Beach and Company Fake or Real News/Immigration 6-20 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, June 20th
Can you tell the difference between Fact and Opinion? And Should the President change immigration policy? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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We're back with Beijing deli listening to Kevin Hardwick from tenacious and my guy go home for dawning and they were talking about today's opinion based journalism. There may then goes through phrases don't go well together journalism is supposed to be the gathering a presentation of not your opinion of and so that's org and are we are subject to new o.s lobbying. This audience that may be possessive or do they lobbied for their card their cause it used to be. The journalism you know lower were free thinkers exciting people who wanted to get the information out of the public. Now they just wanna presented to us on a platter because they're like lobbyists. Here's a attacks and he most of today's news is propaganda. Pushing an agenda. And I think there might be right. Here's another wanna we use sandy give them a lunch Schiavo and put them on a bus. Because my third question is should they. President changed at zero tolerance policy there's a lot of pressure for him to do let me. Does not wanna do and I don't think he's he should because according to New York Times. If he does that that would allow those families so mom and dad in the kids who got here illegally. To be released. While there court proceedings go forward. Something that troubled browsers since Eddie. You have them in custody bearer here illegally. Yes I know our laws say that they get a hearing and we understand all of that sort of thing. But we let them loose. You're telling me that when their court date comes up whether guns are sure a lot. That's not gonna happen. And you have to spend more time. More. More officials are going find them bring them back. 83 301806169236. And I birdied. Mary in Lancaster carrier on WB yen. Well good morning in the primary I love this topic. This is something that it's been bothered me a long time. Like here you're. Definition. You know fact or opinion that that's the that is what I have written letters to the papers and stuff like that. And I because I work with little kids like second first second graders and when they learn in second grade you learned how to when they've earned or read. They're given I have an article and that they split that. I think and oh one he writes fact and the other cited his opinion and it is supposed to read the article. Circle the fact or opinion good and that's what they're and this is what I'm I'm really surprised I let down. Hardly a teacher first thing they hit a bad boy. Here is the definition. That it. Journalism and mrs. opinion. I heard my guy goes say did he stresses were his students. I want the facts are on the facts that I you've got to back it up when you go to site where you got the information informed European. Our ports and I didn't hear this thing but that's that's the point note of the fact part of it now what they're doing with the president is what what. What really galls me is being re so called reporters they should be doing the first thing the court first question that you're at his you know. And give and that question but give the definition of what he did the whole thing. What is what the facts are what he's saying and then when they show when they interviewed these people at the board of portable pathetic thing. Number one if they're not speaking English. Says that that's suspect. Now why don't they ask those so called real refugees in everything these people that are advocating for them what is your opinion of illegal. Why are you defending these people when there are like you the other day you and so they've brought out. Americans are good people going to prison my mother's going to jail and everything. Why not instead of going overboard with these kids want when a mother goes to jail take if they have state does it make sure that that child is taken care of and then if you know they are their Fred in close and every. Well think about it like us I mean they they bring them in here knowing a figure caught that is not going to be a family reunion and they do it anyway so who's the bad guy the US government that is the bad guy Arabs and the average citizens of Baghdad. The bad guys are the ones who are committing the illegal act it is still illegal. Odd to do it this way to just sneak in and to expect. Did you write them a ticket or citation and expect them to come back and show up. Is ridiculous amount we spend more money to find them again. The real bad guys are the reporters we're doing lousy and they're just reporters they're doing allows and they call this journalism. There they are not in fact and they are there are fair according to the public if they think they're serving the public. When they're wrong you know what they should do those reporters have a word cheerleaders. For us with a big. Big letter and a megaphone and palm bombs because of the gonna act like cheerleaders they should at least look like cheerleaders thank you back to marry. And that's what they are as our policy. These talk show hosts a different way I feel like them or don't like that was up to you it's a personal opinion. They don't pretend to be journalists. But the judge about the journalists. I don't want to admit that they've turned into a talk show host because that's what they're doing is not enough to report something he got to add your little twist. And I think you have him in custody. And you'll let them goal expect ever come back for a corporation and who are or what are you having gone hell it's fun funny