Beach and Company Gun Buyback/Red Flag Bill 6-13 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, June 13th
There was a Gun Buyback this morning in Niagara Falls, and what do you think of the Governor's Red Flag Bill he is proposing. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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Backer Beijing governor may wish there and we eagle and things are our email system here that are common and a usually. The announcement will come out there it's and so is leaving Oregon. Was that. I have you seen that personally I'm not really sure and dog that's too bad though we wish them well. Here's a K okay and that's what we do but the other day we got one that actually surprise us short stop. Instead. They did buy hourly. Was retiring. And Dick Barley as well most productive and well like of people we have in this building. Now Israel with the editors billing as how. Retiring please stop oh and people like you we need you period LeMay. You decide to retire well thank you so much city I appreciated the W and we're talking you and I go back. Where a bell tour too far yet to frank mystery when our cars get broken through the stuff that record had to ride around the block several times to find a parking spot -- pretty much how did you decide to Roger hang up via sales bat well you know I just today it comes to a point where you just decide that it's sort of time. Where you just sort of feel like you you know you wanna do other things with your life and an hour and I'm a free spirit you know that I mean as a musician I sort of late. Have control of my own life and how to do what I want and as the recession your you have your journalists acts which you don't get. Being a salesperson radio when I have to go into a time machine problem if to achieve that goal I know here awhile though an accomplished musician and that's very very a good creative outlook for your a lot of fun so it is and I and I have a lot of law you know a lot of musical projects I have to complete yet and I've got a lot of I'm still able to play live thank god for that a good so I got a lot of gigs Eminem got plenty to keep me busy so I mean unfortunately I'm not going to be able to sit home and watch dateline all day attaches I would like to that's. Important anybody ever ever talked through that has retired didn't have a plan. For how they use their time major site I can do anything I want whatever I want but it's good to have a planet could be as active as you are musically. Yeah we do I work quite a bit during the summertime. And down its if something that it someday I'll grow up I've been doing it since I was fourteen. But until that time comes when people tell me that I stick and start throwing things at me and I'm gonna keep doing it. Very well liked here everybody like you I've never do wrong I've never had anybody say a bad thing Roger even guard bribe them I'll say something but they won't adjust well. Well you know when I when I came in got started in 06 years spent twelve years has ruined his battle on time and when I started out. You know you always said the stigma of the last name. And so I just wanted people to other kind of recognized me for being being me. And have though in his disassociate myself. With anything at all relative with any relatives and without any did not mean any disrespect you know to Tom but I mean he has his world in I've and I've got my and you don't even know where the same gene pool. We're really two different people you are and I just wanted to show people that you know I'm just. You know I'm just like wanna you and I like people laugh and like hanging around like being the I love being the class clown out in the cells. Yeah I mean you're you're you're breath of fresh air you never boring. You're fun to talk to you you're an accomplished person and you've done a lot in radio on the that we had to see you leave the field. Why I appreciate you saying that I mean in this departure again is. It's bittersweet I mean I'm not jumping head over heels it's not you know I'm not leaving with any you know animosity at all the way I'd like in his sandy. It's kinda like the football player who's had a great career. But then he gets to a point where he realizes hey. I'm not sure. I can sustain. Operating the era I want to Kyrgyz game. I've moved the best people in this business is self motivated. They don't have to be motivated by somebody else. And your back kind of a guy yourself moderator you wanna do it right and you wanna do well and so far write ups and now you've done superlative job. Well like I told like I told Greg and Jim near the day I said when the time came I wanted to leave on a high note. And I wanted to leave right to look back in everything that I accomplished in all the clients I helped the people like you and all the other on air people I met. I wanted to leave on the highest note possible. And this was just the right time sport to be a nice summer I have a lot of gigs and it's just started you know time. Tell us the truth do you do you have to watch Greg Reid's car before it was I'm not have been told that yet wow as a prize and they'll cut your fob off the Euro well I had a tornado and yeah I got to turn a problem because they don't watchers you know sneaking back into the building after you decide who's always oh I'm sure I would do that several times well best to you you're you're one of the really good guys and one of the really good accomplished guys who were happy to have work review. And we wish all of us. And thank you for everything that you did for me these past twelve years and you know then bet catch I mean 2 car freaks who am I gonna talk. It's got out of that well good luck you will wish you progress thank you see that's there's only whose great reviews are very nice. He's even nice of them to know. I'm definitely nicer. If you'd care. I wish we got that email. Who remember how surprised or you read it to me because I don't read my real among