Beach and Company Gun Bans 5-17 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, May 17th

Rod Watson says banning High School rifle teams helps make NRAs case, is he right. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN 


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Oh hello hello hello is region governor as sandy beach you know I always say I wonder if anybody else in the world who's doing what I'm doing now. Eating a tuna sandwich wearing black sneakers and hopping on one foot. You know those kind of things well yesterday I add actual blow example of that I guarantee I did something yesterday. Nobody not want to view has ever done and. Yes I did some things that I had never done before and I guarantee you would never done before. I now Tony I told you otherwise don't say what it was by. And I have you ever done that before know about you may have you ever done that before I have nots and of being hasn't nobody's gonna right. Are OK here's the deal. I go to my car. A beautiful. Jeep grand jury is very nice as RT logged some of them are okay. I got older I had to get something out of a compartment. So rather than reach across from the driver's seat to the compartment. Because it was something that I would of this fish war I want around. To be that a passenger's side and open the door and leaned in and open the compartment and got out what I neither of compartments so far so good. I'm good at testing right now. And then I take a step backwards apparently a step too short backwards and slam and our. I'm my hair. Hi slam red Jeep Grand Cherokee door on my year. Does that hurt our watch I am telling you well luckily. The air out of me just the justice as. We look at it's painful audio. And the care luckily does not have a lot of laden okay. But. I was on my way. To doctor climate releasing into your. Cell I want and ECV aids is aids. Do fulfill my larger apartment. I I mine a walker because I wrenched my knee walking up the stairs. I've got I've got to hear there's just been smashed and a door. Monday are going to Roswell. Two array of basal cell removed as just got over 45 weeks of radiation. I think I'm on some of human parts that walked in there yesterday. And and gotta gotta at least. In my eyes are fine and I slam my eye in a doors thank you I think solely on rap you Barley and myself and bubble wrap in exact measurements because we're on par exactly I mean winning the parts department here. You know our state park service sales department and engineering department. I'm here to viral we need to parts department is thought yeah I think it's a few days off to get apple app you're right Tuesday go easier. Sure everything will be fine I understand your beyond where goods you've been here when this afternoon they're meant to mark the fourth hour today and tomorrow. Early and be fun and for upholding the double BC's sales doubled these events that's good. Idea always have a Tryon better catch your show when your on revoke Bali sounds good it's like eighties I'm sure it'll be brought up. A it's have you done anything stupid like that I mean through a lot of stupid things when not like that and evolve things that car I did I've dedicated my life two cars. I've spent all my money on cars. It's all about cars and now a car comes in and grabs my ear without without you know even asking. It was so I've never done anything like that and hopefully I want him I learned a lesson I'll never stand that close to our door and get my air guided them again. Wow wow wow oh wow yeah. I got all your love of car sandy is this the worst injury you sustained in a. Is that slamming your finger in the gulf and you have done that you've done that man my dad closed my. Dorm has carved my finger. When those kids while you're so I did that in the keys and in fact now that things in Bruno again to close the door and that's how the authorities have projector it will need a full investigation where where appointing a special counsel that figures. Do what it's really cold and slam your finger you don't feel. Like at first I was already numb yeah it's accurate it's it's it's amazing we don't have more injuries but there that's at my ears jailing. Hopefully you know Monday at Roswell almighty basal cell will be removed. I assume eventually my knee will get back to normal and all will be good with the world good news I'm up to three pounds now. What's that lifting weights all OK I can absorb or I'll argue about. Yeah there is aware of one pound right one time is because. You could you couldn't overdo it start with a pound and then. And then you know you've maxed out with a pound is that how you're where I can come through one -- when the thirtieth rapid it is the same as the first drop and I can move our guest rooms so you're you're you're gonna start on three he had Jim Kelly brought to in 323 probably two to four pound weights form it's nice for him to do that that you do that before they throw a lot of feeling I must admit after because Al came out helped him. Everybody car and move out of this knowing. No I think is a weird is Saturday it. Bad. Bad Xoom for intercom he was in the ceiling doings award and the latter came out from under him and he fell out of the ceiling. And I'd like to say I tried my best to save the latter a little too late my hand eye coordination of my lacrosse coach Italian not the best men broke. And let you slide. I was in your studio. You know studio is right next there's only one wall separating it into a 104 okay with Rob Lucas to of one or two arms. I'm one gulf war is over there they're both of them I have to remember which one we're peppers and everywhere I've been everywhere man I've been everywhere with a shot if they