Beach and Company Fake or Real News/Immigration 6-20 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, June 20th
Can you tell the difference between Fact and Opinion? And Should the President change immigration policy? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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I take this moment did you graduate I want our fellow Entercom broadcasters whose name is Roger Christian I'm sure you're well aware of that. And it's a just been announced by the buffalo broadcasters that Roger will be inducted into the hall of fame. In the fall also congratulations Roger. Anybody who's worked with him around him as any contact with a he's a class act he's a great guy and not only that he's a car guys. I he and I share the same desk. Up pop pop pop and and we tell our cars whenever possible. He he is my radio version of Lauren fix when not as good looking. But there congratulations to Roger version. Wish you all the best and they will be inducted into the next round of the buffalo broadcasters Oliphant that's great. You vote you work for Roger in times of Heidi. I remember him from day one of my intern ship and that was what. 1988. I. Leave the I work with a marijuana O'Toole for awhile but I've I've known him and worked. In different places. Where everybody is aware Roger Christian he may be the nicest guy out there really is which means wide we like him. But we do that and I. Wish him all the best congratulations Raj. I now opinion based journalism. How. It oil was that about Kevin Hardwick from Tunisia and they are coming legislature. And my guy go from for dawn Tuesday both talking about that they said the news has evolved into that. You see life used to be easier you heard you had opinion. And you had journalism. But they weren't together and a words a journalist. Who gives an opinion is allied straying from the idea from the journalists moniker. Because they're supposed to be preparing and presenting are not supposed to be commenting on unless they've let's you know. Is there disclosures. The following is in my personal view on this on the right that. And so it's often very difficult. To a mix mix those two together and we don't know we end up where was that just fact there was that opinion. And that they were talking this morning on the early morning new show about that with a via a recent survey of people having difficulty separating the true. I'm Tony oh you have something you wanted to vote either player read for me is that is very very good and compelling for what we're talking about half. On this audio on one in the fox FaceBook pages and we know I speak to you as an immigrant myself. I came to this country 45 years ago with me and my mother okay 45 years ago we were not offered sanctuary. We were not offered an easier softer way okay we were told you have to be an American citizen and here's what you have to do and we did it. We worked hard. Are we putting our time. OK and we now I know have a piece of paper hanging on my ball. Called a naturalization certificate that says I am a proud United States American citizen if I can do it. Every single person gets a dreamer in this room can do it every person that's on documented in this room they can do it too. Pardon me if this. I have a plot masked man that's that's what it's all about and you know we got back to our our lives of our experiences. Both of by their grandparents are both sets of my grandparents came here from other countries from. From timlin. And and from Italy and that they would if they were here they would be saying the same thing that that gentleman said we have ways to do it. Know there are ways to do it perceived go it and do it legally. When I spoke to a group that was a being presented a wooded and naturalization papers. A couple of years ago and now that's I congratulated them on the first fans that was congratulations. On doing it and doing at the right way got a huge round of applaud. They recognize that they did at the right way they don't have to worry about a knock on the door they don't have to worry about being turned in because they are here illegally they did at the right way. Antonio Caligiuri left Calabria Italy in the early fifties. Moved to the United States and became an American citizen went through the proper. Courses and did the paperwork and everything that the then raised a family in buffalo new York and the rest is history. If they want to do it they can't do it invade them out looking for the easy way out. I think it's one of the things that should be discussed there is let's let's look in sea of weekends streamline and make more efficient the legal way to do it. If we can we should look at that and do that no he's not about that I haven't heard anybody say that. It's it's cumbersome it can remember be expensive they have incidents take some time to get it done. You're telling me that in this age this day and age where of our our electronic capabilities that we can make that an easier task. I say we do that for sure. And give make sure that they have an attractive alternative to breaking the law when they come in here. There illegally their regular office by the by the very definition some people trample pull out as. Well that's. It is I'm sorry okay and if we're a nation of laws is not to say we are let's not pretend we are let's be a nation of laws. In Austria and I'm trio 106 on six and I threw for six thirty and should be president changed at zero tolerance policy. You know what happens then OK we cut you oh you're here illegally as you you were you when you gonna afford him. Now you know you hear your being cited for this. Now know your free until we have to see you again free to roads Iran Obama country here illegally. Think about like that they didn't go through any process they didn't have to take their shoes off they didn't get patted down they didn't get fingerprinted. None of that happened they snuck into the country and now we have them and what lawyers say. Okay here you euphoric and stay together