Beach and Company Gun Bans 5-17 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, May 17th

Rod Watson says banning High School rifle teams helps make NRAs case, is he right. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN 


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How backward the Beijing company asking is rod writes yes the rod is Rod Wilson. Rob Watson counselor Robert Watson who we very seldom agree we're by the it pretty compelling column a while back. Law and a gun legislation and whatever and then he's in the same. I category as we are regarding. The Second Amendment he believes that meant. And that says. The bill to ban high school rifle teams just makes the NRA's case. Now if they are are rifles. Not you know not the kind of right for you would have in mind. Air rifles and let's see you Ron has to say about it because it's it's it's it's the real vehicle. And what he's talking about with the headlines that makes the NRA's case that they're going to get our guns. People who don't like the IRA say as just the war cry you hear it all the time no matter who's in. Office is the way to raise funds. Gather to mark a new member is whatever keep the ball rolling. But I think when you see bills like this it says you know we not only want your. Guns that you think of his guns but we want your air rifles and we want you or rob the bow and arrows through. Because they were likes your program for air rifle and archery in high school I dismantle taken away somebody had a pretty good. Pretty good taxes as I hope that I'm gonna ban. I capacity quivers. And that's probably the device where you carrier arrows I get sick Cuomo you know pants and and unfair I can just hear it now okay. So here's Robert Watson who's a commentary analysis of we agree with a I think we're well. There is a bill from the downstate assembly member who wants to ban air rifle and archery as schools boards. As the ridiculous assumption they're shooting on a school team creates a gun culture. See that's have been doing their trying to demonize that. As best they can and I think if if if you're on you as a team like this. Four air rifles and archery you're not about to go on pillage of town but. They want a bear. Bird banned them because they think it will create a gun culture. A school's name creates a gun culture you get germs from that. It is anti gun zealots like this who made life so easy for the National Rifle Association. Every time he attempted to through thing for the NRA is crying wolf. To Jenna support when it's suggested today want to take away everybody's guns along with the with the summit like this comes to approve. That the organizers might be right. Ordinarily. This measure from Democrat assembly a woman Linda Rosenthal might be. Considered a classic one house bill. Due to a lawyer that he knows he said ordinarily. Now. With the very real possibility of Democrats also taking over the state senate. And governor Andrew Cuomo ever eat ever eager to ban any gun against fine. This threat to shootings boards is all too real. It is one more example of democratic. It's a democratic politicians stretching the definition of sensible gun control say they always use that. They always. Use that we're just looking for what went ultimately counts which is things are sensible and control. And then if you are against it against sensible. They got the better positioning all the time. And if they get around and look where it went on saying well it's widgets wanted to go where your baby and all please. All ways yo you've got to be kidding me. Mating. Short irons simply getting rid of all of firearms is what they remain. I used to consider this is rod Watson the NRA's one things like the cover of Superman comic books which invariably indicated a superhero is dead. But somehow home when you finish the addition it was very much alive. And you know. He had been do you have been due just to abide the merchandise the NRA often. Operates the same way no matter which political party is in control. As to the most perilous time in history for gun rights and to send money now. But but but but they those of who dismiss and in look at the NRA's warnings about the same effect. New York's handgun recertification. Fiasco now this. Each of the eight rifle teams in section six as fifteen to twenty or more shooters and about half are girls. In this border which size and speed don't matter and one that I in my football or basketball you can practice a lifetime. It's an Olympic sport. One of the spokesman added explaining its shooting re teaches discipline concentration body control and how to handle pressure. A a respect for guns and what they can do and approach four firearms safety results also part of that. But what makes. Cents. Ago getting rid of a training. Art classes because I'm mad man drove a van in the sidewalk in Toronto few weeks ago. Does not a registered here. Or am. Banning chemistry because the classes might have helped Hamilton's Timothy McVeigh. I killed