were a call. Had he fallen into problems is his ceiling. In America and all of the interns because rob has many interns rod here would be is multi internists yet yet. How lucky is Rob Lucas do you know who he's talking to you tomorrow morning Yahoo! dot Backstreet Boys is he rarely invited me to sit. Studio we'd call what I imagine moment yeah its own eyes how come over your house and get those you with your shoes and my goodness Florence Colorado wanted to show Bernadette feds or she'll be here as 61 resigns on should. Wired area that I coming down. Other new announcement of single just got released they're doing a media tour the new album upcoming and paid their residency is done in November unless they extend. May be at any ready for a tour next winter higher high or comment please I've had too many injuries my heart is beating at a rapid rate you're just telling me that hey I'm just I'm just I'm just science or just remember this there are no Andrei Rio I'm just gonna get that's what I've seen both within a month the beach I can't wait that's right you're going to see under you here and we are good street theatrical career received a. I would take a break it will be back them or you don't want the royals is that there be more real people. Why why this big fuss about the winning or come back I'll give them some ideas. On how they might be able to handle it live and then they hope people like us it's just like guys fire off one thing. They must have firewalls right. And that go to go to Vegas and have Elvis merry. You picture of you the witty scenes were fights break out Torrealba is apparently went exactly. But the royals have I mean they have guys with those big solved for cats. And meg a queen mother has media as she's she drives or on a Range Rover which can go anywhere but the federal building and rings were over. So learns she's got some advantages with the fight does break out the colony. Royal rumble here very good can you imagine this the Illinois where as anybody here and alive the solution Abbie joins me now or forever hold your piece of McQueen says. You. Will be back. Lamar after. As the Beijing company and the as WB and will be covering the royal wedding on Saturday morning. As Saturday morning so it if you would like if you're out and about your new car. And you're like to find out what's going on with the royals. It will be wall to wall royals on Saturday morning starting at six six tea. So hang Evans that will not gotten. And so you're on your own defined as chicken Barbeque. Or early fifties. I want and earth. Seriously the whales are. Historical. Stories of royal families because of the palace intrigue and stuff like that. Not that much into the royals a lot of people are I'm not fine if you are no problem. But the bottom line is. We always try to figure out ways. That the royals could be more like us. And you have to think why would they want to be hooked up. Guys I mean think about it. It's a lot of privileges to be a but they can have fun and giving the queen is going to get a electorate up for the reception and jump up on the table I don't think so now she's no Hillary Clinton she is not as she is not. And is it fair and thorough. Prints go up 30. Was really it's only me. Getting on there and just the dance and up a storm. I can see and hear from being a mosh pit and metal content to see them jumping off the stage. I see that. And what I like what I think is if they do it I think it's an American custom. I didn't do it my way and polygamy where you would take the wedding cake and use motion peace. Into the brides base I'm not involved as politically correct anymore. But can you imagine if I Harry decides ago robe and smush is the queen's face with Kate. Would that be cool and a fu fight breaks. To see that and ever if I thought our guys break out the royals have a big advantage. They've got an army currency they have got the guys. The guys are big tall hats. They got them swords. They had a withdrawal take me two guys that they had a horse is I mean they got together really cool carriages of the crown jewels. While because you have your own ground rules and or squelch much blown up by and then ever seen in public now you know you're always on display only share but the bottom line is hey I don't think via something I would wanna do. If you had a chance to be. A royal. Another words if you could be in the in the royal family of England. Would you wanna do it. A despite all the advantages and certainly advantages I mean I've marvelous because everything that it is that you're doing your life will be scrutinized. And you couldn't do the regular guy thing mortal bowling I don't think so. I doubt very much Paulo may be you know who's up for polo. But not Bolick okay Tony would you be Arroyo of the urgent. I'm already royal pain in the box on my club gas goes in new C beamer being Iran would be very royal. Rogue. He would be to go either breaks all the royal rules would you like to be Rory over your chair because I wouldn't. What's in this that's awful. I don't want to think about it everything I do before I do a royal like he said everything's on every tabloid there's always someone following you. I just wanna be able that take awhile and that when I wake up the next morning if it was a memorable night just forget it not pick up the sunny gulp oath frontpage. You know as funny as I like all the shows about royalty. Especially class and to have like Henry the eighth. Who who said now would divorce. Whittle it got to be his hair as a lot easier cheaper. And there are no there were no. Lawyers on television saying if you don't. You slip and fall on your hero here. Here's here's a question about the world's like how much