Beach and Company Goodbye Straws 4-23 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Monday, April 23rd

Delaware North is saying goodbye to straws, your thoughts. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN


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Hey hello does BJ governor of sandy beach hey I gotta I breaking news story. Coming right from inside sources. I understand it president trump is considering. Sending the National Guard. Through Chucky cheese I I that bill but Waller on it do I keep out keep out. But the man has a better program announced earlier about that after this. Yeah I the other wave president's thinking maybe the National Guard my. Be needed if you saw that do come out fight and I'm Chucky cheese of all places. But mayor Byron brown has a better idea he wants to have a Chucky cheese customer buyback program. See if if you're thinking of going to chuck. What they'll do is go by back to your place in line. They'll bring the pizza to your house stay home and stay the hell lot of general society will you please thank you very much. Don't AM you know you gonna Chucky cheese I think one's right once once every beamer have you got majority juries are all more when I was a child bit last year's LY. Why I am in an atmosphere of fun for the kids and pizza and an artist light light hearted stuff. Why would it be duking it out to Chucky cheese. Have you heard of class obviously these people are yeah I mean it's ridiculous is what it is nice I was revolted in castle was eyes shook my and I told this is why we don't coach the mean streets of Chucky she now I think it's all stole someone's tickets I was that's what lights has probably you know five cent ticket as a Democrat you know educational. They gather in hard to find. Outlet and were ahead that's going on a weird thing happened over the weekend in my house I'm watching television is minding my own business some way. A Netflix. Screen came on my screen and froze. And it would I couldn't get off the screen no matter what I did tried shutting everything down reset again nothing nothing nothing. And it was a Netflix. They screen that none of it there are like eight or nine images a little square boxes there. Not a bit I had ever access before one was a one was that basically hip hop and stuff like that. Had a had a colleague cable company and they had due to truckers are setting down a whole system important back up again. And then it worked but we couldn't do it. And idea I was just wondering I stutter first you know. If you're in a strange place and you go to access your iPad or somebody you'll see different servers come up and their locks and you can get to him. I thought maybe is why I made it on my neighbors and it's possible. But it has that ever happened to you know. Why additional sort of goodness yeah I don't root dish. And I respect from closure I got spectrum I got sick of it requires elegant room of tiger did this year and I spectrum you've got rid of Specter and got this. And Garcia getting rid of a dish I think. They got rid of addition oh yeah I'm did you alert the local media and alert the press is now on the market show beamer is back on the market. That might be a good thing or a bad idea here's a good thing I'm gonna argue got a I think by and why you should be free in three months of the year. I every year. They're eyes as red well she error at that cigarettes are good things like Sam Bradford and cashing in big paycheck at. How how cops. So ladies if your looking for someone I don't tell me there's an accelerated troop B drugs you're under oath vision on the issues and the I would never like a cop. I'd did you use the words. It's not you. It's me it's not the exact towards global ice I went around. That in settings yes three I would use a good Leo Wednesday as enemies you. And it's easier to get out awhile is throwing things that you did you see the coach wants to see I ran. Up. I was very honest you know I I I it it. It's obviously but in the long run that's what you know you did well right editor to her earlier than late. And too big clean if we weren't going the same direction that Nixon's EI I think that he should be like Europe any retailer thirty day return program is always welcome and there. Well it's show beamer always get the extended it to. I thought well. K did have another baby I have the ball right it's a boy I know you're excited about it it's it's a boy in the royal line now. And have a thing as she loses the baby weight fast. I think she's scheduled to being the hostess of So You Think You Can Dance on Saturday night. In here and what. Of these is being roiled besides being bureau gorgeous drop dead gorgeous she's still a woman OK got that she is still a woman. I would love to have the audio not video but the audio of her giving birth. As you say the same bad words a lot of women say when they're you remember what LeRoy or not. Well they bring somebody in to see the word yet they say a four yeah that's exactly yet. I'd like that Tony I like. Some booms are not to do it and meanwhile Charles is looking at his watch him or his mother going like that now I think she. K we're not go to Chucky cheese I don't buy. And give me a break. While good luck to the royals the the people in England triggered a lot of them take it very seriously goes. Vigils outside the hospital waiting verdict. Give birth this pretty quick we heard she was bare and now we heard she had the baby. So maybe. And maybe they tighten up bit that timeline a bit by the sound like she was Bradley drive through a birth. Yet as well when Tom rivers is on he was saying that she might have that you might give birth by dinner while this is a lot earlier than dinner even. England time. Yeah I would think you should have enough courtesy wait till then there. You know why is the big ball on the vigil. I feel that they've put in their