Beach and Company Collins staying on ballot 9-17 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Monday, September 17th
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Dan Quayle I hear from you if you think that was a good move not a good move Europe undecided. Chris Collins apparently will be on the ballot for NY 27 give me your thoughts on that. It was apparently he's not cooperating. And I say apparently because. Wasn't it just like a week ago or he said he would cooperate and do everything possible to make sure we maintain that seat. We being the Republican Party and now suddenly change his mind because he thinks so or somebody told them. Or some survey came out that he could win. And this day and missing until. And Joseph and if anything happened to whom this indictment. I'd do you think it's good idea or not I don't particularly think it's a good idea. Whether you like him or not if from. If he first of all one thing's for sure. I would hope that if he changes his mind. And and decides he wants his name on the ballot it's already there and he's not injured do anything to help. Take her off I would hope that it would guard go back to campaigning again. I think you'll be hit idea. A via. The height as women say the height of egotism. If indeed he's decides to leave his name on the ballot and still not campaign. Obviously campaigning what do you think the first question is going to be we think the second third fourth fifth sixth it's all going to be about the indictment. And we may get some questions certainly about why he changed his mind and decided to stay on the ballot but they're gonna ask him all about that he's gonna say as I can say is an active investigation blah blah blah blah blah. And so I don't think he's doing the party any favor by doing and I think you're really shows his ego right Kathleen champion team player at this point no. So. And and if we is that city where is so critical of the media. In about loss of power in Washington. If we lose that I see it could have a domino effect on other things because it was me. He was the first congressman to come out and favored Donald Trump. And he's been aware of them ever since. And a national press. Would use that to show that the trumpet is them losing his edge you know of those who would be with a mind at the beginning. So he he's not doing everybody a favor right thing by here bug is staying in there and I don't know about you. What kind of incentive do you have to vote for a name on a ballot that you think may not be the person's thing. That's unfair. That's not right. I don't think is right yeah I am personally. And our first of all kind of oh lord says yeah he said he was cooperate. With keeping received and finding the right candidate doing whatever he could do I remember that specifically says more than. Once is that this the same guy that said when he first got in politics I'm only gonna serve one term and and on the businessman not a good competition and. And he certainly doe one says. That'll help his pension I don't think he needs. You get days as give columns a columns on ballot for our great dogs. Catcher heavy Republican district helpers Spencer and I don't figuring needs suspension beyond this review. But the bottom line is I'm I'm not I'm not comfortable service. A U. All now arduous task army I I go to love arguably. I mean again we can look at it from how much time and money have beat eight Republican Party are telling Republican party's wasted. On what now will just be a nothing process. We had this dog and pony show gather public all the people who want to have all Malo of the big biggest names we have locally. Now let's meet there lets me hear what are they drop out one at a time maybe you got word that he was gonna change his mind but. He certainly didn't give any indication though last week. That he would change his mind he said he was. I'm going to cooperate now it doesn't look like he has so if we can't trust your word on that why should we think we can trust your world and anything. And I'm main rarely if he keeps his name on there he's got to go back to campaigning. Can't sitting area and hide away up and your tree house and I just call the shots from there. I mean more than anything he's got to come out and say why do you why should we vote for you and why do you believe you'll actually be able to serve these two years as a boy. That is an excellent point will be just golf campaigns is beat everything will be and time it Marie. Nothing is going to be about him yeah. And really what they'll do is they'll use him as a punching bag for trump. They'll also use him as a bad example of somebody. Who was the first to stand up for trump and now he's being indicted and he has been you know who knows what to that's going and now. Let's go to Diana west Seneca Dan here on WB in. Good morning Shani you know actually. I can't believe I'm kind of of course you this what I don't like Chris Collins in my personal while once that he has always been shelled Serb. But I don't think that you should be convict pitch. In the media the right seeker due to you're here you should be entitled to do social while you're innocent did your proven guilty salt. Having said that if I work Chris college. Right from the get go I would have said Alicia I'm running for office I think that that's the most important issue. In these charges are frivolous I am innocent I would have maintained. All the way through adults. He's maintained his MS is always are Ed and you know you're right you are you are innocent until proven guilty. But America also has a right to an opinion and the opinion is ever is our view the and diamond night Eunice as early as anybody read the indictment is very specific. And keep in mind a couple of we are major players. Have already paid