Beach and Company Fake or Real News/Immigration 6-20 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, June 20th
Can you tell the difference between Fact and Opinion? And Should the President change immigration policy? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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Okay so I'm just colonialism that user friendly. We have a moderate Arab we usually keep on for breaking news and felt like dad you know BI agents seized the remote is to back at a monitor. We're out front on the monitor. In order to her and Nevada we have to go up the hall. But you're hearing room a backseat your car. Just shutting down of all hooked up I got my headphones on I've got everything waited out or is supposed to be in there if you're just walking tomahawk and say look at that sandy BH. He has Joseph beamer changes channel that's how that's tell exulted his position is that he can't even. Output is her hair and changed the channel. At least already know you're in front of your. Your TV or monitor and we've changed channel. It's easy is what you're report remember you want as I've I do nothing happens and in order for me to go and back of the monitor. After unhook everything so I should learn that long time. What we do try to help garden tree in changed channel in between peeling grapes. For you never affair and and the fans forget our good friend that I Wear a -- law illiterate to have him Poland. That's a loyal fan by the hair. As a real threat I think you're aware of me where Rego leaders was. I hear you needed it does get hot in here and I'm so sensitive mama very sensitive person. Now Ed it's things are in the news that. You have to really wonder about its real scary. OK this guy has a Grand Slam you always hear it when he stopped sometimes yeah one thing. Occasionally I yesterday you might have two things that they. Besides your form this guy had everything that I've ever heard are gonna stop a Grand Island man is on the Buffalo News by Arab sacker. OK a Grand Island man made a wrong charter got stuck on railroad tracks early Tuesday morning. So in a police arrived they found he had to illegally modified air fifteens. In a 150 rounds of ammunition. He's 21 year old guy you know from colonial drive name Giuseppe Campanella. There was resting at 1245. He had a modifications. That are allowed on his air fifteen. And it Xu NC it's the city for that violation. Voting removable magazines in front grip. Above these guys that in addition to the guns ammunition a big step on the railroad track. They found burnt marijuana. And opened can of beer. And Joseph judge should pills. I. Is that if the walking and in driving violation. I was charged with third degree included in the larger pad actually to give them all of the event they do a Bosnian really appreciate that. He was charged with third degree criminal possession of a weapon drug possession five vehicle and traffic violations serve as a lesson be learned there. If you're gonna have been drugs and you're going to have liquor and you're going to violate the save factor and all that. Just be careful. Walla Walla I mean rarely do you believe that the some he's thought was now. Now I got something order askew and get a buzz among buzz becomes known as buzz these two. You know you heard the expression don't bring a knife to a conflict right okay we won't hurt bad and as good advice certainly. When would you bring a weed wacker to a fight a buzzing you have Fuzzy get as headphones on as well on both of you to answer this okay. We've heard do not bring say a knife or gun fight because your woes obviously. Now a weed wacker when would you bring a weed wacker to a fight. I saw the headline on this one you do see it was are well a knife fight. Now receiver Marcel you buzzing clintons what would you bring a way to. Third I'm sure this is all the way it is the only time that would bring a weapon to fight is if the other person has nothing well now this and this guy brought a weed wacker because the other guy had a machete. Okay and I've seen Oprah brewers away. Eyebrows I cannot out of America and vote we've seen though is certainly. It is at NATO command with a weed wacker. Nearly losses start Monday according to a dispute with a man with a machete. A nineteen year old. Had his thumb almost severed around 7:40 PM on a spring or avenue near Genesee street. Witnesses said. The victim was attacking the suspect with a weed wacker. And there is suspect retaliate or whatever bush hey okay the victim was taking. By ambulance to be easy MC no arrest was made at that time but I'm sure they'll come up with somebody now here's the question. If you had to pick one of those two weapons with what would you pick now. I'd note that a machete is rarely vary more dangerous however with the weed wacker. It's out front view so you might you know again from wherever you had to get him with a weed wacker I think I picked a weed wacker even though it's. Less lethal if you follow martial arts and if you're good with martial arts you would want to weed wacker could you use it like the staff. He would be able to down quite accurate that it court. About you buzzing we've Wecker art machete I mean. I think I'm pretty yes well either way but I'll probably go with the weed wacker I was machete into you said the distance distance I didn't hold it out there and -- states maybe you know get his ears. South meanwhile it automatically feeds yelling in my accurate it would be honest cheering yeah the items. Oh look I got here it'll be like this all right stand background furthest thing on okay. Now I can turn around and I did. I. Stop. Acute. There are cops calling that in. Well