Beach and Company Higgins/Pelosi 6-14 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, June 14th
Congressman Brian Higgins has some harsh words for Nancy Pelosi and current Democrat leadership.Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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I all right Brian Higgins says if you will not support Nancy Pelosi she's the minority leader in the house. Says she's aloof she's frenetic and she is misguided. And days it also plays some of us some eyes on Brian Higgins was interviewed this morning and early morning knows. Either is not like the direction of the party than a finger at parties going and doing the right things. What he didn't say but what you could certainly read into it is there may be becoming concerned that number is not going to be a Burr under settle for four years it could be under their settle for. Eight years. And that might make them very nervous. I sandy I think Higgins is a maverick. If by maverick humane and old horrible useless broken down car as Ford used to make yes he is a maverick. The hood used to fly open on those stars Brian Higgins chair resembles that in a breeze. I you know it's funny as I've I've been a Ford guy. A many many jazz affords but I hated the maverick because it was there was drug car really wasn't. Blood them and so very burdensome racism right. Good he is a maverick. Let's go repeat and Ontario to meet you have a broad view of this what's what's on your mind today. Look look at this Danny what worked out. It's virtually all as this scene. Holding our polling that George Bush did. We're the not eleven sacks which you. Which was consistent for about two years after the and that the Democrats Parker ripped apart Arkansas but what. Now is there's no question with some of the primary. Some good things that have happened and the way mr. trump is moving forward let's remember. And that Democrats. Never showed their true colors but when Barack Obama came out in it would every couldn't go back lot. They started their ball and actually you know would would say what they actually get it is they were audit. They never get elected like rob said hi all we are now we're seeing. That it didn't. Moderate if not come up with conservative principles YE. Largest call. Call. Good for the country art and or not I all. That they bought back and they're on good American policy. It's thick it's thick. They can talk that game that's the only. So obvious you know surrogate is not and interdicting the board are not real. Yeah maybe and maybe he says that I better I better get off this horse sorry if I wanna get to the finish line thank you thank you very much speed. Here's say it's ads and attacks that are available to you Israel and I'm trio. Sandy had a hell froze over on Monday when the Buffalo News actually predator negative article about Obama. And then I was convinced this morning when I saw. What Higgins said. But I'm concerned and he's just miffed and can't get his bill. There expands Medicare I guess he has not heard them both social security and Medicare are running out of money. And so it would it came from and usual place. If you if there is a person that normally would criticize the wrong party as well as the opposition party. OK then you go well that's okay it's another thing we'll figure under consideration. But when that person is sitting in the back of a class quietly. Knitting. It's it's Kettering you don't expect from Brian Higgins and so for him to a figure shot. As a surprises matter of reckless play love us some eyes of weekend this is Brian Higgins this morning with the early morning Tuesday. Have some thoughts on Nancy Pelosi kind of the direction the party is headed. I'm wondering what you're seeing them what your deciding this morning. Well Democratic Party has he offered something affirmative Ian. The fact that we're net. Advancing. As an alternative that Clinton's biggest campaign comment it infrastructure bill. Nobody here is TV series like our congress should not debate he has the nation's mayors and governors are discussing. Because a lot of Leoville. Democrats need to offer an alternative and that's a one point five trillion dollar bill. It will create a tens of millions of jobs over the next five years. It will produce. Economic growth one and a half percent in addition true. It truly have crippled the economy forecast without it. That is something substantial except the only goal. Of the Democratic Party but it makes all of these other policy priority popped up all her without. Would get stuck in this debate. And you know I don't I'm not there and present trial but I think we have a party. Upped that offer something beyond that and that it is substantial plan on health care. And infrastructure that we haven't done. That's present plan proposes that twenty billion dollars each year conflict a lot of money over ten years. That is nearly a month month and an architect and strong. It will be built in the roads and bridges of Afghanistan you know last week in the nation building but it holes in America. See what he is saying if you if you put a timeframe. I remember during the eight horrible years of Barack Obama. How did they position the Republicans. That your position Republicans as the party of no. Saying notes of this Novak isn't that what Brian Higgins as you said and that some might now we have to be more than the party of resistance. Another words I think that the as somebody hijacked three Democratic Party. And said you know of the easiest way to get what you want is to get rid of a guy that's in there now. And he has enough from his past