Beach and Company Gun Buyback/Red Flag Bill 6-13 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, June 13th
There was a Gun Buyback this morning in Niagara Falls, and what do you think of the Governor's Red Flag Bill he is proposing. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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I'll all of his region governor SN BV's well big news today it was a raccoon and a building and look. At. And president answer Robert dinero. The narrow use absolutely disgusting word to describe the president the president too eager to reply editor I'll tell you what the president should have. Waited to Robert America's it would have been very very. I'm Robert dinero as an actor I love most of the movies he's been in especially the beginning of his career. And these are pretty compelling actors a lousy interview anybody will tell you that. He is not good and interviews doesn't like to do them and just basically stares at you when you're jargon known. But the bottom line is he's been getting a lower and lower my favorite people totem Paul. Because he's outlandish way you partisan I mean I gave it renders every werder every grunts and he has. But. He said the other night he said you know lots trump and you can guess what you know one is OK in case you don't know Alaska. And it's WW GO they would know but the bottom line is trump trump tweeted back to him today. But what he should've done is use. What is it June though you use of the other person's strength against them. He shouldn't be used. That there is strength against the man replies something alliance of the effect of simulators and Tony. Something like hey you don't gonna meet. You ask me gaga anime I am the only president here. I think that would have been very good take a right out of here is that early career but he did major said he was low IQ. Do you think your minerals low IQ are you think this is the way he acts. I think he's low I Q&A I don't think he's very bright at Columbia really good at something and I'd be too bright against bud. When so unique and get audio from general. Oh that's very nice. Yeah that's definitely Jannero. These are vicious rumors were part he's saying he doesn't usually have to audition embodies playing the part of very. Mott also Bobbitt person I used talk about trump there so they have that's. That's what we go bad OK now are faith. I got a year in jail OK good faced name is Joshua Hobbs twenty years always from Rochester. He pleaded guilty to third degree criminal possession of a stolen. Vehicle. In an unauthorized use of that same motor vehicles so he's going to jail for a year. Are you going well why are you bothering telling us that a lot of people steal vehicles and that's no big deal we don't know his name and he's a celebrity. So why it's on selling it because he sold bishop's car. He's still the bishop's car who steals the bishop's car. Saw how would you know it's a bishop's car you're driving down the street you managed a hot wire it you look at the dash you know. Why now I've never seen so many say so on the dash in my life. Must be a complete cut a collection alphabetically of all of us say it's. I thought they gave up un on having saints. And that and you windshield you see across that's pretty that's a pretty good indication. Did this belongs to remand of a deep religious. The bullies. Imagine stealing. The the bishop's car and I mean he's gonna pay a year here. But what happens later when bill when he tries to get into you know where and they open the big book ago analysts say there Joan. Actually. Joshua OC a very nice man admits that it's biblical name is in less than it is. You stole who yeah. I think you'll have to go to our satellite down below it doesn't have air conditioning. That that's going to be embarrassed to be funny is this if he's going through Los CDs spines. Slayer Metallica or an al-Qaeda franchises death did that. And it's. Also does have an analog port which is unusual. It's unusual we have a story analog port are hagel have this on and on. And is a weekend July oh yeah if if if there is a your record out there or our show. If it does if it happens anywhere near that ankle haven't always she'd let me know about the commercials well he's got a lot of car shows. Driving. Driving away from the police usually a lot of bad guys trying to distract police. By throwing something out the window it usually like a gun use in a robbery or. A mask or something like this. But many of the police were chasing a 23 year old man in our report. And he decides there's a strong month and the opens the window and throws cash out the window. Lots and lots of cash. Except or later when they find out they they found out it was counterfeit. It was there at Rio cash. And it wasn't even Johnny Cash wasn't crier cash it was fake cash. But as a good thing to do because my guess is people don't know it's very casual and yours are flying through the air. So they've probably to do things I ran out on the street in front of a disclose their. In a little bit of slowdown here I know get the lights in the siren on state police use the drone. And I canine unit they traced him to his home in Bunker Hill road he was found inside troopers discovered counterfeit. Hundred dollar bills. All along via oh on these chase Simon they got him he's held in low of 5000 cash real I want to begin use any of that. I think the magic try to use counterfeit money for your cash bail that would be fun they probably have a little extra time on their opening game. Ought to say it's 500 dollar cash bail. Or 101000 dollars bond which is like a weekend