the air. A budge you're reading would be general email came out. And we were surprised. I don't think anybody was expecting that now my jaw drop yeah I saw her jaw dropping like this could be your pictures above the floor to drop mr. Were you surprised beamer. Were you surprised that a big vote. I was sorry I was in my headphones that we're gonna go. It was used in a bit was using your headphones okay. I was surprised not you know. Because it was I just see them coming back in the bathroom and then I'll do my email account so you had a great great bathroom memories. If you're a conversation with someone it doesn't come up in that five minutes later that email that their retiree in. You'll bring those I think are. Obviously I went to the bathroom today and there are it was not there. It would be a great from what I have something that would here you gotta make the best out of every bathroom while here you got you can make a lot of memories because it's a long way to another happy about it there I. There were memories though was who don't make it to a look over there yes I remember he used to do things in the 1077. That's the way it is and so just make it to the journal I know I don't believe me. Are all right we wish him well we're really truly do I know that that's a cliche but we do Weezer. A really good guy and very accomplished musician. And a terrific and he has his own person affected yet music in the movies baseball is on real he's them easy eases special guy and create. We hate to lose the good ones yeah super good ones. Never stay. In my opinion for awhile so I mean the as I was that's right it was against it was him Paul Kennedy you know not really sharp on the pick if they are by everybody got a gun turn in enough shots. Only five bucks dirt into a cigarette lighter. I have ever again or get back to the subject under Missouri and I'm thirty WB yeah. There's several texts fear regarding the gun buyback program going on now in Niagara Falls. Sandy I agree with the gun buyback is only creating a mindset of our population. To hand over their guns without question. The powers that be changed society in increments that's how we've got where we are now society is a mess. OK okay when you're changer a couple of words on this one. I am sits there they're doing it on Wednesday I have a old piece of you know what to give them. I won't lose time in my job for him four of that and so obviously true. And here's another would be a good wages disposable murder weapon that's what I said. Yen in the gun buyback program and them and he in buffalo they always say it first on no questions asked. And secondly that they destroy the guns and I so let's replace it disposable referenda. America ask you you're gonna get money for the murder weapon if it's a murder weapon or get money for men are gonna destroy it the answer any questions. Vigorous and very evidence that we could use the prosecution that makes sense you know that's a good crime fighting tool. And so I've I've never made much sense in that what we do little tongue in cheek a joke about what Tony says his mom gets the money. And you get a gun that may or may not have been used or would would would or would not have been used in a crime. But mom has little extra money or whatever and I said she goes out buys drugs and then this Texas says and mama in the gluten cam later true so it will be today. Look at it like this. They get money for our begun. Mom can use it for drugs and being a free narc him I think. And fans go what are this is this is this is gonna help the jobs program in Niagara Falls. Here's one so that patrons and gold feels nice Winchester or fifty bucks. And some cop gets a good rifle. I have a bridge for sale if you don't think that happens well I don't I don't know I'll take their word that they destroyed him and I don't. I unity and see photos of them destroying them. You you just hear that they did and and policy I'll take him out there or that they do I also believe in the tooth there beside you that. Oh by the way Samantha is all excited she's finally gonna get to visit from the Tooth Fairy she has her first show us her first duke has Aussie yet but it's low since she's celebrating. What's the going rate. I've achieved by only giving dollar cash. A dog lately who gets dollar. It consumes very gives it thank you guys have not Yule ball Rahal with the truth very orders not listen good. She doesn't listen to. Known going to be at least ten. Nicholas. I. Three on 301806. Or is there tonight your sixth and I thirty so that's going on now. Plus we gonna show on this one about a week or so ago when I first broke it. Andrew Cuomo was of pushing you a program called the red flag. Their red flag Andrew Cuomo chip chip chip away. And every every 11 lesson on here one last there is a chip in to do this 300 million guns in this country. I'm so but that's what he's doing chipping away chipping away and now Andrew Cuomo's proposal is that. If Huard. What do in shameless with its. When this was something you know you're going to like they've raced out with something that you know you'll alike. Okay who doesn't want a safe. Surrounding. A comforting nurturing spirit. Is that with sort of what report area around your children all who you want your children to be say from. And you want your children to be healthy and happy whoever you know buying bread in the oven so that's true and they always start with that okay. Now it's you know your regular rub your teacher that teacher for your kids really. Should keep an eye out for troubling students. And if indeed those students are troubling. And they should be able to contact. The authorities. And the authorities investigate that. And go to your home and if they're considered to be. A righteous case there'd be guys. There this is a troubled youth coming from a troubled home if there's any guns in the house they should confiscate them. Take them all right. And I heard though I guess this morning on the and it was. How do