arms and a soccer star reportedly barometer here engage in charge. And good Billy Ray anchors. We're really kings of stickam paglia asks it and stick go all over themselves and then they banned stickam friends and Jack Tatum or via the they had some good good very good players there. With the aid of stickam. But anyway Vontae Davis I wonder how he told anybody. It is equally at halftime. The only and the club officials that would be there would be the coach. Mean the general manager wouldn't be in the locker room I don't think trainers the owners would be in the locker room especially kemba Lula. You have no idea if so. You wanna stay in the locker room but that's another story yeah so I wonder how we told that he leave a note. Sorry it's not working out between the two of us. That said the five million dollars I'll be happy to I'll be happy to accept it I'm tired I'm going home yeah job I'm going home I'm taking my football would make. And this would be the time I heard a mention at the end of a newscast. There's somebody out there probably has a Vontae Davis Jersey. Hang onto it because it's not about do what are collectibles. Collectibles or things that have some significance good or bad. But that nobody else hats IA I don't know how many Vontae gave his jerseys there bar. But if you have one I would suggest the could be worth. Some money down the road. You you guys think that would be a good collect possibility share does that say Davis am. It could be anybody I think that Jersey that would be worth something is the actual shark took off the when he wore that thing is that I'm done I wanna save an amount on the walls and you know I pay my last game as children. Actresses are you play professional football take this job and shove it act out it took it home you know you figured he was playing Johnny Paycheck on his car stereo system news leaving vigorous job and gentlemen I'm sure he's never even heard the song the other players were not happy juniors some of the some blog asks yeah I would not be happy and not have it is like me coming at him both these guys not being here. I mean can you imagine the insult that would be. There will be various shelters or don't do it just so those that are we need to do to prevent them there had bruises on him. All right I wanna know for me so everybody. Has an employment story. Everybody has an employment story there may have been a time when you quit your job impulsively. You are planning to quit your job he just decided like Vontae Davis. I'm going to quit my job I don't wanna do this anymore. And I Euro may be your wife for your husband or your boyfriend or your program didn't know it. You weren't planning to do it now but you did it anyway and out of that work out also. Besides quitting the other way out the door is to get fired. Anybody have any great stories of getting fired or firing somebody else. Because. If you've been in management I'm sure you had to fire I didn't fire many people. It's not fun even if you don't like the people it's not fun if you don't like him people it's not fun to fire anybody because it has. It has a real impact on the home from the kids and the plans of people make and whatever so and the jobs story when we come back I well I have vote quit two jobs impulsively. OK and Ireland segment and I'm booked on both of those jobs. When I left the house and mornings or go to a job I was not planning to quit and when I came home I had already. Quit. Much of a surprise. Of my life. But basically you gotta do what you gotta do I guess and and and go you gotta go on like to hear from you any horror stories concerning your job. Have you ever quit blocked out the middle or something have you ever been fire without thinking there was that was gonna happen at all. Have you read a fire somebody and during usual circumstances. Under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WV. How bad we're Beijing governor AS. Part of the game was hey we got a new rookie quarterback the other par was Vontae Davis quit. He retired in the middle of the game at halftime. Apparently decided guy I don't really want this job anymore as a matter fact he's already got a record this indeed the it's world wide. A bond dig Davis's new song. Job she nice Columbine thing. How would get better eventually. Surgery isn't. About the five million dollars. We don't have I away. Walking out the stadium going to job. Tired. While that's edible got five million dollars or go walk away from and get a five million dollars is a lot of people would quit their job. If I'm sure. Our it'll be it'll be fun and all of a sports shows tonight around the a Monday night game. As they had been all ask each other have you ever seen that they'll all say no because nobody has ever seen that. And so Vontae Davis if you have a Vontae Davis Jersey. If it just says Dave as well I don't know a lawyer if I have that would be as valuable but. If there's a way to as the big get the game Jersey MI everywhere some funny which be the most valuable asset he has given to have a team. Is is the game Jersey on the day he said take this job and shove it. Auto for me don't have you ever quit a job like that impulsively. You're going through here's an example. It's eight ups it's already being gone there and grow up he there. Okay visitors where you Oreo. Bob from alma says a good friend of mine and my brother used to shoot skeet. Quite often and they would come into your host remember your post the restaurant family restaurant allows kids. Into New York Post I was working in New York Post. As you'll see guys do instead of going to Hamburg issue of skate. I walked towards the manager told him I quit and went