time BS that was there four days of intense labor known I was very as it happened before I let me that's. What's going on there. I mean while she's saying not tonight William line have a headache. I'll take a break cornerback Lamar newsreader and I'm thirty WB today's that a deal of the day it's the ultimate get away. And Israel of today from my buffalo purses are 465. Dollars and diverted. For one night stay at Wyndham garden falls view in Niagara Falls Canada. For only 55 dollars US includes vouchers through Ruth's Chris Steak House. Which is excellent. Back and of course attractions and much more go to my buffalo perks dot com. Well I'll be glad when the week is over because three hours review I've had enough conversations. About the. Okay we know they got our quarterbacks how good we know we need I'm sure when tread gently dried out it's like the end of the war. You hit it in your sleeping or when you wake up into the bay are all we area that's when I'll get out there. I don't almost dead. I love how the different players will trend up or down depending on the week it seems like they're taking turns with the quarterbacks in this upcoming crop. In all of this guy's gonna be the cant miss guy and then announce weak no no no it's going to be this. Yeah I its offshore and you guys are doing a true gas yes I started back and forth we're into it do you wanna trade up to get one before you heard. Take a chance that there will be there at number twelve what BofA. Has a value. Yeah it looks ahead with those first two picks of the move is made it will be until the draft on Thursday Denver came out this weekend and said that they or their picks up for sale. Write the bills have those 21 round picks to trade. Some other lower picks they have. Have the stuff does sell it to Denver it depends do they want to it will be until Thursday. Okay this will be good because usually benefit draft is Thursday newsroom on Friday we're getting excited because we have a chance and their offensive guard from Boise State's while we want one for Notre Dame on let's get that straight. I'm man. Enough enough. A we go when it's over that that we can guess which ones are going to be Boston which ones if you ever look at you or running on I think it was ESPN. The draft from four years ago yeah. And I can't watch how outside its home me is watching a draft from four years ago. I'll watch an old game knock optional oh I'll graduate of standards it just class was showing old house for all of the week and I didn't catch those games you die hard line guy is it's like OK now I can see the fare carriers. You know remove the ones that get up there and and hugged the commissioner. And day and then their team puts it had come under the teams have like some of those hats back. Yeah like that charge will Ryan leaf but yeah exactly. You know it's it's a lot of fun in it you get involved but what I find funny is the people that come out with the you know the teams predictions before the draft you don't even always on the roster they're gonna tell us what the wins and losses are gonna. And then there's that kind of excitement about the schedule. All bad you know we know. We and other plays sixteen games at a mobile home we know that we know that we know that we like to play home games. It in the summer when it's emotional summary and not in the winter and why are they doing this. But it's endless it never stops so tightly with this schedule you've got you know I ask for everything well there's. Yeah. That I require information about the schedule. I do impenetrable garnered what about the schedule. Your browser so you look at it right up that once September home game so guy is you wanna see the the game that the ladies go to an. Some good clothing looking good oligarchs that that the sentence by the way I did see over the weekend some vehicles that are used for our jumping through tables. You know vans with. It was a platform on top of it it's all decked out builds things I told geniuses figured TU they're jumping off that tee. Not vigorously that our enthusiasm is there even as early as April via an idea where we're looking forward to a I now here's something I ate our user my monologue on Friday. Because I thought it was ridiculous. Even though it's from a company that I are greatly admire it's a buffalo company Delaware and art. Delaware north you're familiar with the local expert from Delaware and but they have contracts for a national parks. Racetracks. Major League Baseball they have a very large footprint. All around they know our country but the world okay well today announced that they are not going to be giving out straws. I think they mentioned the buffalo airport and how many straws they go through your home. You know are strong as reported in the drank its own good drink like Soviet. They say because this is still much waste it's still much waste you can get a straw if you asked for. I now but he does it the first product that was I pity the poor servers the waiters and waitress. Because they're not going to win you ordered an actress or would you like destroy aware of that because that would defeat the purpose would that. So that means that when they should view the drink. You'll argue that a diet Pepsi Center here this is for you know you does that. Where's my restaurant. Would you like a straw and yes I would like for struck. That means they have to go back to wherever this bizarre and get want to make another trip to your table now sounds small CU. But if you are one of the harried waiters or waitresses who works at a place that does a good business. How would that does that make any sense all that extra walking back import this if north strong and the bottom line is. We're getting Jess tool politically correct now because everyone who wants the ban everything. You know there always are give you statistics or whatever first driver