full of Ozzie with the right amount of women as so that would be yet so he knows that if he gives up women this weekend he's got an offer cash bail so I think that's pretty good. We'll take a break and that will return. On news radio and I'm thirty WB ENN well these the usual criticism as though flowing as we know woods even after very obviously successful trip. To Singapore and I would the president meeting with Kim Jong Hoon a Meghann Megan McCain John McCain's daughter. Said that she was not happy seeing the Vietnamese the north Vietnamese flat I'd. As part of a display of the US flag and their flag there were. Side by side by side I find I found nothing objectionable about that at all. Which you rather see in a war flag I'm not really sure Tony did you take any offensive that you sought everybody saw was the background as they came in and shook hands. And I found nothing the the only way you can defending US flag I guess is to fly another flag higher than right they were fired they were it glow along the back. Drop of well where they were coming in to shake hands about nothing. Nothing objectionable. My new buzz agreement. No it's it's what you always see when you see two countries coming together now the display of their flags were they shake hands it's the perfect photo op. Thought nothing of it. But bad is bad is how desperate they are right now to find something in this comes from the daughter of somebody's most of the Republican anyway. And she's not only when this is something big day it was happening Chris Hayes on MSNBC. Spit like. Ten minutes going off on how often did he was as an American to see those two flags out. Parties. This is getting boring you're really truly is but hope. Post the odds with the Yugoslavia odds of the Nobel Peace Prize Nobel Peace Prize what are the odds that. That this is early betting obviously. If Troy is at trump in someone else right when the Nobel Peace Prize the odds right now are six to four truck just alone. Second best odds ten to one wow. Okay and good this is just the beginning these are the baby steps. As we get a further on the process if we get further long process and memories of all I'm rational thinking if we do. Then the odds would be remarkably lower than they are now and I called Vegas yeah I think so put on the future book I I do that and I can't tell you I had the slip a nitro tablets under my tong. Waiting for where there are gonna play the next World Cup not the next one the one in my twenties when he. Six more weeks to one point six a this year it's in Russia. You do USA not part of it because murderers of it for you and unfortunately they did not qualify. The unexplained after that USA lost you cooked our Chris are real roster guitar. Player until it here's hoping a flying V guitar FBI like you're immigrant could sharp lawyer gets so hot in Qatar and twenty points you might be a false World Cup just look it doesn't get too hot during the games but 20/20 six USA. And it's just for everyone. USA Mexico and Canada all three countries but the USA we'll have the bigger of the games when it comes. Finals nicer way yet there. Experience thank you very much yeah. I might civic with the three countries how many games of it you visitors admired. Sixty games and yet yet qualifying games early round games you have a lot of games. Both punch ever be logged in a room what Rosie O'Donnell. And then you're going through I'm telling Joan I want to go to games so bad through your room and gas mileage ago look I'm not sure I don't think I'm actually anything surpass I don't think. Rosie O'Donnell surpasses anything like I think. I'd prefer Zoe or else is the law I think at the lowest and that's the standard right there. So it's it's three countries within quitting got to buy ourselves a course that's a little beavers is that we won it as so far out there there we go and Afghanistan. Bill and our football stadiums not big enough for to host one on how long we don't have enough. The problem you I'm sure and retirement soccer right now. And does so that's why the Olympic Committee skipped vote rebels and fielder and how it. As a result and horizontal oil was known all. We've made horse race that's all hours north so we got that and Leo Leo okay am varies. Anything else going. To admit it you guys. Got a game ball last night RJ yeah what does he do to get game showed up o's basically just as is usual operative eventually you'll ever billions of game of each defiantly give everybody deemed well in the panel walk RBI. They have brought in essentially the winning run that something else something is that it hit them again in volume but he's afraid it takes your edge he's dancing in the batter's box is Iraq if you see half of sports is psychological. If I were the pitcher. I would hold the ball in my hands and and guard and get it near my skull ago. Got I think you're better just because this journalist on Nick's team last year footballer GAAP net that. Are rightly got a lot of talk about today I'm sure as some of the discussion. In New York stay in the New York State attorney general's office was. You know Lee went too much crime in Niagara Falls we've got to do something about it. In shooter kind of slow to catch on the New York attorney general's office. Yes what will need a good creative idea will need some thing. That will have an impact something that will scare the hell out of anybody any any bad doers. Anybody who is even not a breaking the law. When we pull this off. They won't run for their lives snowboard cross the border into Canada if possible. Even vote for true go to get away from best so what are