to shoes gave him. What are the best I quit stories I have it happen and now buffalo broadcasting. It's not important what was but the real story and anybody who's been a row will tell you that. There's a guy who is. The playing music is playing music at a music station. Okay and decided. At a I don't wanna do this anymore. And went on to the manager of the program Gartner measure which one quit OK but that's only part a story. He quit. He guided his car. He drove to the airport these have been days when you go drive through the airport walked up to at a car and bought a ticket to Hawaii. And laughed and went to Hawaii right from quitting the job. He quit. Got his car drove through airports one ticket to know why this is before the FBI would have been investigating you. And went to Hawaii and had no other job he just decided to do it and sometimes that sort of thing happens it happens to me. I can tell you this is a true story. Idea I got a job for our NBC and San Francisco was a good job. And they paid good money and is very procedures and we were doing very well we will and number four on nine. And are working for NBC is pretty pretty procedures used to fly over country for their meetings and things like that. But big problem I had as a program director wherever obesity I had just worked for capital cities communications. And programming WQBW. And Denny KVW and cap cities are magnificent. Operation. And they would trust you to do your job. They would decentralized. Dated not tell you what to do. You did what you did and if you succeeded you would be rewarded and if you failed you would be gone. Pretty simple but they are great company and most people have ever worked for a with you that. But we had total freedom to do what we well. And we do or kick ass man so now I go to San Francisco board of obese which looks good on your resume certainly. Like every thing. Had to be approved by New York. You had to run every contest by a long hours you had to do this the best thing in that thing. And it was it was just not I didn't like it at all like San Francisco. Like the guy that hired me John John Hayes is too for a guy. But we had to do what Boyd NBC Juan and I discuss it so one day. And there was no plan to do list none. We're having a budget meeting and in the mail me the news director promotions person anybody who headed to part. That was in the budget meaning and were all in one room at one time and I raised my hand. And I said to John Hayes offensive kicked him speak privately for a moment and it looked at me and he said. When having a budget meeting and say yeah I know but it's important. I just need a couple minutes. So everybody got up and left and I said. I'm leaving I said trying to work for NBC is like trying to run through putting. I don't like I don't have another job. I'll give you a couple of weeks notice I hope to find another job but aquae. And as it is I mean is eyebrows were raised because there was no indication. I was gonna happen I didn't have an average up. But as luck would have it. I'd WBA champion Dallas was about to hire somebody. And when they found out that I just quit big and they asked me if I'd like to go there absolutely. So I quit on Friday afternoon. Saturday morning the manager of the Dallas vision warm potash was in San Francisco. We are meeting in his hotel. And by Monday morning at a new job. But I really lucked out because it if if there have been a day later that job would not have been open. And don't know summits that I might be in San Francisco. Thing Mario paper or plastic Ono but that's the way things go but I hadn't planned to quit so that I went home and to my wife. I AM I just quit while. So that's the kind of thing. That other people have done. But not in the middle of a football game and certainly not in the middle of or contractual run when NBC. But I think you gotta do what you gotta doing got to do when you wanna do it. Otherwise. It was a Florio your faking it. And I'm mr. beamer knows about faking it fake fake fake I Elaine Bennis right well. Elaine fake fake fake when she told Jerry that the yeah a rumored about Bob Craig Craig Craig Craig Craig it's because George was. George thought the girl he was seen there's no way he could she could say your garden fake out guys can now. That and you can't fake freight rate. So wanna go from you I have you ever pulled Vontae Davis and just quit. In the middle of a job have you been fired without expecting senate usually if it gets fired. Usually is some indication in this something's going wrong or is already gone wrong. Or arrived something happened that you're aware that you might get fires sometimes blow summer is just don't know. Give us a call 80309301806169. Through music star and I'm thirty you can also Texas. And and you can go to our FaceBook page under Israeli and I'm thirty WBA I today is is a vintage day for Vontae Davis. On today now has no job because he quit in the middle. Defensive back for the bills quit amid a game quit in at halftime to opera's uniform. We assuming that it can be studio. I mean in the locker room and laughed. But he got five million now lives in as it was. Part of his signing bonus are likely to be ended up with five million of these of them to get back it was just guarantee. I don't sentence amazing just amaze the plane was. Well what's the incentive to apply if you go five million not to play. You there live pretty well he's prized young guy I'm sure I'm five million dollars so that that happened there. I hear is sand used to this is Omnia Volkswagen a larger part tax board. Sandy base to drive a metro by us for me out of here quit my job in the middle of my Iran. A left the