or six or twelve or how many to have you can stay together until the process continues. And though you stay in this country are going to when I gonna deport you tell me of that makes any sense at all because it doesn't to me. We'll be back Lamar beach and company and whose retirement thirty WV I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to be buffalo brewers festival Saturday June 23 a canal side. The value is sixty dollars must be to anyone years of age or over to win general conscious rules apply. Other over 25 local crafts brewers like flying lies and surgeons big ditch. Twelve gates resurgence. I mention resurgence twice that's why it's are surging in our community rear works pearl street. Southern India it's here and more. Info add a bubble brewers dot com menace go to the phones. And mrs. should be my friend gone from Pennsylvania done here on WB CN. The launch sanity and good morning Tony. Hello there Don. On what do you think about this stuff at the border. Well. Let me put it in this storms. Many years ago. My life consisted of being as happy as a pig natural. I was pretty damn happy in happy go lucky. Good life. And what shows up in my mailbox that outlook from uncle to him we need your boy. We need to wait and he in essence we see from my family and friends at that time and I was not very happy camper there. Well ads truly did separate you from your family. What was different. What happens to me at that time. What is happening at a southern border to I don't see any different. But the reality that it was Uncle Sam do something that I didn't know. What he did certainly was a turning point in my life. And it may be my light became much better actors that. Pakistan. Well. You know I think that most people in America are pretty. A pretty big hearted we wanna help when we can but you get to a point where you suggests that it doesn't sniff right it doesn't pass the sniff test. We are judge if it's happening all at once. Even though this process has been in place for some time. But suddenly the few horror is and we hear crying babies and we hear about mom's trying to breast feed and have you know they're kids being ripped from their bosom. I mean this is an all full court press. And it just so happens the gum at the same time that they're looking desperately for anything good tagged trump or Vick can be conceived as negative. So I think they're going as we like to help. We're willing to elbow don't wanna be jobs we we don't want to be it'd taken advantage of and I think that that's what this says. Well absolutely and I don't will lead that you weren't you and I'll go wrong impression. All I'm saying is. Breaking and entering. In to a place they don't belong like a couple of weeks ago I was invited to you really old White House party. And that was myself and a bunch of other people attended. But when the party was over. Everybody has probably be well over the last thing I want to do actually I mean I was happy that. When all the amenities and stopped and now there are at. Consequently I went back. Not being invited the next day I would have been arrested and rightfully so for breaking and entering the same thing these people do. I'm not southern border right. It's like oh we have opened the doors to everything. Now there are no locks anymore there's no accomplishments of any more anything you want to just come in and take it there's no process you don't have Europe and even throw a lot of formed just come on and think about the difference between the people coming in illegally. And the people coming here legally who have been vetted who have gone through the process. Who who have done what they're supposed to do who have taken an oath. They put their hand on the Bible and taken and held as a a viewpoint of these others coming in the country secretly. Not not even having their fingerprints taken who the hell knows who these people are and what their motivation is. You got that right I mean look like that I mean the people came here legally. You're welcome America five or six steps to go through to become legal citizens in this country. Angle on him become successful whatever they probably did in a lifetime. But these people they don't they want escaped. Second third important steps of sequence of those. While about it in the hay day of immigration. You had to have a sponsor. You have to have a job. You have ever held says and if you fail let helped us keep this in mind you put in and Jean. I saw a special on this a few months ago can you imagine a now Powell. What these how the press would play that up you're in quarantine to make sure you know bringing any diseases and here. And so you had to go through a process. And did this process has been in effect. Since the beginning of our road our great nation. Now immigration laws have changed here and there but the bottom line we still haven't totally said the doors open coming and they cordial one. Oh well I'll tell you Don these service amid a man on a hero. And if I had gone and they were a man and a half amana. Honest with you and Iowa. Very much. But the same when it came to that I mean I was not a happy camper. Unlike myself you work but unfortunately it didn't work out you but. Certainly life has worked out well for you well what whether you went in or not I'm sure you wouldn't I've got to where you are today even if you had spent time in the military. Well thank you I want an automated want me that's all I can there was offer up and that's that hey don't always good to talk to you. What you do. All right thank you appreciate your golf thank you very much yeah I was looking forward that I was drafted. I said OK what do I wanted to do. As if I had a choice in my eyes will be read one Libyan embassy. You know isn't MV. Norm tried. My former marine well I don't think so Lindsay army yeah I think it was a arming some reason he can lean I could be wrong. But I can tell you right now you are yeah I bet he was a great empathy. 