Beach and Company Executive Order 6-21 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Thursday, June 21st
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Well hello hello hello is trees you've got an energetic he's doing great. I am feeling great you know I went into the bathroom today and I brush my teeth were nice clean water. I don't fish are in the water it was sparkling pure. And then after a drag myself while I try my phone on in the it was that a hundred fresh as the day I'm having Mabry are great. San. Can't get better than that guy you know clean water a 100% phone battery I'm feeling great how you guys doing. So I thought he was our I. That's brutal. Now that's not only am I tell. It was in Niagara Falls that wages are native American word for the water here is sucks. At it. If you wanted to short term paper on water. As you say you're studying water go to Niagara Falls. They have more water problem you'd think Niagara Falls so much water there isn't a falls every minute of every hour for eternity. But they have problems getting water to the people that there. And sometimes the water get there are sharks though so. Like water problems that you have today's army broken water main seems like the story of Niagara Falls all the zone you've called broken line I think TV stations have filed footage of broken water main there earlier bother sending a truck anymore now they don't it's everywhere and it seemed like you know that you call the city of broken army's future and I knew China water what happened not seeing not saying nothing came out. Sound well okay now you can you can get by it would you know by brushing your chief later in the day when it's repaired. And you can get by a graph by a boiling by. And there's another thing that most people have to a shall we say attend to before going to work well that would that was the first thing on my mind yeah so how did you figure that went and you to recruit those. You are a lot of them to you went on your true why do we want to search and YouTube to see how I can went out what I did red Y two K I didn't buy any of that Y two K stuff. But I decided just in case whine on and I filled up all three bathtubs. That I have in the house and just in case. Because and the water is right you put it in the back part of the you know and you're good to go there you good to go with your partners version. But that's it's you you're you're bureau of taking care right. Well hi there were still thinking when while so you by the time your home it should be actually so they were Akron team may have up there it sure is down our. Those you speak about those guys are constantly working on water main breaks all they have it down to a science Saturday and I'm sure of the bridge. Now have a big while at least you fall and is working I heard I heard your or your ringtone. Has anything to do that every time somebody calls you yeah and it's I think the imperial march its thank you very much. Let's see men are buzzing maybe we switch batteries were mixed families the room you know every I think that's it might have to do because you earned your son battering number three right. Yes yes ion. Initially on Memorial Day broke my phone 100% my fault. But I paid for insurance or Treo so I put a claimant and the fluent in a few days later. That phone right from the bat. Didn't they didn't charge right wouldn't take a charge. So I had a cold and wait another three days Obama the new phone came and now this phone seemed like it was gonna work find out it was charging I had all my apps uploaded on wow driving around yesterday evening. And I listened to music through my phone. And the thing just makes a loud pop turns off. I don't think the other aided overheated it was hot in the car so I turned back on phone turned right back on plug it and won't charge. I don't know if Oreo. I would go to of now now it's you're here in the building I would go to file footage and and get a file footage. Picture Joan of Arc. And send it to the phone companies and I think I'm having battery for. And ethnic and it's not a chance in an at bat. If you don't want leaders who your ass I would suggest that your battery of days. So so they you know like I call and understandably they don't believe me they'll like did you take it to the store. I'm your dog and a guy is on the phone again from buffalo herd of so go to the store and down they keep my pet I was busy yesterday evening my parents were kind enough to take my phone for me so we can get it checked out. A surprisingly nothing I did to the phone to sell another two to three days America got a phone so it'll be combined. Over a week. Fullest. Service August program to of those phones that they sent me the nothing good phones like I paid insurance for real artist isn't crap reject vote. There's very solid sarcasm. Off well she's a wow I mean that you know especially in today's society you have so much to give and no opportunity to give. That's too bad because I really feel bad report that's what I didn't like it but does that add to be utilized in these I want batteries that. These guys are veterans that are like day your great drivers vying for the business now that taxing Joseph you want gore that they just when exactly did it. Did get back on Saturday I'm sure this is when she's got a tax. Wow you guys had your browser I have my problems here. Yesterday we graduated Roger Christian from a business that went through our sister station and good friend of all of our season. Delivered guy and today is that anybody like say something about Roger you know if you freak him slide when it would Lucas. Lucas tried to kill me and I'll tell you what happened okay it's as chairman now. It's easy it's lol I sit and when I get done and I stand up and walk away from it how easy does