Beach and Company Goodbye Straws 4-23 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Monday, April 23rd

Delaware North is saying goodbye to straws, your thoughts. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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And we are back where Vijay and company here is a veto of a day the ultimate getaway today's field of today. For my Volvo perks is a 465. Dollars and to forget for one night stay at Wyndham garden falls view. In now it falls Canada for only 55 bucks US include vouchers to Ruth's Chris steakhouse outback attractions and much more. Go to my buffalo perks dot com it is a big Jim company. I'm sandy beach or we're talking about they erode their phasing out straws. At Delaware north on Delaware north. Has a lot of venues they have a Major League Baseball. They have NFL stadiums they have national parks they racetracks. They were all kinds of venues. Where food is served in from now on. Routinely you'll not get. India and they have airports through a straw note you'll have to defend without a straw. For yourself because do the plastic is cars Amman. There's two plastic do a minimum okay same stuff right. And I want you to word and tell me. Next they're coming for your plastic bags believe me once they get the straws are come for the bags is this over the top PC what do you miss. That you used to have that we don't have now. And a couple of taxi or one from a very disturbing. Is that true. OK if this is one easy bake ovens don't work with the new Alley deal light bulbs to rule. I have my sister had an easy bake oven. She never bake anything in that I ate she never offered me anything she made where that. You had two Brothers I assume they didn't have easy they go. Noble my cousin Juli did and when we went over to visit and I. Want indicate that she would not make one you hear a whole cake or put in the easy bay and then she would make one Baylor. I was in my getting easy very kind of guy. Don't know like I believe my sister did have an easy bake oven. But I solidly was looking for he's bake oven when I went go clean out Toys 'R' Us there in the closing sell a whole shelf problem. Are easy very governor you were easy bake okay yeah that's cool Euro I should get after some. There was Arroyo a there was a royal announcement today. And there was an who boy born in the lineage and I think the woman whose whose mother. I had an easy now and she just had a bond in the different than an easy. Remember when George eight from the old easy bake oven when Jerry was dating a girl all toll and Jerry go to. You know that from like 1960. I thought I. Us or ask you what do you miss that we used to have aired those as somebody yes Goran. Outside if you would have brought this up during the break a seek class respect audio problem manner manners manners we don't have manners. I was brought up to be respectful and who have some manners. And now it's gone it's gone. Nobody nobody has matters anymore it's just who can the speaker allowed us. And that's it for me that's very embarrassing to that is people in my generation that really started that downhill when it comes just. Just your every day table manners or yell you're talking to others manners face to face communication. Not there. Yeah well once a self okay man and it was so hooked on. What well look there's a picture on it look at this this is amazing is human being next to me it doesn't matter look at there's a picture on it. It's I bet their pictures so good it'll go viral. And there's no need for me ever talked to and every human being. But out of law I love electronics I have the electronics I use the cards I loved electronics but the finger scares me the most. Is that a person to person communication is gone. Home like here's your Mike is that on to house of black people and things generation have the skills and you know this thing I don't know if there are indications things that little shop with a square button usually. When you push it becomes red and okay call your article and I could write all the bad about a allows me because I'm protected by this class a petition here. To make fun of it okay you were just there. That people have lost the ability to communicate because of that there's so you everything is on line everything that they do all the friends and communication. Is done online so whether or a social setting they don't know why and exactly. And its value if you go and if you're a good socially at the speaking. And though with another person and you don't have social skills. You're going to be chased out of what's always been a huge part of her job market. Sales sales of any thing sales of airplanes as sales of bread sales of any thing. You have to have a communicated scales. And if you don't if you can't convince somebody. To buy what you have is a product or bide your services. Then you'll never have a sales job and if you don't have a sales of your coming out about half the job market I would say. And warning fellas when you're on a date put the phone down focus on the girl. On the other side of the table. The phone shouldn't be anywhere close the table is should be about you in the person your dinner went it is so annoying and frustrating. To see people out on what looks to be getting dates and they're both on their cell phone not enjoying each others company what's the point. I'm glad you went that way because as soon as I said your if you goodwill value on the go with sales in the news that dating and I'm begging all. At three alternates there was met in selling yourself absolutely you can't look silly in the eyes in and sell yourself. I mean you're screwed for lack of opinion. Well that's different that's a whole different subject well at home. Marriage I think that the government. If you were outright regular card game and malignant items and it didn't. And at home Alex he had gotten our bigs who lives but