when a reporter will try to tell you what somebody's thinking you know Gloria report you'll get there park while obviously he's thinking this and that. All the time and end up paying attention and it's all the networks it's all the networks are bills do something like yeah. Well Lee of the president just signed this bill which is going to send a four million dollars through this group. Now he's doing this because this group as are immense power and give him the the votes he's gonna need to run for president again in the next hour. And his hand through the fog yeah. I mean that's that they do they tell you why a member of the president's doing things when indeed unless the president tells you don't know. You don't know is it is it. Somebody convinced. Is that a long held belief is that a campaign promise but they've been out there they're all my generators that are all Bernie's golden right. It doesn't work that way but that's what they tell you and they'll do it CBS does an NBC's resident and a CNN's certainly goes so we'll be back after this opinion based journalism. This started what our discussion this morning with Kevin Hardwick who is. Besides being in the recount legislature. Is a professor contagious and Mike Argo is from for Dona also former ITV personality. And they they're talking about opinion based journalist and they said the days of Walter Cronkite era over. Walter Cronkite was a call the most trusted man in America. In fact there was an area of famous line when Walter Cronkite came out against the Vietnam War. Was I I think Nixon said we knew we've law it was good mix of Arab region to. Who says do when you lose mark you've lost the country. Because there was this. Absolute trust now when somebody says something you've got to funnel it through your Euro in this series of a filters is that an opinion. Or is that a matter of fact. We liked and well and that that way when opinions stars blending in with the journalism that's not a good thing. Journalism is fine get the information got out of the public don't hide it of the above board that's great but also blending your opinion losses labeled. In the past they used to though doesn't anymore. But they used to have editorials. Like a WBM like we would have the general manager and general manager Gregory from intercom with a minute live. His opinion on this and at least it would be labeled that. And you know it. It's when then labeled disclosure is so important disclosure. Required to disclose everything all the time we get away a toothpick we've got to tell you how many toothpicks we have to give away I'll Wenzel as today. I'll blow what you have to do to be eligible to win the toothpick and you got to do ten ways to Sunday. And yet they're fast and those who have what is your opinion on on television especially and and papers. What is opinion one respect. And they may know how at least I have an idea of how it all started. When we had doubt you know scene and started in the on the news networks. As you said time and time again they have nothing but time after. You know Phil Suarez steroid era when their goal with a story. Essentially that they need to fill so they'll have a reporter on the scene and just to chew up time. I think that's where the reporters developed the idea of offer an opinion as to what the reporting on. Yeah man that's true and here's another thing they do. Because I've been away for red for awhile that I just couldn't do that anymore it's just overwhelming. There's been so much time women especially television cable. That I I was just had enough but when I came back it's the same thing here is that they do. They'll throw out subject argued that piece of me right and that they got people on any side and they usually the same people by the way all the time. And they give their opinion that the service gives their opinion and you you know you and I can do what they're gonna say. Because it's the same people saying the same things all the time. So by the time they get through chilling that thing back and forth back and forth back aboard an eagle response. You know it's very very confusing what did I just heard while what was factual what was the opinion. And that's what they were talking about it and the difficulty now separating opinion from journalism. And are we supposed to are we subject to new lows lobbying is seems like who you know you expect a political party did do it. It's very. Very unusual when their magnanimous and agreed that usually either against the blue Vista on their four or usually go forward with them against the that that doesn't happen very often. But would now when they and they grab a piece of raw meat. Like this issue of separating the kids from the parents when they come in here illegally. They just they just hammer that thing it's like they're lobbying honest. Two of force the president. To change his position. And are we all subject to that I think we are. And should the president change no. Now because of the president changes. You got mom and dad McKenzie got on there very here they're not supposed to be here they should be there but they're not here and instead they're here. You're not you know let them go. Because that's what happens according to than those hard times. Are you ready. The president has the power. On his own to change the zero tolerance policy at the border. Which would once again allow border agents and prosecutors the discretion to allow families to remain together. After crossing the border illegally. That would allow those families to be released. While they're court proceedings go forward. Now bats. Insane. Why would you do that is inefficient. Exhort cost more money and just doesn't make any. Says let's go to Terry in Texas area on WB