Beach and Company Higgins/Pelosi 6-14 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, June 14th
Congressman Brian Higgins has some harsh words for Nancy Pelosi and current Democrat leadership.Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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Now it's. Is that a BJ governor and sandy beach a lot talk about got some good news yesterday and Roswell park. But there's still work to be done and there and you know patients to be had but it's looking looking you know very. Very favorable so I feel very good about that you fingers crossed. As Beijing government failed a special song we're gonna start the show. It's. I thought I'd say am I try to joke yesterday and it worked on somebody. It shouldn't have worked on because she was too young to know. I'm got a good news or Roswell as I was in a good mode all right. As on setting up the next employment which it is for six months and I'm I'm at the desk where they set up the next appointments right. And then there was a co pay local there was like forty dollars okay. So I gave her the forty dollars and I I said do hers and give him money YE. Forty dollars that's a rages if I were you I wouldn't pay it. Yeah had she laughs now she not know that it was a Groucho Marx line for Groucho Marx movie because she had no grudge or Marc why is. And ends you know because even though he was just sensational performer. And it's been a while since growth Joe's been out obviously. But she got a big kick out of it laughed so there if the jokes work and they don't even though the reference that's pretty good and your bank Groucho Schumer stands the test of time the guy he's really good and what they were gonna do now. Because. Usually we do this on the Friday before Father's Day but that's tomorrow and tomorrow the show's going to be a little different. That's putting it mildly. So we thought we knew of what it is today for all the fathers out there it's a little early I don't today early gives you election time but. His Groucho Marx with the road to Father's Day. As the chorus. And my Roche hero. We. To me that we use of cars you. Which is Sunday. In Queensland. Always Wear. We. Okay. And what wells Sunday in the actual. News. This is and I wonder what you're going to hear we're gave me you who. I tie when again. Yeah it's not mine and I know. It's just way I'm showing you a weird thing is hey you're or you're. When you say that Dan was my eyes. I am I. Move god where do I love her and monitoring you leave was. Two. A move. Are applauding to my. You know our. Heads and that's alleged. And I. People. Are. How the cars guns and children and grandchildren everybody's things. You. Big day not as. His mother's very soon. God. Yeah. You saw. We all. Revere back. And I say that you got. Because. Yeah. What we. The saints games. Marriage you sir saves on the gift giving you know. In the this. This. Move off we're. And we're here. To move. Through. Holidays. She. Can only. 110 my god. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll learn why aren't rock yeah. You rule. Saying we're. Okay. The Groucho Marx had. It's a special father's vision on. Lots of things about mother's very lots of our memories of a mother's or Father's Day is like him doesn't get the same respect as mothers we get kicked to the term widow are almost second thought. And today giving dad a tie for Father's Day. Doesn't that just say exactly look. Moment calls for. I got a rock last year you got to Iraq he dances. My dad rocks. And that was one of the year before that I got out popcorn because I'm pops. OK just be happy that you have your two children and not mess around ski. Because if he's able to get a squad guys who say it's bloody body. Maybe he's an investor. Is quite a party and that was his way of of of you know Gary giving me news it that makes the ideal Mother's Day and Father's Day. And certainly birthday and maybe even Christmas maybe ten to 41 you know if I want or free artists have an extra I'll ever know when you run out of a squad replies here and trying to on holiday weekend it's impossible carry with you when you travel exactly see you you know how to travel and travel comfortably you know is going to be Kim jobs owns travel director as he carries is old old fashioned it is yes he is there. I. They say you know they'd probably go investigators bags because. He is you know they have over country. But if they did you imagine them opening up bags as it is a toilet in there. Measure explaining. It to be the guy that has to Kelly that's exactly that's worse than the guy who used to carry the umbrella yet our best idea Michael Jackson ma Michael Jackson ever Ralph Wilson asked Ralph Wilson had an umbrella guy that's right and Michael Jackson had a number Oregon and Michael Jackson's umbrella guy may or money because that was you around sure you can have a summer umbrella like a terror assault. We get a bit winter umbrella to keep the snow from hitting your delicate nose right. So that's that's. For this Sunday it will take a break your return as I heard something this morning on the radio he here. That I couldn't mention that I would ever hear I think there could be some trouble in paradise. Gad jokes that could be for a big problems in the Democratic. Party and we'll tell you not only comeback. I knew Xavier and I'm thirty W obviously Israel mafia driving around and there was a and he is severe thunderstorm warning. And the clouds look pretty menacing but decided not to run into any rain Ozal on the way to AAA. To meet with the people going on the next trip I think we leave way I think I don't know. About realizing early evening a week from next Tuesday. And so everybody's there to get their credentials and go over the itinerary and answer questions and and that things like that but it's always exciting. Oh we do that