it get. While I go in there and as is got a share of its hi it's it's as high as like this okay. So what did it to get a closer to a microphone. I'd put my to push on the edge of the city OK now I'm going to put my feet on the ring around the bottom of the sea and push myself further right column on dog fancy doesn't work right bad. You put your tush on the side and when you put your feet. Our video among rank it catapults that at all. I went over backwards. I think he's trying to kill me I really do I think for all those years we worked together origin jokes about him. I think. Lure him in here. And when he tries chair he'll kill himself he's offended by the Sox are doing so he was little ones with the ball was happy goes little low vibrating Sox that he has the ones with a little balls on them. Let's speak you know. Little balls but that's an honest. And I so I'm never going an arrogant a hole and if I do government launcher. If you want those cities are stand yet that's exactly. With him again regenerate and whether your like it or not under Israeli and I'm thirty WBA for Hillary or having Oliver is hot hot hot weather and Tony is. Is appointed because in my rings and visually can have a fire yeah as a fire when it's eighty degrees and humid it's actually quite nice out the 10930 rolls around usually. Movement before you. Always just comfortable easiest so you're gonna fire and how far award and off away from it's I'm really not feeling major area IE I was just thinking the other day. Roger Christian or everybody should have media for Roger disease is a terrific guy and a consummate broadcaster. But I think one thing is going to disappoint animal movement was that one day a few a few years ago when we work. Sitting around knocking it with her grow and be the best thing. That I'd love to be involved him. So that and they right in that we've organized he's a but I respect him with that it. If I do get inducted I wanna be the best looking guy that gets an award at the hall of fame and we get this. You know now on John beard. John beard you'll know but he'll ever be the best looking guy as long as John beard gets an award honors lucky that beamer is not there yet bearden beamer this in my law firm. I'm all until. A energized you know and Jon Baird isn't there. Earlier though likely here I went in I was I was hoping I would get the most attention. I've but I went in the year Tim Russert once and that's a tough. He's a bit pop up so very goes what you're your advisor to our yards element our guests here until one so that's standard. The standards so. Roger will be the second best looking guy inducted. But. But at least can be beat out Tom Atkins. So we go to Americans. And Americans he's great we. A lot of fun and interaction with him I've hired to of these going in as an engineer and and he knows how to do that very well. But I hired him several times as of this job because he's very go to bed to remember every time. He would walk in the KB lome where we have the re launch of KB and we've you and are doing our share. And I had that old jingle I can't remember us DC show unfounded or when it was. Yeah I don't know shouts and a fair guy exactly so every time he walked into their eye off. Or about abuse broadcast community in in Western New York is the fact we all know each other and Bob by and large most of us get along very well. A with the and some Basel working with somebody else and crimes against somebody else. But the camaraderie is always there I think the respect is there to. Because we have a good good local broadcasters so congratulations to all of them. Even though Roger we'll have to be second best looking guy next to John beard and he'll settle for these things really a special award for that. Having every nice participation on the top guy. Topics this visual art in the who's better looking man John beard because I. Well I can't remember who also went in the one year but. The year buffalo Bob went in awe of eligibility and I all the channel that was a great here and he said at the piano and sang and led the audience in its Howdy Doody time and he picked on the scene and yet he was it was we have Obama showed up at times yeah so we've got some good times there are hardly wait till event which is an September right see you in September and our let's see what's what's going on here. Anybody hearing about the president and he is pretty quiet guy yet. Made Barack a wishy do something newsworthy post the media would actually call him for a change yet you know what the first idea what I got an award this morning very first thing is our day. What actually Jules wrong today who's a man did out there who's suing him. Lightweight that he put out that somebody is offended by the usual stuff because remember in the words of Roseanne Rosanna Vanna. If it's not this it's that. If it's not bad it's best it's all ways some thing. And so the people don't like don't show are never going no I don't drop ever ever ever. He is seriously. He could turn water into wine. He could serve fishes in low slow lunch truck tried to get America dropped what it is exactly. As serving bad fish. You know he's never going to your credit for everything because as Z it changed him and they gave me a presidential executive order. That the families would not be divided anymore Berry started well. Enough yet but it's enough. What's funny is is rush predicted that. When he hampered her Russian programming says okay watch this going to be the outrage it's very predictable in his it's very predictable. Because if he does that he's wrong. If he doesn't do it he's wrong. On if it leads though is he's wrong if Vijay is that he's wrong and you know it's the same people saying it. So let's just get out of the way so I think from now on widow will in the opening