you liberal with a lawyer probably. Well I'd take a break records are not news radio and I'd thirty we are WB ENN. Album or text here here's paper straws collapsed. But they were fun yup I remember of paper and paper straws collapsing and it would be right in the middle of a large ship QB guards and that would just stop. Right there. But I hope this next text. Is not correct. I don't know maybe your seller you're due. I think stand from Greece Rochester is passed. You remember stand used to call us all the time regularly about political stuff almost always political political. And we haven't heard from him in a while although not that long I think it it seems tiger was there about three weeks ago we heard from him. Haven't heard since then I hope this person is wrong. But. It happens from time to time you because we don't know people except by their voice right and they he was a regular. A regular Republicans gonna die hard. And I hope he's not pass it to regulars from crotch question that I doubt I'll learn I thought the last one for Rochus who was him all there was in him. Yeah 'cause when he called and it sounded like stand that's why puts an end. On the uncle screen. And that he I know that's not true. Tony you had some other things that that we. We've kind of myths that we use them. And I think you really you know. You know real weird that this wanna something that you and I both your geared more excess cars Dario interiors of cars in the 60s70s. You can't you can't replicate that they're not out there in the smell of a new car that is no longer the U. Two excellent points. The the smell is because all the things would come together. The chemical the gloom and all these things that are lab error and that it would have a Two Rivers smell you don't get that anymore. And that is that I I do miss that and you know what are you really miss but if you weren't living in that period you wouldn't know about it unless you watch video of the auctions the car auctions. Is that especially with cars like the ship reasoned. And like a 57 shoving and it was a turquoise guard might have a Turk bush interior. You view the you look around. And now when you'll hear cars is a very short number of callers insides vehicle rein in their grave there black. A sand some tan. Only a very specialized cars that looked good. But before many of the paint jobs. And and the material for seats and everything else all met. I'll read in tears look at early seventies delta 880 my god what an interior. And if you look at the prices neighboring on the auctions. Like Jeremy goma Barry Jackson whatever the ones Lugo really zoo sued upscale interior is. Bring a lot of money that in the engines those of rookies. But the the bottom line is the avenue there were things on those cars and even now economists. That little window I'm Leo I'm the one near their VA Bill Burton that you could open in just opened a little bit I've played with that all the time as a kid everybody did and you want to make sure that that was locked when you shut down McCarthy a day or summary it and about those kind of things were really really nice to the early ones locked in and click yes OK there's our Internet aren't so are you open it and right now we have fans each man see stuff that. Dwarfs that but that does simple window that opens was was very organized. If Israel and I 301806. On six drooped wizards star and I'm thirty here's a Texas kids you're fiercely hot summer days. We grabbed the nearest garden hose for water. Time and on pass it around kind of magic kids doing that today. And I remember the water from holes tasted it he said it was nasty issue it was like drinking a lot of liquid rubber. But it was used in the afterglow in the house that's the point he's and then go and how's it wasn't. COLT it was the temperature of whatever the ambient temperature wise. It tasted lousy but after you took a couple of swings on your turn the hose on your friends. Antonio Guerrero a lot of holes are friends he did and those and it's it's what sticks in our memories. Members smells. As being very vibrant and thing you know new trees and stuff like that. I'm now I don't have that anymore I don't think it would be environments changed that much. But there is certain zones in the Arab villages bring back your childhood. And the kind of kind of missed votes. Let's see who is being next inexorably jail cell phone JR Iran WB and. Reported they just bottled waters are talking about the whole. House early march Telemar going out not common problem might not have anybody worried about. That's right they don't send the FBI out to get your and it was a basically a trust full. Neighborhood everybody knew everybody else if you had to go into running a neighbor's houses they welcome you ran good good point thank you. Yeah. What. Is the most appreciate you get a gauge your although it. Our. Oh yeah and yeah the cover argument and the notes the album notes. Very very helpful you know enjoy that a lot and use them for decorating and everything else good points thank you very much. He get the album all that this Wikipedia look at recover and a lot of that Israel he lagged. Out there in a lot of very very progressive tonight. So continent rebound on OK thank you very much. Let's go through Mexico which would be Daylon Amber's been oh here on WB in. Aren't. O'Dell what do you have for us today. Unless something Helmer. As sure a lot of people don't have it anymore today. What are and we get together it's not important I wouldn't quite call it all plus a certain other element. So. It's just like Atlanta and mortgage company pristine and work to be politically correct. You have to think about everything you say and all the ramifications that are possible weather before it leaves your mouth. A larger get in trouble because somebody will be offended by some people spend their whole life looking to be offended. All right