now but did you guys get any rain and I didn't see Ferrero and I rushed to your over there before running argue those. No it was getting wind got I was expecting raindrops at any second and nothing. And I'll I enjoyed Abbott yes nothing. Yes so was a nice meeting looking forward it's I got really good buys from his group of people that are going on on our trip and though we're going to have it. BMW museum we're going to be outing museum with Singh Andrei review in Maastricht. As is four is a huge outdoor. Extravaganza. Concert and going through a Nuremberg and Berlin we've not been the Burlington yet. A lot of really neat places and that's they're coming up for him. In about a week and a half who also look forward to that. Right way no whose birthday it is today whose publicized randomly see it is the army. Happy birthday to the US army. Brenda and the army having the same birthday which ones older. I'm I'm I'm a slow him much and I don't know. She's gonna Ellison ABC visa issue was voted girl do you most like to give lack. Hot hot. Hot. That's open. I think that's good yeah every birth rate to a Iowa bright deserves yeah song and dance we resident Brenda sends us all kinds of information about booed him. Festivals now we've ever sung with the but he beamer heavily. You know you'll pursues a job or feel it is not a great singer from what I ever go awful thing black. There's three of us so if you blame them it's like a church gym you'll understand Erin Andrews on. My mind all. You'll feel a towel. I was so but you got in and Chris they were gutsy crystals the fabulous I dug a guard Chris would go to Vegas. Where there's a lot of revisions of faith at all but for the Shia divide it didn't happen. I'll buy it okay silvers while we get right two in the listening room. I don't hear him to men who you. Are you breaking. I might I know these they think he's the president over the date for tonight you know out of bacon. We've got to yeah not the one thing. I think they're gonna say makes I was every get atonement and the allied. Yeah. I. Opt it's the first part of happy as well everything half. Because a following have I has to be this is just how angry I radioed for Aetna Aetna I really don't pass. And gave birth to age to remove. Happy birthday to lose too happy birthday. Beer brand. Happy birthday June resume good about it all I have libertarian army. I hope that the army you know a couple of years. It's been around us it's a mature army and its fifth. The senior discount a watch some things on TV last night about the Navy SEALs. All tool that is is there are too good I love special forces they are just so good. You may choose a proud to be an American as the ultimate getaway today is go a day for my bubble Roberts is a 465. Dollar certificate. For one night stay at Wyndham garden falls view in Niagara Falls Canada for only 55 dollars. And those vouchers to Ruth's Chris Steak House. Outback attractions are much mark go to my buffalo perks are come with the president and are rarely unusual daughter she does things. That most young girls don't do for instance. Both young girls are would her age was it. On mine. My tooth is loose I can hardly wait until today it loosens totally in falls gently on my pillow. Because then that to ferry. Will come and reward me. It'll be a magical moment that's what most kids her age do not Samantha Samantha through those lows and out flyers. Scioscia pulled her own troop. She gets up yesterday morning and discovers that she has the most and so she's excited about why that's money little bit as Miami Heat can't wait for the two unfair she's as a book about two very she's watched cartoons of library. So she gets a score yesterday she decided she was yanked it out honor all. Armour all. I bed takes courage. Especially for young kids users. Like that I remember one time. I if I ever. Did not want to participate in the I had read it does the best way to get that two out of your oil Wafer to go on and I was a kid you mine. Is that tie a string of its move. In the entire strength of the door. And make sure the string is on the right side of the door and when somebody opens the door the strangled Opel the truth out and that'll be harmless. So I set I tried doing this spring to mind that might whoop. And I said is that about right I told my father when I was gonna do it in a surprise. I told him a dead would you pull the door open because I got a string attached to my to boot than when you pull it open and pulled through and he don't want to put. I had the I had to beg him to do it finally got tired of hearing bag and he did it and monetize them I don't recommend it to anybody else but it. In war. It worked very afraid I guess it would depend what tools that is. And now I now go and you pay money to have Dennis Pruitt but in the old fashioned way argue in the it was a little string. So illustrating your daughter bomb didn't mean nose thing and then as she just pulled it to about ourselves he was motivated by that dollar exactly. And so it's a dollar dollars okay when I started there was a quarter. And my daughter received before she found out who to Butler wasn't. Was a thing about all that's via. So waited Israel Israel money but you can't count on it you know it's not a jobs program you run out of truth eventually. And then you borrow like this. And nobody will give your new money actually go out sick could you put a barker and applaud former because I have notes and nick just discovered he lost his last BD two couple weeks ago. So no more Tooth Fairy visits in general pretty soon and will be just don't let him get a beard would you please he thinks he's grown must entry that's older and don't make any house just dirt at least ten. He's and you have my thought I had a mustache. For awhile like it looked good never had a beard. Al I've had a mustaches and I've