Beach and Company Gun Buyback/Red Flag Bill 6-13 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, June 13th
There was a Gun Buyback this morning in Niagara Falls, and what do you think of the Governor's Red Flag Bill he is proposing. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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And we are back live the region governor of what I have. Well they have a twenty about a dollar gift card in your way to pains restaurant value of 25 dollars 1000 view. Who weren't gonna Mass. General gone there's rules apply brands restaurants in 984 Payne avenue north and want to. 58 years serving malicious Italian and American favorites for breakfast lunch or dinner here around 64 point 9875. Is that number to call. And you thicker collar random you know you be talking to the infamous. Buzz there and they've Ozzie can I please have that because I've loved either things restaurant. And that if he likes but he likes the kind of did you and we found yesterday Tony what did you was right then naval term. He had asked to do with so the sales in the future. Some countries used more than all the Georgia it was a way of telling where your from our OK so better cut of your Jeb do determines how much class so much courage to have that sort of thing. And he'll be publicized that a pretty quickly. We should've sent him to talk Kim John Allen. Because if you give or enterprises derby and you can size it up lazy yeah but when the women column trying to win the always as to what is he wearing you out there hoping today it was a day that it's warm enough. For the Speedo says he was hoping blood the temperature is ever going to be 75. Is that Speedo whether or 75. 75 is Speedo whether if were in a official summer but if it's before officials summer of June 21. We have to hit in the eighties all right you know this western Oregon this summer starts at memorial and NN's drew thanks very welcome and expect. I think I'm doing everyone a favor by waiting till July. I think yes that's and I think when you do I have read out in public you should give it to yourself. I drive zone anybody. Because at that that we're saving up for bail we've got to go fund these pages are all over face exactly he'll play don't post it you know he'll be very proud. By the way I've watched a video last and I can't believe I did with the suits that Jewell was contemplating that and we're cool we're. Some album third they're definitely different almost a league that there are different now he got a government true. Did you pick one in the end of well I'd take votes of the month but no end in June but now we are left to decide what's evict them away our team because we thought. The bad idea where the you don't take away from a bride. Writes I was so if you're wearing Green Zone totally wild and crazy sued I wanna via. Brothers from Saturday Night Live. Then it would it would distract from a group of the bride so why have you decided. We that is something we will take suggestions on after the winning sue are you could still do you could still where it will not be the letting a good enough to be if the wedding will be wearing just your regular suits about perception. They deception and might break out some pink pants but it won't be any design because the grotto bills game. That act of war I more or smoggy true there surely wanna get beat up I mean little arrows or venison argue Michael like pink pants. Or odd pink blazer took to the white but nothing would designs. Well unless you have a NASCAR or have you I'd suggest you will be very be careful. Were you aware that joke but I'm sure they'll pick the proper venue sure of a baby. The bride usually changes after the wedding. And before the reception Agee. We just the royal wedding these that the bright totally changed. And there's so maybe that would be an introduction and Britain. Change from his proper respect. Wedding suit to be your receptions went to be weird if the change prides for the reception that will be good. About a honeymoon sort of divert about a move swing right now suit on him I think the honeymoon Suton birth DC probably satellite dollar. Not. If you have one of those real serious. Thank you very much and get your money back. I would argue about that some things that he had been secretary general's office. We got a and a love 47 minutes approximately. Four of their rob a gun buyback program they've team was the Niagara Falls beating now. We I think Niagara Falls pretty. And when I'd be in New York attorney general's office don't like fake. Impressions. And the impression that this street is gonna be any safer by a gun buyback program. Is ludicrous. It's not is. Definitive is not understandable is it's silly. Of course they're crooks and I'm gonna sell their guns the crooks work hard to buy more guns. The courts work hard by using guns and analysts have tournament that I happen. But if you want soon you know if he gets them something hang around the house that looks like a gun. Came from the war of 1812 or something they'd