question. If I am a straw business. Say it said these straws and I manufacturers straws. Don't you think that I would if I sell billions of straws. I would be a dedicating some money to resurgent development and have some biodegradable. Straws. So that did you can you conserve them in uniter be out of business that would make sense to me plus I straws. Trust is a drink or vice OK you drank ice well straw. And we're dollar struck a gay person over drink with the size of the big giant Diet Pepsi will have ice. With a straw oh look at giant Diet Pepsi Islamic forever but we just put the straw are here for the just the right amount out that I'd like. And it's really nice now here it is without a straw and got a lift the cup up. And here comes ice we drink our luck. My caller it's down and I sure my groin and suddenly frozen. How is wrong with people that they can't see the value of us dropped. Stars and big barrier now aware of milk shakes it's different because of the consistency of dolce. Some are like Charl laps and then maybe sonic a very thick and they're hard to drink through a straw. So that man is so you might be only uses bone whatever but I think in the traditional drinks. Are much better weather Estrada without a straw and and they're coming after our straws now you know what's next you know. The plastic bags you know mark following cars. Is already demise in the last year wanting to ban plastic bags and the state of course being a nanny state that we are. Is is looking at that and it might be a statewide thing. Where the plastic bags we're Lola will disappear and then you have to wonder. Once the plastic bags disappear and you have dogs. And you take the dogs out for a walk. If you're responsible person. What do you do you pick up after the dogs because the dogs averted purpose of the dogs going for a walk is to leave a little something behind. Nine okay. Now it's bad manners to just leave it there on the sidewalk the road there blow on whatever. You're supposed to pick it up with a plastic bag and if there are no plastic bags what do you do you go to all these and get a cloth bag. Well I really am knots and Enron but do. Voters out there. Well you know if you look at the beach. The whales could adjust the straws. And the wheels Walsh laws you see why do you think they'll blow holes on the top you put a stride right and that's how they made. And so we don't want that in and that we can capture or plastic bags I think we have to live in a biodegradable. We shouldn't even have plates. We should have plates made out of food. So that you eat the plate to Uganda and we shouldn't that we should never put you output. Those pods in detergent because children eat them you understand that. This is a world where we shouldn't we shouldn't even be here let's I'll leave. I'm here how is wrong with people you're telling me you can have an alternative to plastic classics been around a long time. And there's certainly have they have the ability to come up with something different. He could have a straw made the same material as the as it as a catch every bar if you wanna do. But I I don't know if there's any of that going with just sit back and take it as they take a maverick during a way for Joseph and I would be in favor of people plates made of beacon. And bacon that'd be fantastic I'm just thinking that so we should have straws. Made out of bacon through that we're we're good and straw should not be allowed to Chucky cheese. Because if you bring a strong to chuck. AO live. And you can fill you can throw those straws with Harden material and whack somebody over the handler makes a good weapon. The mayor will have a buyback program for that to Chucky she should hire mixed martial art I thanks to work. Is access. I like to see I'd like to see those guys their arms folded at the entrance that you are PG. Saying you guys got to walk through a metal detector. We sell it to them last time you have a good time Bozo. We'll take a break when we have been without straws I like straws I'm sorry I enjoy strives I think that would have to have. Collars insurance made on an Atkins. If we don't have straws will be back after. Live with the Beijing governor as sandy beach away the original members of the buffalo school board. Paladino show a picture of them it looks like a vacation picture however there are rare for school board business. That's right in San Antonio for school board business and you can tell is all business because one of them is wearing a sombrero grow. Now I'm. A now what was the other one playing seriously doling go to army rarely. And she said that dumb yes it was serious business and it worked hard all day and they save money by eating up above face instead of going out. As pretty funny movement and and I'm also a thinking that you know the less we know about the school board maybe the better. You know that would a billion dollar budget they still are sixteen million dollars in debt. I mean really I think I think the book should be entitled a billion isn't enough. And that bit out there haven't wearing a rioters time and I'm sure when they come back he'll be better educated. I wonder if one of them will will by EAM a T shirt that says. I attended this kind of its features conference and now I got was a lousy sombrero. And Margarita. Why don't earlier and teach kids how to do the Mexican hat dance of the bright Red Hat back. And have a at least then you get some use out of it. We're doing research for cinco tomorrow of course they were and they wanna be all inclusive. They wanna Wear hats from various countries around the world sure a thing you joke I mean really what I'd show you expect anything else and know how well schooled notably dissident. Pointed if the bubbles go board actually came up with something of substance. Now yesterday are no Friday actually when I I threw it in my monologue. It was announced