mine and I want them while real government we've markers come on stop laughing he's gonna we run be covered appeared at the moment and he. Yeah how we think he's a more oil he's he's really Maher he's the big man Boyle you've got the machete. While Powell. That bad bets that's that's an interesting story that's probably the only person I have and it went with a neat black yeah and I hope. You know Cuomo. There is various errors and so is the mayor in the mayor have a we Wecker buyback program now or cancel her show a couple of the lawns look like they do in the cities. If Bob back to weed wacker and I'm just thinking that that we want safer streets. I think we have the register we asked a really maybe haven't figured course temperature fingerprint on it. Make sure you know how to change or should we spread the strengths on there and why I have a cordless one by the way because yeah we got a cordless because you know otherwise you can only fight in a very tight circle and the shift to this going to be brought a bit fuel. Next year married again and then away way to go for what's the most obvious part of the body do you go forward you're fighting with a win it worker. A break and you add them here at the intersection Everett when in point today. All plays the ice. You don't have a lethal Latvia got a bite timing get the heck out of there ask them. It's if you think you know it's neat yeah our guys in a negative afraid they get the tape one thing with the men and usually it's a machete. I've never seen one out in the jungle of the week marker going what's this tropical plant we can't have this. After ordinarily not now I got away record yeah I bring a blender case when he drinks and I dropped a Boeing helicopters are you go home and I. But anyway good laden nobody else has a weed wacker machete fight or being charged with everything on the book project in charge report. So that's our opening monologue and new Israeli government Verity WBUR. I was listening this morning and they had a very into. They roundtable discussion. Kevin Carter was here from finishes college and the Erie county legislature. Mike I always hear from Ordonez so they both. They're both instructors are both professors of good journalism. And that they were talking about because. Apparently there was a survey taken. Is it to see if people could differentiate between real news and opinion. You see we have to give this lesson every once in awhile because it is getting so blurred now. If you're listening to our to a talk show on radio or you're watching a talk show on television. The person leading the discussion is not a journalist. They are talk show hosts they are paid for their opinion. And that their interviews skills are good to have other people to answer questions or whatever but they're they're not journalists who want to stress that. If you are journalists. You you I looked up journalism to be sure. And it is exactly what I thought was it is a person who prepares. And presents and knows that's what they do. They are not supposed to be giving their opinions. They're not supposed to they're supposed to be as fair and open as possible just presenting the facts. And fact fox as a there there's slug line is we report you decide. Which is an excellent vocal. You know so but Lyman is also a very good way to do business if that's what you're doing okay. So they were talking about the effect that. Lots of people can't. Can differentiate. And that they see fake news of their Donald Trump has been taught about fake nose. Since the beginning of is. His candidacy for president. So if you can't spot it. And you don't know what's there are going on the don't know what to believe was that the reporter's opinion are. Was that part of the newscast so that they that they ventured off. From is straight journalism and talk shows and things like that 20. Watch violence of opinion based journalism. Now to me that's that's an oxymoron. As far as I'm concerned our opinion based. Journalism. I don't know how those those go together to be honest review I thought they they were different things. It's it's is confusing to me as I think it's probably confusing view. You've because I wanna know what I hear somebody say some is that their opinion. Is that their opinion toward that piece so that they just read. Or is that the facts Jack. End and so when they talk about opinion based journalism I think that leads to fake nose and it's very easy to slide right into it. So I want and oh cool or what do you believe. His I try and do just ovitz you kind of know how I I work around the what I do wanna. They're for subjects or whatever. If I find a subject that I think is compelling or interest thing or is going to be important and civil listeners or something though for the country down the road or some big national story. I will take effect. Our facts. And work off a bad fat I want the effective via unassailable. Now I will give you my opinion. Of the fact. Now the bottom line is you may not like my opinion. But you probably can't dispute the facts. And I I present them as opinion. Or fat the but that's the way the best way I do that I try to try to make it as open as possible I would you know exactly of if there are facts presented who wrote it. Where does it appear. Weird that I see it where did I hear it and NBA is open as possible and I don't expect this to agree on everything may rule on agree on anything. But at least that's that's the way I do it's I wanna hold or what do you believe. Are always supposed to be the subject who knew it was lobbying. Because that's what it is this story now I think. Is an example. I've never heard determine just made it up as more Kerry right after