be happy to see you bring it over to Islam. Five when he Hyde Park boulevard. Until noon today. And it would base that transported. Put in the trunk. Unloaded of course all of these things on loaded tonight carry around. Even transport loaded gun so unloaded in the trunk he implement a plastic or rogue paper bag. And that blocks you Tim. Make sure that there's no limit you can take as many as you want but you're not eligible if you are licensed gun dealer. And yet not eligible if you're an active or retired law enforcement. But everybody tells common bring as many as JaJuan and here's VM and here's the fabulous payouts they'll wind on par. 25 dollars for a non working or antique guns. Which is basically a can opener. Fifty dollars a four rifles or shotguns. 75. Dollars for a handgun in a hundred dollars for what they would call assault weapon. And big gun buyback program. Cosponsored by both of those agencies would like to see you before noon Wednesday noon. You'll get prepaid debit cards. To pay for the prices are giving you and freedom marks at least the freedom locks or worse. And you should use them especially if you have children around OK so what we come back we wanna talk about that and the red flag to push. And we're gonna play the audio of Andrew Cuomo not using logic. Now that he's not using good law. Not using any principle. Just bring up the fact that he has three daughters. And he wants to make sure there shape as anybody wants to make sure that any of their kids as they've. Or other family members or friends or neighbors all right we got that. But that's what he has to use to try and open your heart. I'm too stupid legislation like this. We'll get to that we come back on news radio and I'm thirty WB Bob moved might be able to give us some insight. From Niagara Falls Bob you're on WB again. And you are just that it is driving by or you just came from the gun buyback program. I did I had an old not working and got that Saddam was a piece of junk literally. But he had you know why did just can't throw them away you have to dispose of them so. I took the opportunity to. Get some money back. So I got to revive box. Words says no questions asked what you jazz. Give them a box of a bag whatever came and they open up inspect and they give you way debit card. That's that's what I got I think I kind of broke if you ruled today though because in fact I'm a retired federal officer. And they still I still got to participate. Plus they gave me your 75 dollar gift card because with a handgun even though it was not working. Oh wow we because on their own press releases as funny five dollars non working. RNC so these are you did well on two different levels being made India former federal office term because acting and their retired federal laws a law enforcement was not gonna do it. There were there many people there. Otherwise a few and they were mostly long guns people turning an old shotguns and and such like that I don't know how many handguns they were getting. But. Yeah and feel there was a steady flow I was Joker with BAG. Cops or there. And to take out an issue with one of the things you've been saying today though your that I could that guy that I had it's been. Taking up space and like a lock for years. I lost the ball over one of the retaining pins so it was a non functioning firearm it was never going to be a threat to anybody. However. If you look in the White House and were able to steal that gun. You can walk the the streets in Niagara all the buffalo and make a few extra bucks off of it you could threaten somebody whether. So the fact that I don't have it in my gun locker anymore and that it's going to be destroyed. Makes me happy guy. That's good I'm glad your feeling good I think there's a lot of area Asian group goal you can cut bait. Painted tip of the of guns to show that there. But a bit of their just place things cut those off in their news demonstrate nominee guns do people use. And a gun I mean it would. Famous criminals have used non working guns to get out of jail on things like that so. Yeah I'm glad you're happy what I'm glad you got your money and you're done pretty well if you guys have to revive bucks. And in that thing is gonna struggle again. Part of it is it's a question of supply. You know we don't so we don't control supply of guns and that's what we're we're trying to do which all of this gun control legislation. Well you say I think the important legislation is guns across state lines there should be severe penalties that are absolutely. Applied to any kind of cross state illegal gun no traffic. I don't think we need more laws I think we have to enforce the ones we have more vigorously. I AI I agree I mean we did New York State had the member of the one year guaranteed in jail. For illegal possession of handguns and and all the years I worked I don't think I ever saw anybody go to jail by now. The it sounds good it looks good though when that the application comes is not there why thank you thank you should remember Bob giving incidents