Beach and Company Goodbye Straws 4-23 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, April 23rd

Delaware North is saying goodbye to straws, your thoughts. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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It is that is our opinion that. We're overreacting. To every single thing I'm okay now straws or problem. You know before it was the kind of lawyer though we're going to it was a problem everything's a problem problem problem. In everybody's trying to solve the problems of Delaware and us north steps Evans as you know. EU is a lot of show us in our sporting venues and our racetrack venues and our airports or whatever. We should cut down on straws and the everybody's a while that's a great idea. And it's a visual or somebody really wants a straw. Well they can have a trouble they got to ask for it. Is that gonna make their wages run an up and down like you know Leo Bobble head. Well that's okay yeah we we wanna cut down on the number straws and that's what they're doing so I'm asking because their plastic the year ago. Because they're plastic bearer of our even calls for a banning plastic bags some humans municipalities have banned them they have multiple uses. I'll give you this is strong as one news you do this. And then you throw away I got that I figure that out. But there have to be as there has been in the past. Other ways to deliver the straws. Without you know just destroying. The planet. And maybe paper shrugs in those things called trees via somebody plans them. They grow somebody harvest them they plan more when they harvest that. And so more trees grow. And so these are things that are totally renewable may we have classic truck and if they're thinking about coming after your plastic bag. A Mara and pulling cars wants to do that and maybe the state will do it knowing the nanny state we live in a like your opinion on that too. Mary from Lancaster. Merrier on WB yen. Old and and the good morning hello Mary are you a struck first and no oh no actually I told you well first thing it. All their screeners in there like. Is. You know this morning after reading this and in order. If they. Anyway the and the like and a strong note. The this is of those as strong case. What about in the old days. And you go to restaurants and other cable can't sugar and salt and pepper. Why didn't have a little draw and soda pop. Dog it went if you walk on it. You know what about this crap about the support wages and you're worth and that gets me about these are. It'll just mean. What do they hold in those. From the store they want a bag of my bank right. Look on the shelves and every Christian thing on those shelves and they're like 90% of the product now are. In individual plastic containers. That's right if you get a deli department that's floated would have individual containers. What went right vetoes now like Couric. I want the screen because here you have a ten cup glass coffee maker he put the watering can make to craft a ten cups. They forget little thing makes one company time and he got a lousy. Plastic container. And just throw it away and why don't those kids on Earth Day kick the can hope to would be would be called so we. Places Bozo. OK here's the column the dumb from the old days. Can dump them. Look and see how many plastic little individual little like there was a commercial for the cat who would I saw and I know you can't let. The fact is this guy or whoever is a woman opened the cabinet and every shelf is loaded with all these little individual little. Saw that and argue have you ever bought anything from Sony. It's a small electronic thing they use a plastic on Matt rejuvenated the jaws of life to open. That would be my my husband's department is that silicon expect the defective and as I get serious what I hear these people say banning plastic bag. What do you take your groceries home and and look at what's on the show that your. Putting in those things I think the bag are necessary. And there and there's nothing wrong with that. Yeah and if you if you care about a clean environment how about the fact that a lot of people walk their dog bring a bag would some. So that they leave a clean up a street behind nobody ever says anything positive about that but that's what they use for a lot of times and at any kind of storage. Right and that I could say is that all the people have to do it I I was trying to get I think it's good might be a better message toward your. You know listeners are but it appears this. Call Colin Parris and tell him and anybody that wants the ban plastic go to those supermarkets just up and say. What the shelf. That goes into those. That's there that's a good point merry go a good point well taken thank you very much accords so polar cars. Should give up his plastic hair what are your bank I mean that's here I can't be real it's got to be classic. Are you kidding I've seen him in a windstorm every hair this terrorism the last windstorm we saw men. Mitt doesn't move I think when he gets home he just takes them lifts that plastic hair right province sets it on the Dresser in arms are gonna rub. So he should be the last ones are here about plastic. No I think we've gotten to a point of a political partners as ridiculous. And it ever as far as my position. On the planet I believe we should use the planet respectfully. And do what we can you know those it's him leave as little afoot ran as possible but I'm not among these zealots. Who just think we're lucky to be here at all. And let's blogs not use any thing not step anywhere. Not have