longer is the struggle. And say you know. It's OJ tradition I don't know but if you go back in your finger over history. I mean in the history is pretty colorful in Iran and those countries France. Certainly England Germany. But I don't know we get zig you know they get an allowance you do know that. And allow the state. Gives them an allowance so they can be royals. A you get music is your prime minister going. I know you're only a figurehead. You know during your allowance your room wasn't the fact that. You left the venom that he's a like after Queen Elizabeth right it will lose some of its. And so our good friends good friends who do the next person is. I I think. It because she's been on the strong and so long as one big issue isn't among the most of us want to know us and our. And British labor. Folks don't we may have gone thrown and we immediately that they should have a multi thrown. A royalty of Americans. And I think she has been on the throne so long. Bit I think they could use a freshening up. And prince should Charles is not the guy says this is Charles freshening. She Nadal. You got to get somebody from what either you know I don't know what via. Olivia ascendancy. Is but somebody right William orders as some of the young users. But I don't think Charles would make Charles would definitely in the obvious that. I think the the date of the wedding is very interesting it's the first Saturday after Premier League soccer season is over. All I'm okay and Waller will find out who scores first. What I've heard the bottom purposely waited for solid season to be over. Okay well the gamblers of other big on gamblers. They're gonna see who scores first Prince Harry RV Starr of their of their favorite soccer game. I'd love to see the odds and who's gonna walk mega down the aisle I'd I'd like to take odds on that there's somebody after walks. Maria coming around here you could go to army alone if you wanted to do. That would be ago vehicle I Erin do they have plans for a honeymoon. Could they have a private honeymoon in Niagara Falls. And I hope so. Get those beaded pillows. I have a royal wedding and honeymoon all ago was this lousy so there's this listening at the sleep there or on the blue dog. They want every Friday. If they wanna private honeymoon don't come anywhere close to buffalo because it'll be all over the new. Like yeah absolutely well good luck to them we are trying to cover it it's it's they can you imagine if today is rehearsal day. I wonder if they just reverse studies the vows part. Or if they actually bring out the carriages and horsemen and the jet fly overs and everything they'll probably do on Saturday morning you'd think they'll do it all you go rehearse at all or just part of it. Not to gather acting you know bits and pieces will be rehearsed a separately you know. The guards don't do their thing the royals do their thing in the park altogether it'll be like the Super Bowl just the basics so nothing's given away. Well I hope they treat her well she is an American coaches give the option and I. We'll take a break here Robert backward more news radio and I Thursday. And so WPG again. Wherever aggravation governor okay now why each of you talk today and you'll be Amer. To give a number that you think the royal wedding is going to cause now if it reaped huge resolve or if you side you know the answer because I'd like to guess. I have not seen not seen OK you know what do you think your royal wedding is gonna cost. Wow hard. I'll go all 121000012. Million if you're the queen of the Mac's daughter and her charger. The whole amount of news lunar nod. A basic twelve mayor bodies they like I have a question first you know is this part of parallel it's taking extra money from the government I don't know it's just the cost has been estimated as to why don't cost to do what they have to do with the way. Such a low ball is around six million. Watch violence 45 million dollar hole should. Moret five million dollars. I don't know man I mean I really don't a finger at the world over indulgence. All right guests two prominent people that have not brand and their families who have not been invited to the wedding. People Clinton's. Snyder. The trumps. That there as one the drugs have not been invited. Wells the obamas that's draft we got all the moms the jobs and others have not been invited to wedding what are they just crashed it. I'm Iowa figures showed up. I mean this Chrysler were a sitting president. I undergo be various things you would have I'm sure Michelle would like another vacation REI was you I did bring all of them aboard air force one's interest here who sit in at the royal wedding. I'll listening slower. John I'll ask our he hashed through. Olive oil and he sang Diana's memorial service op man Aaron harm is there and them. Really wonderful albums on represents our showbiz I mean he asked the Welsh funny seeing it Rush Limbaugh is just as they also say about Tatum a million dollar yeah four million dollars icing on his wedding again. They might not give you a million dollars. I I don't think I would get the job. Job amount of money that's. And Russia's wedding but I I do feel that because they have the royal wedding that's good for your resonant. You can probably get jobs at any hotel in London after that. I think they're picking her opera the issue is that the comfort and a couple of the big guy at royal coach will blow up where the horses. And about the show have the complimentary breakfast unfortunately pencil with a Danish and Dana Asia oranges seem confident that maybe a couple through gotten a couple of program often. Because yes that's an underground. And spoke. So do that hadn't IOC's groceries. Shows good American