'cause he was ones off I was my boss. When I was programming Billy KB earlier you as a gentleman of anybody tell them that you have to Wear socks in the military yet he them he he had to have to Melbourne so arts. We wore loafers. And but he wouldn't it wouldn't put up way loafers on the staff against that's. What they'll when you introduced Lanka's what we're doing KB came to town onetime and you introduced me to him he wasn't site. It doesn't Wear socks it always been a lot of lawyers like to go to Florida pair of socks on joke but I. Absolutely. Are got a nice email too from Susan on. Issue is very sorry she would she call at the exact time I had started the interviewer John Hayes. And then as soon as the interview was over I had to go to a stop says who would or so far behind commercially I had to do that and she couldn't hold and she said in her. She was doing a TV issue. And she actually have the crew standing there are whole while she came on and she is she couldn't issue way to 45 minutes. And then when I went there as was gone but this is an excellent she's in town she'll drop over so goods here. Well that will probably be in September because it is my understanding that Susan hunt less track. Will be hosting the buffalo broadcasters. Hall of fame Serra very nice September. I would be very very nice earlier we congratulated our own Roger Christian. For being named it to the hall he'll be inducted at a small. That's outstanding and it's very very. Well that's what if she Roger dressed up. He normally dresses up because is a disc jockey when he got when he goes there I'm talking about here oh yeah here yeah I dresses up when he goes mountain we have nice Sudan and the video. And deteriorate. That's that he tried to bribe him by saying give me an on our earned my solution. That I. And now gridlock here Roger all of this the Roger. Opinion based journalism. I think that those are cross purposes. At least though what I always thought of journalism and I looked up to make sure social. Eight I journalism is supposed to be the gathering in presentation. Of vote of interest thing net effect droids or whatever however you wanna set but is not supposed to be opinion. Our emotional label it opinion if you label it opinion as an editorial would be labeled. Okay hero right but don't slide European Union in two fax. Because this is what people are having problems live. I heard. This this is what they do is that a factor is that an opinion. And if you do that. If you would do that then you've crossed the line only get into opinion based journalism. And there was a survey out that let's say my guy go and their Kevin artwork we're talking about this morning they both the professors. Micah for Dona and Kevin and Eric Kim Asia's. And what they talk about with their storms is that they they have Stewart giving information where did they give it. And their presented as fact and so they're saying that news now is blending. Opinion based journalism I don't like that at all give me journalism or give me opinion or doing journalism. With the opinion labeled opinion. I'm all right the rest of it not so much. And should the president. Jay-Z zero tolerance policy let me get this straight we have the people are broke the law they're here. Where are going to cite them. But and big and stay where they're kids everywhere hoping that it will come back for who ID theft that. As a swell idea in this well thought out will be back after this. I don't know which is the bigger outrage as they try and shame Muslims are doing something that isn't necessarily good for our country. Whether it's the crying babies under crying children which are vying crying children anywhere for any reason. As you know you can have that choice now Johnny. And I know mom's are mom's gonna go out though will will go to a park like a Mac. I go to a restaurant I mean go anyplace is crying children so please stop. Or are or are the woman who the New York Times a woman whose breast beating. And the big bad immigration people common rip good Childs. From her. Bosom and it's. And sorry. That's so far all of its job I can't I am a sensitive guy Democrat glove actually but not for this kind of crap. And that's all it is that's all it is. Here's another. I'm sandy Kate's finally was also ripped from the arms of her father. By the actions of an illegal and that's right and he was a multi time illegal he had been deported I think five times. Before he finally shot her and get swollen. He was found not guilty think about like that. That's the kind of blues stuff we are going on here and the NC let's go to Dan. In what senators it would Dan has to say on WB again and again. Hi and thank our enemy you know like your actual caller who really made me chuckle that gentleman from fractious. Talking about it rating by invading Mexico sure. I I actually smiled. They're the problem more larger and our military action would probably be. Are appropriate but I enjoyed that column and your friend Don reminded me of many years or goal when we had a lot of draft card and we were draft yet sure force. We were forced out Jolie are everyday life if you were working directly via the time. You'd actually JB you might have got up close all met Elvis Presley got crap that he had to show. I was against the wall. And I elections here in new scare and I've been listening to your callers and and I think I have a solution it's a little shtick. What might or careless. All right and came out sure he's gonna introduce you bell I heard it on your huge cash in. What I had thought you wanted to keep the family to get all that humor and if we kept the family together then be here at the Moehler they're being out sure we have true war. Ask you. No op though the war would be required or reimburse wrench. Or what it caught the American tax payers. Dictator. And I say let you know the law prisoners used to make license plates. Let's build a wall using these migrants that get caught entering the country illegally. And cut the cost of the wall. You had another person's shape and wanna hear a little bit that the wall