we gonna come up wit. We've got to come up with something good and they they spent hour after hour after hour and they finally came up with a and I got it to two days ago. In a press releases. Here's what the New York State attorney general's office gonna do first of all they said. We can't do this alone will need help. Will need help from the Niagara Falls police department and lives. DD. We need now and after he'd be NYPD might be good but you've got to use an FB. OK there are good of our Mazzola have every day. The New York attorney general's office on this fab at its blockbuster. Crime boss there. And what do we do one what we have it well why don't we have had zero C Wednesday June 13. A good day it's a good day is known it's a day will end crime in Niagara Falls as we see him so why have they decided to do. Are you sitting down I know I hope you are especially if you're driving. Are you sitting down paying attention okay hold onto that way ultimately turns it just be careful today. From now Jim Calhoun Sowers started already what are you. Engineers if things like your task force breaking down doors. You think if you think it's drones flying overhead level and known gang activity and Olympics in my garage door via a do you think it says some left over fighter planes from the air show strafed. The bad sections of town. No you are wrong. They are having a bill heavenly trumpet story or drum roll or something. I'd do you have anything like rhetoric I can hear me the having light session for re searching for right now because we have that this is so special. It is so special ending crime in Niagara Falls in our time in one in one trio are period from nine to noon. And the first almost the first half hour of its priorities though. As we gonna have a flourish if you have anything here. You gotta you gotta. I don't know Carson. Ice and as the a legacy and it's the triple ground plus one. That's that's really go ahead. I know you could come up with the perfect or sound effect and it which it. I should have been state police are gonna come in on horseback. My heart because we have a governor who they're projecting as a horse who's you know why so that works out rule fairly good. Okay the new attorney general's office along with a night of balls police department. Would like to rip apart the end of crime as we now but in Niagara Falls today from nine Danone. As wave present. A gun buyback program. Wouldn't. All. My heart is just honoring Tony. This is where this is where crime and is. What are good saves in Niagara Falls going to do they're not going to be able to hold up anything at gunpoint. I I find this just amazing. What step forward our gun buyback program because we don't know because we've seen many of them here in buffalo. And we've seen at the end of the time. The usually have a little cheesy. A card table with a piece of velvet on it showing things like rocket launchers and you know a fifty caliber grenade launchers. And that there are a lot but it's. Had been a crime and just takes a backseat from now on yes. It is going on now these New York State attorney general's office and the Niagara Falls police department from nine to noon today rice started already. Is having a gun buyback program. Is there wrote here's what they want they want working or non working. And unloaded guns it's important. If they're working guns that they be unloaded. It's also important very non working guns there on voter because maybe they'll work even though they are not working. They're also 00 will get feel. A prepaid debit card. Speaking you'll get some more ammo for the gun Jeannette and turn him this is really exciting. I crime and his time is over I really do. I think I could walk on Hyde Park boulevard with a fifty dollar bill paste it to my forehead and feel totally safe with a gun buyback program. I will be back right after this we're more stimulating information about this hang on its beach and company. And indeed the very end guys this is a school Bard holds town meeting. Wow okay that's gotta be full of action here remember when Carla is on the board. Those town meetings were packed in there and there was a sparks were a fly him. And debate today issued for a lot of picture of a couple of vote but members of the board OK I'm hyphenated members of the board there and they are. And as the camera pulls away. Use today. What's happened this bloody year. There's nobody there there's no but I'd be there I'm suggesting that if you want promoted as you are getting together with the community. He has some file footage. Maybe from a crowd air and now Mexico may announcement that they were going to cohost. The the World Cup. Iran or may have cable is standing in line and you'll feel very comfortable in Mexico because there's several school or members love summer arrows. So you go around there you're wearing a sombrero. It's it's so why elbow to elbow crowds I mean that it make it sound like the school board really has their act together. Instead. This looks like they were giving words obstacles it was popsicle night or something at the school board. There's nobody there if you're gonna have an event go to some people where I'm just a joke like yeah. You know go get them off. The street if you have to get a gift card do something. Virtually Billings to hand out free ice exactly. That's exactly right but you see that kind of footage where they keep it. The camera people keep it as tight as they can to make it sound like an looked like there's more people there. But the cameras and lie in as the camera pulls away you see it looks like it looks like you're testing a nuclear