manners I hope she makes the bed be fortunately. Sleeves a tip for play from every other book isn't always gets short shrift from jobs. The people you don't see a good people make up the wrong you don't see them. The auto waiter or waitress brings beautiful okay thank you here's a tip but you don't see the people that make a bureau. So that it's kind of unfair about Lotto one of my thing so she goes right from the comfort them. And she Jones and those imposed I really think the vision of mega American invaders can you imagine Elvis marrying them and this thing and that would be a good look to she registered Kaymer. She is right she is registered and things like this. Gerber good nose is you got invited to the letting the bad news. If you have to think of something is going to be impressive for a gift can't we Jim a small country and they're really what do you do swat potty. Only human beings don't say they have the same needs as the right. That thought in my leg is at one jewels and these. Are jewel screw this is what everybody. Like its gift probably wouldn't work the royals a nice gift cards that beyond that that's nice because it's a variety of things that might run out of stuff whoever that are living. But yeah I can you imagine seriously trying to buy a suitable. Gift. Because you're going to overdo it for that's for sure. What would you get him still stuck on this allowance. Is the whole thing or individual members of the rule OK the royals general Wallace now hole gets that from Leo on it's I don't know OK but I I do and dogs seen documentaries is that they get an allowance to run my household. And do whatever royals do because Taylor insurer can you see the queen with a piggyback gonna hammer. I care I really can't I'm stuck on that's the first I've ever heard of deals pilots got big government gives that they have no power. They have no power at all and in government in England. But the their symbolic of of the royal line and so they you know analysts who have to become royals. I don't I can't see the queen going over and it felt did you go to Jerry Quinn last Tuesday. And I wondered your checking all the servants to use that coupon a cut out exactly. What. I want blizzard get the second free drinks though I'll go you know. Via have you seen the royal children that Hugh. They really are normal yacht is and though the two of them are going to be in the wedding the little girl. Waves electric queen she's like three or four she's good ball. She is so Q speaking. Weddings have you guys seen the video of the guy proposing. Two is girls all the little escape. I'm assuming it's their kid decides he needed to relieve himself hopes of all let it get out pulls out as little Hanson you know little. Well he went after enduring during while he's got as the proposal also would ever. Had followed the failure occurred over the kid gets write the Shia militia besides the number one was needed right. All rats follow us about god and our kind of brings those things gone. I mentioned earlier. Laments in this report go to break the environment. How I slammed my ear in the door my car. Here's a attacks sandy when I was younger and not very sober. A girlfriend of mine slam my finger in her door I answered opened the doors so I could see the damage using the dome light. As I was looking at the damage she stepped on the gas and ran over my foot. All my hot spot. The only thing missing is my former girlfriend on Beijing night is getting Camby is Garland I mean that would require a lot of forgiveness loans are going on yeah honey I'm sorry your fingering your foot. And they on the same so. I did it O meg auto of one of the right it was should be more mobile. I will we care and by the way the the Oreo letting you be fun if we carried it carry the audio of it and let me come Wednesday on a while what was going on instead of via the stuffy British commentators about any your ball flight sound of Mexico all way all yeah that would leave out critical thing I would like that. Well let's take a break yeah the Obama does that bear and invited him on Trump's have not been invited. So they've those who base specifically that are not invited something maybe maybe Georgian and Laura Bush have been invited I don't know while find out yeah. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB are really a war about a few things. Little royal wedding they're gonna have a lot of people at the reception. I hope their enough matching issues you know you don't wanna have Miss Match things yelled one. The midst of this type or another of that and glasses still be nice if they match and I think they're gonna put out are really show a real honest to goodness silverware and order's going to be any plastic. So this is the use it while it costs 45 and here's another thing on board about. You know they are royals this is already Jordy deal's gonna cost 45 by human they're also human beings. There's all those people eating food and drinking wine and whatever the same time. How many port a potty you think and bring him a lot yeah and they'll be out they'll be outside the odds on I think that's though. So. You couldn't pay me to go to this offense I wasn't planning to. I just at ER look at it's just silly. I chance ago remember because I told him there right I had a chance to go to lawyer fund raising event in Palm Beach. Admiral Fargo remember. My friend we got me an invitation and I didn't go because they're the same thing your jargon about. And it was it was a charity thing is how gluten PI was is definitely as a friend of mine who was the best out of my wedding actually. Is a friend of the trumps and so that's the way to go. If I'm gonna do anything I flew in would be like