would cost fourteen billion dollars but today without the wall. We're spending a hundred billion dollars. He caught my attention. Oh sure I mean that your pay one way or the other and that is it as a way to be more efficient with the money you're spending. A we take good care people who need taking care of or who ask for an impasse the qualifications. But if the wall would be a cheap insurance policy to cut down those expenses. And let the people that are caucus who entered the country and broke the law. They'd have to do their serve as your friend Don did when he was drastic. I'm as prisoners. And regular jail throughout every stage when they made license plates. Well look look at the international scene remember those hikers who wander over into what was the North Korea. They were put in jail and win and that's our goal ought to get them out. Other countries don't take lightly when you enter their country illegally. No I guess we're civilized. But I am for the unions would normally get there are a lot of people that would like I would you be forced labor. All or indentured servant to. I'm the people who broke off and who are cautioning the American taxpayers billions of dollars. I am there there has to be away and they could work their way to citizenship. I'm if they could prove they had a trade how about the. Yeah I why I like anything like you just mentioned regarding. Bartering now making sure you have a commitment of the country and world trade got off a major more efficient against chewing here legally. Oh why should we spend money chasing your dollar illegally when when you can come in here legally and are earned money and pay us back gore. Or get credit for. Whatever and then we live happily ever after instead what do we do we that we let people with sneak in and bring their family that we got all kinds of people defending them and it costs a lot of money through round them up and if they are working there's certainly not paying taxes on it nobody's gonna commencement of that. Absolutely and if they don't want to work after they hear that we're making those people be productive. Maybe they'll stop comer. I did allow employers thank you yeah it's a gravy train. People used to say you wee we wanna come to America Florie and opportunity. And opportunity to make lives better. And that's that's the great American story is meant. And nominate success stories canoe mentioned like that a lot of them. Not we want to come to America because we can get more that we can get more home. And that's the bottom line that's what it is and and and that we have followed the politicians. With the illegals. Our own mayor Byron brown. A lot of way Byron thanks for that certificate humans and appreciate that. But any of it in here how sure it was in the hell yeah sensitivities in the mail slot cars exactly probably stuck together as a matter of fact. Yeah he is a mirror we're very welcoming city. Oh welcoming city boy we certainly will be welcoming city if you wanna come in here legally. But are we welcoming city if you are here illegally I don't think that we should if if we are. You should never take his word seriously all he is as a cheerleader for the Democrats like good little. You know and he wants to please the I aero do you exercise similar salute in residential Cuomo's Abbas governor we've covering ms. Austin all credit. My judgment just went out the window and dour 00 very welcoming city and bill are welcoming state. And in New York City welcomes us to a meanwhile who helped raise service and we do. And they don't welcome us except for our or our contributions in other words jackpot. Civilian handed out in that and look look like they really care and if they ever run for higher office put it on their highlight real. We'll take a break and return on newsreader and I'm thirty WB. I speak to you as an immigrant myself. I came to this country 45 years ago with me and my mother okay 45 years ago we were not offered sanctuary. We were not offered an easier softer way okay we were told you have to be an American citizen and here's what you have to do and we date. We worked hard. And we putting our time. OK and we now I don't have a piece of paper hanging on my wall. Called a naturalization certificate that says I am a proud United States American citizen if I can do it. Every single person that I dream there in this room could do it every person that's on documented in this room they can do it too. I'm offers something that's. Please wait and think about what I say. Before you'd to a knee jerk reaction. Because as soon as I say it fuel you I can I don't know what you're thinking and I know it's okay. But I'm gonna do it anyway because I believe it. Here's here's what I think is happening to the president of the United States now regarding the immigration situation. And the separating the kids in the islands. I think there is an attempt right now. By the press. In an attempt by the opposition party and some members of his own party. There is an attempt to amuse award now. Bullying the president of the United States you're saying. The president of the United States is probably got more power than any man on earth. How can you bully him I think what they're trying to do is is a gang up. If we can get a couple of a bipartisan. Is like for instance are a couple of governors have said. They're not going deuce and a National Guard troops on the border. And that we have the press records a unanimous and how cruel and unusual I mean this is. And we certainly have the opposition party doing the same thing. And what they're trying to do though is to push him into something it has a lot of don't know he's not a huge fan of separating the kids from the family. But that's the way the law reasoning he's obeying the law when he really wants is no immigration. A legislation. Paul Paul Ryan. That was set earlier bed and indeed the house will have something. They talk to the president yesterday. And go from there are a couple of vote things. That he is perfectly okay would there could