device there. As a million dollar anybody could get to people. Exactly. O what event a woman's a sitting at a picnic tables it's it's a via. A may it be mad at me this is the anniversary of the infamous picnic table for it in Batavia where you think. Well buzzing gamer have you ever visited the infamous. Batavia prepared gel. After that happened last year I sat the picnic table every Saturday flight eight we waited Hillary in front you know they would even come themselves hoping. Barton part of an. It it. And bet that a bit. Actually for me it will before I can now. So that the Braves in Albany said if you wanna cut down on crime and Niagara Falls. Let's get together when it falls police department and have an event that'll just wipe out current. Crime before you know it will be done in the you know in the blink an eyelash. It will be gone and so the New York attorney general's office. Is happy to announce that today in Niagara Falls started at 9 o'clock and goes until looms are you still have time. They're fabulous gun buyback program. It's cosponsored by the Niagara Falls previously got night opposed beat me and New York attorney general's office going together. A shoulder to shoulder. You don't how vote elbow to knock out crime in Niagara Falls and here's what they're looking for. They're looking for working guns those for those of you who're you gonna quite dismayed. And means guns and actually shoot at. You are not working guns do that means guns that don't shoot they're just guns but they don't showed so short of throwing the gun at somebody it's not very dangerous. They want all guns unloaded. This is a pretty. Pretty fundamental requests that the widget thing. Why why look why do you have a bamboo aero fifty caliber submachine gun bullets around your neck. Yeah its gonna be unloaded and then you'll get in exchange. Prepaid. Debit cards how about that. That's very nice and free gun locks not a marksman I'd argue it's but I do especially if you have cats all right. Policy. How do you get Heidi get your gun there because they've never explain you know. Byron brown whatever he would have one of his gun buybacks for programs. And the and you know from the ones that he's had. Crime is nonexistent in buffalo. I mean I'm thinking guns had to follow out of the sky. We have had a guy who brought a 22 caliber and from a state Idaho arguing. For the airshow in order have a gun even shown there but. They were here's how they want you to bring it. Unloaded. Okay makes sense. In the trunk. Makes sense to. Now you can put it in a plastic or paper bag or box. Yeah all right that's nice and there's no limit. He numbering and Israeli Gaza Jawad but your saying some Don Pardo who is not eligible for this okay. Not eligible licensed gun dealers who can't go in and unload the unit the stuff that you have you wanna get rid of and active or retired law enforcement. In visual wanna give up your piece of your second visa or whatever is the eligible. Now here's here's what you get for your guns. A nonworking. Or anti gun wanna buy a box. Now I'm working you know might just be a fundamental balance and he could be worse them. That's 25 books he get fifty bucks for a rifle or shotgun. If you don't know the difference you shouldn't be handling. 75 dollars for handgun. A hundred dollars for quote unquote. Yes assault rifle okay. And isn't that a good value seriously. In the air fifteen for a hundred dollars who can beat that bargain and at. Is seriously when they're cousins orders oh if you go by amendments made a couple of thousand so that hundred. That's Smart business and it goes right along with a lot of the decisions made in Niagara Falls or you've seen that. I think I think you should go out of state. God no I don't wanna recommend this as a joke. But the bottom line is. Perhaps they're worth a little bit more in the yup and after the break people wouldn't get to hear you and I actually disagree and so well that would be nice because people say you never disagree with him based on Harris before the show or after Visio. And it's not general and so. The first hours thirty months ago two hours and fifteen minutes approximately. And where are you going to his guns. I say you go word of the actions and 520 Hyde Park boulevard. All right so hi I'd park boulevard a provides when he and that's we're going at times so good luck to them I hope it's successful. And I know that that afternoon. Once its original once I sign off today. I'm gonna feel perfectly safe. In Niagara Falls because the gun buyback program made it. It's it's not like a foolish PR stunt. Or something is is makes the people putting it on. I think that they're gonna look good and give a false sense of hope to people it's none of that is similar real legitimate crime fighting tool. If you believe that you have to via real legitimate crime fighting tool. A will take a break on newsreader and I'm thirty you wanna hear from you 8030930106. On six degrees it's. So I'm thirty we'd like to hear especially from people have guns. And I'd especially like to hear. From people who have participated before in a gun buyback program. Because ID and see if you're Smart enough to dial flown a will be back with more on news regimen thirty WB and yet this in Niagara Falls. A police department and the New York attorney general's office right now started at 9 o'clock. Is having a gun buyback program mask are kind of anti crime commitment they have. If you have a gun doesn't matter for works around. They're happy to give you well be level retail cookbook I know we'll we'll oh whatever you have. Bring it and they got underway