Beach and Company Executive Order 6-21 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Thursday, June 21st
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Elliott back quit the region company my question did trump do the right thing with the his presidential executive order. I was saying their third children and parents will no longer be separated. And the do the right thing for the right reason I don't know the reason he didn't. I'm maybe it was personal maybe it was political maybe it was a little bit of both I don't think it was the right thing but I think basically. A he had to throw water on a wild fire but by doing that. I think he's laid out a blueprint for future. Complaints about don't trump presidency. They'll use the same format. The same template and just a different. A different reason because they got a lot of different reasons absolutely. Here's a attacks Sammy we need to follow the guidance of Teddy Roosevelt only immigrants who wish to fully assimilate. Learn and speak English and support the advancement of our one country ideals. Will be allowed to come into our country. Well I don't think it's you know I don't believe that we have to agree with everything that the government says it wants to do and positions or whatever. But I I do believe that if you hate the United States. And why would you come here. Why would you come here and and the why would you fly your flag in demonstrations. And so why why he'd fuel a lot of things you do if you don't like the country you know what you may not like the controversy like but the country has to give view. It's that I remember urged a KAE. Let me say wasn't he a Democrat. He has. Wasn't it his famous speech in which he says that's not. What your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country I've seen so quite mountains and and then they and their not there what are they doing for us. The answer is not much. Except making our reserves a smaller and smaller Leo we try to do the right thing we try MB humane. But in order for us and help other people in the world and help others of world crisis and wartime and things like that we have to stay strong while we can't say stronger where if we're just opened the door of the treasury and say come on is like supermarket sweep. Grab as much as you can amend and that would drain the treasury as quickly as possible. Let's go to a Sam any stammer Sam there on WB again. They predicament calls India just artists say the difference between Hungary that date is hungry and have a 35%. Nonwhite. Minority in if people think race matters it doesn't matter in his sent a lot played the race car. The right is the conservatives to not play the race started it whether it be that the punch. I predicted this over forty years ago we were gonna have these problems with immigration this country's finished. Trump is the last poll and tell him. It's a lot get this there amend it was power presidential election it will be like Mexico with a pair right running Mexico. For years without one minority party with about 40%. Well presentation I'm howling you United States is finished. Front I go to policy page Joseph buffalo on those today headline half a page. Whites are headed for minority status in US far sooner than once expected idea I have read this yet I clipped it. For future use but that's something that says happening at a far faster rate. My concern is not the color of vote of the people coming in here. It's the fact that. When they come then they're going to obviously. Be granted some kind of asylum and then after that. Very good they may jump right into. Citizenship and when they do that. That means that they can vote and ones that. That's there them we give up a two party system it'll be just Democrats others need not apply. I agree but in Los angles fifty years ago. The internal population was back out today there huge numbers of Chicago's Mexican goods that marched in the streets saying Rangel out Rangel out. While that's that's the whole point I think that. As if if you come here and assimilate like Teddy of goods and Teddy Roosevelt who adjustments in that that's fine because you're contributing member human agree with some things disagree with others. But if you come in as a hostile force what's the difference coming in as toss out voters or somebody with a rifle it's the same thing taking over the government appreciate your call thank you and and your fashions them thank you. Tony you think. I think he has merit in the degree that a lot of people coming in. Who want to be here for what we have to give them what they are not necessarily even fans of Hummer. I think most people are coming here just come and take advantage of what we have. This program that program they they they know that they can have a better here than in their home country now make. No mistake you can certainly have people come into this country illegally who love the country. And in my view little hand to get started a little bump in the road that's fine. And they would be going neither of them in the case of vote in war things like that I think that they would step up to the plate. But the ones we're talking about are ones that. Now as this is what a wider rob banks no words always gotten because that's where the money is why they come here because that's where the goodies are. What you look at it like this you the left is looking at one picture of the right is looking at another picture the left sees a picture. Of innocent. Young woman with a young BB threats marrying brass CD and it's actually a big you know all the bad she's coming there he's got these things on his belt he's probably got bear spray on and it can heavyweights are river away rip the child away from mothers who will breast. That's not where I was going with that but I like that pick I know they have a picture