that. That this drugs were being phased out in some areas. And Delaware north which has a very large footprint in many sporting facilities and national parks or whatever. And airports including a bubble airports that they're not going to serve straws. With their drinks and I think they're starting with the airport. However here's the here's the ever get out of jail free card you can ask for a straw. And I think we ought to be as politically correct as possible. Say for instance I think we should practice this because I think it's ridiculous. Although I love the company I think through its ridiculous. OK. I think we should practice. What the servers should have to say to each and every customer. What would you like to drink and then the customers should replied I'm like a Diet Pepsi. I'd like his serve in a cop. Sides I don't care what the cup is Mayo. I would like ice and that now the ice is going to melt. I would like any water left at the end of withdrawing to be re frozen and made his new ice cubes so that they could they deserve someone else. Because we're using electricity with the ice maker. And I would I would not like a straw but I would like a strong donated in my name. Did you it to somebody overseas. That's just the way the way it should be we should be as politically correct as possible. You're telling me they don't make straws and anything but plastic. You could they not come up where they could come up with some. Pretty cool. Ideas for straws made things that are credible. Things that you know like I have a nerd ropes here and stuff like that you can make straws out of almost everything and if you may get double. I think it can be a fun thing. But the Koresh and right there would be good but the bottom line is I cauldron with the ice and it especially chipped ice. Without a straw when you bring that up to your mouth I'm I'm I'm a very neat either. You have to do. When your large guy like I am in and out and either people look at year ago my dad back guy over there like he's he's dribbling flowed over himself. So I'm very careful when I ate I'm also very careful when I bring re cold drink up to my lips. If I do not have a straw if I am without a straw. It it kind of goes up assign a trigger jailbreak. It makes a run for and it goes on there inciting your ribs era this girl was thrown. And get your sure way. Not good. A strong as a lot neither think maybe. Maybe we can now have a a strong buy back program use straws what do you think I only shipped this once and it was only half a glass. As opposed to somebody who had you know a lot of views on ones for a ups package strong young strong and wrong I go I do think there at the the national strong association. Is that too much influence. In them in in Washington. They're getting them to use straws imagine that I'm I'm I'm shocked I'm outraged. So the report waitress if you know if I'm away attrition or do. You can't say would you like a straw wood bat because that defeats the whole purpose. But I would keep the straws with me I would have straws in my pocket or my apron or whatever I'm wearing. I would have I would I would keep Shaw's and so when somebody's as I'd like a straw it's right there your army and but you want him to say it when they ordered because otherwise they'd have to make another trip back to wherever straws are. And back and forth at each and every straw would be a little a little over the top of energy gold rush and bringing your world strong and why all bats these straw portals big possibly one. IR Geiger brings his own maple syrup. Because he only likes really good flavored maple syrup and he has been asked not to use it. That pay keg restaurants even below. Even though he's not you know this would have been extra at the picnic is residents say events or they don't want you to bring your own man. But and he you might know is human or his wife's name especially. He likes good maple syrup. It is a little bottle I've seen him as little bottle like this. With so little bottle out of here is that a coat pocket and then sprinkles is on its clandestine through it's like your. Kardashian dine you know army and dine and dash. Is like this in Maryland and other cameras and get my really good maples and bring it. And then you Euro zone. And they get a lease agreement sealed things seal team six. To confiscate the bottle. So he goes he goes that's that he should be able to bring us. He always in a business where he kid. Legitimately use a flask so. You know nobody would ever know you put the flask Otto yeah it's like you're just gonna have a little loss on salt. Exactly so the the dealers are you OK with the fact that they're not going to be serving straws. As many of Delaware and north facilities including the buffalo airport. Or do you prefer to still have a struck and now it's the straw. Next they're coming after your plastic bags you know what I know. Is this over the top PC there is some municipalities have already done that may have done it a long time ago. No plastic bags and if you have been to San Francisco lately which is a place that have won the first ones to vampires the brags. I'm now you look at mysteries are organs sidewall markings he was down committee which they saw Adam. I I think we get to a point where. If you can hide behind deploy a politically correct position. It can be inane and it doesn't matter who can be dome and it won't matter pleasure doing the right thing. Would you give up your straws would you give up your plastic bags at educational plastic bags. I don't think any single product is used more often. Then a plastic bag at the original use of maybe bring home your groceries and that. And then you up you keep it under you know on a bunch of them under the sink. A distort things and use of this or that but it's a multi use product. I think that they're there should be alternatives the straws that ought to be