people in Oklahoma City the rationales ridiculous even the kids know it. Gun culture. I'm more worried about a political culture of it chases cheap headlines I victimizing and law abiding shooters. But I guess that's to be expected. Because bills like a royal Rosenfels. Are so much easier right. Then writing something that actually. Prevents crime so I ride. Those are my hands applauding your your column today. I want all of you agree with broad that this actually. It actually helps the NRA. When you when you have a build. Banning BB guns and I'm not a safe air rifles. I'm gonna say BB guns I don't know if it's a pellet guns or not it doesn't say here and I have not or read the bill. But the bottom line is it's BB guns and archery. If they wanna get through that they're actually helping the NRA. They're not there have been odxa helping themselves something like this because as ludicrous and you'll notice that these nonsense. Burials. Come up from a downstate they come from a New York City. I'd and they are Syria has a perverse view of reality I think they've been inhaling too much. Too much room gas fumes or something down there because of the real world is people have been using BB guns. Forever and ever and ever. And archery forever and ever and never and they're both funded do when they're both clean sports and neither of them in dues crime. Nobody holds up a 7-Eleven with a bone marrow that I know of and the same thing with the media so 83 on 30180616. Injuries or start 930 is rod right. Does this actually help. The NRA. And yours and a message to Linda Rosenthal. Your message Joseph Linda Rosenthal. She is representing this is a representative actually. Of the new York state legislatures she's in the assimilate. And there she has some power as they all do. Two or change the way we live change the way we wreck create change the way we we enjoy our lives so do you agree. Or not we've run Watson under Israeli or 930 I totally agree. WB here the reason I'm saying BB gun is. Linda Rosenthal ones who get rid of video of the teams the high school scenes. For air rifle and archery air rifles Camby also pellet guns. BB guns are what we the reason I'm saying BB guns is I wanna show you now. How ridiculous. This whole thought is. Because of we all are familiar with the big guns pellet guns and more power and they issued palace. BB gun you can load. Many babies and most of them. Many vis vis a minute and a boom boom boom BB going to be biamby beyond the pellet gun I have I ever really quality. I'm pellet rifle which is given to me as a gift. And I like it but it is single a single a single shot. And them not the kind of thing you're running into a 7-Eleven hold anybody up OK so I'm asking. Air rifle and archery teams or should they be banned. By the schools as the bill by Linda Rosenthal. Who's a assemblywoman from downstate wants is rod right. Rod Watson is saying this just makes things ridiculous. Because it is it helps the NRA. The NRA actually gains more as just like a lot of times when ridiculous proposals that are out there. The NRA gains more members. More do lose more support. And so a rod says this plays right into via Harry's hands and and rod. The thinks it's ridiculous I think it's ridiculous. Do you think it's ridiculous this sort of frank and not want to frank Iran WB again. You know just what you think you've heard at all. Errors at all so result there's a Max. Out. And a rat watts of some may actually make sides oozes began the guy he. Another column like this a few months ago that I applauded. Very much in favor of the Second Amendment. But I don't come around an agent and certain issues that I that I. That I hold near and hear what you know these two lawmakers. I really you know. People said years ago. That things like this would ever happen. What you don't into left wingers and these are extreme liberals have been taken away at this second amend it. It's by it's a little bit here and error over the last 3035. Years and people never thought that it would get to this point. But it's happening you know what you did go back to. Germany before the Second World War when Hitler. Became like took over control of Germany of people in that country never thought that it would happen to them. You know slowing. And an inch by as it took away their rights first he became head of the Socialist Party or the FD dead Nazi party. It took away their freedoms up. Yeah had to register guns so they know exactly where their world and I went to good coming at them. He supported or third there's the right to defend themselves. Did tip the waiter there's there's freedom others speech. And it amazes me people who say no guns are guns of any Jack is. We wouldn't have a country who is a warrant for guns well with the do or people are defending our country is broke away from England. Also will evoke the police. And with a military we would never country now so they don't seem to understand it is a very useful tool. To keep what we have but they don't want