you get him back what was a process to get him back it could take up to Lee there. So this is designed for one thing. It's designed to eliminate every single gun they possibly can match how would be Second Amendment. So they want teachers to be able to do that to go to a judge. And say you know this indeed is is problematic. Big question that's not answered him any of this is what is not available now. If you ever get brings a gun to school or kids as says that you're obviously John Edwards and you're right. Julio in Baghdad Avago I don't know last night you know or mom my mom can't find ago on or any and the and the use of the word done. And suddenly. They present a case that that you could be in you know endangered. Then they go to a judge him a judge makes a decision and they just take away your guns. Whether their guns that require a permit guns and don't require permits all of your work. In your permit guns. I goes down the drain and then after the disposition is over and an investigation is done. They either confiscate your guns or you can go back. And and proposition their card to get him back Berra I heard against the they say that could take up to a year. This is outrageous. First call what makes a teacher as skilled as they might be aids teach their subject what makes them experts in mental health. Nothing that I know. But a teacher can do it and administrator can do it. We we already know Artest into it Eric I think most people can do it. If you have a problem with somebody who's. I got a mental problem and is associated with guns I don't think your prohibited from doing something yourself now. Why don't we need more and more and more this is just another drumbeat from Andrew Cuomo. So I wanna ask are you feel about the New York attorney general's gun buyback program going on now until noon. At the policy 52 funny I'd park boulevard in Niagara Falls. And how do you feel about the red flag program that is being pursued by Andrew Cuomo. Go to Jim in buffalo general on WB yen. Halogen. That I wanted to let you know. It was a while ago couple years back I was well up to all the New York right publisher of terror. To be over steel plant and they had to a couple of bags full rifles that they dumped into the molten steel way they physically watch them dump the man. Slowly some Omar getting though. Well as good at their melting down the ones they said the meltdown. And see you think you'd think they'd done a buyback program works you think it's a beneficial. Arm. No I truly. Believe well at least at least you gave us some credibility by saying who you saw them actually destroys some weapons. I thank you thank you very much. That's good to hear. Yeah via of these. In the money the money. 25 dollars for a non working or anti gun okay. Fifty dollars for a rifle or shotgun. 75 dollars for a handgun. A hundred dollars for and alleged. Assault weapons so that that's the race card there will be no questions asked. And they don't say in this press release but in previous gun buyback programs in buffalo they said that the guns would be destroyed. And has started nine goes on noon today at 520. Hyde Park boulevard. It's in conjunction with the New York attorney general's office. In the arms were of the buffalo PD that he did they do on their on this is Niagara Falls pretty. And via news New York attorney general's office. It's nine to twelve gun buyback program. Cosponsored by the NF PV. They're looking for working on is not working guns but they are definite order for guys that are unloaded and not. Walk around rumors loaded the gun through that that buyback program. You'll get a prepaid debit card with that. And efforts of freedom box or at least there's something positive in this the freedom walks that's fine especially if you have kids in the house. I unloaded. A bring them in a in the trunk of your car in a plastic or paper bag or box. There's no limit to it but there are people that are not welcome Joseph participates. And that would be licensed gun dealers do not bring your junk there and collect money for it and active or retired law enforcement. What thing about that on Tony I think law enforcement is going to they theorem. The piece that they use while little wearing the badge and sell it. While why is why do you think there there is saying no license the gun dealers but especially no active. Or retired are. Course so they can't be accused of taking people's guns. You know it that they were investigating and selling them would get all. Hey here's the gas if they had it so I'm asking you feel about that that's the attorney general a New York State attorney general. And these new Niagara Falls peavy and the red flag push when Andrew Cuomo industrial on Israel wanted to hundreds across the tonight drew the sixth start I'm there. Here's a program note for these you know they just get away Dallas is bill for their summer music festival was that our confidence faces up to the end outcome between now and June 17. For a chance to win and they three night stay at BY oh flower condominiums. The ivy tickets of summer music festival and much more in his Abidjan governing. Two things going on in Niagara Falls right now on Hyde Park boulevard though was he five when he. Hyde Park boulevard of the exact figures. With the New York State attorney general's office and the Niagara Falls by a PT. A gun buyback program for those of you were and economics you can have a fabulous prize. Oh god and I like OK and maybe we can get you to buy currently halls at the same time. A but it's going on the Israel that is the reason I market is it's remarkable it's laughable. It's designed to make you believe that this tree sitters are somewhat safer. If if France really turns in her gun. And it's simply not true. But if you. If you want a good be in my guest also Andrew Cuomo's red flag push right now. Says that if your kid is a disruptive in class maybe did have his guns taken away or mama ever guns they get away. Because now a teacher I mean