and we have enough friends and oppress which are like all of them. That we can probably dig up enough stuff and get him thrown out. And the way Labour Party so we look at for short hole in the mid terms big diamond and then the next presidential election will be back in the White House. So he says we got to be more than the party of resistance see what they did is they took up arms under one under one mantra. We have to get rid of trump. We must make trump what bad we can't let trump accomplish anything and certainly if he does we can't give me credit for. So that's what that's what he is say it right there. He's saying what talk show hosts have been saying. Yeah he's saying our opposition leaders. Have been saying for sometime now there an interest in governments. Their interest earning getting rid of what we have now and holding on until the next election and hopefully go out more power. And so for him to jump off that bandwagon. Tells me something. Now in the article by Jerry's jump ski that I quoted from said it's Higgins also says there's a lot of mothers who think like him but haven't sent it via. So the think he would be the guy. Are one of the first guys to come out and say something that represented the thoughts of a lot of guys. Just amazing to me he's not exactly be hey let's go over there yelling get the enemy sniper guy. I agree with has forgotten war is a journal Carrey and he hit it as he had in his office. He hit in his office when people from buffalo went down to Washington to drive and a lobby him against obamacare. And he hid. Like a little deeper Damon. In in his office in and didn't doctor. Now is that the same guy comes on now is is Nancy Pelosi is aloof. Frenetic and misguided. I I don't thinks he's got no courage there. He's speaking up in a very strong away. It'll be interesting to see how she can react goes back to issue will see something or. Should slap his hand Asia bribery is barber. I. Yes may I suggest that by armored true. Mr. Higgins will be back Lamar news radio and I'm thirty WB yet. Are you saying the leadership just isn't there right now from Nancy Pelosi. I think leadership Democrat party is not there aren't any of these issues yet to be specific. You have to tell people what do you want to do how you're doing and how it's going to affect their lives. But not captain we need to do better party. Not only nationally but locally. Well it is region governor yeah I think nobody Higgins. Brian Higgins going out against fancy balls Debian that would be like a steel cage ranch with a rock against mr. Rogers. It doesn't you doesn't seem like a gladiator tied to me. Does not seem to be a bare knuckles guy remain so for him to speak up and say there are others in the house of feel the same way he's gonna call everybody output. Says that they just haven't been public. Is I miss you blows he brought there were a lot of questions about her this camera. Maybe next time around maybe she'll be out. I think you know like he said there's no direction for the democratic party's been all anti trump is a Soledad I'll resist resist you know if there are things like that and then the Americans in the public's not interested it's it's. Investigation. And zen and that she does such. And look there is though in those numbers are the most stormy Daniels anymore. And here you have summoned his argument I. I have to tell you us sandy because she's not doing this for the publicity of course Donnie Jones has just come out with a new perfume. A perfect home if there's ever a minute I forgot the name of it but it. I did see where she is pushing some kind of view as the smell of money from that way yes bro you know old model hope's involvement and good oh Idaho high grad. I grab the bird road Provo just lets you film that just. All must see TV you know you're not safe for work your hero straight they're going to be able to illustrate the screen. I'll just after about it. What they keep doing thinking chug your desperately trying to dig up everything they can possibly dig up. There has anything to do so would Donald Trump and instead of doing their job which is to. Legislate. And evaluate. And there and regurgitate what the public wants. What they're just doing what they want they want to get him the hell out that solves of his friendly they're wasting their their time and effort and money and now if you see it from within. The party n.'s Brian Higgins is a member of memory card party. It's going to be amazing. Well that racist let's see homophobic. Throw in every other agitated that they use. Donald Trump is about to do something that Barack Obama failed to do it twice and that is win a mid term. Yeah well we'll find out so what's going on down below us go to to varying. In Texas area here on WB GN. I think stormy Daniels are being and the proper essence that this seat. And again. But you know let. In order to on support Nancy Pelosi you have to have ordered Paris one I'm and that's the lack air your general. Or out senior Democrat party. They're drowning in the water and start all over themselves stranded at the Apollo ridge now they're trying to save themselves. And exit volumes to their constituency. But by people that air they're always best interest if I let her out. I'll answer your game and that I'll let it be sick of Spiderman and power like he probably. All my individual that they got a problem Graham. What you just said is so important there and they're not looking out for the constituents of wellbeing their looking out for themselves. Instead of doing things that'll make our lives easier more efficient. More productive they're just worried