be considered. Poll Paul Ryan says that one of them will be tomorrow so maybe having come up with something middle solvent and that would be very very nice because here is the problem. Here is the problem. If the president just wants to take the heat off. In all those around them although little was these are Obama fist through a lot. When I'm getting calls from their woes saying there babies are crying we can't have babies crying all really. The babies have always cried they always will grow right. We can have a week where I must say it is more humanitarian. Of a sudden he does dumb thing. And with a stroke of his pan. Shelves the no tolerance policy. Then what's gonna happen after that is the floodgates. Will be open. Because the there there there has been a blueprint on how to do it. Just get the groups together. Against something that that people like. And Revere like babies something you can find something like that almost all the issues and then just hammering. And he'll back off it it'll show them how to do it. This would be the template here's how you do it if he does that he'll make a big mistake I can tell you I don't think he's going to do but that's what they're trying to do. Here's the one argument that the laughed tries to use all over social media counsel tired and while all of you white people are not legally because UK till the land promises made Americans so therefore you should be the and our own. I guess social service. You know why because people reach down. Into bear what's mind what's the basis argument I can come up word because I can't come up with anything that really makes any sense and throw that Adam that's it that's the version of if you don't like everything Obama ever said you're racist it's the same stuff. The same old crap pulling that card out for this is ridiculous. Of her first of all you know it's it's the same as the gun gun things. Or Second Amendment things you'd as somebody okay. Know what don't you like about the US constitution. Do you think we should Obey it or not well I'd like to do is but that is what for his Second Amendment says and it's been upheld by the Supreme Court. And that's the end of that but it is the same thing here when they bring up something like that. It's pathetic and they have nothing so that's what the that's the reason I bring it up but go against you because they're having enough people see it. And I think with the overwhelming force that they try and use will be groups that I said at the beginning of this. There are hoping that that scares off an hour ago about people who won't stand up and say what Hallie you talking about. But I think there they're looking at a different group of people. We got people now own normally wouldn't stand up and say what they now you're doing who are willing to do now these they would belly during. Argue against those those left wing. Radical type thinking. Because as far as I'm concerned. If if your image you gotta be in it to win it IE I think. That the constitution. Shows that we are in it to win it that's all we have to live bio and its its service very well. Because we've flavor of the month now seems to be people they can run in the media. And get bleeding hearts liberals to produce visas for them that that's the way around it. Oh sandy the left is a lot smarter than we are just ask them they'll tell you. Of course they are there is so Smart that notice they don't pick up the tab on a lot of us. They have big government or go with it is a bipartisan thing to adopt people. Pay a pay for every news everything that they would have to pay for by the government you don't. It's so worth it but. Where's the betting on this I'm I'm about figure trip and a couple of weeks you how many times on my trip they're going to ask the C in my passport. And my driver's license. And make sure that the pay attention to what ticket. Do you know how many times have you do man of good zillion times. They don't just let you walk freely here there everywhere and that's for us. And our own country for a ring. And yet for coming in it's like twelve and I don't think that some analysts and now. This is for me thing. And you're gonna go through all that coming back is the same thing but I wanted to make a point. Is that businesses are your vetted just flying anywhere in coming into the country or even leaving the country. And yet on the other side we're supposed to just say we don't know who these people are they haven't been vetted. What we do know they are here illegally basement gym in the middle of the night. Border Patrol Cottam and the immigration has them now but just let him in because it'll make us feel good. You know stupid position that is as Germany how that open borders policies work and look at look now in the latest in a country being criticized Italy. And he's saying now record the home now. Meanwhile is definitely famous resident lives definitely. Poll. About low yes. I'll take tool. And you may I am give me who. I don't Wagner and angered Americans be able to major topic to show the show that I mean am I may and I figured I could back up what I have to say it. I can't let them wash my Golan and Boggan. So. And remember. Remember why England pull out of out of there agreement there is because they were told they have to take 50000. Newell. New poll. People in on the following years ago however as and they voted out. Of these in you as so it does most of the countries in Europe. You're going to go on vacation there and you meet people and it talked casually about it then I'm thrilled about the same thing when I throw about. So they may be doing your. From time to tavern that would be expressed concern of their population. And into you that. Once again congratulations. Mayor Roger Christian movies newest member of the buffalo broadcasters association. Is going involved in the fall and I worry vapors and we'll cigarettes that you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WV. This would never have to lose he's spent anyway you know have you given him.