anybody to have one or access the one. That's for sure and you know I think and how to read that article in the paper this morning it's interesting young kids that they take up this this. There's rifle practice it is just so did the. It's image it's and they article and it's in the Olympics it's an Olympic sport. Apart Gunner for crying out loud at all at that started bad. Beckett gave. In Norway and Sweden winner Russians. Are where they were patrolling they'd be Alpine mountains. Aid into what is scheme where they had been carried it right over the shorter than me get this stop. They hit it deep breath and she hopes that we're favorite city Olympic sport. I think they ought to have a javelin buyback program. I mean you've got to walk in and Spiro a lot of people have a javelin and does so anybody who's of plans on throwing the javelin me a boy and in the Olympic shouldn't be allowed. What are they gonna do ban knives to back starts stones. The same as just knee jerk it's just to get your name in the paper it's dumb it's stupid but it's another if you know it's like is like a lot about. In Hawaii is moving up your street slowly. And menacing way and you know that it eventually. If it's if it's nonstop it's going to devour your house your car maybe even you. It's the same thing would these types of bills. That yeah now we may laugher this one but is setting her voice for the next one. That's for sure yeah argue that the democratic under the realization. That this third country and it's you know it is CC that really all politicians. Good control of your country Pickett who does exactly what is happening hey you know they keep that they keep. People like that keep crying wall. And then eventually. You know nobody could elicit any more than eight your rights are going to be taken away from it. You know I tell my wife all atomic society does start paying attention to these things. Because eventually. What you don't want to send. Some would certainly not been at your door and suddenly they're gonna be kick that you away others simple what happened well what happened to work listening to what was going I'm. I got you failure Lehman's or somebody else you don't get involved in and you know get committed and then you turn around the world is changed and suddenly as you said frank. They're at your door thank you thank you would good call. As usual let's go to Don in Hamburg on your on WB again. I don't know de notre but I picked up a bag of it can't go and ammunition many years ago and did they can't go on they accepted can't go on. What we love to have guns we've always had Jaffna assured. I was. What I ordered sporting goods store or online they sent me a message invective so that they they can add shipment to New York. Camp becomes a cameraman. Yeah just a little red circle paying a little dots down on the I can that have been sent to a New York State on man there's actually a law against it and you. I haven't sent to a licensed cab gun dealer and oh man. I'll mad average. That's a sillier is now there are replica guns that look real but now they have to have it's the upon them and are brightly colored so you know they're not real but that a cap gun let's get serious knowing. They were met. Much of the kept going to me in New York. I hear you loud and air bag you're gone that's because have you noticed. It's a whole lot of things you see on TV in eagle I wanted to do that and then at the bottom small print. Can Columbia. Done in New York say whether it's insurance policy recognizes that we're always the one that you can't do it. And it's these into the commercial rights elect while for a whole minute. This guy is right I got out available in new York and I through its watery party are available and are just the maritimes and yeah exactly they don't want you to have full elimination if ever one. Else cancer you have to go to Connecticut ago. I mean that's basically had a way to get over New York's a line in the Massachusetts we'll have refugees. Well ever refugees holding their breath. Going into and ends in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and maybe maybe Canada. You know it would be careful is if you surround the state of New Yorkers were pure here. I mean. I would hope that when Linda Rosenthal. I suggested that this bill would it take away teams. High school teams of air rifle and archery the that others just openly laughed that are. But I'm guessing they didn't. That's the point I'm guessing they didn't because we're controlled. In New York State by what goes on in New York City. She's a down state assemblywoman. Let's give us that they think that's really a good idea. And oh what about that bit of people who are enjoying. Being on the team for archery and air rifle. No harm no foul no crime has ever been committed but those she says that it will add to have a gun culture. How about that the gun culture you know anybody. Who's grown up without and the knowledge that there are guns in the world. You watch a western art guns