measures unloaded okay embrace it and in your trunk of the car they suggest that. In a plastic or paper bag or box they suggest that they definitely suggest it's unloaded. And that's that. Not eligible license that a gun dealers are not eligible. Active or retired law enforcement not eligible. But there's no limit you can bring in whatever you want. There's no limit. And at these prices. I'm thinking you're gonna have to go to the men and get more money you know. Because these prices are just fabulous now for the positive thing Tony and I always agree. It's only I've done several of them by Danica programs in the past. And Tony and I are always on the same page but. He said. He said. We could have a difference on this one. I don't know I'm trembling I'm so nervous. I'll what is your position tell us what your position used to be and I'm jealous your new position I was a guard them they moved me over the left tackle a voucher provision session standing up but I haven't been my best illusion that that's good you get some balance the doomed I understand however I am a hurricane hits let's this event became. Yeah like you said field for the longest time I've made fun of the gun buyback program and our recently. I was chanting withdrew Niagara Falls police officers who like coach football with and house make fun of it. And they said actually it does have useful purpose what's happening is you have. Mom. Who needs money she goes to her son's room raids it finds the gone. Turns it and now she saves her son from ever be in convicted of a crime. With that debt gone could have been used in and she gets money course she's not gonna share it but that's hers now. Does she gets money and probably goes and buys drugs whether it meant that he was just kidding you've got to odds every department and that a default was and I got. And gets angry at Lee's house. As it gets angry and does things that kids who are angry old look a lot steel and all the dot once yeah we start. The jobs program and falls basically I think the bottom line is they are getting some guns off the street is a perfect no. Well you at all you totally convinced me your point of all I didn't think I what I'm in his past some guns are getting off the street got good truth is if there were guns there it to have a potential of being used. But look at the guys are jogging alone okay. You're talking about and non working or antique and so nobody holds up a 7-Eleven was one walls and rifles and shotguns. All right now they're harder to use in a crime that's. Because they're harder to conceal. Obviously. Every guns this will be the major ones 75 dollars for handgun. You know IE I would assume that anybody uses a handgun. In a robbery is probably not but family heirloom that dad brought home from war were true it's probably something came from another state. Or was purchase day and the black market so his numbers filed an assault weapons first of all the big the big thing about assault weapons. Is they're very seldom used. For a bit colonial like the term assault weapons but they're seldom used in the commission of a crime. So. Good conceivable. They are used in the in some shootings in schools no one ever. But any time ago and is used illegally. Is not the gun's fault it's the fault of the person using it. And I don't think those people are going to go while. You're telling me I can get 75 bucks for this gun. I can get that 200 or 300 maybe on the straight biting his series average earning her and they said in the press release. No questions asked. And in in them in the buffalo gun buyback program I didn't see it in the press release for vets this is the attorney general of New York attorney general and Niagara Falls police department. It's said that figure and in the buffalo ones that said the those guns will be destroyed. And maybe a Smart ass that I am. In when buffalo is doing it I said well. No questions asked and ago will be destroyed so you could have just committed a major crime we have begun. And then you go up and you get the money for Oregon. They don't ask you any questions about it then they destroy the very evidence that would have convicted you insensitive jail. That sounds like out really well thought out plan. And I'm just thinking that if they if they don't keep their word. That's not that surprising but it would be much against of the purpose of what they're trying to do. So I think that's. This is you don't this is they always use the expression and it's a band aid approach or it's there it's like putting talcum powder and cancer. It may look good if they feel good but it doesn't do much. And a so if you Ottawa gooder feel good or you need 25 bucks or fifty or 75 or a hundred. And you've got a gun laying around make sure it's I'm unloaded. Properly presented and they're going get your money they're not gonna ask Jimmy questions. Like that maybe you just need more drugs and and you decided you do need begun as much as you need more drugs. So you're gonna spend is to get that from any era as it's got a couple of old crummy guns and get a better gun you're gonna work your way up. I am extremely. Skeptical. A bug gun buying buyback programs. I think they don't do anything. To prevent crime but you wanna be able to stand up in front of our card table. At noon in children the weaponry you got makes it look like you're invading Iraq. I'm not really sure where they come from. Go to where is it hide avenue right I go to be address. Nancy where is it is oh here it is. A five when he Hyde Park boulevard. Five point Hyde Park boulevard. Until noon today. And gridlock. Our news writer and I'm thirty WVU.