thank you bill thank you very much. You guys must have noticed that so it used to be good there are times. I I don't around people that. Don't accept my sense of humor. If you don't I don't have time for is so who cares but if you do so I'm I I can say anything if you're comfortable about it and that those are your friends yeah. I'm the same as you like if you don't get saarc tales Omar where I'm coming from them where I can be able talk the worse though is now bet that technology thing texting. Because I text like I talked and sometimes I'll text something that's supposed to have a sarcastic tone that you just can't get across where it's just words there. Yeah it's hard to get an MOG good shows sarcasm. They need to call you every assure you. That they had to prevent a mode she's the kind of show you how word feeling about what or shaping. I think that you have to yet in this cool. Bill and there are other symbols like bristle at the which you're gonna easily jealous of materials like Fresno professor was up pictured doing now one a man that is an apology though there is this Jersey. We got a remote through this a get well I didn't know what's there on a baby I have more afraid than a Moses before is this one and. Yeah I forgot there's a lot of thought and far behind RBIs when he yet. Because a lot of people I I brother call in talk to people on the phone but my friends people my age I can answer the phone and never you column. They hang up in the get tax that you called what's up. Yeah that's that's because you pass the test they saw who was they decide you're worth your time good to are true and nobody answers the phone. If we're still a disc jockey. Which I'm not you know I would do I don't I don't have a segment America all when he numbers. And see how many of them actually answered the phone. Your prime nobody does nobody it drive you crazy even when something's important. I'm surprised they answered his suicide hotline they don't answer any thing and it's just amazing to me. What we're talking about things when that's how about real prank phone calls since we got CC took that away. When people could really call someone for a radio show for radio shows me you could reel like Winstar in the ninety's to call someone. In really have another person on the line into a life prank phone call. You know you know made that happen Dan never really I'm not negatives up the FCC ruling was because of Dan Everett. Because before about what you gonna do. He is that you could call somebody and pretend you're somebody else or whatever and yeah laughed. Then at the end of the conversation is that I am I'm than ever that he VW. And they'll upgrade down our guard your permission to use it OK sure go ahead. That's fine. But now you can't do that anymore. Because now you have to tell him in front of its elements want to win. As the idea I am about to tell you a joke and then there is a good joke. And as somebody complained. About one of its funny phone calls which were verified by the way funny. Be FCC can't do and that's thanks to dad and the man maverick but he was a good father I know he told me. That way and the kids growing up if they were if they behaved. He let him go outside and play in the money you know so that's that's really thought. No holiday just spend it has got to throw around the house where they you know dress up. We'll take a break we'll be back bar on news later on I thirty WB. Hey now I feel weather's warming thing about vacation. I was starting to Barbara. Our reviews from AAA. And are bigger crews coming up we're Dan member of the myself a Mississippi River cure. A brand new ship from October 5 through the thirteenth. Volley American song they just finished. Every every room on the Americans on four of its Mississippi River Cruz. Every Rome is. The largest in them in cruising in America and they all have a Villa of of alchemy so that you can really see who all the beauty it's a surrounds you is your. Traveling in Mississippi. I'm now and talking to Barbara we have less than a handful. A state rooms left. And then the voters totally sold out and so that's it. Less than a handful. Of days so that means Florida three tour want and that's OK so if you would like to ago. Call or at least get the information 18446887477. As are told verve of fifth through the thirteenth. And just give you some highlights here it'll. Will start in New Orleans by the way it was started in New Orleans for a couple of days ago to zones in New Orleans elegant on the ship. And we did Baton Rouge in Natchez in Vicksburg and and also go all the way up to Memphis but we have VIP tickets to Graceland C elvis'. Oh home. And so that's terrific and along go a long way we're going to tourism southern plantations. Amend jewel of a reception. Lots of lots of things are going on during that trip and it's all American the Mississippi River. In and so being all American there's no passport needed just regular identification that you Tuesday. And that's as this have less than a handful left and this will be our eighth consecutive sell out. Sold out. All eight of them once we get. Confirmation on the him for older less than ample that are left. So if you wanna call 18446887477. October 5 through the thirteenth. Let's go to two of faith and cheap and faith zero W via. Hi candy and eager Megan that that's exactly what's going and first of all peg. I totally accept it and humor and now. I understand you actually my mother I looked at issue pedestal and you've gathered I'm well thank you I'm glad I hope she feels that. It seemed done great being here. But you're talking about things initially you're currently up your ass and I thought I I don't know quite. Our age but it protecting near each other out just ghastly hour that is equally inept. Uncle Ed's right Wednesday big it's slow sure. All my original here. And you'll picture. It certainly caught with a face on its