of that innocent picture there. We as conservatives we see MS thirteen we see are criminals rapists murderers. And the left doesn't understand what were seen. While is never the famous for having his rush Ramon where people see the same scene but have different interpretations exactly what you just said. I think that. I had a Mosul good hearted Americans are perfectly willing. To give a chance to anybody. And opportunity to anybody who wants to be a better themselves but that is what this is about. This is about you know virtually coming in and and over running the country. The left also doesn't understand the motives of their party. The party is to bring in voters and your average person best progressive or liberal thinks that Verisign is doing if for compassion. Has nothing to do with that it's about. Getting votes and like Rush Limbaugh says for the Republicans is Bob getting cheap labor. Yeah yeah I ago let's leave the Republicans off of what you're exactly right why do you think the National Association of Manufacturers or whatever. Often have to start going positions on things because they want cheap labor see everybody wants to you lose. Those coming in I've I would bet that when your grandfather or my grandfather came in. The government denies aid. Well I'm glad they're here because eventually will be able to use them for something none at all they had to go through a strict regiment began here now. Absolutely positively. It's. Yeah let in as many as possible because once we get those citizenship or the ability to vote without citizenship if they change those laws. Then where in four. Ever the fact is that where my grandfather came here. There were. Ads in the papers say you're not allowed to hire an Italian. You can't sign this contract to get this job if you have any Italians are working on it. The Irish went on through I mean they got and have their turn in the barrel Irish need not apply. It was a famous thing so the government was that making it. And totally impossible but difficult to come here. But they want inviting people end because they think they can use them. Think about our best. They've become and they know you have negligible skills. They know your going to need public some kind of a public assistance. You're probably not going to get a very lucrative job especially to start where it. But we can count on music via jobs that pay goalies you're also going to be under the if you're illegal. They're going to be under the thumb of a person you're working for you're probably not paying income tax you're working for money under the table. As though they have you. And that's and that's that. So this scheming to get joined here so they can usually I don't think that was the case in the early days of immigration. Oh so we have our forefathers will be back Lamar newsreader and I'm thirty W via. It never went down. You want it than any F I can't wait bombing in. Let's get back through recalls show it loses Peter is a gatherings Peter your on WB again. Simon tremendous of one once again thank you. That then just see it disappear I think it's that. President trump. Put to better of them because he's forcing Democrats and right goes into very extreme position. And let them. Impeach someone terrace from the 2 this morning. These parents would be would be keen to accuse. The United States has been forces borders and you cannot on the Internet is I believe any country illegally and accurate with the trump is doing. Look I think it was Perry also spoke a boat being effective and heated pool was United States. That I IE I illusion and it was an immigrant what kind of message from another country today but I can tell you something. Most of these people pretty. I'm not token put the immigrants from your grandfather my grandfather and great grandparents parents. He wanted a coming to the US and west but he predicted the US. Do you want all love. And Q at the United States and they are. The upcoming all ready we can't miserable. Angry. Deep Toomey to keep something from the united state have no interest. In giving anything back yeah arising. Already in the mindset what can I get undo being duped a problem here is. This up portion of those people and one not just not sit back on whether it. Yeah actually going to find a way to Honda Nissan and I want to and I seen something here being subjected them he should. To what pushed through the mine at home is. Wouldn't pop now something has to be done people need to what did you I want Peter Fonda hit him in the duke but he's a week and one more thing. What mr. trump is doing people need to understand. There are some intelligence reports that actually. That. Countries like you run. With the extremists commit terrorism. And really policing. It people into Latin America. India pulled pork in them does as do a mile an idea common backed up into the United States. Inductees the the old mutt so. President trump understands this security we don't even have that information right now but it's not just illegals coming into America. It's actually terrorists that come in I've really good. And that's something very very serious thing. I hear a lot of employer thank you are very much Peter mentioned that Peter fund or through. Peter Fonda ought to be in jail right now. Is since when can yo make a public statement one between it and drink it. That baron from poses some of Donald Trump a young young boy actually. Should be locked up with had to files. That's what he said. And and then Obama as was reported a maligned at trump. Notified. And the security people Secret Service that that have been done. Now I don't know if this Secret Service had gotten knocked on his door yet but suddenly Peter fun there mr. tough guy mr. know it all right. Apologized maybe a guy that maybe I may be one I went too far hot you think your