again. And. Trailer and Seattle what you read any. Arabic mainstream. News. Matzo they're at all. I would consider every beer and primarily an endless Internet site active and let our atmosphere of our lady are out there. With their leave it all these problems. And there slaying supposedly from a country that yeah Brett member of pressing management and drug gun violence are not sent. Why Caylee is go to Mexico. Albert wipe out cartels over there other routes our government let your partner. And I along have the right color we set up an infrastructure. Is more work. But it would be a part in America and you know economy and and you more Iraq. Might be a little controversial hall while not as Sam Adams rose and when there and ever right guys were Texas Terry as pretty aggressive about that thanks for the thought we appreciated thank you are very much. OK so there are problems in the home country. As your question. You AB. A good hearted okay you may be very generous maybe you who you. Firmly believe that you should share everything you possibly can share. And maybe help out one person or two people attended a U ready about a thousand people now. And it's the same kind of a math equation with a us we can't cure everything in the world. Because of another government is acting irresponsibly. We can't take everybody under our wing now there are procedures. Four of people escaping. And those kind of situations. And if we go through those procedures that's fine and that's that's been there and and a but we've been having a problem with the southern border for some time now. And obviously. To get. To hear you they're probably have a map in front of me had to start in Mexico or go through Mexico for the southern border somewhere. Soul what is Mexico doing to help. What are they doing on this southern border I'd like tomato or is this just the gates are open come down yeah stands at over an outline of that kind of violent. Ever remember. Remember sometimes we get all nuts remember after nine elevenths when the good people or get well remember a video alleged terrorists were to get ball. What did people's day. People said well. I hope they're being treated fine. And humanely program long ones that do they have air conditioning. They want they wondered whether the alleged terrorists have air conditioning at gitmo I can't mine gitmo is ninety miles from Miami. When's the last time you heard anybody say you know people Miami JaVale having air conditioning now. And care about that but he cared whether our prisoners. I had air conditioning as a kind of thinking. I guarantee you these kids in these as senators until things get straightened out. I have a better deal than the country they escape from and probably getting more than the family could provide women got here. In in the situation there and well let alone anything else at the bleeding hearts all the it is business so so would they would rather have. People who snuck into the country. We have nowhere with all through Dubai fooled. Clothing shelter anything like that but at least the families together. You notice that in the with bleeding heart liberals they complained yeah Al on the cry a lot but they never offer any solutions they are aren't they wanna talk yeah no they just want to point out how cruel the rest of us that are there because the other superior than we are via it so the bottom. The bottom line is. I'd die I think the president says that would Vincent and the against more comprehensive legislation to get beat. Immigration thing straightened out I like what he said the campaign. Let's average temporary halt. While we it's time out on immigration until we get things straight now get the proper legislation and then open it up again. There's nothing says we're open 24/7 were in you know. Without a 7-Eleven were country and we have a right to have borders and we don't have to pick of the bill for everybody realized that being here or send their kids here. Over backward more on the Israeli and I'm thirty WBS. These. I'll corner of Ryan and amber and reported on fox they will vote on a bill that would do keep families together an immigration bill. Tomorrow in a member of the president's that he looked at 20. I GOP build them and could go with a either one of them so that that's good then we'll see what happens tomorrow. But basically they. This is the kind of runaway freight train that we've got now for journalism. And I am for political. Opportunism. But he got a chance you think there's a weak spot in your opponent it as you perceive it. Then you demagogue the issue until a oppressed its humble which usually there's about a minute and a half. And then we just with his barrage you day in day out never stops but the bottom line is the kids don't get here by themselves. Although there was a desire Marmol and almost kid showed over the border and nobody nobody got upset about why are mom and dad would view okay. Meanwhile Barack Obama had his bill to send buses and bring them here and give them goodies. But the bottom line is the kids and get here themselves that they came here with their parents illegally. I want to stress the word illegally. So the pens are committed a crime. At what level doesn't really matter they've committed a crime and while they're being process. The law says that the kids or separate from the Paris. And that's the way it is and that's what he is a doing. The U the president didn't initiate this it was well before. He took office. And Obama had the same policies who was walker and then nobody. Nobody in this is just another attempt to bludgeon. The president and make him look bad. But the bottom line is that think that. Without new legislation that he should just erase that part should the president. A