Aaliyah. And her role in the air cooler glades is great. Yeah now makes yet at any rate I got off him and that they all I had. Do you remember riding your bike around the neighborhood and that when you wanted to go your friends you know either right up to the door. Lock the door and everyone can Hummer one rather they have their doors open you know and the windows open and you just Colleen you. You called and Tamiflu or if well if I was coming to preview of faith I'd be in the driveway and a bad. A and you hear it and you'd pretender weren't home. And I and I go. Anything. That day at the top. We just walked Joseph believe it or not. I was cigarette now we used to a walk on Friday night's me in my friend Don woman jogs through next and our our friend that he. And we would walk for hours just walking and they were talking about what's going on and just enjoying each others company had no danger or anything like that. But you know your hitters he and I hope yet because you know I'm. With my not hearing you know will go to stock up I didn't on the front court helix is that outlets and people what they got it up additional kids out. No it's it's almost like they're an endangered species they're not out playing him though and the snow in the letter they're not out in the summer there. Usually behind some kind of screening of the screen on their phone on the screen on their computer the screen on the videogame. Totally totally cricket it's just stay at lot of you know outside and got kids obese and think like LE a one a lot of. Yeah I mean there's a natural problem more than natural solution vote. Breaking that screen to have that might be tough while faith thank you I'm ledger drug humor thank you very much. And is a friend gone in Pennsylvania. City doing it this program. All are still screaming I'm OK let me put on hold. I didn't mean he usually doesn't have the big screen as he goes directly Ozzie he has the easy pass. It's amazing what what all those years of friendship will review. And he Israel says okay here's a dime in Pennsylvania don't remember those Friday night walks that view and edit myself does that take. All around them are sound. I certainly did. There are fine we had a lot of energy well we did better we're in the clubhouse playing poker opera we lady lake church going basketball. Yes we did and it. Quote we used to have the strong tool used to blow the hands off each other. At least ban made a productive childhood. Yes we did you know they took the yeah. I don't know the situation there. That took the two cities that we were surrounded by one was called the the paper's city being their birth right and the other one was lemon or what is called the plastic city. Those Foster grants Rosario. Yeah that was all kinds of plastic get up. Places and in London sir I just wonder how did you know nowadays. With there's always a classic to be pushed back. I don't know you know of Foster ran was owned by. Different people while we were young remember a German company came in and bought them. And I I I kind of lost track of them at one time my sister Beverly. Was the executive secretary. The loans cement asked is through the joke that president Foster ran. You know let you know the crazy thing is that if you are now bought a similar ornament now we're probably made been made out plastics. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure it was in his own classic for say because OK you buy plastic sunglasses. You might use them for ten years twenty years thirty years. Added I think very aiming at the plastic bit you have it and now you've discarded it and where does it ends up being collected. But god they had are as I recall growing up different kinds of straws they have flavor straws that you've reported Milken. And make them taste different and I recall that's I don't know why they couldn't go back some Veronica. Oh yeah that there were there was nothing like get. Getting some of those fiction with it's not suck it up to the straw man that has a lot of good yet again. So we didn't to have you don't have electronic things that are observed around would we start to the basics basketball. It's a basketball fans poker basically. And just drove conversation we editors. Yeah exactly it. That the best job I ever had I actually lost it. The because. Of the advent of plastic bag we used to make a lot of paper bags and pay them just say you know. Gift wrap paper our paper and plastics came along. We went away. Yeah I there in fact film by a Massachusetts western Massachusetts where we grew up had a lot of of a lot of sawmills things like that. They made on lumber a lot of paper. And in fact my mother when you is in high school work generate a paper mill in Pittsburgh that you probably grew by a million times. But the I I just think that. In some things where well advances in electronics but in some things were missing. And the real joy of life enjoying the small things that you'll remember. No matter how long you'll live you'll always keep those memories. Yes it is no question about that and you could best bridge and I would trade him and for the world. No I mean I do my best memory of view is violence of that eight dollars that you never repaid. And it's thought I'll take that with me forever gone eight bucks. It I'm not paying you back I'm sure the other rest now would be in the and I'll exhibit idealized grand banks are going to say it might have a good day in my. I would take a break and we'll return a newsreader I'm thirty WB dot cooling. Here bringing you. Got me. What I'm happy the. You are you guys this in the article by Alan heard a man in the paper. Yeah I was in Sunday. In which are Tim Weiner had to explain Alan the difference between a talk show host and journalist I saw Tim tweet something about it but I did not see Allen apartments guy it was fuhrman's column that Jim was referring through your governor is there. I did I