anything. You know they've towed wasn't growing here. And I think that's over the top hundred shall we over the top. But they haven't body and floor it. What the hell people voted for Hillary Clinton who will be back after this on those earlier I'm thirty WB yet we're asking now what's this straws. Next they're coming for your plastic bags is this over the top PC. And what are you miss that we used to have. People have. Fond memories of things that word bear away Mayo. When they grew up. And dead use your remember vividly can't remember what Jeff launch but you can remember that going back to your childhood. And what do you what do you miss I think one thing that Imus is not edit is not totally gone. There are places like bit dollars and that haven't. And I do a good job so I can't but by and large it's not as available as it was and that's penny candy. When you're a kid you'd you go and even if you had a dime you can go and buy some penny candy. And they had a little the little the little soda bottle it look like today it was made a wax. And it had is it looked like a little Coca-Cola bottle you bite the top of it in hospitals in the bottle. And they news sip that OK and allegedly threw it away he threw it away of course. And they used to have a little ten thing or what Lego little a baking Candace real small size have made media. Three quarters of a dime. In a little little tens bone and you would. Eat that it was camp is all candy of course you remember penny candy yet do the red hot dollars. The reality now and and you get out there I I became an entrepreneur with penny candy. There was a kid is selling penny candy about four blocks in when I lived in Pittsburgh which is up to third grade okay. And he would sell it was that I had his table full of any candy so I went and I bought. A lot of his penny candy and put it on my own table and charged twice as much as he did. I didn't do much business I couldn't figure out why. My prices you know my prices were double was his work and if you didn't know he was there. Are you think OS is just go I'll get some notice until you passed his little a stand there exactly. The Yuma card table. And and that's our starter but I miss penny candy but you can still get penny candy Everett and. We're place Kono called a local bars and when you mean like you said our parents gave us a dime and nickel anything like that. You may you know you went over there in in court she had a three or four friends follow you because they knew US money. Eight plus. Well yeah and in our neighborhood it was a quite you know everybody knew everybody everybody trusted everybody it's not like now. I'm now everything is you know you gotta go through a metal detector to use the men's room I'm in its go to Chucky cheese you know bring boxing gloves. Is now beamer the our memories of your childhood a little more advanced than and a Sony's and definitely more advanced than mine. You have any childhood memories of things that. We don't have anymore. Well let's say Tony went to the local bar I still go there. Three times a week are okay to get an al-Qaeda. But I always talk about this and I I I talked about this on Thursday but discovery zone. They don't have many more and that was on Dahlia highlight of the child of my childhood when you were told hey we're going to discovery zone I mean. GT FR it's going to be one heck of a day. See you have a lot more advanced stuff then there we do it was a big deal we had a Capcom. And so when you pull the trigger when. That was debt that was a big video you have electronics and and I exude suits stuff like that costs a lot more money the myelin cap state. Advancements of the squirt guns heat while Ari. Stoker's we have just that little bit you know I'll five drops of water I had. Scored government was so small it wouldn't yesterday channel one that was way I mean if there. And that's that yeah we we dreamed about we'd dreamed about better scorecards but they came along later who. Long after I start using them and then made this the guy who invented the super soaker and it went who was by the way. A rocket scientist did you know that all I did in two guys are feature on him. He was a rocket scientist. And he was flowing around one day with something like prisoners in his lab. And have people around him thought it was kind of fun and he's got to make up a fuel and on spec and he did in the I think he made a few dollars on that would say but yeah but we never had anything that'll. That was the flight he had the super soaker would strap on rights again. Have. Be controlling your bike with one hand and then shoot soldiers super soaker on the other hand and they can't teach Becker. Dallas you living large weakness which we did things that didn't cost money in and didn't require technology. We hid behind a tree and people were coming and buying this I mean this is pretty basic stuff. We played they'll walk our cowboys were our guns but the best guns that were available men were simple count right and am happy with that. You have India them the repeater capital which had a rule of caps and then begun nobody wanted the single shot Capcom. You know that did you have or agree. The caps come in like a sheet. And their hurt I'm perforated and he had to imagine people are attacking you. And you're you're trying to Papa they avert liberation perfectly in the new senate in order to hammer is in your pulling him back single action. And that was it a little pop and they had to do it again. Put. Up his waist and like that though I Davy Crockett and you're here Micah Harry from outer space Mike