change the zero tolerance policy without you know better laws in place and rush was saying yesterday. The famous saying is the best way to get rid of bad laws to enforce it. Because then people see how bad it is and you get the law the rush rush resonant to a three times. But the bottom line is if you don't change just just the thing that. And he very they still site you but you're released until the process continues. So all right we've got X amount of people here illegally we've met them we know they are we've talked to them we cited him now being away. How thinks that's a good idea. How they're gonna make a living while they here are they gonna pay taxes while they're here. Are they eligible for any kind of book a benefits while they're here will they show up Margaret hearing. A while they're here I mean is is ridiculous the cost more money into it that way. It and when not the world's baby sitter. We've we've heard how many times that we're not the world's policeman while we're definitely not the the man either wet nurse or the bar of the babies that are. All right mr. beam where gimme a couple of your face to. Yes JoAnne says most of fact is heavily colored with the opinion. The tone of voice gives it away smug I told you so playground and it's. Yeah I think that's a bit posting is right. And though what you see is first I'm going to tell you what the story is in now explain it to you you know whereas most obvious. When there's a presidential addresses something and as soon as it's done no matter what it is they come on later and Terry what did you said. Like we don't understand English. We and we can't comprehend what he said it's way over our head could you please explain it to us thank you very much an auto employees. Get that goes they don't even try to hide or cover up anymore so obvious it's opinion. Jordan should be ashamed but they're not. You know I heard them before it could be a president Hugo was elected president president. Trump. I remember an interview with a Border Patrol agent. And what he's that is here's what they used to do and not used to do away in the old days used to go just before our trump became president. They catch a guy thing. And he's in the country illegally now I got out okay got com. And the thing they do is they checked to see if there's a warrant out for reruns of fingerprints if there's a war. If there's no warrant. They let him go and they don't bring him back over the border and go right there. Okay. You tell me what that program. And tell me about that program. They weren't processing anybody unless they had. Chris you know at war or criminal record. If you came in regard cotton may run your fingerprints and you're you have no record in America and you know I committed a crime that is blitzer well. And they don't send you back I don't understand that. When do we have laws that don't we have laws and I think a great mrs. Becoming a myth. We are nation of laws yeah you can have all the laws you want but if you're a nation that doesn't enforce laws that you're not a nation with laws. Because without enforcement you don't have law. I mean I think we understand that that's not too hard. Let's go to a Harold on a cellphone Harold your on WB again. Andy kudos for being so. I couldn't agree with your position right that's why this is that. And certainly. The blah blah and barriers that thirteen night comedy and. These. Old immigration law and he is. It's gonna hang tight again which it was. I hope he does so because though Visio casserly says you just mentioned and I mentioned to was absolutely ridiculous and futile. And that things will be a kind words Carol appreciate it. Our take a break and return on news radio I'm thirty WB ports are little concern we think buzz beamer maybe here illegally. I think we're trying to track his record. In radio and we think it's started the first hit I was discovered he showed up you Jim and Virginia Tech. And he I didn't have a ticket to unions though. The eleven men on the kindness of their hard but they were doing a follow up investigations that drove us. Yeah you know I am I didn't have the proper paperwork. They had. That's welcome though they put in the it was it was up in the tops nose bleed seats but. And they thought maybe it came from the university of virgin which would not be a good thing I'll let me and her bio on this by around them and now little questionable for the game is over snuck out yeah. For you we we were glad you're welcome to America. Abortion decision. We have always been attractive to people coming from. Other places in the world who are under distress or whatever and we've always been there I think. Are we have a right to have. Immigration laws. We have a right to have borders. And because of. Jets and our humanity. People seem to think that we're obliged to do everything for everybody all the time. We can't do that we have to follow the laws and keep in mind here is it's next right here it says that presidents Truman and Eisenhower. It's sent twelve million Mexicans back to Mexico president trump is enforcing existing positive and that's what he's Billy. At that is what he's doing he's enforcing the same laws that were in effect when Obama was there. Why was there ago a rage would Obama simply because it was Obama. A whole week getting Obama do a lot to unravel. This country and this is a business part of it. Here's another savvy as the mastermind behind this invasion of America. The southern border a you know I don't think that's an overstatement. You can be invaded by people who don't necessarily Wear uniforms. And that we're being overwhelmed. Anywhere via we're getting to the point where if you want to follow the rules we have we have in place rules and how