that what's going on there appreciate it. OK good good for you or at least that's worse on the thank you. Okay lava guys said that. Glitzy active. And retired law enforcement and on eligible. I think you probably have to tell you now and they would just know. First if you show up with a gun they say no questions asked. And this is just a logical part of my brain. You've got a gun that is not loaded so that's right it's in a idea. It took out your trunk that's right. And it's in a plastic or paper bag or box that's right. And you're just handed to them social pars are good. At what point if there's no questions asked that they know. You're a former. Or overrode president law enforcement officer unless you tell. Mail lets you show up with a badge on it in a vehicle. But I think even that doesn't make any sense enemy. Because and issues they you know I'm way you do know that I may former or active law enforcement officer so I'm not eligible this year take again and doing. No and if they don't answer any questions now they know. I don't think the former would be turn and no I don't think so either and I don't know what the reason for that is maybe it's appearances maybe is its optics. Where they don't want it to seem like they're favoring. Law enforcement people. Or day you might have a question where whose gun was it originally who have guys that broke it was a Sutton. Who broke out of jail he had carved a handgun out of salt remember that that was the guy I was trying to remember an argument Bob. He escaped from jail a by carving what look like a handgun. And assault and I'll tell you one thing. A fake guns can look very real I'm gonna run guns on my life. And nobody can tell me that you can't make a figure on that looks very real Buchanan people do. Well here's something scare for you would gang bangers are doing I was eighteen. Guns to look like points. Overall they're putting that chip on them he has an error he Al lol you know working and Dallas we have no idea what the real wow. So you have to be careful about while I'm glad the Bob via a former officer of call. I got a gun he got rid of it he got a good point if there was a robbery at his house and somebody still be unworkable gun they could still good stuff as Seles somebody on the street. They could do something whether it that bad people might think it's a real got to understand that. But I just say angry. Proposal that this makes the streets safer is a long shot. You can't you can't get there from here it is a long shot. Buzzing beamer you have a FaceBook here if you would could we are here that. Yes we have rich who says I'm sorry and of course my new phone is going to freeze is Susan going to some. You follow his freezer I know it's brand and do that and his retirement Bear Bryant says still gonna take them out of the criminal's hands so what's the point just a way for the idiots in government and feel better about them taking our hard earned tax money. That's exactly right the end in the real world is. That they're people. Who Obey the law are not going to be a problem with you it's people who don't Obey the law so if you bring another law. What do you think's gonna happen. Do you think that the do you think that through the people who didn't Obey the first set of laws and there is more gun laws than almost anything. There's suddenly. Going through a stop doing bad things with a gun I don't think so. So all you're doing is is burdening and punishing people who follow the law now. You have to do this you have to do that here the jump throw whatever most of those things are real are relegated to handguns. With a registration and stuff like that end as we said. There's no probable cars there and while we're talking about the red flag Busch. A because they're Kim is disruptive and in school. Or comes through school hungry and says that though mom didn't get up to make Hambrecht resort he doesn't know mom was even home. And stay up late the night before our and a mentions guns or the teacher mentions guns and a casual conversation. Then suddenly they have a right to petition a judge I journal right. Two to have vote law enforcement check and the things and and and to petition the court or partition and agency. I value already had that. Budge so now all of a notary of the house dad who are as in this case who hadn't done anything wrong. Suddenly they have the right to go in the house. And get the fire arms out of a nominee firearms are there. Yeah I'm and they surrendered immediately. Or do you have a certain amount of time to present them somewhere. The usual evoked a lot of things just don't make sense would with the read the alleged red flag deal and there are kids who wanna get even whether parents and don't think that's. Unusual. You know if you go through in your teen years rebellion and you know nobody knows anything that you we have the smartest one. Mom and dad are dumb whatever they only should do what you wanted to do or you don't like to go always somebody they think is bad news. Don't go as well as anybody else