monologue will have vote grew from critics feel he screwed up today. Because it'll be something everyday guaranteed it. So now they're going to I guess they're again a couple of bills today. It may indeed going to be voted apartment but it's not a way that well they're looking a couple of bills that could be wrong about. We don't think either one of them has enough votes of pats. And if he'd do. Bills they have video you rammed it Ferraro and you know it's as if soaked him it really does he get so it's a wearied. But I wanna ask you this. Did trump do the right thing did trump do the right thing and will this be your mouth. It is it was. You may know it'll ever be enough I can pay that. And did he do the right thing. I think I I I kind of wish he had Mellon. Announce that July the reason I wish you and Bennett he's now put out a blueprint. On to get directly McDonald's. Here's a blueprint for some I'll find something so often and Fuzzy and cutlery. If it is not a child may get warm copy may be a kiddie. Maybe yeah maybe an absolutely home that's about the before closed. Because of the government are finding something like that. And find a way to tie it to trump. Even if it's not trumps deal find a way to do it. And then hand it over to the press because there like it's like throwing Romney on the floor their hungry dogs out there they can hardly wait. And get that fervor building up. And again against some people complaining. And say you know how could he do this to us where's the humanity compare him to Nazi Germany that always. That's a nice little talk much because they usually do that. And then finally. Finally get people in his own party to kind of why awful lot of well away. Thought originally it was a good idea but now as we reveal I've. I'm not sure about this and showed no spine that well it when you do that you could do anything you would this president he's tough. He's reliable he's getting things done despite all of those things that we just talked about. But it now we have a temp light because this is the first thing that I can remember. That actually pushed him to do something he didn't wanna doers said he couldn't do. So I wanna hear from you if you think he did the right thing now the right now on the right thing you know right now. He can't hold a child for more than twenty days that's what those laws says. Now if this gets challenged and they leave it at twenty days. What happens he'll be criticized if they let them close at twenty days because the proposals will be incarcerated. And the children. Oops and poets and these two bills because they haven't shoulders yet today that they're probably gonna vote on whatever it is so be careful. Gave careful because I'm sure don't have something event that is designed to end Donald from political career. Because that's the way it is at its 2008 team and students were reversed and they can't wait. To get their bare bare hands around something else that might get him out of office. It Austria and I'm 301806. Or 69 degrees fixed armor and very these girls at Texas and the trio and I trio. Go to FaceBook page two did trump do the right thing and will this be enough. We'll be back after this. Will be agent got it did Donald Trump do the right thing and will this be enough. I I'm personally wish she hadn't done about he did it and that's that now have the live with a will this be enough now won't be enough again challenged in court and who knows and in their fears executive order gets thrown out. Bill still blame him. There are still blame him I made no mistake about that also a secondary thing. Is of the Hungarian parliament is an often we look to Hungary for leadership and legislation. But in this case may go well. The New York Times headline Hungary's laws criminalize. The act of aiding illegal immigrants. So if you if you need an illegal immigrant in Hungary are going to be criminalize you're going to be charged going to be prosecuted. Is something I think we should look at here. In fact we may even have a on the books here but nobody talks about using it if we do. There were a prime minister Viktor Orban. There is a very much in the same line of thinking as Donald Trump and they're serious about their borders as they should be. And to remember. Just before the beginning of the week it only got there criticized for for not taking and everybody wants to your show law. So if you if you go to Europe. Or we talked to anybody who's from Europe or travel to Europe or whatever you find out that. It's not always on the way they would like to have it done but that policy let them Pete in Ontario thanks figure on WB yen. And all the way you know oh. The media being picked that one could see it do it. You show up. With the Democratic Party. Because he'd parents will now not able the eat their kids but they also will not. Be back Corey did not. What. We obviously know now. That it Democrats are never had. Art never gonna vote if we don't know what during world longer it would pop. Up immediate earnings call at all. If you went. Crops could beat you want vote. He thought he'd. You know he wouldn't doubt it. It would have been dog. Eat. It. Up. I want. Creature. They don't want. To ever see. You ought. Well. I hope. Your knees and her actions we edit. No way any concern that people and all that. Is a conservative I think it's probably good. Well let's also hope that even if we do get it and they're fair and their conservative that they act upon it we seem nervous whenever we have the upper hand as far as votes are concerned. We always wanna you know be be remembered in history and we will we always wanted to do the right thing as is everybody showed. But that the Democrats get their positions they stake you out than they do it. We away always always Wear it way yeah rub our hands