able to be done and I think they should keep your hands off both plastic bags and some supermarkets. And all these bring your bag. Yeah you have to bring your own bag though. For 25 cents I think. Be Lejeune was a bit let's use one of their beds are government sure I think it's ridiculous. A new Israeli and I'm thirty will be back on WB yeah no I eventually. Eventually they'll be no service. At all from anybody you'll have to do everything yourself. Like I mentioned all these if it's German it's it's a good good company and they have things that you might not find anywhere else. But he does the deal first are based live. No paper bags dollar drop ever bags river groceries and oh even goal. There's a thing called trying ease in which we make paper are okay trees are replenishing our replenished by the lumber companies as they. Cut trees down to make them in the paper are so no paper bag okay. Now you think what what about plastic that no no no plastic bags. You've got a pay to get one of air cloth bags or something like it. All right says that now a lot about or check out the outlook check you out. However. Of the bill the way this works is you have to bring your own container. And a one of the Texas said people often use via the boxes. That the products come in the bring him home. Next here a mix well let it wait for the trucks to show up and you'll have to unload the truck. And bring her home I mean this is ridiculous but we didn't get some information. From Bernard have pol like I had everything Tuesday parade also known by her friends as stormy. Story Pollack says that she is an expert on Disney. And if you've been around her more than five minutes you know she's in real expert on Disney. A bush she says though what does she say beamer that though one of the it's his man is king. These biodegradable Strauss all right so biodegradable now looking complain about that that's fine. But that you all of it coming from a straws now and then next they are definitely coming after plastic bags. You know on nine as that's what's gonna happen I wanna that your opinion on on that. Georgia buffalo Georgia on WB yen. Yes they are cute. So. A wax sort. Expect. I'll get paper straws I remember. But yeah I am in they have also had a thing golf flavor straws. When you're a kid they had a flavor built into the straw that would ads of the enjoyment of the drinks. You know infrastructure where I am sure it would. The deformed. Yeah so. What what about paper wrote a plastic bags to. Are you if they come after plastic bag will that matter to you. Or. A dog or. I've used a lot for so besides for dogs they're used for storage and things like that. I think they get multiple uses I mean there are their recycled and the fact that the originally uses the brings summing momentum. And then you use them for other things you would think that they'd enjoy them but. Knew those if George thank you. You guys remember flavored straws I do. I think in at number you know I do value problem was they came out after I was fuels the use of liking or for kids. Basically. And he data flavor built into them. I've I've seen straws they have chocolate like around the top of your. Have you ever seen those now we read them yeah and how that big prize grabs. Cost prohibitive on a regular basis but I've seen them in and gift baskets and so Ford hood. You know there are. Now I remember kids forget those school and they injuring milk out of the chocolate Strauss their regular milk but a chocolate girl around you when I was a kid I liked to drink my Jews from a fruit roll out. And use that as the stronger from broke through. I'd like to rural very very nice so distraught manufacturers. Configure way around. The plastic straw but I think. The idea of the straw is the right idea. Let's go back to the lines and this is as you lot in Lovejoy Edgar on WB yen. Hello everybody think government taking are sure as a way. There are here previous call it yard. So my idea and I remember I seventy and I remember. Election draws to an eight. Little old thing that went down in his talk in his play rigid thing. Yeah I heard and I've I've bearer of candy straws I don't think they could be put out as ready you know regular with a meal because they had too much of the cars but there's a lot of ways around it. But just taking away I think is and you can get on but Jeff that's four. I can see get rid of the plastic but. A lot of single back to the papers on the air via a biodegradable so just like the one you're talking about it Disney. Now and that's a good point and the people don't want don't even want us to use paper. We have we have a lot of people who don't want used river which is total renewable there's no problem at all would it but that's just the way it is thank you thank you very much. No we I do try to cut down on your paper news here. While I just return Fridays so OK so hard to judge the case you were prisoners of remember or yours too much Burton. Through this it's it's my Monday log. I found out if I roll it out like this in the perfect circle okay. What I'm doing it now hopefully sandy. I need that long that we would appreciate your blog for tomorrow audits are ya exactly know I'm having my logs had to remind arm. But here look through your wrist all right what is it now wise try straw. So I think we can take regular things that we use in our business and our pleasure whatever I make tremendous strides I think that's a good idea. I wanna I wanna I wanna hog the planet. I really do I don't wanna use of any thing in fact I feel guilty even breathing will take a break and we'll return. I organize using a stroller your property don't ever do that the coffee is like super hot. That's parliamentary affect where they combined to be here and pressure oh man drove toward that. I wonder if there's little effect rollback the room. I'm not really sure we're back after this.