I had coffee. I made a bit the news lobbying because that's what it is if you have this story now about. That the children being separated. From the parents the parents come here illegally neighboring kids with a big kids are sent to a detention center. But treated properly nobody's saying they're not being treated properly and then the parents. Are rode the go through the process. Now the parents broke the law and that's the reason this process started to take to take hold. And I think now we're well what's happening now. Is the other party saw an opening which would be other party would be certainly the Democrats. And they saw an opening pool if it's weakened position. Very bad Republicans as wanting to. Children from Bob blows sums of their family. That's just the way it is. And there's so there they are using that and then days they're partners in in in crime sometimes. Would be the press and the press awful. Can we do with if any audio of crying children. Because that would be very compelling. Can we position Republicans as just being mean spirited and not caring about the family and we do that well if we can. Let's lobby the American people and I think that's what we're getting now I think we're getting new whose lobbying. Lobbying usually done by paid lobbyist who have to register. With the government and they whisper into the ears of our legislature he that new library would really be nice in Keokuk Iowa. And they do that times have we could use more highway funds and we have more pot holes and you can believe. So lobbyists go and their paid do I make. Make suggestions or recommendations. And lead and cajole and whatever. To get things done for their their district or whoever their representing. The nose people shouldn't be representing anybody they should be representing the truth. And oh so what they do now is there of their lobbying the American public. To get on the side of truth justice and the American way think of think they'll reward in June. And Wally in the beaver. Just think of them that's the all American template right there. I'd view or you're against two alone. Are you against June against you award or heaven knows value against the beaver. So those kind of things. Is holidays are they wore this. And meanwhile I now we've got people. Bring a handkerchief to their ID and and drying them moisture there because they're thinking of NBA or app stow away from the blows them. Of mom in Baghdad. And it was once I told you yesterday. Where did this story it was I think of New York Times story says that mom was breastfeeding and what happened what I have been. The child was ripped from her bosom viva big bad immigration enforcers. And if that isn't a setup I don't know what it is. I think it rarely. So gonna ask you. Oh and what you believe. Only only the victims of new whose lobbying. And shut the president changes zero tolerance policy because I'll tell you how little work. It well or QB does. We'll find out more about that moves radio and I'm thirty WBU. A daily or backward vision come Avaya is some people don't know the difference between actual facts and opinion. And there was a survey taken. And shows that there's oh lot of confusion. And banned word Kevin hardware ago was instructor can the issues. In my guys go former TV personality and instructor effort dawn yet. Both were talking about a pin and based journalism and to me they don't go to the other. Journalism to me is supposed to be a big technical definition as I looked it up. Was the preparation and presentation of bird of whatever the upper the thing might be current events or whatever. But there's not supposed to be opinion in their but there is. Now a lot of that so a lot I don't know who are aware what do you believe. When it's presented as them as either a fact. And you think it's fact but it's really opinion. And oh we report you decide is what fox says I think that's the way to do it rarely. Are we all subject to what I would call news lobbying we definitely happening right now. Would this. A story about the big kids being taken away from their parents if they are here illegally. At the border until the processes. Is done and should the president changed the zero tolerance policy. All right now here is a just say I don't know what would happen. Right now. If if illegals come into the country with kids they are kids will of them are right the illegals you start to process them and in both rubio whatever is necessary. However they have to be deported or whatever step is that necessary and that children are separated. Enjoy your senator. Where row of the government is set up like as senators who collect them. They're not being mistreated they got plenty of food they get video games and all kinds of things they're so. It's not like. Is it's not like they're being deprived of anything but the bottom line is they're not where their parents anymore. I don't think it's America's job to babysit. If you're coming in here illegally. If you're coming in here illegally to commit a crime. Then. You would be. Expect to go to jail. Well guess what sneak in the country is a crime. And you know you're looking in are going to jail but the bottom line is you are going to be process. Now if he changes that and they say can change away and a with a pan here is how that works and I can't believe anybody be in favor Revis. If we change is that a hum his mom and dad are here illegally and they brought back ads are okay will you guys say it is who hits. Mom and dad and took kids and you're all here illegally. Here let me write you this ticket we expect you to be in court in and a bit ago only years. And then they let him go home. Whole. Umbrella across the