together wish you'd always stroke arch and should we do it Howell will be vetoed. Instead of just going having getting it done thank you figure reminds. Did trump do the right thing. What do you think Tony if indeed the right thing or do you think. It it Bellwether is pressured and got him to do it or not it certainly seems. Two through most people that's how they do it is the pressured him to do it. I have a text. Person here who is looking at the half full glass sandy I think these children being separated from their parents really good bother the president. And I think he signed the executive order because. Of his own personal feelings. Enough pressure from the public when he was also getting pressure rule in his own wife correct publicly correct so that's you know that you'd you'd you know that you know what that's like I think it's. Here I thought I. Had to go there sorry I had. A one of the engine do right there. Yeah I think he did the right thing. Of course like you said people are still gonna complain because. People want the path to citizenship they won just. Be released in and no questions asked and hope that they show up to court. You know down the row but I I think he did the right thing and I will say it probably did bother him. He's not a monster like the lab notice him out to be. And one thing they ever notices trop is good content links off of the laughed and I think he's done he's done this cavaliers I think this is one of this. Well my mother's advice comes in. And Obama was very wise and I learned a lot firmer. You are guard shuttle and even more from her. She said there's only one reason to do something. Because it's the right thing to do known to have because you're going to be rewarded for a pad on the bag. You know people are going to a invite you to bear Barbara fuel what ever you know just because it's the right thing to do and if you do that it is always defensible and your feel good about it. I'm and I think that might bet might apply here wasn't the right thing to do and they don't for the right reason. As far as I'm concerned. Him if he did it he did it but I think he laid out attempt late. For those who would oppose them on how to get to him in the future. They happen to hit the right the exact right issue. At this time because who wants to see Oprah's own laws they hear a wailing children. You don't wanna hear at a restaurant you know wanna hear a sound bites either okay. Oh hole witnesses say adults here are children there and separate them although truthfully think about if you're rational about it. You might feel better if if your child was being looked after one of those. If one of those temporary places provisional living while thinking of as opposed to being on the streets in your home country. Think about it like that. Eight Austria on Israel wanted to under its excellent six manager Bruce experiment very well be back. And we're also gonna discuss via Hungarian laws now. I'd just initiated criminalizing. The active eating illegal migrants are all about that. The word illegal is actually in the title of this story don't tell it to the last they're not only US network gazing right and right out of boot invests. Will be back after this. It on it down. What I have done it yet I can't wait bombing. There's this or cross purposes here. For the last several months and maybe even last year where hearing about the open Lloyd epidemic and then there's too many pills on the street they would get hooked on this and who's bad debt and as a legitimate concern right. Split screen map where it all we gotta legalize marijuana now I know marijuana and others are different but they're the same basic thought process movement. So we've got to clamp down Jamal look crops nor can I just in case somebody is about over OG. On their watch what you do all that but it's opened the gates who up until now let's make that is make that readily available as a seed and strange. Or at the same time. Preaching to a different messages. And this kind of strange but I did predictors several years go on the show that it was going to be legal. Because the government's going to figure out attacks and I'll make money on a make money on exactly right all that they can gospel say what they now get re elect. How about that yes and let's get back their vehicles raskin did trump do the right thing. And if you want ads for the right reasons. Will this be enough though unknown authority I'm already seeing it start. They'll be out lawsuits and the ninth circuit will get involved and blah blah so. Even from doing what they were pushing him to do when he does that old wanna do something different of course. And meanwhile the Hungarian parliament the reason I'm bringing this up is. Hungary's. And the headline Hungary's laws criminalize the act of of aiding illegal migrants. And their very serious about it they prime minister Vic Tor or Graham. And in the parliament though voted new laws and that will make it illegal and punishable and you'll be a criminal if you help illegals. Again in the country and Stan let's go to want to area in Texas terrier on WB yen. And it sandy real quick to stand village are talking about about marijuana ill further 37 years there have been on the planet. We've always been pot that marijuana would negate later. And it you know. Knowledge and go that you know I don't necessarily think it's right day. I don't. I haven't answered. But what should be done I don't think this should be an option in the first place in the matter hacked that would send them. On thing like. The healer investigation. And some that had three walls are now that you don't eat like he says it's it's never going to be enough and it's frustrating. Her citizen of the country because. It's almost kind of similar you know you watch in the bill