mind. Suggesting that a young boy B. Be kidnapped. And then locked up with pent up finals. And you think apology is enough is enough a what are we gonna start enforcing these laws as best I know. Those kind of things are not tolerated. Weather is the president's honor anybody else's son or daughter. I find that despicable to be honestly but there again Smart ass mr. Peter Fonda. It's like you're Smart ass sister. I I don't know what Henry Fonda's politics were as I wasn't paying attention. But it appears a decent human beings will probably rolling over in his grave now. Can you imagine that Toni somebody posted that about your son how angry you would bait and I'm sure maligned you know is angry and I'm sure O'Donnell's angry too. And a lot of people are angry over this a lot of people on Twitter and fees birchard may. Why is he in jail right now it's why isn't he hauled wing cops all big deal the issued and Apollo creed. Deal big deal is that it is you can say anything you ought and then you apologized. Only the left is allowed to apologize not the right I went too far. Maybe in my zeal for a better America. Well when you suggest a young boy is kidnapped and locked up with that if you are one sick puppy. And they ought to throw you in jail and the story. Okay is whose next arrogance on the character on WB yen. More city hello listen there's been. I don't know. People have forgotten horror there's been met talked about it I ever heard anything. Correct if I'm wrong. Children born here in the United States from illegal parent or consider automatic US citizens is that still correct. They have not rescinded that as far as I know it that's always been the policy of not heard that they don't have it anymore. With that in mind. Then if there is a new law going around here now where we can't separate them then we can't deport their parents. Because then they'll be taking them away from their children. Well that's always you know they get so mad when you say anchor babies. Where people come here. And have their children here but that's what they're before a sea of these sort of things that we're talking about have to do with being able stay here and eventually. I'd get what they can get and vote but you're right. I hit it nobody would if if you didn't want this you certainly wouldn't want the parents deported advocates say here. And you can't deport the kids as US citizens or Moses some kind of activity that they have not. They're not doing exhibited yet. Well with the with that in mind and then essentially what we've done with dinner with a one stroke of mr. Trump's and it's he's basically should we have snowboarders. No I don't think he said that I think. If you already come here with children the children were born here. Well I hope there's an awful lot of liquid over they're pregnant and her after coming over to have to have their baby here YouTube we ought. God the arguments on this this past argument here was about people who came here with kids that are already here. I'm not a ones that are wrote maybe do here. Yeah I look you know it does no mean there's no clear. Easy answer this note that shut up the left because that all of Asia is one thing after another after another endeavor and thank you. If think about that Tony. When they come here where their kids. That was so what this is all about but they didn't have those kids here. So those kids aren't automatically citizens and I don't think they care about citizenship except. That the citizenship might be a valuable tool for them to get something. As somebody might promise them something they might get something they would never have they weren't citizens because with citizens comes the most powerful that was citizenship. Most powerful thing we have and that's the vote. Episode in Oz it's it's pathetic what's happening in the country now it is pathetic. And it may have started a long time ago but you know when it really took root is in the last dam may ears would Barack Obama all designed to eliminate the Republican Party. Well it well. Eliminate the Republican Party if they get to amnesty. And then eventually the path to citizenship. If you're if you're all looking at that. It's like you're driving on the highway. And those 65 miles an hour and a guy in front of you is only like two feet at a viewing you're just looking at his stoplight. This stoplight goes on you're gonna crash OK you know you've got to look ahead. So if you if if you give them amnesty and then citizenship. They get the vote and when they get their vote the Republican Party ought to just seller real estate they have them and leave because there will be no need for them anymore. Will be back for more on news radio I'm thirty WB's. It's. Al backward Beijing company you know in our youth and our zeal zulus would be you know a good decent people. Who have heart and try and help other people I think every once in awhile or forget the real deal the real deal is this like a Lotto like this. Think of what your your house okay your house your home. And semi he'll get up 1 morning I get downstairs and there's people in your home. That you didn't invite you don't know them and they don't know you but they they sit down and then you've got the freedom. And then you've got to make sure that. That they if they need medical care that they get the medical care. And you're required to make sure that they hear all of the educational. Tools that they need. And none of this has anything to do with the U they're just in your house and you have to take care of them. They're here there would no permission from you well it's the same thing that's going on now. The United States of America is our home. This is where we live. We didn't invite the illegals. We shouldn't make the illegals feel welcome we certainly. Make anybody who who we've talked to at a time as