if they get business. I don't think they will but if they if they do and this is New York State who have animals were weren't winners we end up where we go live look at whatever is. The bottom line is and a teacher and administrator. Any anybody has anything to do win of your kids. If the if they're trouble if they're disruptive for a competition on court judge to look into it and have found that there's any kind of issue loathing come and take your guns away. And getting them back that's another story who work hard to get them. You're gonna work hard to get him back and I heard this morning it's a process that could take up to a year. So this is outrageous it's it's just another outrageous thing just another style move forward to get rid of any gun they can possibly find in the Thursday. So I like your opinion on both of these a meanwhile buzzing banner you have me a couple of praised books for us please. I do Jason says the end there will be absolutely no impact except taking more of your tax dollars wasted in stopping zero cry. Well Astro you know it's one thing I think you have to be a child. To say this is supposed to be good for me show me how it will help my life. End of the gun buyback program simply doesn't do it. It's people who use guns to commit crimes are not going to seldom. Through the police department has a Sacramento. So that's vital work if they have a gun they have a for a reason you either are for protection or use it. In some kind of our crime they're not gonna sell it. Back to the cops they're not gonna do that. The guns of the cops do get I mean if your freedom or can overcharge issue to be your friend is some of those because. They'll start when non working guns or anti gun. So what you find out is that if say a feeling is that it's not a reality it's a feeling. Do you feel safer now. The the authorities working on our behalf amid looking to cut down on crime and and locked up the bad guy well if you believe that this kind of a program helps. I can't help you. Are really can help. Beard being your beyond help I would thing. That is not a rational thought and I think if you talk to almost we will have the same thing but. Today goes film room and it's it's on now goes salute. Tonight at 5 or 6 o'clock checked the local news. You'll see some officials there would be some guns on the tables and give this one million balance. Yeah it's grenade launcher were reluctant to get that and say here's another it's a howitzer from World War II oh. The Gramm I had it and a closet she didn't even though is there she's out shelves. Grandpa died years ago. By the here begin we owe it Julie's side. It will never be used in a crime I mean that's basically which are working and I turned and might get one on exactly the Gatling gun is nice. It was having your museum but were afraid. There could be a Gatling guns they're up there could be and we won a major does that happen one more. Wearers it's tough from Richie goes more erratic behavior from the left who actually thinks criminals will participate never required. That's the hope. Things you have to be irrational to think that when they pass laws. The only people that Obey laws are people that are not going to break them in the first place. The people who who I intend to break them that's why they got that gun. Could give a damn about what kind of laws there are do you think they care about another law if you're going on in your going to shoot somebody. Or if you're going to use it to hold up a store or bank Goran Els the last thing on your mind is well. And what went on your car because that like to do this for a long period of time but now there's another loss so I Barack do it. Nobody thinks like that. And there I think it's insulting all mammals it truly is. But there are looking for a some nonworking. Or Ramsey guns and then bill law also look at rifles. And handguns and shotguns and alleged assault weapons is different prices November going into. I'll put you on the plane from Florida for retirement must Wear ago. It rosary around 30106. On six interviews experiment thirty if that doesn't offend you enough we've got Andrew Cuomo humbling media. The weather what they thought they read the red flag law he legacy. So that more people can just turn your way and without. Any probable cause by the way marriage say that I'd like to know what kind of probable cause they would have. Because June year. It is disruptive in my class so that gives them a right to come into your home and take your gun away I don't think so and remember if a kid has a problem. We have a say his father. And the kids hard case. Do you think about the kid would use this as a weapon not the weapon but he used as well as the weapon suddenly dad's guns are gone. He spent years collecting them maybe he's a collector maybe as antique guns may be as cap and ball who knows why it. And now his guns are done so that's gonna really brings family together I can tell you that right now. And the political stage is there a bigger phony than Angel Cuomo no there isn't there truly isn't. He I have 30. I'm sorry to hear about. It. Ever when they start would that stick oh please. Please argue over the case on its merits. Stop it you're not pulling my heart strings stop it we know you follow what you are. Your guy who wants to be president and you're willing to transform this state. Into whatever you have to do in order to get there we are your Guinea pigs and we are your financiers. The other side has George Soros we have Andrew Cuomo. Will be back after this I'm one on this would be Dave Dave you're on WB yen. How are you I couldn't live Saturday give me your thoughts on either the gun buyback program or the red flag. Push from Andrew Cuomo. Wolf there will be good but that program definitely is done. Definitely. PR stunt. Just may June look good roads make you think you're safer than your ward yesterday. Exactly. And former moral force and also personal with the BB PD here goes say something else