you watch any military things lot of guns. As you watch parades lot of gun lot of guns everywhere you see any cops they now have guns. In the bottom line is you ever gone as your friend or somebody's breaking the window in and your house at three area them. But you're you're you walk by and hope that nobody ever has won as a pipe dream it's not gonna happen they keep to hadn't seen and they're really true. And so I'm saying Robert Watson is right this the second column runs. Written along these lines. Different a different aspects of it by he's very pro Second Amendment and I'm fro him. In the and articles like this 803093018061606. And I derby is rod right. He's a ridiculous bills like this lead. Through helping the NRA instead of damaging it will be back after this. We have radical in Beijing governor is sections six. Our eighth. Rifle teams. And he should rival James has 15120 members and half of them are girls. And mind Rosenthal a downstate Zeller is a way must stop fists. Well I must say the culture of Johns. And Scioscia like sea air rifles which are usually I have BB guns they can be proud guns through. But I am for a I'm telling of BB guns assure you this stupidity is America's. BB guns and ball barrels. I mean are you serious. Did that furthers our culture of guns what's wrong with this woman. And think about it she is wander into the assembly and some it was a voted for. 80309301806169. Through 36. And started 930 is rod Wright because Robert Watson. Points out how ridiculous this is and a rod we usually don't agree with a rod. But in the case of guns we usually do because he's written other columns. Standing up for the Second Amendment the last paragraph in this column today's buffalo on those gun culture. I'm more worried about a political calls are the Chase's chief headlines by victimizing. Law abiding shooters. But I guess that's to be expected because bills like Rosenfels. Are so much easier to write. Then doing something that actually prevents crime and good for you were good for you. Let's go to Tony on line three Tony here on WB again. More and unloads on im fine with undermines. Our territory. Tony and Tony the good of Sony's no waving yes. Yeah just this it's it's more bordering on customer and it is ridiculous. I mean. We actually PDs people to come up with things like that's you know doing songs about blue something like. Coming up with a more spiritual leader what government huddle we utility costs in that we have some large utility cost and the country how about lowering taxes. The lowering the cost of health care. While both were requires some thought and some action and there would be beneficial to the public. It's easier just try to mess and I'm bill like this. Yet another get your name on it whether it passes or not good for more people know you are. I just can't believe that their taxpayer dollars goal. So it's a pay their salaries and give them the best benefits and money can bite and this is what they do what you're trying. You and good quote thank you very much appreciated Tony he. I mean it's discouraging and if true is. Are you thinking about reversals pointed out in this article around Watson that. Through the shooting is in the Olympics. It's in the Olympics okay. And air guns as I said. I have a BB gun it's a red Ryder little beaver model OK I do have one. And isles have a good palate gone public gone Moses fine quality I think it's a German. I'm Helen and very fine Malia manufactured. As a gift that was given to me as a Christmas here for years ago. And is very very nice but it's a pellet gun. And so impala guns there can be powerful but yeah mine's a single shot. No there's not a semi automatic or not a matter during lined a single shot as quite a bit of work to get that single shot off. But the bottom line is this is a woman does them a clue. And I want to know we view if you have this really helps the NRA because I think it does. The NRA. Has been accused in the past of being provocative jurors. That no matter who's in office of the outline on American rifleman the rules say. We're in danger of losing our gun rights and that's how they get. That's how they get more members of its earlier more dues are more power. When the bottom line is this helps that. Because of the the plea from. People who don't want us to have guns as we're not. Here to take away your guns well then won now you think kind of message is being sent when you're trying to figure where our BP got its. We already have cap guns that we already have water guns. They gonna go after those true. And we do have replica guns that looked like real guns but there there are they have they have via a brightly colored. Cap and via muzzle Oregon or as you know that hey when has serious when Wednesday stickam up with a pink and gun. Although although there are some parts of guns you make. Look more feminine than others but the bottom line is it's it's pretty easy to think that. We're not in danger from the water pistols and water rifles of the