of the law is. And you're telling me if if they suddenly say that dad has the gun a little nervous. They go and take dad's got away that's gonna make a house any safe. You can't. That's gonna irritate people within me household and and it's not going to have a good outcome. So that they have to make the proposition that. Policy and illegal second amendments. Kind of deal where illegal search and seizure Joseph is going to make everybody closer and sabres volley. It just falling. And anybody knows that. It's a feel good law just says the gun buyback program is a feel good programs and by the way if you wanna feel good got a half hearted do it. The they will stop at Newman. In which case you can look at Niagara Falls revealed so excited because. So bad guys have turned in their guns and gotten big box forms are. I just read and I'm thirty WB yes. Got two base there we have about 23 minutes left. The in New York attorney general and Niagara Falls police department joint venture. In RC five when he Hyde Park boulevard. Until noon today for the gun buyback program you'll know because we've done several shows on gun buyback programs usually in buffalo. This one in Niagara Falls this one associated with. Both the NFP the and the attorney general's office. You wanna do it do it but I wouldn't count on the streets being any safer because you do it the other. He is the job and the red flag Busch by Andrew Cuomo we did they show a lot of blows about a week ago when you first got wind of this. Now you know I Cuomo when he goes to sell something and he tries to make it warm and cuddly. Make you understand how deeply he feels about this. And he mentions here is three daughters why not if you've got children bring them into the conversation you lose them. For whatever political purposes you may have and we have better audio cut with a Cuomo mentioning his daughter's role today. I have three young girls. Not so young anymore. If are you at all. They had a mental health problem and they were dangerous to themselves or others. I would want to do anything my code to protect. Okay zone the he even goes back door was this one. The purpose of the red flag is to eliminate the danger of of the potential danger of guns and arousal right. In that segment and in other segments that I heard this morning. I he tried to he tried to lure you over to a mental health. Which we said is is is bigger problems certainly as guy's gun violence. There being getting proper treatment recognizing head. And understanding it and moving forward whether it that a lot of these mass shootings. Are the idea are the result of mental health problems because it is not a rational thing. To shoot a large numbers of people you don't even know for whatever reason you may have. But there again he uses that. I had to say that the parents should be able to petition. To get Manilow treatment you're telling me they can't now. We need another law that. If you have a up for our kid that you think is as a mental. Challenge a mental problem you can't get help now you need an anti gun mod again. I don't get federal hall. And they the this opposition here. Is that if you don't get it treated. And they get all of a gun they could do something to themselves or they could do stuff in two is to somebody else. As he's trying to blend in as many things is possible. To make you want this bill when indeed we have laws covering all of this stuff already and the last thing New York State is in Jesus and on the law. I I find that they prophetic approach but that's what he does. That's what he does and that's what he's trying to accomplish. Its code to glam on a cell phone when you're on WB yeah. You know I've definitely they are excellent. So incredibly Joker. And I am an old BB gun. Well I didn't know they were doing a pellet guns and giving assume. Did you get debit cards are gift cards George gets wrong. You don't care. It's just dead straight right to an amendment law and look at this look at what some street cookie sale and an officer wasn't sure there was a real runner or the program. So the guns are that are not real certainly look real even good people have been around for a long time. And then they started putting a multi colored tips on guns. Then the bad guys started painting tips on real guns and so. They're always trying to say once ever of the law where you're happy you did that I get that done. Valid they were offended they tell me there as well and then see. Even abandoning them punch and so ever there was one in my pocket bigger broad schedule and I bet you our. I agree only on that there's no sense in having Amerada and a federal offices said earlier event. If you have one even that doesn't work somebody to break in your house and they didn't either sell it on the street or use it in a robbery so that makes some sense to OK Glenn thank you very much so. Glenn Glenn have ABB gun he turned in his red Ryder little beaver model. That's the main thing. Seem to those of you who don't remember Red Rider was a right you know he stood taller. For