Europe and stand. Can't figure out why they're making them think that moves that they may or whatever the case maybe at the end of the day it would lose their drop. You know you really don't have any into the game all the outcome doesn't actually affect your life in any way shape or form but what this person. The effort we have people are making decisions in the Liberal Democrats there and Eric in our position. American citizens that are not only expecting we. As citizens of that country but the future of our children so loudly knock at twelve and thirteen year old boy crazy right now wonder what kind of feel like for them. They have. Been aggressive Jerry of those who are vehemently. Against the way they're treated here if they come in illegally are the same wasn't don't wanna build a wall to keep them out if you have the wall to keep the molecule on a story about how they're treated here illegally because there won't be here. That's that's exactly what I mean and for me again you know it's it's not so what what really it's about some this is that. You know at the end of the day these people do want to exploit the country are further saying that it offered to guard you know welfare food stamp whatever whatever the case may be. Oh really bothers me is that. Got forbid somebody were to attack America tomorrow and they were saying we don't want a proper Canada we don't want a problem expo we're just come and for America. These people wouldn't stay here fight for the consummate beat back cross border or he dispatcher IB ML love. Nor loyalty the United States of America yes here take advantage of it. I hear a loud and thank you very large Terry from Texas and Tony you mentioned. There whether or demonstrations they slide their home flags fly US flag and death to America death to America oh lovely lovely lovely. So the bottom line is. If you don't like the way they're treated here let's make sure they don't get here. What's a good way to do it it's not perfect certainly the wall. All were against the wall so let me get this straight now. Your against the wall which would keep people out which would keep them from being treated by separating the families. If it. So now Roseanne Rosanna that I was right it's always something it doesn't matter is ever demand. I am going to do a daily check and see how the other side says that the president screwed up today. What secret testimony is there. What was scandal is about to unfurl. There's going to certainly. Put him on the outside looking in. I have to admit and I could be wrong for doing this book. I'm laughing at the laugh now every day when I go on Twitter and FaceBook that's where I see the complaints in the big gene in the mole mean. I crackled Lafayette as to how they've called on gloom and have you noticed that these people. Oh who are doing this have never. Fell through their life was out of control or they're being dealt a terrible having their miserable. Until now. I mean there have always been some. Who would do this by now it's a stampede because you combine the ones that we're doing it before with the ones that just don't like trump and that's Virginia. I think the media has a lot to blame in this because they're the ones that ratchet up. The the heart strings and get people riled up. For a day or two and then they move on to something else exactly and that's the point it doesn't have legs it doesn't have a lasting effect. A host Heidi about stormy Daniels. She's history via those those about the Russians collusion. While having some people often spoke via well of course because there and they haven't gone on to remove famers sodas in new things shows up. You can forget about the old for a while they go back to the Russian figure between so while there's a law all they can sneak a rush. I don't I don't background yeah yeah yeah concert OK I got that. But Hungary. Let me just tell you this before the break the this is New York Times they Hungarian parliament approved a package of laws Wednesday. The crowd analyzes the act of helping unauthorized migrants. And creates a parallel port system that some fear will be used for politically sensitive cases. Accelerating. Efforts by prime minister Viktor or a band. To transform big country into what he calls a liberal democracies. Of a name for it. You know the name of the bill I'm not kidding yeah. It's called these stop Soros bill. Currently as. The government name the legislation with six effective immediately. The stop Soros bill. After the George Soros is violence here he's from that country okay. The laws of the first major measures to be passed since Orman who campaigned as an Nationalists and the immigrant platform led the far right party now. Don't trump is not anti immigration. Trump is anti illegal immigration. And it's the word bid though most people conveniently forget. He's also in favor. Of of enforcing existing law remember when the president's. If in favor of Briggs of enforcing existing. That's usually laws that he had nothing to do. It was a and other congress it was another president they all signed it's there he simply wants to enforce it. But yet if they don't like a lot of the you know like the effects of the law. Then they'll try and and pending on him via passage came. On world refugee day. I mean that's their way of the emphasizing his. Orbit has been and I Europe's most prominent critic of open door migration. A since the refugee crisis and when he fifteen putting him at odds with Angela Merkel of Germany. And some others in fifteen over one million asylum seekers. Landed by a vote on European shores many of them going through Hungary on their way to Germany. Germany and Andrea Marco. Has that open arms policy and is not a big forum go from. We'll take a break and return on who's rated and I thirty WB and.