had not the kind of be urgency now kind of a smaller version of that it is wrong here. And particularly like it. And bill when you're eating with a mustache food gets there yes and it is not good you have to get out the vacuum cleaner and you know. I say stuff in my beard so that I can snack later well it's nice you're your Beers like a buffet it has you know you're waiting for something may happen get a Killen now are you don't wanna run out to a convenience store. Its reach into your beard and see what you got stash tart but it. It popped our yesterday vision I have every morning there is ears in months. As simply because I knew there'd be some time that I had to kill and I was going to be starving. So idea a broad popular and that you know the pop that was about eight months old. And it was. Fresh as I just bought and yet. Raspberry while all it was strawberry blueberry and about pop stars ever get the keep on giving they never get stale now as opposed to like bagels is if you put a bagel in the bag and bring it home. If an hour to get home it's if you don't need it. It's it's hard as a rock right you can use it as a weapon if it the city got a good right away but. My ideas include anybody who buys bagels and love bagels like I do. Freeze them right away and then thirty seconds in the microwave and they are fresh as a U fresh MB. I'd be one of the few people that laws onion bagels and that's my idol Labor Day. And Tim Morton's doesn't care anymore I think. Don can still does well you always at your we could never be roommates and now do a common grocery shopping. No because you like Gary. Yeah and you let things bland I don't like things planned and you like things hot and spicy right so remind me Monica Dominic on the reared don't room with Sony you don't wanna come over for Jamaican jerk chicken no I would. If you don't. That there. I could do that joke there won't be your show tomorrow I. And ultimately. I would take a break it will be back for more television company under Israeli and I bet he'll get a Norris objects with beach and company. Elliott backward did you go anyways happy birthday to Brando icy and it's the birthday of the US army. Forgot to mention somebody very fair game as we have the president Donald Trump as having a birthday today is amazing that Donald Trump in the US army. And this chamber fate is not the same year but certainly the same day that's incredible pretty cool so I happy birth video true Mr. President. And get this is on the tax line. I saw Rory scrolls every town author. Sandy. There are new old true fairy rates. Brace yourself. Some special princesses in my preschool class this year. Got twenty dollars. For losing their first through a box. If you if you multiply that by the member team you have your head that's a retirement plan. Does tried to. I think that's just a first truthfully I think after the first two federal embryos doubt yes we always have a good health insurance plan here. I'll but I I ever worked at once visual world wasn't so good my dental plan included a piece of string of we're allowed to go to the data is that there is couldn't use actual tools. They had to or tie a string and then I'll put it through the door and the next patient became men yank your truth so it was cheaper. Is still spare part a but isn't that funny that the I'm thinking now I'm not a doctor Burke teeth are the only things that we have that. You've bought or mimic fallout. And they get a new set yeah about it like that calls I'll put it doesn't come back having their problems as buying Sylvia. You're not getting girls anymore these someday buzz even arugula have been areas now that full head of Haram a bachelor on the prowl. It's already starting to thin out after that last awful haircut I got a few weeks ago I tell they have not recovered it's very that's why usually Wear a hat. I'm very miserable there people your family for a here loss. Mike did shave its ads he's not now actually our goal and the national debt but on. My great about our had a full head of hair like dad's father but I moms thought there was balls are aware you get the Jeanne throwing your mom's side. Am I my father have red hair and a column read his whole life they are red hair I read here when I was a child. Not flaming bright red light kind of a muted read but it was red. Until I get there you know little ten or eleven those kind of. Change and a personal both sides of the family I'm my father's side. They go bald at the back of the heads of America certain George Bush stands alone and then and the band was sort of aside the receding hairline so I got them both a eating and I got enough that our area and that's not good now. Speaking of site fell 31 years ago today Keith Hernandez spent on new men and Kramer. Our veterans like that or may you're good Villa with those were very key whomever is a great show. It captured it captured the lightning in the bottle. I hit courts are due out today that I am paying attention. And Obama isn't affected. Brian Higgins was going to be interviewed by a morning news and and he says something that won't bring up. While we have facet of our problem our some very strong coffee. He said I am no longer going to support Nancy Pelosi. At first I thought it was oh well it's probably on some really. Narrow focus some things she said one word wrong or some aren't that. But this is Brian Higgins our union and he's not that he's not exactly known as a rogue. In the House of Representatives are usually goes along. Will vote would it would what's going on there he's he doesn't stand out in and take opposite stance. But as I listened to the interview as fluent as the interviewer is going on. He jumped. He said he wasn't going to orcas eat I'm going to paraphrase but this is what he said and will actually play some of the cuts as a show progresses. But he said he's