law and order. And his partner was little beaver. And if you bought the red Ryder. Got a which I have by the way the and I have one. Yes I do I drove out many times I do have won it's it's not exactly the pride of my gun collection. But it brings back a lot of memories as a kid and lot of safe memories. Of target shooting was my baby I love it I told you this before. I got so good weather records should be analyzed them and a that's pretty good and it was great fun. I used to love the old westerns. And of course it looks like gun that would belong in the old west. And it was it was fun of course. Everybody always warn you that the shooter anybody's I doubt that's and that's the famous routine yes but that was becoming a base things. That if you had a BB gun you have a sense of responsibility. And I think that's where I learned my sense of responsibility. Right there that early an age that you don't pointed and anything you don't want issue. You don't fool would it you don't run around a goofy way that your. There it is a certain columnists around fire arms and I've always because I respect for them. People who don't otherwise a get in trouble the ones that don't take care of business. We'll take a break every turn the F fifteen minutes left at charting a firearm anybody else that. When they're give us Collins Alice how well we've talked a couple people have been there. And how do you feel about the red flag. Stuff that as being pushed now by Andrew Cuomo. He's telling you can do things where there's no law that you can that you can do. He doesn't tell you you can duel with the existing law that you don't need a new life hasn't doesn't bother mentioning that. So if you wanna do something that he mentions first checked to see if you can already do it Psycho selling you your own car. Image and you know you have your own you already own and he's gonna Celgene again as he just needs of business will be back after this. Five years later we have a map on how database in New York 77000. People on the mental health database. Think about that. 77000. People who put on border dawn that day before the same fact was pants. And now they can and can't. Basketball in in a few years OK I was watching some of the playoffs. And you know self congratulatory. Football players are no matter what you did you fell down and their high fighting each other and you know that. Well in basketball I'm watching and a somebody shooting evolved a file should get at some point. Which makes America must slab that's an extra point thank you very much but then somebody else misses a foul shot and they come over and given the same slap. Now why in the hell are you graduating somebody that just failed. With the easiest part of playing basketball it isn't getting any easier in the making of polish started dribbling maybe. Yeah I'll lay up but what a B can be contested. You're not going to be contested and a follows novagold block of falls through okay and so why they can graduate each other. After after missing a policy. One is a congratulatory. You know a few make it the other is get them next time. Is that it and a boy you get a Max of Alaska and if you're eight. I've supported you even though you misty may call this the needle him and I'm now I can't get that Ferrari I was one causing billions opening and I had this endorsement deal just went down the drain because there view on the way to trash to a social media exactly the arena Marshall that I can gradually ideal our review by that they're beamer you go to Virginia Tech games all the time should you be congratulated when you did something and failed at it. No I don't like when they do the whole flap up after me missed Al shot and a the guys obviously are you got some openness that lets not make it anymore. Yeah out there and there is it's probably the easiest thing to do in basketball at that level. Surge should be able to do. Especially for the multi millions of dollars are being paid. I know mr. beamer do you have any appraised workforce there's really got like seven minutes left before the before the buyback ends is. Jason says how stricter gun laws for the carrying illegally caught with a firearm five years federal time no questions lead legal carry donors alone. I think they want. They want they gangsters to keep their guns and kill each other to push gun violence numbers up. Why would he said. And we've always been a big proponent of enforcing existing laws. We have very little leeway I think if you commit a crime with a gun. Okay I think they should throw the book yet your absolutely positively. Without question. And in no no easy breezy you've had a hard life we understand this don't do it again stuff. But they don't do it so if you enforce the existing laws. You'll find that so we won't need anymore it is like putting more or more talcum powder on the cancer thinking McCants is gonna go way. Talcum powder does not cure cancer and never has never will. And leniency will not cure people wanna do bad things with a gun never has never but they don't seem