heard about it again but I did not read the not to guide to amend or explain that Sean Hannity is the is not a journalist doesn't pretend to be a journalist. John Kennedy is they talk show since television talk. In same thing here and in the radio station you know you're listened to a newscast those are those are not talk shows. We are it's our shows and not a newscasters we are not journalists. We are opinions. Are port one's opinion may now where is his opinion based I tell you what I think based on what I think based on that any information might have. A nose person just gives you the facts of the news story and does not venture an opinion it's a pretty easy differentiation. Well as someone who took ill and her next class I can it doesn't. Stress the mind to think he doesn't know the different. Yeah I I have a feeling that I'm I'm glad Thames send them the it's actually could understand it as very nice things here. Let's go to Angelo in Niagara Falls Angelo you're on WBN. Uncle Leo I'm fine Angelo what do you have force today. Well and question and the question I have no answer to either when I was working for his retirement. We started converting bottle bottles from the lot of plastic. And then there was the carp are all about getting rid of plastic bag and I turned to one of my coworkers and I go I'm confused. They wanted a little plastic bag of their increase in the manufacture of plastic bottles what's different. That's a good point and I have in front remain a plastic bottle water. And Ifill that this morning it is the cheapest plastic. That they use as you can barely get Leo a blue bottle filled. It's like paper thin. And they're they get thrown away regularly you're right end and another thing oh on the same line where you just said a woman called earlier issues that go into the store and notice Albany products that are in plastic. So you're getting rid of straws and bags by the ago. The heavier duty plastic is there. And then he. What hypocrisy go to this particular problem could be a plastic straw but the give me a plastic water bottle. It. Well there's no making any heads or tails out of it to Angela it's a crazy world thank you. That's your big disappointment when you try to find plastic condoms. I mean it is just doesn't work and you know you gotta read you lose things in seriously serious plastic bottle. It is that she easiest bottle and did not the water but the bottle that's in it gives Lou waters. When I go to Philip. I I can barely get to the top wanted implosion. And you have to keep your hand on the bottom of it. So that you don't dump the whole thing on the floor course nowadays you can't leave your house lets you bottled water we have them I was I in the fifties as things I think they police could charge you're leaving the house and in in decent condition if you left without a bottled water or you have to have that horrible coffee places Arianna. And some people actually take the horrible cough replaces cup and for regular coffee and it. Who the hell's going to be impressed that you got your coffee there it's all about Stan says that's sad solo. And just think that's what you're gonna hang your hat on. Mitchell by all that's what's your accomplishment is that you got to a point where you can buy a cup of coffee as you think. It's ridiculous really cheap. Are you have burdensome Facebook's to close out the show what yeah. Acting Jones says recycle like they do that. This cult classic thing is ridiculous and has gotten out of hand. And our first of all you're telling me they can't produce even a plastic straw that would be biodegradable. You're telling me that is not a mystery business. I'm sure there's a lot of money and a strong business lots of a straws here you know is you're telling me you didn't do a little are indeed. A resurgent market that you didn't do to find out if you could add something to make a biodegradable them all bets would be off and you could sell Europe. You're straws as good as something that's been worked out I would think that would be possible. Beth goes why can't we just recycle them I haven't seen recycle bins around restaurants why not I recycle everything no big deal. Can't we obviously wrong as far as I'm glad she does. And one more ways if you're and John goes I tend to agree that this move too much less of waste is ended up in places like lakes rivers oceans and hurting wildlife. I think we should go more towards the plant based plastic they're biodegradable immoral harm wildlife. Or less what I just said biodegradable is fine you get that that level your fine. But as I said some supermarkets. It used to be okay. You'll Yugo and there's somebody charge you out now some supermarkets got to check yourself. At least asked a lot yup by as somebody watching you do it okay. And the used to be you get answered your groceries and in a paper bag now you have to give him in. If a some don't give you any value at all. Some plastic bags OK I'd say they've done everything except make you unload the truck when it arrives to start restore. Gary just fly if you flown recently got a government applied the Brian. Everything else you you argue predator armed ticket view Oprah bureau baggage claim. You you you check your own bags through machine being imprisoned or is it sometimes. All of that is done by you. Except to fly the plane they allow an actual part of the one point one can't do your own security mil I would I'd although I do pat myself down before. I have found things in there I didn't even know existed you know arms my leg while holy Moly are that about wraps it up. Thanks all of you today and there will have a brand new show and out of recycled show a brand new one tomorrow. That you chemist enjoyment throwaway like everybody else does we'll see event on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yet. A which they never into music he is certainly let you know I do get that.