about their next election the next fund raiser how can they get rid of a guy they hate him the White House and they're totally. When the word misguided was used by him Brian Higgins about Nancy Pelosi. I think they hold democratic club party right now is misguided. That's absolutely has batted an active from the top out everything come out right that's the thing that we don't now. Felt like from Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton and all the. Yeah I just look even during their during the election and more or find out very Hillary were spread to questions from the reporters. The ahead of the party had to quit. Because that they were trying to get rid of one of their own candidates. I mean there's all kinds of scandals there their web by the wayside but drug trump managed to emerge from that. A measure of this stuff starts all reappearing now the party had better change the direction and so are there going to be irrelevant. But bailout. I'll have to see them prayer Allah back on the net and is here appreciate what RI RO RT general. And he was on hand Nancy Pelosi there thank you thank you very much Jerry. The end is near. Is obviously misguided could be a term used a little party. Because of people have said that they are going too far left and again Susan. This is offstage ready to jump a memento states. Elizabeth Warren. And you check about a fair not far off nothing left now. Can you imagine if they embrace term. Rely a lot. Yes about princess summer fall winter spring and I gate engine can you imagine if they embrace her. They'll go further. And it's not gonna work off she's knots she is well you know what. You can be EU can be diametrically opposed politically or somebody human body reminds him politically bug. She's she's very likable. She's not as she has no warmth. She you know a talking about she has no like ability. I take take somebody even if it's somebody that's as goofy. They usually every once in awhile shows something of it this time it's not her. As my mother uses station is a plus on all of the time. She has she is opposed all the time. And she would be the worst nightmare and from the government party if if they get pushed into making her aria. ID yeah I centerpiece horror where they're going in the future. You look at the something at Twitter at the this morning about the front runners who Obama is talking with the she's won album by the end. Tried and tried to have his chances of that moment is gone I think for Joseph Barton you have he's out there and there was a couple others that he is consulting with 42020 Ron. No matter who they put out they're going to lose. Well yes because they can't become black. You can become further right you can be come further laughed. You're either black or your not in your can't become we'll call I'll get more cemetery vote no get more illegals the ball well you know you don't sixers Zynga that Supreme Court vote. That was an Ohio okay I wouldn't encourage him emerge. Voters under certain circumstances. I mean though that I've these Democrats have. Have used. So it's always a questionable. Voters from time to time in every interest and see where that goes all right. They Austria and I'm 301806. On 692 visits are around thirty. Brian Higgins was on our early morning goes in and said he will not support Nancy Pelosi. Knowing that in one of the articles that I amusing. From the bubble and those. Is Lansky says that. Brian Higgins feels there's a lot of others who feel just like he does. But they haven't come up to say yet he doesn't want some. And so he described. The minority leader of the house Nancy Pelosi as aloof. And frenetic and miss guided. And if she's misguided to harm her being misguided of flows down to the party and I think the party is misguided now. All of their eggs are and they get trump basket. None and something to try and toppled with a better legislation. Or row that anything like that zone gotcha moments. They've gone all got you all the time we got your party. We'll be back what more are newsreader I'm thirty WB's. Now we're back where vision governor of sandy beach and glad the I don't at this summit went well but of course it was probably going to be as the president. Is traditionally bring a gifted to the person to me anyway event. Tony you know what kind ever again if he gave Americans I don't know I don't named as star after kid yeah yeah yeah exactly since that long right over there. And he even pointed it out. So I mean Jim John and anybody can give him a gold this or platinum this. Nuclear that. But having a star named after you and and he was considering giving Uma. Cheer chairman. Oh you have little to cheer green hair out on the sides because it seems like his barber slips. He army is like shave half way up to the side of his and it was most former barber yeah I think so curly or Larry said here give our barber tried to. And and that's where it has been naming his arm from an honor maybe next time Jim's flex field that was. And Eckerd drug career and half an XXX IA. Career and have a menu Schwarz here will put it back together what event. You like that idea guard I love our however when they cut things and have and then re seal them. Were asking Brian Higgins of all people. Criticizing Nancy Pelosi saying he will not support her. The he said it here on the early morning knows he's editor in the above on those as well. That he's not going to support her she is the minority leader of housing commission just came in late. A he says she's aloof she's frenetic and she's misguided he didn't add him but we can she's also of them. Very very dumb. And so does