gonna learn that. So let's let's hope that the gun buyback was a success. And that you got your money and let's go let's play along show me let's watch tonight's news. In the media. Either 5 o'clock 6 o'clock. Or at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock cycle see if they have coverage of this. And though let's kind of dialogue in our imagination. There will be a table. They don't have a dark colored covering maybe like a velvet covering drew offset the collar of the guns. They'll be guns have been turned in neatly arranged on the table. They'll be talking to somebody. Well who may or may not be in uniform more likely. Will be but they'll have a badge. That I have a badge. And they'll tell you. But they may give your total remained if they're proud of its overly well and open up they won't. And then give us a little lecture on how. They can't promise that all guns are off the street that at least these will be used to commit a crime so that's a that's basically it and the anchor person. Will not challenge them on any thing is just gonna take what they have to say. Even if they know it's this treacherous just not true. I don't think they did the TV stations come in Niagara Falls event I know I've seen them. Cover buffalo whenever buffalo Niagara Falls and I'm sure though you'll see a picture in the gazette. Tomorrow. But I Easter posing in front of the table like like he just solve crime or some. You know while the trying to act like he actually ism near the rays and I think that it will be is because. The attorney general's office is in it. And with the attorney general's offices and that and that brings a move the wave of our statewide government. Otherwise it was just a town for instance. Or maybe even a city probably wouldn't blow with the attorney general's office for him and be with all the political theater that school and on today. We have is that. What may interview anybody nobody stands alone anymore. If if there is somebody from the AG's office or somebody from Niagara Falls PED there they'll be eight guys standing behind them. And we never know why they're there. They never tell us you know as a reward for backing that yeah it's a political if you're running if you're running the electronics on a TV shoot wouldn't you love to put things like. Hang on behalf you know the gold digger suffered through as a cancer deadbeat butt kisser yeah. It did enter that kind of stuff and just post that and they're tied into the mayor's nephew that may just causes governors and mayors out of law only buyback program writes that a Jewish revival mayor Barack. You go to Monica's let's go way radio with truth or Missouri go find me page two breads abide by by stupid guys are back together. Oh please they got to get rid of him now he wants to add. He's asking residents no one beat too big of a deal if you to pay it action 300 dollars and garbage fees to kind of help the city out since we're not getting the money from the senate because. Still call there was a contract between them and the Seneca. If somebody doesn't know how to read the contract. That's their problem you don't argun about that is certainly have access. To. To inform occasion. From sources that work for the city. And they have the goal over the after a say this is what this is and if there's any questions they correct them before aside after you don't know. I know you're gonna get enough money. As as it has been running a city. A what are you doing acting acting. Full meanwhile water mains are breaking. Yeah it meanwhile idea we've got another scene cold developing young 77. Put in our next campaign a picture of a guy's house a couple of red Gardner knows and I winter. Let's do that show what a great. People here are in keeping our residents of today and with what they know some of the potholes than those streets titles Tony nice to crack in my street as well I'm suspecting yesterday we should put the Steelers. In jail what was good crack a donation rate I got it will make sure that does not happen. As always about a minute left if you are rampant in Niagara Falls. Good luck to you and they may be zero little bit past them and it's supposed to end. At 520 I'd park boulevard Kansas Mitchell's all twelve all one shot. The table now I would hope not because that could be the gun went could be problematic in army that red Ryder little beaver model. Well I saw him again when it looked like I don't know it was a slow a native American born there and Anderson little beaver. He was holding up last LeBeau will be yes it was. And who would it's big guys have those western hats that was red Ryder. Because who hangs around a little beaver red Ryder gamble. By you know prosecute one get to I'm figure they've made great sell a cellmate who want to be a cellmate of little lever. I think anybody who idolize you know the key. I'd I'd say overnight that. All right that about wraps it up I was there tomorrow I'd die and maybe under Israeli unit put it up UV. Well. As they never has to needs to be used strictly. Do you let him.