world. And we're certainly not in danger. From people having balls and arrows. So we are both of those could be used lethally we're great care. But the bottom line is that these are visas sporting utensils. That we've been using for on time. And there's no there's no need to ban them this is what they wanna do this is the dark the other is trying to become the second California we're working on this for a long time. The stuff we see from California. As scares me because we know that women next ones if California is doing is we're gonna duo and this is what we do. California is just is as liberal as we car. And just as whack though when it comes to certain things in guns especially. I was so if it's going on there it's gonna happen here. George just liking California to keep talking about separating the state to New York City needs to be. On its own and I know there's been report seen that we would never survive. Without New York City brought let's try. Yeah I say let's try to figure it'd be worth a try. Because they probably don't wanna be with us anymore and we want to view them. But the bottom line is is it's so out of kilter. With their constitution and and something like this but they don't care they're gonna keep hammering away and hammering away. Quarterback Joseph Moore is Robert Watson right. Air rifle and archery high school team should be banned that you're going to be telling me Linda Rosenthal New York they're assemblywoman. Would like that they happened to your finger has any chance and your message to Linda Rosenthal it is major company who keep getting these asinine. Things coming up from a a New York City. Yeah as Linda Rosenthal. I'm sure you wanna great minds and in and that house. This is an assembly woman on it and she says we should ban air rifle and archery teams from high schools. There are as in section 68. Rifles seems. Fifteen to twenty people on its name and half of them are girls. So here's a good all around thing is that are Olympics bars whatever air rifles Camby probably guns of the girls will be BB guns. So I mean this is where it's gotten through. A couple of checks before we go to these FaceBook. A city enforce the laws we have severely punish the criminals we don't need more laws we need more common sense and I applaud that. Here's another what's next in the earth guns. Are removed to reduce the gun and call services on the B revolved. And this says though the backs of what I said earlier watch pretty much any movie that's been produced in the last when he is that a lot of guns there. There are guns and the people have followed our country to those who love us or break free from England. There are guns and every. Police department. Ms. guns and our military preserving what we have ands. Helping people stay safe. And yet they wanna take all the guns away from you use them for legitimate purposes for sporting. And a and for a self defense things like that were very tightly regulated now. In the so when they say we don't want your guys really want your guns. And as rob watch some points out it is just reinforces that the NRA is right when they say that okay mr. BM where we have some FaceBook. We DOJ says how stupid they wanna ban subnet teaches gun safety and responsibility because of this nit with the gun paranoia. Liberals are more dangerous than guns. I agree would that I really do. A number of people going to. Be members and compete in these. Rifle James I think it's it's really good. Same with the Bos and arrows archery. That's a that's a good thing too. Can I can maybe use as weapons I guess anything reuse the weapon. Remember guy killed his wife when they won a frozen leg of lamb one time. We're gonna have a leg of lamb buyback program through I mean c'mon. Let's get serious about this show so we gonna have. That we can have some comfort knowing that we respect the Second Amendment another long ways. Mike says liberal logic the left will never stop their pipe dream to disarm America law abiding Gun Owners of America need to speak louder and double our effort to keep our rights. And I I totally agree with that and we'll see what happens I I think this is there going no where bill. And its design is not designed to do to become law. It's designed to get in the Rosenfels name out there as standing up for the safety of America. I mean it's just crap. And we capital of a state where we've Victor state eleven and downstate they've picked those those legislators are we have to live with. Pretty sad there really truly is some people have sex and what they can even have delivered in New York State. And I think some armaments or via a job okay have a rubber band guns it's. Those this element affair at least they used to. The rubber band guns morose. If I'm fine that's all they are. Nobody nobody gets rushed to. The Ahmard because you were playing with a rubber band gone you can go to jail for doing this now. He had just how -- my fingers as your finger in your thumb his film you know OK let me caulk Martha