this exit or Rasheed down Maxine Waters through. She's. That's below sea and Maxine Waters are part of the reason the Democratic Party cabbies are considers it. That's true you know it is one thing he would disagree with the somebody's policy. Or this sort of happen. The dumb. I'm sorry they're done because if they are not dumb somebody's teaching them to be go. Because basic a lot of public dumb things you know army. Of course they come from a party whose president. For eight years I guess believe that the United States of America. As 57 states. I mean that's what Barack Obama's have wants and remember he was a professor in college. And and that's our constitutional law. That's a pretty Smart guys don't have right there allegedly. Yeah that's rubio we army. Any grades from anybody who attended a meeting or said or did bird. But the thing about Georgia 57 states I wonder I wonder who is going why. Indeed entered Colombia. That we only have 43 what's the matter with them. A double every banner I'd do you have a FaceBook for us before tobacco. Phone yes Paula says it reared Democrats back Pelosi big deal far left who wore her out will win and those like Brian Higgins will be voted out by his older do far far left voters. Well if they're looking adds. Further left candidate than they've already had. I think there are going to be in major trouble. The fact that they still wanna throw Bernie Sanders out there as a candidate. For 20/20 shows you that they have not changed they're gonna keep going in this socialist Iraq. A desperate does that and him and Elizabeth Warren that's that is the gift that keeps on going on this island. And are you need is some of black arrives matter people to approach. The podium and he would run away she might as you might say there she's got a little Mora a hot spots but then that he does. But you know that's that's about it quite a tandem. Tom in Hamburg Tom there on WB again. I the morning and being accurate assessment of it in the because it's mine exactly. And I found myself to the president felt a congressman. I date the court the year it's. Out of fishing trip I was less friends than. This time it's about commitment to its name only because that would be the right. And he's never said anything really bad about Brian Higgins but it was a Democrat. And after the day we spent about state and our together after that they've progressed I asked him I said. So how is Brian Higgins. And he's seen is very measured and he said you know it says. I don't know him well. Army field I don't know him and Ollie goes whenever there's a meeting our group but and you know but people get together the power to get together. He's saying that blend into the apartment sure. So describe him so we don't know. Saying that in and edit it correct you know there's like five years ago and and he said. He's being at the end nice enough guy but. He's very quiet and in the morning top you can't hero. Yeah I is there. Yeah a runaway budget I'm going to be compelled to hear what areas as they choose so apparently you're efficient well whoever that was. Tends to of that thank you much umbrage at it. I had one interview with would Brian Higgins that was at the Greek festival. And it was it didn't go well. I. Well but I don't think he thought it was well. Because that is at least like ten years ago or nine years ago would say it's your group of veterans. Guessing at times that I am and today he's never he's been back to a show. Was it something I said. Maybe something you said that the maybe you put him through chipper shredder and he hasn't recovered the hour that swear and he was though I mean the more revenue from the senate. Remember that you lose a rainy days in fact and so it was not a good move forum. What we have some Oregon has numbers and apparently just made him up. Let's go to do again in US senator Daniel on WB yeah. Sandy how are party I'd like to say congratulations. On your very long and very successful it is your rob thank you thank you very much. Our radio personality and I want to thank you could I always and handle the news on the records. I got a lot of fun we will tell my mother wore down we always kept the kids up late when there was supposed to be doing. You sure. You know your topic today. I remember Strom Thurmond and I think he turned aviator 99. In this and I think he wouldn't Dixiecrat. Against Harry Truman. And he will air for fifty years or more not a 100% sure about. The relevant subject comment to me would be OOC. It's like seventy or 79 years old. That people in California. Have given her the privilege to serve this country for a prolonged period of time and she exemplifies a problem. That is in the congress and in this that whether it be Republican or Democrat. Incumbency. It slack a term. Limits. It's stagnant. It to be to become so powerful and we'll be yourself. You can't hear anything else around you you're you're call by a year old yet. While he says she's a little when that was certainly have fit the description you're just here. What I don't think that's mutually exclusive on either side of the IL. I think it's an overwhelming problem with our democracy. Today and and and every night like this say that. There's a lot of good Republicans that I know there's a lot of good Democrat there's a lot of good and a credit. More Americans we need to remember that bat like that the red Flag Day they probably. That red white and blue flag. Represent me yeah you what Republican. I've only. In his interview any football. That flag flies or we're all botched. And Donald slump or one may not be president Barack Obama is no longer president