video we like you to join us for me audio will be average to a baton show you how to do this and. Whatever. Because you're welcome guests and now you've become part of the family. If you would proceed with the normal little emperor who wrote procedure. I go through with the legal way you're part of a friendly the other illegal Weydert nothing but an invader. So what you think about this when we're talking about illegals were talking about them taking over your home. This country is our home. And I don't think we're ready to just give it up because we're being overrun we have by and large numbers of people. Who are really care about us but they sure as hell like the food. They like the medical attention. They like the free education. They like the lower instate tuition. They like all the things that of these liberal people. Who run our state run our city wanna give to them. Assailant a murder of the old fashioned way and due at the old fashioned way by following the law. Let's go to I am in buffalo and here on WB NRO. JoAnne good to have you back. I admiral. Weren't sure at I think you hit it right day. But what I care here is you can take it. Get your tactics just caught yeah. And they say at eight is turning people is that there are there going to be. And they say that bound for that. He is yeah. Won't be. I had no idea where it but it go to combat and get. They ain't it marked the current. Keep eating it. Or it could do it ain't seen it Goran who I think people at it ain't. On that program here and grow it out and make our capital because split site. We see it well. Let me. Mean you are in your battle it brought. He has you yes you told me about that but many times going at refresh our memory. I'm Barbara apart topic I would never think about it. How it went back east. But he's big. Muck. And so the same as lining as I do. That's when apple hit you back it. I work how. I'm midway in a oh man well and he's. They are not as they. Back with. More about an automatic back. Out on. Any. Help while I'm. And then I go out and look and see. It's hard. Beaten them out and yeah see we hit it absolutely. In netbook are so. And they were talking about how they do about lead lap and I had eight different VA adding event. Now you know what happened at a comment eight it's 28. Democrat and not that it is talking about the fact I hate that. There are for all old and I always look at why did that and some good air act it out and yeah. In the Arab. It looked accurate that it may get kidnapped and helping me to keep it regularly. You rarely see I. Can't say yeah. Yeah. Well I you know I I like your passion and your zeal and I tend to everywhere vote would that thank you land appreciate it. And very I keep this in mind though wrestler most quoting the very best way to get rid of bad laws to enforce it. And they he is look he's going to be looking actually houses go mile in two different proposals there. Now he was on record a couple of days ago saying that. He can go either one of them but then others said they're probably wouldn't be enough votes for either one of them so we will we'll see where that goes. I govern the bottom line is these are people who are coming into our home and that taking things without even being invited without following. The rules without following the law and that's and that's just the way it is. And but though I don't think we're gonna give it up that easily and you know what if they think that. It's going to draw away from Donald Trump's base I disagree I think it's gonna go the other way you know line. Because I think a lot of people resented the fact that that was a fake. Assaults. On a full. Beach assaults. I'm Donald Trump. Andy who is now I forced into doing what he was doing. They're in and I might have a different perspective on this. And and we're going to resent that. And I think we're gonna make up for that. If he runs for reelection when he does run for reelection I don't think he's gonna. The drive people away I think is gonna draw people fill. 80309301806169236. Iron and thirty wreck after its. It and now. You want it then the F I can't wait bombing and. Is reaching company. I'm sandy beach and Hungary. Is in the news hunger hunger Iranians. Policy. Hungary's laws criminalize. The act of aiding illegal migrants this just happened yesterday. There rogue prime minister Viktor Orban is a big fan of Donald Trump's. And they passed they've passed some immigration laws. And it looks like they've got the right idea making it illegal. To aid illegal. Migrants. There were one of the reasons in 2015. From this New York Times article over a million asylum seekers have. Landed by boat or European insurers many. A passing through Hungary on their way to Germany. To stop their passage or been built a fence. So unfamiliar around Hungary southern border. A move that foreshadowed Trump's plans to extend a wall. Along the border with Mexico orbit and later became the first global leader to publicly support trumps nomination for the presidency. In 2006. Being. There's so. I think good Dave. Kind of showed by their actions how they feel about to illegals. And I I think they. Other countries to. Couple of days ago Italy was roundly criticized. Because they took a stand against the illegals not just letting anybody Evan that's the way it is if you know a while back. I heard some numbers or talk about immigration. A vision startle me. And I heard Mora from Rush Limbaugh and a I think if I have my memory serves in I'm not drooling yet. And that we take again more and more people in this country. Then the rest our immigration policy allows us to take and more people in this country and the rest of the world combined. Okay. And if you wanna come in here legally we have a process. He get in that process doing your homework do what you're supposed to do and