colonials are concourse. That they have always go to the cards at the big Arianna Applebee's what's you're use money terrible grades yet they do those things were cute to have this hypocrite I mean they're really do there's not a drop of oil anywhere I mean yeah we're talking million dollar vehicle guns or big time that would be fun it would be far and they haven't overlooking the ocean because strangely enough that's where it has. But you have out if I may go to I think in the quilting to was they'll run the cars and the cars drive by so they're not just sitting here are good part of that is it doesn't matter how much money you have. Or what your station in life is if you have a level of the vehicles the I think you have a conversation. That you can strike up with a anybody's it's there exactly as they do love cars passed idea. I like doing that I think they'll refund go to now OK ladies and gentlemen every once in awhile. Reality comes out on strikes us. All of the things you've heard overall the year is the same old same old same old. And you're sitting well I've heard that for years that's not true it's just an old canard. This is just something they say. Well how many of us who belong to be a National Rifle Association. Now or believe in the Second Amendment of our constitution. We believe in the rest of it through but the point. Being for this discussion that he. The Second Amendment how many times. Have people say he has all the NRA they're always saying their route to take our guns away. And that's designed just to raise money for the NRA. So they have more power. Get more road more people sign up for the NRA. Then figuring out of the way or how many times have you heard politicians say. I have not out to take your guns away and so that's the big argument. That people don't like the NRA put up an important three years and years and years. Well the proof is in the putting. Apparently what the area's been saying for a long time is true. Now we know it's true but this judges blind phase we know because we can see it and it's a little here a little details myself into. The load off the side flew off the bottom there we go French and Germans they'll finally get down where there are no firearms and America. The latest assaults. On anything like that is coming from our own legislature. From a woman named Linda Rosenthal. Who is an assembly woman who now. That meant that as a bell I didn't not making this up if bottom line and I am now as a bill. This is arbitrage garbage and get passed as law in New York State. To take away. Your BB guns. Yeah not Europe BB guns. Let me make it straight what it is is she wants to eliminate. Errors there are closings in schools and have teams. And the teams are four air rifle and archery. Air rifle is BB for those of usually that leads the party. And as she says that this is wrong we shouldn't be having air rifle and archery high school teams. She wants the ban air rifles she wants to take away your red Ryder she wants that take away your little beaver. And that's it those. If there are ago. Has a red Ryder little beaver model of air rifle it's called a BB gun. I it is technically an air rifle. But it's called the BB gun. And chew us they go away and now I don't know if that would include pellet guns and I'd put. An air rifle that that the terminology is usually. Applied to a BB gun. So alive though it's the people have been saying against the NRA. Because this thing pages saying that we're out to take your guns away here is it is a real honest to goodness. A proposal for a bill that would. That would ban them. Ban most teams those schools could not have. Air rifle and archery high school James and NY is archery included in that at all at all. Was the last time you heard of Armenia body walking into a 7-Eleven with a bow and arrow. I mean really seriously there are serious hunting instruments and eloquent Robin all of them. And friar tuck anymore. They're serious and instruments of on thing. But I don't think there would be your problem. You can't conceal them. Nobody uses them to hold up anybody. But this is what's going on so our way. Oh what we've found out is that the Ariza and threw for a long time and who stands up for that. None event and this is going to I hope your driving we're both hands on the Leo. Robert Watson. I'm these are harsh side on this one a rod Watson in the past has been our side saying the prowess of guns that the problem is when people. And this is one of the few times that rod Watson. And eyes on the same page what we are here. And bill when we come back at gonna talk about. The what ride has this say about this program. I think that we've seen no real effect. From people who have participated in the archery team or via. The high school. Air rifle team. They don't go out and start to you know raising mayhem. Because they've been shooting and a year in the air rifle. Or using. And archery bow I don't see that at all. But yet you did do gooders in in New York State including Linda Rosenthal. Says that we shouldn't have them. They always always better for us right they always prevail is no what is the right thing to do when they don't have a clue they really don't. So we come back and went over rode rides Holloman and askew is right right. Is rod Wright Roddy is right against say that right now I'm gonna give away the answer yes rod is right but maybe he'll disagree maybe he'll think rod is wrong. A wrong rod and right rod. Position on the right for our for a change for a welcome change and well written and I Saturday. Would you hit him. Yes they catch go acquired scored 10 AM ten to eleventh only. All and the LY text the word only your 72881. And youth you can win a thousand dollars.