Beach and Company Higgins/Pelosi 6-14 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, June 14th
Congressman Brian Higgins has some harsh words for Nancy Pelosi and current Democrat leadership.Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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And we are back where the Beijing really upset eBay's why some there's some supporters of Nancy Pelosi are getting. I've visited policy rejuvenated here Higgins is a piece of work it says. He supported. Posey throughout his political career and his only changing his aboard in doubt as she is have been exposed as toxic. She's the same person she was. When he supported her. Well I don't I I don't doubt that except for effective as long as he supported her. We have not had this anti. Anti trump rhetoric going on. Despite everything else. That seemed to be their major source so maybe before trump became president or maybe you ran for president. She wasn't the same way and and that changed her positioning. A what was important and what wasn't two going after true numbers that are getting legislative things done for their constituent. I mean how popular do you think she is when she goes out there and says that Trump's tax cuts forums. Are gonna resonate well with the boy. As you what it does is it shows the elitism. You know there's something that would mean you don't want to most people would were characterized as crumbs and whoever is. And that's that's Marie Antoinette enemy okay. Marie didn't work out to hook. Somebody got to tell worry about it. Tell Nancy about Maury here's another tax policies 78. And that meant case Maxine Waters is 79. Wired as though there. Wired is still relevant well I think you can be relevant as well as reminders working on almost any age but I think your question is. Is there shelf life over when's the last time they did anything meaningful. What is the last time they said anything it's to urge you to think about something. So Ariza started campaigning show picture of Maxine and Nancy Pelosi. And just their picture and an underneath to just say term limits. Yeah yeah I think she's the poster. I was gonna say poster girl is just amazing just a poster girl as I was about to say a little voice with. Until months ago because you get sidetracked. People's today she's not a girl she's in her seventy's she's a woman but you can't say poster woman that doesn't sound card stooges a poster girl what should you do. Is going to why am I here about two seconds to think it's among the ones I can throw but luckily there are random but she is opposed a person shall Wednesday. Which we strive to be politically correct on this show and this is a poster person for term limits. This is this is an interest in one. So well would you like to talk about the absolutely stupid. Ass and I'm things that come out of trumps amount. He is a factory of dumb. While all factory. Well BC factory of dom let's look at the economy let's look at what he's done with foreign policy and employer and you're right he's dom is practically nothing. The unemployment is is unheard of low. Yeah and he's done the first step with a foreign leader who. Doesn't marches and probably do I'd rather have a down trump and the world's smartest woman Hillary Clinton in up here beat by the dumb guy the job is your source marginal. I did you wipe your computer you mean whoever they read it she said. Side. Yeah ai she was reading her stage directions. She was worried since I euros was worried that she's so Smart they should lost to a senile socialist. And a game show host investor and they had a giver they had to giver. Leg up in Florida beat him think about like that. They had to they had to stack the deck the head of a party had to quit. You know as it Debbie Wasserman Schultz had believed. Because they set the deck up for Hillary air against their own guy in effect this year Hollywood in the mainstream media outside of that we can't forget the questions. Here as one this is not anything doing anything but it can as characterizes them and I shook hands were Brian Higgins was like shaking a dish rag. While I've never shake that dish rag but yeah. A firm. But not overly aggressive and should work apprehension viewed here. This ball now because my arms for all that's okay. Al buzz eBay Amer out as a memory matter what kind of a handshake deal where I like the handshake and then they'll pass in the back. I'll let the president does be careful on the back especially Jerome Taylor Swift. That things are doing their backs should be all upper shoulder I got to go anywhere else troll above this is think of her as as Korea. As having a radio or country of Korea you have north career. And your South Korea and you have the demilitarized. Full. Of. Well what I think handshake I always think professional there's usually a handshake is. All amongst friends or looks aid they a meeting somebody and I want you know hey how you doing. I think oh I you're handshake as says a lot of bugs the kind of respect you have for the person you're shaking if you know I like a firm. Handshake and I don't know crazy you know about where you're doing an arm wrestling move but just firm I hate a wet. If you're at a way handshake. Where there are you don't like them the hand is era. I hate that the eye lids and the cheek yeah like yeah like action needed to hand shaking and shaking you know like I'm not really sure I want to hand it to view. And all the handshake dispose of designated is that you're not armed armed. And so that's what we do know we call the error and say we shake hands with everybody I just another bathroom handshakes are known known. Yeah let's. A you go to the bathroom you wash your hands okay. You wash your hands that's not now. I don't have time for every has dropped to drive over water. Because I'm under here again your bag mystery. And you walk outside the door there's somebody there and no argument