border they just release them. So what happens in a couple of years or whatever their their time is that is supposed to be a for them to McCourt who I am not far. What happens well they're not here that sickens and record Rio have to both sides them. We'll put out and maybe BR or whatever they my college. That would be appropriate here and how we got to spend money finding them rounding them up and prosecuting them. My suggestion would be if mom and dad come here illegally. And via they have no right to be here. Get rid of them right then all of them mom dad and a kids send them back across the border. It is not our job. Two had to take care of the world. That would be the best suggestion I would have. Meanwhile. If you have some comprehensive. Immigration legislation and let's see Republicans as well as they have to. That the president likes them Lambeau a stupid idea of it looked like. But the bottom line is I don't think he should just. Erase the zero tolerance policy imagine chasing memo war. Kenny said let's say you got it right here there here. The big festival really great why don't you just bring them back. OK okay as of those I was there you are too old and big beach of the court. And whether or not fair we've got to find them then that's. It's just plain. Dome. Let's go to world ray in Amherst ray you're on WB yen. The morning and hello ray what are your first today. I couldn T occasionally a social Democrat but I go to a go to Turkey in this your 100% correct. This was the news media and nobody trusts the news media anymore they put out false polls the quinnipiac poll was false. It's just like yes Hillary Clinton poll they put out that the us was gonna live plug the election. And nobody police and news media anymore ABC CBS and NBC they're there editorialized thing. Yeah they are and if some people are paying attention they take it as fact. And then your basing your good judgment on something that isn't necessarily true so Heidi come go any worthwhile conclusions. Yeah you hit you hit it on the on this one. This little welfare invasion let's call it what it is these people are coming forward. A welfare system. You know they've Derek. They want to be taking care of and we cannot let everybody in the world. Lot of no world borders. As far as I'm concerned. They need to continue to zero tolerance policy and possibly put the military on the border besides building the wall so worm. That's my sort of injured just political and not be reviewed. I'm budget Ed thank you are very much doubt whether it's actually technically welfare or not they're coming here for a reason. As I said yesterday. People used to come to this country. Legally or illegally for the dream of getting an opportunity to do something where hope that you were nearly ago legally in the mine. Shut down legal immigration it's. But do you hear anybody talking about that Mel. I think one focuses should be to streamline illegal immigration may get less cost prohibitive. Make it more streamlined. More productive and that it might be more attractive but a lot of people figure who once the bottle that I am going there illegally. And the bleeding heart oppress willow will stand up for me. So when they are when they come in here and now they don't come in here for an opportunity. Now they have come in here or get whatever they can get that they can't get in their homeland. I mean that's just the way it is. And where I they were pretty decent people pretty generous people but we can't afford to take care of the world. We just can't. And there's so I think I do feel that the president should not change a zero tolerance policy and they can play all the sound effects they want of crying children and you wanna hear crying children. Just the way to the bus stop on the first day of school you'll hear pointed crying children. You wanna go pro choice story in and tell the child or children think they can't have that to lawyer this story you'll hear crying shall as crying children or our birds wonderful. Analysts on hard or or non caring because I don't care. But I think when your being used you've got dirtier. Say it like it is we'll take a break on newsreader and I'm thirty W media there opinion based journal. Ism that's what they're driven hard work and my guy go we're talking about this morning. And I don't think opinion. Should be blended weird journalism. Journalism is reporting. And presenting it's not opinions are supposed to be opinion but they're slipping and him every place. And so often times people can't tell fake news from real news though I don't know who and what you believe. When's when a presentation is made music that's at them as the effect. And are we are subject to a new whose lobbying I think the press was lobbying us now with this crying baby ripped from mom and dad who are here illegally syndrome. And that we're getting that in large doses. And should the president changed the zero tolerance policy. Here is just the quick quote. Or from be a New York Times the president has the power on his own to change is zero tolerance policy at the border. Which would once again allow border agents and prosecutors. The discretion to allow families to remain together after crossing the border illegally. But his security. But. That would allow those families to be released. While there court proceedings go forward something that trump oppose is get this straight now. You'll cut people. Crossing the border illegally. And now. You can let them you can say OK here is your ticket citation or whatever it's called. I'm here as your court today we expect to see you there at that time and you release them is them in the United States. Does that make any sense at