satisfied with the direction. Of the party. He doesn't say he thinks they're just being contrary most of the time. There's no credit given anybody for any thing and they don't have a good plan. Why hall saw the first thing a thing of is this the beginning of a palace insurrection. Is this a crack at eighty our crack in the dam is the water going to be falling upper zone. And you noted Tomei just it just isn't that one interview it's all me. This convinced. That if they don't do something different. Are they don't come up with something different than Donald Trump or get reelected. And now maybe I'm maybe I'm being who generous in my interpretation. And Brian Higgins might my discount that. But that was my impression. My impression is he looked their houses and say hey people. A you know part of me. Well we've got to change our direction this is not working the way we wanted to war. We're not seeing what we want a city so we've got to change our focus our direction. Otherwise. It's going to be curtains for its refusal gangster expressions. I don't order ever got better expression. Would probably and Edward G. Robinson. Warner Bros. film but the bottom line is I was amazed by that. Let me give you some. Some quotes here from. Jerry's I'm scheme from the buffalo of those resolve the headline is basically what he said lives lived Susan today. And men as I Higgins says he will no longer back policy. Now that's enough of a shocker right there but it says representative Brian Higgins of buffalo said. Wednesday that he will not back House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California for another term of the top of being the top Democrat in the house. I will not support her. Higgins a call later lack of clear democratic agenda. As an alternative to president drop as well as follows these lack of interest. In his bills to expand Medicare and invest in infrastructure of she's listening bugbear. But this is my conclusion. She's aloof. Frenetic and misguided. He again said well. And everybody ran to find out what frenetic meant. I would have meant I went to school with the it's not the meaning of dramatic. But they want that she's aloof we know what that means she's frenetic most that was and this guy. This is ahead of the party floor of the for the House of Representatives. And stocking. So I'm asking my question is. Is this the beginning of a crack in the wall for the Democratic Party. Is this the beginning of a palace insurrection or is this just a blip on the radar screen. 803 on and 30180616. Non Jews six. And stuff and a thirty will be back after this it is a Beijing company and I have a 25 dollar gift card to pay restaurant. Value. Point five dollars who is that. General congress rules apply there at nine before Payne avenue north and a lot of 58 years of English and Italian and American favorites for breakfast lunch and dinner here around 649. 64 point 9875. Is for. And they call will be taken at random by buzz beamer well you London all the yes I know is him to 43 to 43 so that's a little little room for just 243. That's a lot of Campbell is valued at the by candle factory or ago. But anyway Brian Higgins says he below sea is aloof. Frenetic and misguided. I am we could add some some more at that. He's a reservoir of the minority leader of a house. And what he's saying is if they're not going in the right direction. What he's not saying directly as. There and now they're getting the impression that we not only have to put up Donald Trump for forty years we might have a problem for eight years. Make a bottle like bats though. I I didn't you know if there are mavericks. You expect a maverick to come on states of America Brian Higgins. Would you consider Brian Higgins a maverick. No not at all no I would neither he responded just went along with company line and ago. And law that's about it he's there and the rumor doing Isner compliment commercials and that's that's. But I doubt I was really surprised by. So I wanna go for me so if you think that's a crack in the netcam if you think of the Palestinians and corruption in insurrection beginning or non. That's some exterior of a good Brian Higgins just wake up. Pelosi has always been those things now that's that's. Its windows on a year on care and a year ago some Mellencamp is on the mind can. It. His party is failing and everybody knows he's a decent lie I'd consider room basically empty suit. And move the party is not getting traction on things are getting Georgia that's what I you'll notice. All of the things that are that are in the news a daily basis with the exception of Singapore which is different. But all the other things are about. Other things than governments. About whose lawyer who's going to dummy up. And he is this person going to say something of who's going to be. Abroad and just like it's not about oh what's being accomplished. By the government what's happening with the government. Those kind of things are fading in the background because I think as they become less and less that chance. For those who would use those who harm the president. They're getting more more desperate I think this is a sign. When a guy like Brian Higgins says summer like this I think we should pay attention for whatever reason on Tuesday. And then there's been a lot of talk lately especially social media of our Democrats who feel that the party is gone. Too far to the laughed and feel that they are on electable now because of that. Well as you say at and Jerry's drums he's column to hear Higgins solid. A significant number of other Democrats in the house share his sentiment. But have not yet gone public with them I'm giving voice to a frustration that I hear every single day he said. From its members I don't wanna call anybody out but this is the conversation is taking place so that's the that would be the beginning of the of