put their hand out. So you gotta tell him I just wash my hands or give my forms ash yeah because you can tell them I need you know anything else you want them to know you just wash your hair and and they why do they offer bare hand when you're leaving the men's room is beyond me although I do admire what you would do any never thought jump ball into a chance ball widow we do overs we have to find any shifts and once we located the and then that we does that. The book there's bump and just well he made dropped by tomorrow. On the cool there was some other people to bring controls let's put it this way. The people it'll be in this studio tomorrow theory county sheriff's department wants this and the pan anyway him. They can probably fill up. This pair of very anxious very dangerous people would be around the front of the microphone you know it's it's a good thing though the engineers weren't here the oddity testing that delay system all but maybe all he couldn't do that children. I think we're we've got twenty seconds now when he seconds now. Which is allies that things are being murdered by the attorneys and is less. And he managed. Attempting to myself I. Who went Bagram barbies and governor and newsreader and I'm thirty W via you have some thoughts. I'm Nancy Pelosi kind of the direction the party is headed. I'm wondering what you're seeing and what you're deciding this morning. Well as Democratic Party has he offered something affirmative the end the fact that word has. Advancing. As an alternative to crichton's biggest campaign promise that infrastructure bill. Nobody here and he'd period. Congress should not debate yet that ancient mayors and governors I've gotten. Because a lot of real bill Democrat YouTube offer an alternative and that's a one point five trillion dollar bill. It will create an independent of millions of jobs over the next five years. It will produce. Economic growth one and a half percent in addition true. Who have personal as the economy look at without it. That is something substantial accepting new goal of the Democratic Party but it makes all of these other policy priority possible. Without. Which is stuck in this debate. And you know I don't I'm not Korean president trop and I think we have a party. Popular offered something beyond that advantage is substantial. On health care. In infrastructure that yet gone that present plan proposed. That twenty billion dollars each year conflict a lot of money over ten years that is nearly in a month month and their captain spent. Will be built in the vote encourages others in Atlanta. We need to nation building but at home in America. Enjoy it get away to a good bill which is one of my favorite places although the bill. For their summer music festival visit our contest a page on WB and our come between now and June 17. For a chance to win a three night stay at wildflower condominiums. VIP tickets through this summer music festival and much sumo arm. For those who would think that Nancy Pelosi. Doesn't have a clear thought and had Tony you have a quote about her are her synopsis of what happened when the president once in North Korea. This is offer her Twitter page. In his haste to reach an agreement real Donald Trump elevated North Korea to the level of United States while preserving the regime status quo. Well where does she get that waiters or do you think her her theory comes from. That they elevated North Korea to the level of the United States why by putting its side by side flags. I mean really I don't I don't get her thinking yet in eighty not negotiated with them or not sit down with them that she would lose they'll operate out of its no matter what happens. If or Kim John un says you know what are going to become to us. When we're gonna name our country the United States hey already and US tool or serving she'll women everywhere that. And if you don't talk in Austin on everywhere that is what these things worm. What's wrong with this picture gallery there was he that was thrown is richer and they show you a picture of summit. One thing doesn't belong in there. As Sunnis say what's wrong with the picture. He brings back be preliminary agreement which is the first step. A member of the longest journey starts with a single step I made that up. But the bottom line is he's done something nobody else's really measure drew so far if if we can figure it mimics that fine. This is what we're learning which are developing a relationship. Just aimless criticism. In fact I think Brian Higgins addresses that. We've got to get more rope productive and more positive. And Edwards quit telling us how bad trumpet as starts telling us how good you far. If if you if he is something bad tell us what your proposal is to have made it better hard to make it better. I just simply Terry down the other guy. Doesn't work I mean you can do it in a short time. And especially if you got something on them. Indonesia. Primary or the beginning of a campaign but I think that solvent measured their campaigning for America very for a dueling. Is trying to find something on Donald Trump fiddled the rail him. And that's their whole mission is not serving the people who voted for them. It's just trying to serve themselves. By via making sure of their career doesn't go up in flames. We wanna hear from you in Austria on my 30180616. 