but America. As a way of life. 253. Years. And it will go another two under your feet three years. But we do not lead. As individuals and continue to rip apart the very fiber we are we are all America. It is you pointers while taking it is a very poisonous right now I would I can't I can deal with civil discourse as long as it's civil. But we've had good discourse that hasn't been civil for a long time now on I agree with the program I think we've got to get back to that thank you. And does not mean you give up everything that you believe then but the bottom line is it has three more realistic. And venom that she's a vegetables is seventy something. Book but that's just her lips only 54. And so you know very rich isn't tulips. She gets them by mail and it is delivered by via Amazon prime the replaced every five years exactly by drone. Her lips come down my drummer left off of the porch. And she slaps a month and and goes and so it's the capital or capital as she she wears out auto parts. Machine has ultimate jagr addition she doesn't outlaw regime survival is stage yet that Mick Jagger used Rubin Vega. The big ego and mouth and tongue was in 1976 I think so yeah I'm sure there are using it anymore now that would be good horror reelection jamboree where she is running and yet. She is air coming out between the big lips. I get to see what an entrance that would be don't get me aerial services Nancy Pelosi will be back Lamar newsreader I'm thirty WB. Are you saying the leadership just isn't there right now from Nancy Pelosi. I think in the leadership Democrat party who's not there aren't any of these issues yet to be specific. You have to tell people what did you want to do. How he's been doing and how it's going to affect a lot of that not happen we need to do better party. Not only nationally but locally. While you're Roger Dodger game yell and analysts say like I'd love to go to this you know that they were never in their wings jerseys tonight. And I mind going to the game I think if you don't have adult brain might be a little bit of a turn off right. Well I have a going to be a problem for you do you have been recovered a lot of dogs I'm sure this I might axes out and a half or. Top of the not good you're so insensitive Lionel. But anyway it's weird it's a great day for baseball and all things that are actually a great night for baseball game with a 705. Yeah Brian Higgins is a quoted in this article by juries Penske. And there he is said many of via some guys are all actually all of the Summers were playing from our early morning news. Higgins said his disappointment of policies seems a large part for what he sees as the party's weak efforts to develop a compelling alternative agenda to that of trump. So what he's saying is instead of focusing on trump is bad hop out focusing. On we are we are good or we are better or we are more imaginative we are more creative where more giving where more. But they've they've gotten into a thing where the default position on Republicans. Is that trumpets that. There's trends or bad his lawyers are bad. He does best thing. Bad people hang around them that's that's their whole game. And and so Brian Higgins does not think that that's a good winning strategy and I would agree them. He says that from this that Jerry's on scale article our leadership is out of touch. Would what's going on not only in Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan but inching go Argo what Seneca Hamburg Orchard Park and Lancaster. So he is is making it the local which he should he's it representative Joseph whose title along we'll tell you he represents you know. If you're and his sister. And message and so I think that it four or somebody that the reason I'm giving it more important is because it's him it's Brian Higgins. This is not somebody who shoots from the hip this is somebody. Who is quiet. And they are but you don't realize he's there. And says things and you always hear everything he says he's not brash blogger Chuck Schumer he's more background. But he does not like the way his own party is going and so he's not going to support. The leader in the house of his party which are being Nancy Pelosi. She comes from California. She's rich comes from a very rich district. As super. Liberal. Because there shouldn't keep getting elected this is a 130. If it's from that district under those conditions. So he says the minority leader of a house is aloof. She's frenetic and she's misguided. And so bad says that's pretty strong and then you hear in the next paragraph. That the leadership is not bear. That leadership is not there and if the leadership is embarrassed our grave of the party is there. And so he came out this morning. On early morning chosen and set it got to give him credit for saying it now Todd has an interesting perspective. Nancy Pelosi is not a shrinking violet. And her lips on strategy here her she is liable to come back after Brian Higgins. And I don't know what the over under would be on that how many rounds that thing would go. Because I don't think he's a natural born gladiator and she is. As sort of be variances and see where that girls let's take a break or a lawyer Charles baker calls it a trio Montreal 1806 on 600 recent experiment thirty. Is a Brian Higgins right as the party drifting away and that has no proper direction. And you think of prince's palace insurrection. As he says is a lot more like him back at the house. Do you see this as they should resign have been nervous on the Donald Trump. Not only will finish floor here is a might finish shares. And though I doubt it was called RT after the break.