oh. You know. It's unfortunate but it had to be done. What I'm not however on the flip side of that one gun goes off to street. It could save a life is totally gave this scenario two minute applause result there's earlier saying. And their kid. Is safe. At least the mother this directory so it could happen. Okay we tried we tried to do as conscientious job as we can it's not a perfect world so. What about this red flag Busch from in Oklahoma. Both the reds like bush is totally totally civil rights violations it's never gonna pass. Yeah I'll tell you why. First of all probable cause a probable cause because your kid is disruptive in my classroom. I don't know any judge is gonna say well. Instead of instead of ADD. And treating Matt. Let's treated as a potential crime and give a police on the right to come in and take away dad or mom's gone I don't see that happening. Exactly. It's it's that's the big issue here probable calls. And number one is like it's the Levys suited earlier. Without the probable cause how to Google for sick kids they can't. You know Andrew Cuomo violates everybody's civil rights. And yet he's still got away with there where his pro quo cocoa reasonably church. Well he doesn't have the carrier gum because he's surrounded by state police all the time. And they carry guns for him so he doesn't really care about the rest of us and and he wants to be president whatever he can build on his resume on that he can present in his campaign ads he's gonna do it where are beginning to race. And get. Yeah let's hope we remember that those who put that on memory lists that thank you day event thanks for wearing the uniform we appreciate it. Yeah probable cause so your kid. Your kid you know how many kids in school I have or Ritalin and and things like Ritalin a lot of them do. And they over prescribe that that's another story in emotional. But we go back so that being disruptive in class is a very. Very prevalent. Yeah and I I don't know whether you use the word trouble with. Troubled is a catch all word. But if you are disruptive and troubled. Maybe you give the impression that mom and that are not there at home for him to give your meal and fresher probably from school majoring in their homework. Or go to bed at a reasonable hour and you have trouble at home does that give a judge. It is bigger or make that argument to a judges that gives us the right now to go home and make sure. That it if dad or mom have any guns. That they removed from my house that's outrageous. But Lee is that I don't think you have to be urged to figure out you're gonna get away with that one. That's I mean anybody is ever watched Perry Mason can tell you. That there is no probable cause there. In how many times. Kids who really know the law by the way much more than you'd expect. Say you're having trouble with the your kid at home. At home trouble maybe there have been I've ever by a duo mark. There late after they're supposed to be home they don't like what mommy for dinner who don't watch. It's always something. And there's so they know that all they have to do is what the teacher and all the things itself in my house that's why. I look like I'm half asleep right in where my jacket or whatever and then maybe the teacher you just coincidental way USA Booth. Dad having guns. And OK and the teacher got a thanks we'll miss gives trouble. And and you know it's a dangerous combination troubled child. And guns. And goes before a judge and there are a lot of sympathetic judges. And I don't think there is never as good and is so what happens. They can be and how snuck on your door of does that give them the warrants are the necessary probable cause to. Going to your house and take your gun. Is that what they do the vehicle and take. When they ask you to surrender. You have to surrendered by 2 o'clock of the courthouse on Tuesday is that the way to go as. And who's gonna do that I was gonna wanna do that and especially with the rifles and shotguns. Handguns. Where they know where in New York State at least the people who obeyed the law. Have told them Wear them handguns arm and where in nominee there aren't all that. If if you're in the process of asking to have your rifles and shotguns which I'm. That are listed like bump missiles are. So are you saying let's see dad had. 83 guns and he turned in three. I don't know how many guns dad had when you get outside a registered guns how to handle that. OK we gonna have to search your house. About your car. About a storage locker. I mean this this is an ins that you are who heard you talk about opening a can of worms this is a Major League can of worms. And I don't think I don't think it'll be past for some law. I don't think you'll pass Muster as being constitutionally okay for a second and I sure as hell. Goods and I think we should put our law enforcement in danger for something as Iraq. Journalists that. There are now serious things that cops after big hero without this crap. But this is a politician a run wild it's Andrew Cuomo. Willing to use his daughters as as the camera and water up front and to deflect criticism of some thing. If you heard the term Agca was playing him the next segment where he talks about having three daughters and whatever Chambliss he's a shameless politician. One step ahead of hookers. Wait a minute maybe not that made another close. Maybe further ahead hookers are hookers lie ahead as far had an end so bad I mean this is the way it goes and in New York State were suppose there's just sit there and take your right. We jump through hoops would do everything possible we thought all of forms we do all it would take all of the of the fingerprints. The classes that all of us. And because junior is caught up with school. Am a teacher who is anti gun in the first place. And a judge who doesn't think we need guns on the street and suddenly your Second Amendment Rights go out the window. How about window. Will be back Lamar beach company and is greater and I'm thirty WB yeah.