Mayock. Favorite Christmas memory org Christmas gift as a kid. Was the Christmas my parents got me on TV what the VCR in it I'll get out and then the Sega Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog all bets that see that drugs careless. That was you had to save my father or mother had the savior mere bicycle. But they did and I love my bicycle are eroded all of we're sorry but even that one speed. One's speed we didn't have the president has seven these three. I had four speeds on one side and resistance on the other side of my first bike. On hedged that came with train rails and my parents slowly took the training wheels off but it was I it was an adventure today you. As it was a lot ahead of us Sony and a Frankenstein like who's basically meanwhile several good book and got my dad. You know collected some parts in beta form at school as a country song like that. Often given name of it but it's like you're going to swap meet and making of a motorcycle parts here. I know it's a little funny games but let me tell you those Sega Genesis games of the old cartridge is sometimes it frees up all we have to blow on our gear our. Wow you are could. Item childhood was that. It's no wonder your parents weren't thrown in huge element of our les Kolb then packing is Sega Genesis. Froze up pool. I used to write a omen for general the whole are. Well I got ours is a writer Robert generals I don't. Yeah is made is this as though things we played with simple things we've just fingers is gone exactly you're doing is valued at as the mayor wants the buyback your hands. In Austin. Are quiet for the guys get exactly. Soya I want an overview of you have memories of things that. They don't have anymore that you think though would be worthwhile. You'll enjoy him as a kid. Because we're starting with straws now I never called a straw being a treat. It on to about. Good thing is you take me a paper. Recovering a distraught. And you'd hear the top. And you push destroyed down and suddenly why you have this and you put it in aside in the gold and that's that's always necessary there's no need to have a second youth events or he can just throw away. But no not now own now you can't just sort of ways some whale and Asia. Is that is going to ingested. I'm up earlier crazy straws and when we were kids my dad would not let us have crazy as strong as he felt that. If you wanted to crazy straw all you wanted to do was play which are drinking you weren't really thirsty soul you could have. If there is a purposeful man he knew the mission is to get those suffering out of the container and into your throat. And there was no need for recreational purposes and each morning and you know what you could do straws. Actually. Believes the use of his pea shooters so you were used as a feature that ball's now in grade school if you have the right size truck mounted the hour revolves straws it. With some of them you'd you'd rolls government in this circles in there and just don't inhale it. I definitely a blow gun actually. And and it would work. Great memories and we didn't have the upscale upbringing that Joseph beamer had. We have all the electronics is who sued choice we play would he gave us that's what I saw like it's my thoughts are on fire. I mean cats sensor system parliament Sager game mess or anything like that you have ever leaves. Yeah a while ago you went out with a kid the same goes for the cold days the rainy days it wasn't it's beautiful outside. Comments inside in place a balding and it was a bad weather you. Had it you had bad weather things went well and they're good workers Barings. Did you have a bad weather clothes and good close. Well of course of course if it did I did break a window once he got punished for it sounds nice working with Tony and Prince William there. We'll be back at mar. Congratulations to about a baby here. And up a bit with mark. I knew clinic and had thirty WB yeah. I don't know I think I mean they can't just say we can have strives anymore. Because what do we want a little advance peek of how the next elections don't go don't we rose. Nearly straw poll Arabs. Eight and does you know we didn't get into trouble if you're going to a gun store and buy a gun is not for you with somebody else because that would be. You'll would be a strong man and a lobbyist Drummond purchase and can't do that so they're taking part of our vernacular way too. And British on the be coming from a plastic bags though mark smaller cars. I'm Maynard a shot for a last year I think Google is just a matter of time. Several communities have that so good luck taking your dog out you're out there you have the when he gets his dog don't get a dog or a cork. Because otherwise you're going to be very I'm framers of the neighbors in just leave behind what the dog willow wanted to leave behind you gotta take it would view. And I don't know of any alternative to the plastic bag. You know that could be a future a big big business deal with somebody came up with something that was sanitary. And neat and easy to use to pick up after your dog I don't know if they have anything like that is that no dog. Is this over the top PC what do you miss that we used to have eyes as good man race. This worries you come in from playing you're playing outside. You your sweaty and hot human run around playing basketball or chase each other around wrestling and things like that. You're going to open the refrigerator would you grab and I spoke folk and I'll whenever Coke. Which you don't actually forget it we never perhaps there we had. Cool led me and if mom didn't have the Kool