9236. And star and 930. In the Jerry's I'm ski column today in the Buffalo News representative. Brian Higgins. Said that he will not support house leader Nancy Pelosi. I will not supporter that's a direct quote. Higgins added the lack of a clear democratic agenda. Well no I don't think they're electing an agenda. I disagree remember they have an agenda but it's the wrong in the agenda is to dethrone trial that's their agenda. And I don't think that that's sort of the right right way to go about it is he's duly elected. Nobody is saying that he wasn't although they're desperately trying to fine. Some thing they'll tell them that they war but the bottom line is. Their agenda is very is clear about that it's the wrong agenda. But they he says they should have an agenda as an alternative to president trump. That that's he's exactly right. Not an an agenda that opposes trump is different than trying to find out if he ever. When I had a cheeseburger was stormy Daniels. After he's as stirring performance. As well as policies or lack of interest in in them in his bills. To expand Medicare and to invest in infrastructure as the key sources of his frustration. But because he says that they are on the wrong path. He's his leadership is not there now you take anything in this on the wrong path without strong leadership it doesn't get on the right path by itself. If it's on the wrong Brad but has to correct we have the aid of of the person or an organization. And so you get back on the right that he doesn't think the his own party is going to do that or has the intention to do that. Or can't do it at this point with her as leader. So that's basically yeah the way he feels about it and I think that's the beginning of a breath of thousands correction. David a lot towards David your on WB end. And need any any. Happy lead day to everyone and perfect day for Donald Trump's birthday. Yes we sing a blow we did single we wish him happy birthday this morning. It's just as well absolute. Yeah hey I think guys there's got to be a wave. Insurrection against develop policy because. Little Brian you wouldn't have been as to come out and say something like this if he didn't tell you he was in and in on the popular side against her in the house. He says that there are others he goes on Polamalu believe what he believes what you're right I don't think he'd be the first man over the hill. Yes and Brian you know what you guys played a clip of him. Sensitive very sensitive sounding man. And Brian points out that you know the infrastructure bill way to help the estimated. 2.5 GDP. That would be ambitious for a little Barry who never got past 2%. But companies already doubled that he's already doubled that 2% Obama got to Indy 500 days. And and by the way Brian what you wanted to do it infrastructure bill. Barack Obama already stole 870. Billion dollars from us little Brian where's the money Brian. Good question and we have a similar on government that's more or go by the way thank you very. Thank you very much Dave that here's Laura says. The Dem Israelis are disorganized and in trouble when national that was double. And eight trillion dollars was spent under Obama went by held in the long ago well I don't know where it all away and I did see a big chill covered. Being with two wood off collapsed. Enjoyed enjoyed jet airplane being sent to allow I don't know Iran. I've never seen that much money in my life it looked like the time never but who's counting room unlocked and he let me the let me begin that's right there won't last check by the way yeah its today. These cash it and drive through his failure of the you have to go in the bank and get bothered by an eighteen Wheeler and very nice job IIICC. Video of the forklift truck. I'm up palette of money for a and a lover I'm assuming that no one's. We'll be back tomorrow beach company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Just that. Notice the ultimate getaway today's field of day from my buffalo vs a 465. Dollars and trivia for one night stay. And Wyndham gardens falls view in Niagara Falls Canada for only 55 dollars US includes vouchers to Ruth's Chris Steak House. Which is excellent by the way if you're government there outback attractions and much more go to my buffalo perks dot com. It is Abidjan company or asking your comment on them Brian Higgins. Those sounds are very definitive is that he is not going to support Nancy Pelosi. As speaker he says the basically with the paraphrase of the parties lost the way. We've got to do something more room positive. And we've been saying that for some time you can't you can't run a cup area country just by negativity. I tell you want to yell in Brian talks about there are many others that think like him but haven't come forward and said anything. If they don't get the blue wave that they've been for fifteen. That and I think you're gonna see more voices star or to speak up and want to rid the party. The the progressives the ultra liberals and liberals such type. And think about it everything that trump accomplishes now because the air at the beginning. Of is a presidency. He had a lot of things that he wanted to go after make better and eliminate or whatever and as he was doing business. The people who didn't want those limit whatever. Were against what he was doing obviously. In his approval numbers were low. But as he has gained success. And everything he does now it is adding to the approval numbers as well so now he's getting things done. He's getting drug approval numbers and I think the years. People like Brian Higgins have awakened said. When I'm doing anything just to slow him down my own stop them. And so we need our own agenda something that would be attractive to the American people rather than just employ him down. I mean and so I think that's a legitimate but. But the reason we're doing this at all today is because it's so unusual that Brian Higgins speak out like that in the first place. In the second place. As Tony brought up. He must be sure workers he says there are there's a lot of others like him on the floor of the house that. The effect the same way well he I think he's that's probably true otherwise as Tony pointed out. He would not good it would take this journey along a. If they don't speak out they could be looking at twelve years before they can get realistically look at it the White House. Well it depends who they put up obviously. But maybe Hillary or make them. I'm not present on an appointment that day AG's report comes out today with two