allison's erection. That if indeed. It looked like this. If if radio very quiet. Gentle man like Brian Higgins comes out and says that yes I'm not going to supporter she's aloof. She's dramatic she's missed guider. If he says that you can imagine though a lot of other people would think that and a but I haven't had the courage at the center. But the fact that he took the lead on that really. Really surprises. Let's go to a Robert in Clarence Robert your on WB again. When he first saw him on longevity in the Marconi here well thank you this day is man time began to walk a bright glow thank you I appreciate that what do you think about that what's going on there live. I was against imposing. Well you know and you have the memory to remember that Brian was right. Hang in on the skirted Hillary when she first announced that their first attempt to run for the presidential office. Member he he got that but together to go to Boston for the primary in that state he was right Whitaker and you know the old guard. So for him to finally sit there and say I've had enough of boat following me and the and and realizing what Hillary got handed sewer. The last time. That if you think he's gonna have many more years in congress that yeah that make this Droid and it monumental because he's a senior member of Al refers. Yeah I it's it's so uncharacteristic. We don't expect it from him so while we do get it from him when I set up and take notice into our regular vice. To me or telling me it during the break student. You heard goods as she plays hardball I I know that when there was suggestions that maybe she wouldn't be a good speaker in the summer out. She came out very very strong azalea. There will be. Well one speaker remain I mean there was no question about what you like or not she took that position now. You hear that one of the one over characteristic is that she plays hardball forever and you. A lower across camp and I think it was Rush Limbaugh they're partnered up on a show several weeks ago of that this is tenacious she will play dirty she will do whatever it takes she doesn't have to worry about being reelected and as you said during the break she has enough money where she's not concerned about that either there's. Is very well be look like this if you are wealthy. And your hand me a bullet proof. Electorate they're going to vote for a republic for a Democrat no question about it. He got plenty of money. And your outspoken and think the reds are you have all the answers. That's not that's a strong combination. And so you're going to need if you're gonna go up against are gonna may have broad support. But it's called her a little frenetic and misguided. Think well I just misguided. Issa big word when you are being minority leader of the house he ought to be misguided then. A little you can deal with. A little view Camille Little if you're really good and you have a reason that that you are Lou you can get away where that. Frenetic. In the exact application. Through speaker I would think of all of a frenetic but that's another thing but misguided wise strong. I think dumb as a stump would be more for only good because I think that really fits her Maxine Waters partly to dumbest politicians on the face meg Judy there's nobody Maxine Waters vicinity used anywhere close to his thumb issues or how bout that was a Frederica Wilson is that it's the 1 with this morning looking columnist at any of them but they're exceeding wall Maxine and Nancy of one thing in common was that. California are. Well the thing about as some somebody's national politicians your body can't believe they actually have courage is there. Let's go to frank you know I'm a friend her on WB again. Good morning sandy hello slide yeah refer. For somebody like Brian Higgins who I've never really. I'm elated. Just stick up like this to say something about the C a high position to miss people policy. Yeah now this is big bird speaks for itself. And it's not just hurts the direction of the party now she has a lot to do with the direction. But she's not the only one and he apparently does not think they're going in the right direction nor do why they have not been winning against Donald Trump and that that's gonna stick in their craw or. They debate and say you know the thing is what it is policy I think a lot of these die hard. Extra left wing liberals. It keeps you it doesn't afford over and over and over again and it just don't seem to get that. They don't understand why they're losing these elections people are sick and tired of this deep to left wing policies that they keep pushing. I the American people and the American people are second time that it ate it all and deluded itself. Coordinate elections in indeed in Elkhart lake for crying out loud in the people are tired ever this crypt for starters quotes. And you know for somebody like. Higgins they've come out and say something like there's almost that is because you know him. These are usually MM MA fighter let's put that away. Oh now and amnesia and he's. He gave you must be going toward different hair stylist because you've got a note do there there's. His hair is actually sitting down now that it is a stand up angrily and say I did you criticize me. But they've really and it policy. You know it's been like everybody comes out of California I don't know what they're Dickey in the water over there but it seems to be affecting your brain cells because they don't. Big black certainly is. There is logic in California. I'm your leave your logic behind in New Mexico on by him I thank you Branko does the U we're back with more Abidjan company. Brian Higgins says Nancy Pelosi is a little frenetic misguided and he will not supporters he does not like the direction of the party there is this a crack in the dam. Is this a palace insurrection. Let us know. What we're back approve as.