we will welcome you. If you're sneaking into his country and you're here illegally get the hell out that's the best way to describe it. This is where we live. This is where the people who blow cherish what we have been and where we live. This is where we're located right here if you're just coming here to make him look like supermarket sweep. And throw everything you can I'm a cart before they catch you. A yacht you know welcome plans symbol we welcome people. That that one of the year we welcome people that will do what is necessary and required to be here. Anybody else. Mill misses the way it is. Let's go to Marion Lancaster area and WB Ian. Morning said he pillow where I'm standing I love them and see if you. All add and has their act together as usual Redmond. And your analogy was perfect about people coming coming through. You know and coming into your house where we're live right but also I was thinking of it's your show yesterday about media. The media created. Because yesterday's news of all the news because we talk about selective news. Yesterday I saw there is a businessman I can see render care payers something up on what. And what is he doing. You don't see people saying well let's hope you know the police officers Stanley and were killed or anything like that. What he's doing he's giving it gone gold fun read page. Do. The ACLU. To do and these. When lawyers get lawyers to defend these illegals. Home and if you end up running. What is so well above buffalo. Mary is a welcoming city our own mayor senator from the steps is sitting home. Like you know what what our plan turns out a turn for the cure. The fact that this is an election year OK and it's all those candidates running now had any brains. They would just. Take what Cuomo is doing all the things all the causes Cuomo couldn't come back or you don't deal with. What is he doing with organs were illegal and what about. You know what this new guys turn he should go to come to buffalo comes go to our Rochester go to are all the places that work. Famous sportsman like Schenectady TB I thought I know in today's paper their cake and eat off the stock exchange. I think well like that that would be unheard of in in our history. Does such a humongous firm being taken off of various so. That the gift to be anybody wants to run for office anybody they should go against Cuomo should just. Challenged callable and goal in the challenge him if you debate in Corning. In now Rochester. Kodak. How about connected to keep UGU. Hum bug or the Syracuse we're carrier work. They should have a debate note to elect Cuomo defense bringing more people and the question should be if point out how we're gonna pay worthy people gonna work. And stack up against what law what. The president is going. As soloists unemployment. Number in history. And we have more jobs now don't we have people. Oz so the president and and knows what he is doing. Cuomo just jumped in misery get his name in there it's almost I Cuomo came and so laid on this it's almost like voting present like Barack Obama used to do. You should go to you know they should invite trial like these people thing yesterday about Trump's own rally. Why don't they New Yorkers and went home to new York. And talked with the governor. We the I wish somebody charge and governor because the governor is just I his view is mission and his goal in life right now is to build. He is a television commercial and his resume for running for president and we have to pay for it we have the 6000 dollar crap thank you thank you. That's all it's that solid will be. When he finally announces in the spots are running will pick a mile and say see this is what we Jones is gonna happen about this one about this one. Buzzing name are we haven't talked much about Ozzie and a buzz he's been busy on the phonies below buzzing is a bit busy by easy. Colorado closes. Are buzzing to be I'm not really sure. I got forest there or is part of that we'll just leave it above the you'll be fine I've got bigger it tends says it's good to see the president compromise I might not agree with what he did. But we had to have it. Dawn to go forward. Well going for a disease is what is it stayed there forever. Because they were not drug that they finally got something they thought resonated. And even though there was misinformation. Campaign out there. The president probably recognize that too can I have another. Please. Yes. Kathy says. That's good for today but the real beyond something I knew it. That's about that's about right. And fact I have a Texas as sandy I feel like the left just sits in a room spinning a bingo case we owe. With problems that have been around for decades they pull out each month they blame on trumped they offered zero solutions and act like they're saving the world. Because they're upset all of a sudden decides on in Iowa senator. That's right were being played I said that yesterday and again today well being when we know it's we know it's happening. It is happening in front of our eyes we know it and guess what. The lead yet. Our information. About what's happening in the world it gets filtered through the media all right if a politician has something to say. Because he or she go out Stan soapbox on the corner and our usual are buying no. It's either radio or TV program is some form of media while the media is so ganged up against Donald Trump that. That they had the chance of an honest to goodness fair appraisal of what he's doing or what they what we should be doing. Gets tainted because it has the go through them. Now there are pockets where you can get the information. But there is not easy you gotta gotta work a little bit of that. You've got to be a little dedicated Julie can't sit back and leaving somebody else. We'll be back where. We're going to be coming radio I'm thirty W.