ago I can't eat this. I know that's my streaming event if it isn't that exactly. About who will blow final event goes and of course we'll cover it. Aren't our news radio I'm thirty response Rio that today this afternoon sort of like Joseph says you imagine how the media is gonna spin it. Not and half the fun of watching at the bottom watching it's it's almost like you're playing poker with a guy who's sitting in front of a mirror. And and you can see every one of his cards and and then you get to look at him and he doesn't know that you know what he has in his hand. But it's fun to watch our drug suspect but he tries to represent. Because you know what's in the mirrors the real hand. And he's got not that he's got thin. Eyes go big and who has everything a young man could want including a you have FaceBook. Leo goes recognizing that congresswoman. Pelosi in the fringe whacko makes sense but if they're Democrats replace or who isn't. I don't think there's much of a chance the Democrats will be gets there I'm sorry that the speaker will be a Democrat next term. That's a good point. There's a lot of people they had sort of a good step up and replace her I don't think there at the party is going to say. You know what we made a mistake wouldn't answer the Los Angeles drew years and we've got to change our whole course and whatever so let's let's vote for somebody who is a totally different thought process fresh ideas. I don't think you're gonna do that but and so then the they put in somebody else. But if you're not familiar with them if you're not in their district. Then you have to learn all about them. I I think they need a a change in direction. In the worst way. And they can do it starting today if they want to. The to keep in mind. Here's you some of the people are that have said that it was a good thing that the president met with Kim gentlemen and we're gonna see positive results. The UN Secretary General says okay South Korean president said. We've got Russia do just set it we were just at. Who says it's. We get all of these people saying it's better now than it was before and now we got Nancy policies and now. So I mean your respect and a she pool Posey economy should pool post tax breaks. If she tax write a thousand dollars was a what was described crime problems yes I don't buy you know I don't know many people. There were thousand dollars would be crumbs. But that's our sheep then so by doing that as you realize. Thereby. By positioning a thousand dollars. Which most people would think is substantial loan money okay. By positioning a thousand dollars us from. She positions herself as an au leaders totally out of touch. And strangely enough she doesn't need positioning him as she is that. Look how the pendulum has swung it wasn't too long ago. That we were looking at the primaries in the Republican National Convention just before where the Democrats are making fun. Other public is saying that this was the end. Of the Republican Party. Yeah solid it and she changed analogue the success of builds on success. As trump is having. Successes. They're going to keep piling up and it's going to be more more desperation move for the Democrats. Unless they just totally changed their position. And you know it's gonna hold them back from that. That people. Like Asia. Those cultural lefties they don't want the party to go a different route except further left than minority news keep pushing that Russian collusion is work console while offering already there's one bombshell after another I was take a break general return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB are you saying the leadership just isn't there right now from Nancy Pelosi. I'm saying leadership and democratic parties not bear arms and you can shoot you have to discuss it. People thought he wanted to ask how you're just went and how it's going to affect a lot of that nothing happened we need to do better party. Not only nationally but locally is well. The the bases are a lot further when you're caring and other human being. I'm ahead though lost the vet them were raising money for kids gave in drugs. And the bill was the loser had to carry the winner around the field. On their back around the bases now I'm about four times the size of Beriault. And I really wanted to win I'd collected. I wanted to see if he could even with me he did it. But unfortunately our laws so I had to carry him and I got the second base pretty good. But then I started to boom Bada Beasley is second and third I made it home. But I would not have slowed him it was the. Home believe me devices used to do of a fun event years ago it was a media pitch hit and run competition. Ago so everybody was involved. The late Tom Connolly myself represented WB and Rob Lucas 41 or two. I do any never was there. With with his guys and it was a lot of fun we let's see we hit opposite field okay bond did we had to run the bases. We had and accuracy event. In than they would cocoa pop dogs on the gas by the dugout forest it was a great time here is a question. He didn't hurt you couldn't and I don't remember who our commemorative but I wouldn't count myself for competitive by I don't remember where we both. That the media is not exactly in athletic shape was prevail or some some are some are again our team here three US. But he beamer would have the represents yet as the army's via yours and yours you can lift your arm. Arms I can't do anything intentionally point muscle I've got my arms down I'm I'm Iraq you are so when a privilege are good athletes or so ago you'd be heard. I'll tell. I was so anyway I won't mention his batting average or you can or not talk about when you can yeah. You strike out more than a positive moment I am off to the guys and I. Today it's them mostly sunny 75 tomorrow sunny 77. Saturday afternoon thunderstorms on buffalo and I really want. And that's that yup they well made a Minor League Baseball always