back money. Four ill gotten gains so you have to use some logic here. Would you pay back money for alleged yoga and gotten gains if you didn't do know while he hasn't paid back any but some are a couple of the others have. Well this just what I am going to shape. I think it was some type of controversy there but I am an armchair quarterback. I I. I would do exactly. The only I would've done different than what mr. Collins is doing right now is I would have declared from the get go all I am going to campaign and granola my constituents do Sox are. Well whether or not I wish our. And I am innocent until you'll Cooley guilty and the board of parole. Is on lead prosecutors operation until that time. I am poised to conduct the people's business I would've had respect for that. Well I would've Joseph here's the problem though. Because of the timeline to follow he knows that there are people love affair that no matter what because they feel allegiance to trump. And because he was the first one to support from they're going to stick Wear them no matter what and that's going to us a further strain. And as strengthened truck bears because those who don't like trump I'm gonna go after him saying this is the kind of person. The brought him to prominence and book he's now in jail if he's found guilty and and sentenced to jail. So I mean. He's he's telling you losing bat and he's gonna weakened somewhat at Trump's position and I think. If you you want to know what I'm again and I apologize but I I think I'm going to disagree. I I say. Debt by standing up for what he believes if he is innocent. That he would vindicate himself and he would vindicate trump I'm on some other issues. Well that would be good and that would be very favorable. IE. I know is when I read the and I'm and I read it three or four times are ready here a rather have home. It is so specific. I mean maybe it's all falsehood maybe it was all trumped a broad drew pardon the expression. But it's certainly didn't look like it was wishy washy. And it certainly did look like there was without some kind of merit now maybe something will come up of how they got information. Maybe that can get verb bay comes on the phone and you have to conclude that it was a conversation about selling masonic. So there are things that maybe you can get away it would. With the legalities of it. But I think it's really letting down the voters to give to get my chance with somebody who's not under any cloud of suspicion the dry hole let's say. You know you're you know what I think this is going to speak to the integrity. And truth be intelligent. I'll be voting population the 27 district. I also think that it's going to put straight noose to detached. Either of these charges are real and bare ground get back scratched behind them or. Some people think that prompted being smeared that the Republicans are being smeared. And and I think this puts great note to the test I think this puts integrity our goal line. If I were innocent and and I am a Democrat I Kipling country pending upper Chris Collins. Yeah our war innocence can be in America today I would stand up what I. All I would soon I have civil reward but I also feel some kind of allegiance to the people appointment there. Rather than just the myself Wheldon dead lets buckle our seat belts is going to be above we were I'd take her baggage and thank you realize good golf. Good golf he feels that way he feels there's no way I feel. I think Chris Collins eagle is out of control. If you really cared because every c.'s gonna count in the next congress could be very very critical hole let's see now the odds are. Short of him being an axe murder. On downtown buffalo that he's gonna get reelected no matter what. But that's really aren't taking a chance I think a newsreader and I'm thirty WVU a whereas Democrats call. Is apparently Chris Collins is a good not cooperating and will stay on the ballot for NY 27. Are your thoughts about them my original thoughts are. Or really taking a chance even though it's a highly. It's are very high chance that he'd win if he stays on the ballot. I think if he wins he's. I mean if he is going to when he still has to get out there. And campaign. I don't take anything for granted. And I think there's some people might be hesitant we're going to vote form. Hesitant to vote for somebody the eighth I think they'd like to have but there's no guarantee you'll be somebody else. If he gets. These are a bit and I do live if thought. If he is convicted of the crimes of the indictments charge would be able to serve obviously. So I think as taking a real chance. And I guess we'll learn as time goes on whether he's gonna hit the campaign trail again I can't believe he'd say a moment stay in the race my name over him develop and I'm still aren't going to campaign. And if he does campaign is gonna give battered. You know oh he didn't I've totally backed him when he did a lot of good town hall meetings because that turns into the euros seven and I massacre. Totally understood that. But I don't think I'd be so understanding if he decides to stay in the race and decides to continue not campaigning. I I don't CIA can do that and expect people to vote for a really don't now there are some. Who vote for I am no matter a lot. Now I in my area you know every F five or for a decision from intimate. I would be very hesitant to vote for somebody who may not be the. Persons serving at the same time he got to believe that it hurts. More if you let the Democrats take this heat course it I was they're gonna go on. Trying to impeach trop if they figure out you know you just gave a preview of what I was gonna read next this is a definitive text on what we're talking about. I'll vote this is from the Volkswagen of larger parts export. I'll vote for