all because when they don't show up. Then what happens then got to spend more time and manpower to get some kind of warrant out. And those warrants usually. I'm no lawyer but usually it's not an APV. If they have a member get on something else than they might say it is a war around here so there's been warm bed and far more money. To recapture the people who already had. Tony does that make any sense to you or is that the most asinine thing you've ever had you ever so that all florists say there's four. So all four of them can say yeah if it yeah it's our job. It's our job to keep the families together wanna keep the family together dolce in this country there's a novel like yeah please don't you lucky the family together apply for legal. Legal presence and in the country. I'm getting legal reason why he should be here. Capability. You know when you don't keep the family together when you commit a crime you'd you know you robbing a bank may have a pretty good time together. You still a cartman are gonna keep the family together you're here illegally they're not gonna keep the family together so why in the hell are we doing hand stands. Jumping up and down acting like. We're throwing kids out of out of tall buildings. It's it's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. How dare you make sense that you goal. You right wingers always trying to separate children from their families and bring them separate Tony that's to recognize. Ingrid children from the buzz terms of their mothers. I mean. It's unbelievable. How cool les Republicans going to be filled with hate hate as solidly as there is eight I cell one column. Is it just that the Republicans don't like people. Who don't speak English I mean they're pretty desperate and pretty respectable through which said that or the people that believe it. Yeah there are people believe. And there are people who buy miracle brooms and things like that through. Let's go to world peace in Ontario PW via. Wonderfully. And again at last select every gate open and up there ought. We also and all of this is a little bit diversion updates on the IG report it and then the one thing art wouldn't. Come out and is now. And and I I bought a little bit dip on. You know and it's got. Yeah there's absolutely no question. That would grab a big liberal. Op media ABC. Apparently Abercrombie. And had. Are completely. It's the way you go over a opt Uga is Juan Williams on her well we're gonna fight. I saw her go for awhile yes you're right. They're Ralph and read more on. If you weren't bought and you right wing media. The new album art moral respect but it sure there's Hannity their opinion there could be there is an opinion. But you'll make it route back. No ideology. And that's something I am saying. While driving is us this weekend and they knew you make to use there are word group ware reporting to decide and our case we report we give Jiri herb our opinion and then you give us yours thank you thank you treat. As just the way it is. That's the way it's supposed to be. As far as journalism is concerned it up because I looked it up is supposed to be the preparation and presentation. That's what is supposed to be that's what a journalist does digs gets access talks who there are some people in my give them more information. Gets gets tips and follows up bomb those sort of things. But they don't they did not looking for things as support our already existing opinion. They're looking for things. To present to you so that you can make an opinion and so that they might have an opinion but it shouldn't be the basic part of the presentation. That's a talk show. Let's go to would being next I think it would be Dennis in north wanted that usher on WB again. Yeah sure sorry hello. I completely agree with what he said I the single. Back. Why are we. Children. Were brought here right now. That trial but it it regret and certainly that anti Hispanic white Hispanic and immigrant. I got. I'll send him back a one time during the campaign for president. The president heads as suggested the possibility of just. Taking a time out for immigration. Time out closed the border tied temporarily. Get things straight now give proper legislation. And then reopened them that's sounds that sounds like the right way to do it right now we're running around hysterical. Over this and this is pretty embarrassing actually. Now we are now they are are running around hysterical just got to bring up a quick and I'm sure you've heard about this guy hit it. Are you mention that get a little careless are our good buddy in Albany despite its fuel president trouble this. Now you are I hit it is is pathetic you know why so that when he does finally run for president he can put that on his highlight real. Bed he's as standing up for truth justice and the American way I would have been surprised had he not gotten involved in this. I exactly know that it's not going to go anywhere. Name in the note. Exactly knows what he'll say I was on the right side a gun legislation we're the first of animation to do this where the first in the nation too good to give be in state rate floor. Illegals here who wanna go to our colleges. We go we got free college tuition and we get this. I mean I can see Israel right now and meanwhile he's ordering all these things from the waiter brought the bill comes he gives us the bill. Thank you know you very much Andrew Cuomo want to following me. Visas Bonior is four hour bill. There are no forgo bills I don't think so because I got paid last week I had two of them. I worked overtime that Greg he's such a hit a double minor. Leagues whereas once. Well I'd take it well return under Israeli and I'm thirty W via.