Aid made she would get out all our instruments needed political way the snow shovel first thing actors are way. Which if you are top of it and the dust from the book cool it comes up you can't read they remember that okay. So as you would put you out of it be a water and that and now of course. The shovel that Tony's suggest where she awards schaeuble sugar into a hype got diabetes that I. Is it shovels. Go after just hope after scope and here's a thirsty to drink about a half a what you may. And go why so far. I does does the way life was Wigginton have affairs he's Ramsey. I'm urge our beamer you probably have electronic drink maker of Mariane. No no we still have we got to put the mix and when I first was I allowed to do it myself. I wasn't I wasn't aware of sugar had to get added. Sure I just had the knicks and a water no the the bad experience. Does not taste at all and congratulations Tony is coming of age you discovered that you finally. Discovered a dairy that we've discovered years and years ago Hoover's over errors all my caddie chocolate milk is incredible who energy at their chart promoters grade and I do. They also strawberry and gas but it in and Christmas time. I egg and dog. They're eggnog the trouble is you gonna get there when they're putting it out because they'll make it every day. And as everybody knows the format when it when it comes out everybody's ready divide it. So they literally just put it in the cooler and it goes out the door in what's great is the pot you're in as a real life. Childhood it's our real bottle made of glass. And it's it's sensational effect wash it out and dodging he's going to go back and they sure bring it back in now she's going. Hoover barriers fabulous. Guys launch their two. I have eaten there are just gotten. Basically things to drink from their but they're very well known and very very popular. The special election on screen Christmas. You out of your favorite rum raisin yeah exactly now this thing there is a thing that's kind of gone away. And you know political correctness. But why do you wanna use the Earth's resources so you'll in the family. On a Sunday can go far ride. In back car. You know mom and dad would take my sister Beverly Malone the it's the right mass. And myself Sandra was around them she was to join the family later. And we go for a ride it had been nothing beat going fluoride. Even if you're going to play shouldn't margolick relatives' houses Oreo is boring. But she gets the cousins and stuff like that. But you go for right now that we this day yeah that's good cause though people of cut that down because of the cost of gasoline is it. Gasoline time. Go for a ride and if it was a really good ride you'd get ice cream. I swear that iceberg but we didn't get choices of labor is much. There would go up to the ice creams there remembering back whatever the ice cream was really want us there. They do it and go you know a new line shock when when he lines middle and getting decisions we make any decisions we just they via expert. It's a what he knows it was a beautiful day for all right we went out to all content and what he's that's familiar with the all content area. There's a popcorn stand all as a reconcile why he's the only 78 gas and so we pick up some popcorn they're good popcorn they really do and then went to Hoover's afterwards. In little break it to see Lotta cool cars out on the street. More recycles which is start and got a good day outcome good base feel the same day yeah it was really nice the kids loved it in is just a great way went by the silo. Watch and I'm setup and get ready for the season. Now if you did the same thing now. That. That we used to do when we're kids is the kids would probably be in the back seat now saying a word. Talking to their friends and or texting their friends. On line. While book when we were out we'd have conversations. Look at that and talk about this and as Leo thank him twice in the car. It was a family bonding kind of thing. But I don't think people go off for rise as much as they used to those things I always loved the most was going Farai nice so I think that's part of my love for cars yes bit because you get a chance to drive. Or ride in a car this year have been while this kind of fun so I'm asking. Now it's the straws how to feel about that you know Delaware north. Says you can ask for a straw and they'll give you one but that is gonna pull one there for your view is I'm thinking if I'm way your server. After a waiter or waitress keep the straw is in your pocket or near apron because you're gonna rerun him back and forth through straws central. Because a lot of people are going to notice there's no straw when they go to drink the drink. You know RB running back and forth back and forth back and forth so it's distrust now and next will be plastic bags that we use. Looking to recycle right. Yet another use autism. What is used more than a plastic bag is starts may be bringing your groceries and maybe it's or something and it may be clean up after the dog when it and there's a lot of things you can do the plastic bag lying your bathroom between India is absolutely there's a lot of things to do so but there ago you know and you know next we'll have to have. Cloth made by a union cloth makers or something. To bring via. The groceries on. And what do you miss. That we used to have we're talking about some things from our childhood your childhood. Did you have fond memories or haven't anymore you know why because there's a bunch of people who want you to live life like they live their life. They know better and