mullah. Now I'm not pointing energy Joni. I'm pointing away from you because even when I hold my hand up I don't point at you and those things and that's good finger safety sandy I think my finger should be remove. I think we should have a finger buyback program did you think of Camelot I'd I had to bear the mayor it would be very much in favor of it. At the end of the day they can have a cardboard. Display Obama. I'm on a card tables showing various fingers it have been purchased by the city. Then the left wonders why we refer to them as the Loney laughed yeah they really are mr. beam errand other. Melissa says that's ridiculous rifle teams use air assault rifles it teaches these kids page it's imprecision. People have lost their damn minds it's it makes Oreo and skill. A good thing that most people don't know unless you have a gun. And you enjoy going to arrange or to a regulatory target range of things like that. That you can practice this and get really good that in a great deal of accomplishment. It's a great deal of enjoyment true. It doesn't mean it when you leave the ring jeweler long shoot somebody going to leave their enjoyment on hold some idea. Now the bad guys don't care ball laws. They don't seem to recognize that through it and give a damn much are laws we have more laws now than when we never really need to use. A but they don't care about him because I don't fault they knocked if they're not they're caring legal guns. They don't or they shoot somebody but a week to pay the price for that why are we the law abiding citizens. Paying the price it's like stopping people who are doing under 55 on the young man. And not stopping Cleveland going a 105 in the does that make any sense to do. No we are though we have a law a binder is where the people. Who follow the law and were also the people of which you're an office they seem to forget that for some reason. 11 last one way I. I don't think it's time for gay I think is more or less that this is how they can they get their vote. Because so many on the left are clueless here they're clueless tour so you throw this out it sounds good. Well that's there's your base there's your votes there it would keep your children's assurance I was. Is over community and we can't have this to a what are we what are we a nation of savages. I mean it's ridiculous. Their points are just ridiculous they're beyond ridiculous. When you start getting down a BB guns. They're bad and then then those stand up and tell me. We don't we're not coming after your guns always looking for is. Some cents. Sensible legislation. That that make you laugh and Els says he can't even double the original words they are used the same exact words. So C as sends and that's positioning. If they've position and as sensible and you're against the vigna Unita in favor cents commons. They give an example of positioning this is something that just read from Fox News. Elizabeth Warren talk about nearly three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump what trop. Took the presidency keyword tool that's not exactly the sign of healthy democracy to get. Another awards this year at one issue whatever earned it but if anyone he took it I'd like her to have figured to tell us how he took it. Irony today you'll have an ego illegally. Where ballots this stuff in the boxes were dead people voting for Donald Trump what did he do. He has spent a hell lot less money than Hillary Clinton. I would that's the way they've positioned thing where they want you to believe that Russians came here and voted for Donald job or video flew overhead in the race there ballots and and in for trump and and just enhance the race the votes in trailer him in the balance of drunk and out of the three million policy who have received more how many of more illegals that's a good point you have it on talk about any at all events is all positioning life is positioning thing about it. We do we all position all the time we get position and we position. We've put somebody in a weaker position. If there arguing whether it's by bringing up something that may or may not be true but we're positioning them there positioning us. You're a moron well I'm a clear thinker. Well who you vote for I'd prefer the more on this element mark they are as the same thing now. Heat cook. VO elections as amazing. He writes on him as a spotted that 80 Israel I'm trio wanted to lose 616 nights or 630 when we come back. I don't know if you know it or not I don't know if you ordered the cake. But it is a one year anniversary. Via a Muller investigations. Started one year ago and some prominent people are coming out and say enough. Enough it's a year you have any thing are non you have something show up whether of not shouted down on news radio and I'm sure. They're changing gears. And now we're also changing. Cash go to words. The 11 o'clock 1112 there's harmony HA RMO. And YE harmony has and we are all enjoying it. The harmony of a fabulous reviewers. Harmony HAR animal and lives back.