bus on elm and avenue. And bid people on bus Dubai. I got out and walked away the kids on the bus were so disrespectful and violent I just couldn't take it anymore. I am a legend at the end after the day aloe well I imagine it was. He left the bus right there and walked home or maybe took a bus home. But it wasn't the bus he was driving. So let's see that takes some guts to do that oh by the way you're telling me. Both of you were telling me that actually that. Would all of the bad weather we hand and all of the reporters covering it somewhere looking for an edge. They actually pretended it was worse than it actually was it's no we look. Little bit of sensationalism. I guess you could call it I think it was CNN and the weather channel both Boston. Trying to dwell on exaggerate what they were doing. Why would they have to exaggerated it was bad and malveaux on me to examine whether whether it's you know. I like the weather channel and whether Chalmers a good job may have some really good people but they do one thing that's very deceptive. They do show a picture in a picture. The whole screw Payne is a picture of how much the water is okay then they take a picture inside the script inside that quadra Google there. And when they have reporters standing up he's in the small picture. But it looks like because they are right around his waist. You see why it looks like he's standing in all that water when indeed he's not that's a part of another picture. I think I think as very deceptive because I keep looking at all. How do you like Jennifer who is up to his waist and you find out that's not the same picture it's 20 pictures so yes. Yes it on the all weather channel it was like Slidell. And he was hurt. And he is. He is what are my favorites he's in the grass a peace deal fighting the wind and and there's two guys behind on just walking like it's a normal day. With what he's in shorts I have seen. Some of the coverage over the weekend where somebody walks. Past the big picture. And it looked like they were not in any duress or anything. And is certainly looked like the reporter was so. They needed to jazz it up more out and it was already zapped. And the ones I was talking about was Anderson Cooper. Look like put himself. Into like a ditch of water. While everyone else was up a ball like he wasn't where the people would have bet he was just making it look like the water with tiger in the streets and like you said. Didn't have to the water is already pretty high for these people but he would make it look like it was up to his chest absolute. Sosa. Because it's dramatic and now from people have relatives and friends who might be pero what the last thing so I was seventeen people died. That's the last thing you need is to embellish on Matt in the finger at the it's a sad situation in your feet for people go through this. The spinoffs of these fake videos all over the Internet people creating their own now you know reports in. I just saw while our guys hanging on to a tree and it looks like his body is being blown iris has bought ads by the ankles and friends and throwing grass at an art book is audience there while back. Money. Is there if you do stuff like that and then you get ridiculed you deserve it. Here as the day of attacks from the looks like an Orchard Park tax board I started one day at McDonald's with a couple fronts. We got a break however home. It was not for me yeah. Are. It's a and I work from Lancaster a look at that way that is good when he points such history. Baby steps and over two days ago so maybe that caused Vaughn Taylor leave maybe he did see the scoreboard and decided. A lot of future in this segment I'll be in my way but usually if you wait until the end of the season. Well if you're injured maybe. You're injured and can't play anymore. Going into reserve who knows weapon in the middle of an active game even if your team hasn't been that active via. Speaking of the bills there was some fake news this morning sandy I just corrected. Dog LeSean McCoy does not have fractured ribs test back this morning not fractured ribs just bruised he should play Sunday. Good good. I've three ribs a broken against Kosovo wars it is awfully hard to do anything we have liberals that you can operate. After a move to Las Vegas got a job Lansky beam. And nice enough company and we did was we would go to various. Neighborhood and all those all self sugar contained him you'd get dropped off and I've spent the whole de cock rock and David Gergen do all of us performing so well on the way to a job Robin and the form is drive in the and he says to me I'm gonna drop you off. And then leave and I quit. Already this year so he left me with a lot more all by myself. I had no idea where crime was murdered yet any laughed and I'm there I'll have a soft all day. I wish somebody would come by to pick. Yup I did anybody know where you word or even pick you up I mean they're they're company call and say what's going on our Vijay he's telling anybody. I I had the had done enough change should call. Back to the company's name up top here by myself I just quit while Vontae Davis when he quit he had Morgan change. He had five million dollars what are rip off one rip off that is. But I'd like to hear from you if you have any good I quits or is you can plant equipped pretended it. Or maybe got fired unexpectedly. And if you have any thoughts about that maybe saying divide appliances Davis. Maybe you have about the Davis Jersey that might be worth some money at some time and funeral we get them assignments. He's on his way to jiggle Argo and it was last spotted some really bad from our news radio I'm thirty that would you be.