you know there are more responsible and there's a couple of attacks that have come in. Regarding via the phasing out of straws we heard but Delaware north starting at and I'm sure a lot of others will follow suit. I'm sure that once these feel good people. Received word that the absence of strong allies. Are adversely affecting cocaine users. Who. Regularly. Easily use them that ban will be lifted so I didn't think about that aspect. And a bit there you know I don't I don't think when they make area. A formal announcement there were saying well you know this is garbage of ago for cocaine users. But we're gonna do it anyway it was saving the planet the I think they'll be okay you're in a battle kaine that they use on your money. Is money and he used money you know money is this filthy though is. Why would you be snorting. Unless you get a brand new bill or even yes. I have to be snorting in the eyes of I think if you're snorting Coke the cleanliness of the the dollar on the ground. I don't think that and your mind. I wanna put my plastic gloves on Britain. I can't have those. And as somebody suggest that our idea mr. beamer you have some of these. I deal we have Melissa who says in the Jacobs family is so concerned about the environment. Please tell them stop checking around the world on their private planes I'm so tired of being told what to do by wealthy hypocrites. Well okay that's stuff basically. Yeah moved in north where you who I greatly admires company agree. I like Peter Jacobson I never I don't know them and our government them. But though I think they're good community citizens but they're gonna. Eliminates straws as a regular. Addition to your softer. You'll you'll have to ask for a straw in the end of this did you see that ever think you'd see the day we're mistrust of behind the counter. Eight I mean this is the quit cigarettes behind the Connor. Of electronics are costs a lot behind the collar. But straws straws anti iPods now behind yeah exactly so you don't since Norris a iPod through your straw. And and your heirs of fall off. I was at two. It's I think it's a rose. In west Seneca road you're on WB again. Yeah it can be heroes. I mean here I don't know why it not mean I had ninety. In that that it we can't keep it. Yes some measurement papal usher as were what we all had and I see no reason why. We couldn't go back to that if they wanted there aluminum plastics rose a bit and remember too those. They had the flavor straws through. And yeah so you put him as somebody got a call earlier whether you've tournament milk and it's it's hundreds of chocolate milk or strawberry no good things like papers its good point Eros thank you. Yeah but hey look you know it always amazes me. When people are talking about while we're using too many trees where adamant have traveled this country. Take it again outside of the city limits somewhere. There's trees everywhere. Lots of trees and of the logging companies if they harvest. I'll just make up numbers good. If they harvest five trees they plant fifteen trees. OK so there always ahead of the game but there are people that don't seem big and yet the fact. The trees are renewable. Resource you need them. For a lot of reasons there are usable up but the bottom line is you take fewer than you plant. And you keep doing that and you keep via the via a mile of treason but there's always somebody who wants to be cutting edge and something. And finding out that all of those elements of those are not good for you. Let's go to was spam in Rochester stander on WB yen. I stand. Hello Stan. Ran both ran OK. OK if Reynolds ignored for what what you have Boris today. Well we're talking about things got a bad pub modest order used to ticket or urged greater. Greatest some kind and for a roller skated a bottom of it. You try and make some kind of thing there you go ride on absolutely. It was like are you trying to make a little goat cart kind of finger or a lot of fun I was no good at all my father helped him through those good. They're good good memories thank you. Now Tony you have an automotive. A bunch of memories viewing your father ever make up a scooter. My belt a single car when we were wrong here cool not a motorized 11 that we can doubt polish. OK so Leo how much like my beard yesterday can push me much larger vehicles you drive now. Your brother and a third behind your. Governor Arnold. Don't change that. He has the same but I mean we have like that with you we'd hesitate to meet that you're always hard to do or is defined axles. Yeah you can make the body anybody even me could make the body but if you didn't have an axle front and rear to put him there. You had now things are really to attach I wheels through. Now you can get all local sales and you have these were good wheels ya if you put the wheels. On the sides and just nailed it took the news the year ago cart it would stay that way very wrong now the chase anybody you have. Act access to and Axel. I'm they had the hottest set up in town right because those things there on there and and then went all the races though. We learned a valuable lessons there OK now it's the straws. Go and ours says. Distrust radio. No strives toward you so much to ask the Gore's organ or struck. But if you don't ask you know struck Israel so let that that Coke Pepsi drip down your neck. As the ice hit others right at the place where your sipping it because you don't have a strong. And over and it's obviously I think so Mexico and come after your plastic bags. And why don't we have that we used to have that humans on newsreader and I'm thirty WB.