to be here legally. There are different ways you can do it. And now of the of people that they get involved and these seem to have any interest in doing at the of the legal way. The way we have a setup you wanna just do it fairway which is to break the law as the first thing they do. And effective barrier the president is being urged to yes Mr. President sure your compassion and the zero tolerance policy. You know it happens I'm. When you and that and catch people they release them. And so until the process begins there is some air. Send them back to where the where they started that'll bring him back across the border they release them. Here now if it were if you rob a 7-Eleven. And they got Julia and your card you're you're never Raymond things like that have been your record time I'd via a little ways away for a few weeks maybe a few months. But you have to pay as some kind of a bond. You'd have to you'd have to put up some kind of significant. Guarantee that you're going to be there. Do you gonna ask you illegals. I don't think so. And and then they they go right for the jugular. They I mean showing you know GO first love listening to children cry and whine. And earlier jets ahead you wanna hear cared kids crying at one Angolan go to a restaurant. They're doing all the time you wanna hear grind. First day of school watch what happens on the bus shows up. They're they're all do that. And so it made it sound like they were being put on the through a torture chambers something. The bottom line is if the pay is where. We're concerned about that they shouldn't of tried to come into the country illegally. I don't think it's cruel to send that to follow the law. And we're supposed to be a nation of laws we either are or non. Let's go to David unlock towards David your on WB yeah. Good morning. Did you when he can't catch any of Laura's show last night Laura Ingraham no I do not know me and what's going. She this it's imperfect I think is doing. She ate this boat show whether activity. At the border with a back to the border. And she had a most other people associates tree. Lifelong agents that work on the border. As guests on there and some of the things that came out. The cartels. Are not only using all of these invaders into our country. As a sideline to make money. They got a daily supply of new girls and women to rate literally. And before I forget this I gotta make sure yet they sensed some of these women are kids aren't showing up with plan B in their pocket. There are areas in South America and elders and their daughters to be ready. They get it needed care so they don't get pregnant I want to make sure I didn't forget to log back came from the Border Patrol agents and the Border Patrol agents said they're finding plan B and and we pocket and girls pocket blue bow. The cartel all they got it sideline money they got to supply you women. It ended date guide them like they're attacking a chessboard. Won't. Sen in this bunch over there and what we. Extract all the United States Border Patrol forces that we are billion dollars in cocaine and satin all across the border over here. And they play games football it is. Crap meanwhile are our own governor says he's not gonna send in National Guard troops over there. Yeah yeah well you know always be Ed in a lot of the people there are showing up with a text written types. Piece of paper their pockets tell them exactly what this day. Because the people that got an air before and they know what work they get out their cell phone or they texted back to the rest of the crew itself America. Yeah I best I said right from the beginning were being played and they have a very very good you have allies in the US press. They love this sort of stuff. They love tugging at the heart strings thinking that we might be abusing children. And would this is a secondary story that I had not heard Andrew you just related to me the date may not apply yes. Well be besides being invaded. And and then Mexico of course benefit from all the money that these people sent back. I think you know it would not be out of line at all for trump to give them a warning the president of Mexico. If you don't start taking your cartels down and stop it is slow work it is our special forces to protect our country. I think we could do better we could also we are their biggest customer for oil as well yes Tony we have something that you will be molester read that. Department somewhat okay go. I cannot be factual or opinion this is a scene in an article posted an hour ago it's called truck makes political gamble with immigrant lives the very first line. It'll take more than a cries of babies to make president Donald Trump backed down on immigration. Well and David thank you very getting us caught up with a large she's usually runs out of situationally appreciated. Yeah its it's just amazing they they play us Airways and diminish us about it. The one that got me it was though when their credit I think it was in New York Times article first. First paragraph should they use a woman's name is it's or so was breastfeeding her baby. One man. Immigration officers ripped let child from her bosom. Coma and that was so far over the top I'm sorry I consider myself a decent person I guess that reminds over compassionate person and laughed. I laugh. It was Seoul over the top. Did they noticeably are great this raw. Did you hit airports are so awesome that one give me another helping ways. I can't get enough for this where so bad we're so we've all the parents are bad and evil. That they've brought their kids well when they decided to break the law and now. They why they would like to see us break another law by not prosecute. Very. Don't you on a 301806169. Degrees experiment there.