has been known for doing a lot of promotional things. And all of them are fun a lot of them are fund. And the I don't know this year and other however jobs celery are being removed. As you know good salary by the death of the end of last year we wish celery and we do. Acela is an it managerial position already for the races that he is still there is just not O salaries are kind of retired from any competition and yet celery it will not raise the celery does make appearances if you're lucky enough and short. Would it be in the wings Jersey weekend. Celery will be on the field answered it wearing a wings Jersey and the buffalo wings first Rochester plates now Karen both sides are so I'm you have one restaurant. Now though because your card dollar Jersey's future yeah. Rochester plates one attend true I have to have for the wings but not injures your behalf of Boeing's remembered your audience and you're rooting for the plates well I like their Jersey because I like the garbage plate in fact a post in the picture one yesterday like I can really go for one. Are we can't stop talking about that garbage flight rewards and once is 1986. And I was like wow what's in the garbage everything depended in a while the search for George for Stanford could be evidence is probably a Hewitt declared just Clara drop. Like a big talk Jose Rochester has that's right I tried it macaroni salad fried potatoes. You can either go ahead hot dogs or hamburgers. On year is Texas loss. Well I I know I don't wanna bring down his self esteem but when we sent you out there for combat duty. The results in Melbourne poverty and daddy and I mean involve eating contest by. Don I'm still I can't do contests as a knock knock knock knock those don't alcohol stills VQ yeah. I mean is there no shame Tony there are times you have to say I'm hanging up my lips anytime an Italian like me gets beaten in a meatball waving guns as. By John postal nobody was going to be column so that day anyway so I was a lean mean needing machine and he judo mat. We don't let you know no offense Tony can hang it up when it comes to competitive eating because we have our competitive you. Ariel we do everything newsman and a yeah I he I he's appeared eating we the window so right now because. They have important and they have a board of the memo. Such and such and such is such as and the beast yeah I don't think there's birthday cake for brand and so must Prius at all a salad days he would want us yeah maybe that would come she says she would have a tofu. Kate will. A plan for offs to. Any time he gets a lot of him for Folgers though hold office now in front of it is like holding a garlic is a rapidly Dracula. Is that there are all get me out of there well well well well well. I know I'll say this about tomorrow's show Gomez and there'll be interest and records I can't wait for. This is my kind of thing is that yes my kind of thought I was in history. Things that we're looking for for all you know audio play tomorrow. In it was a blast going through some of the old memories of TV. In late Jack Armstrong. There was transient and in George hamburger in charge and ask you just handed you guys really. And we should hear from George from time to time he's a commercial real estates there right. A very and lead man probably driving a fabulous start to move first time I ever met George hamburger. And Jared KB was he was driving. And Indy 500. Pace car. And that was cool and I saw one. Somewhat of a car arch in about a week ago and it was a year George's car it was like for same exact year as the on Georgia. You know we talk about all the legends from KB. Out of those guys who had the coolest cars besides you you probably had the coolest. Probably George now you know. I don't know many. Many of the discharges that we're really in the cars that much. They let us a lot of cars and KV to drive. I had the accuracy giveaway of surprise. Or to do commercials for they want to drive it's you know what you're talking ammonia through a commercial for it. And we've seen a Georgia. They've they've brought these 240 disease were or were delivered to us to drive which was really cool. The they have high. Was the first your hunger was in this country and radio lenders double on is betrays them. Honda is very nice now. Not so much that I'm sorry that and the judge you like the judge yeah. Brought a bunch of muscle cars over one time in the judge rules one of them home the only ave there because they wanted the publicity of what they were like and the commercials for them. They bought time through to run commercials for the vehicles were driving so I was article. Hey let's world for that if you do it again. And I got a way yeah I think we all like cars but I don't think. I think hamburger was probably because after a C afterwards I know he have a Subaru brat. Yeah those kind of we talk about the other day I went via the seats in the bed of the truck with handles on them. Couldn't even sell that now in America. So again one of those and to have that one of the joke or worse it was a Irv Weinstein scars of a really aria. He drove a sit in on and and things like goofy cars in regards. Some everybody loves cars you know matter who's in regards to that you try to educate these guys I did I tried I tried and in some cases they did ask for advice. And Marie Jeanette Carol. Had a are cool are those gentlemen. Our shoes get a regard she asked me for some advice. So I was the go to guys for advice about cars and never was into the cool cars occasionally. He got a new thunderbird and get his head on through it worth one's time he had some cool cars. But dive I think going amber would win them and he's all right that about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow I'm not anywhere responsible for tomorrow show all the slammer now. A news radio I'm thirty WB yet. As they never have to prove to be used strictly and let you know I don't give him.