college just because I'm not going to be represented by some democratic hack who's going to vote for things I don't want including impeachment. So that and what you just said obviously. That's the definitive position on this. But keep in mind are we realistic enough to think that some people just won't vote. They hope it stays Republican but they won't vote is a realistic enough to think that. I do I wanna vote for the devil I know rev on the double I don't know. Is it realistic to believe or somebody were and I think oh they're just out to get knowledge trumpet any by his support strong. So I've got to show my support for trump. By voting for Collins in these are all thoughts that are going through people's minds but I think it's the high eight. Of hypocrisy. And egotism to think. That I'm gonna stay in the race but I am I'm still gonna suspend the campaign. Just vote for me because you remember what a great job I'd. I don't think that's right at all. Let's go to a Pete and Ontario beat your on WB AM. And what you've got to take exception to is critical that we. Look David Bellamy. Pop out and said forget it. Not the RNC go to the local currencies. Affiliates are there nobody knows what's going on whatever so he retain this seat at all. But in the meantime we have seen. Greatest amount of lawlessness on the left. American history. Once all documentation is as were adopted and the people are hopefully indicted war what are we looking at some optional level is. They indict. Republican for. Editing but we know there's at least one key point. OK so expect that Clinton committed and nobody got that we had an attorney general which can not thank. We went out Bob Mueller who's a check and balance on on the marketed brands try to get. A sitting president and nobody got anything about it. Look at talk about nothing at all that Scott don't like Ali and always got another point stated what should testify in public nothing happens. OK I can pick that you know what yeah I didn't do it. Chris do it and keep this seat and the at a special election after but it lead a point oh. OK I think telling air without getting out of the sudden I mean she says that because if they're deflects any heat. From trump to get involved with a Cavanaugh situation I find that. Amazing that somebody will wait 35 years. To talk about a man who's been through those six FBI investigations. To hold that you have policies held up to now. You're telling me if something was as dramatic as she claims you would wait 35 years. First of foreigners saying anything and so I think. Basically she's saying that because that will defuse a lot of the criticism of the president. They're winning can be they're winning because they've got lie with a straight face and they've got ball and all of stick together. You know what we don't. We don't that's exactly right OK Ed page always good it's to you always good to start view I disagree with him I don't think that winning and I think your way I don't what he's talking about I think a lot of people recognize this circus that's called non what do ya I think he's the winning what he's talking about. Where there is a pretty apparent. Malfeasance. That there's some dirty doings going on and they never seem to get an idea so he could go back to the clintons. Capsule you can go back to the clintons in campaign mode. When their first campaign for president or go back to that and you see over and over and they never seem began to go hauled out the and they never seem to get caught except in New York State those close to. Governor Cuomo. They finally got nailed it seems like the politicians are afraid of the clintons yeah I don't know why. I don't know why they'd be afraid of them their biggest asset that would be right now their fundraising ability. But why would you bend over backwards to raise money for somebody. And everytime she's running for president she's failed because she has so much dirt on them she can bring a lot of people's dollar. FBI in the early years of the FBI. And dirt on everybody. And everybody knew he had dirt on everybody. And and he got so he kept his power base that's why he grieved you know go to a party and a nice party frock and nobody. And nobody went to Iowa fox knows what it because there was an fox of those men anyway. I would take a break all we were generally wanted to know your thoughts on Chris Collins keeping. His name on the ballot. The floor and likes what he's good good move bad move something in between under Israeli and I'm thirty. WB yeah. We're Beijing governor you can go I go through Montreal 1806169. To resist garment very. You also Texas on the votes item Orchard Park tech's board. And in go to our FaceBook page as well we're asking your comments on the decision I yes. I'm Chris Collins has stayed on the ballot of NY 27. I mean give me your general thoughts and in the direction you're heading service. I here's some of from a tax board there was never going to be anyone other than Collins. They wouldn't they wouldn't pull off just missed direction from Adams. Here's another few wins of these trial would last almost. The next three years anyway. Wednesday. Applause that saves analyze your senate control Sime we energy. He has them on board hearing on business. You guys are missing the point that election law when monologue collins' name to be removed from the ballot at this point this is almost. For certain while he could still be removed we heard that Adam. Florida where he has property that that deadline has passed. But he could still be on a New York ballot. In which Adam it depends on what it has been if he's on there are rowdy group get off from that ballot. But I think there's some things who go like this at all and I read. Is that why is it some of the top names that were mentioned as successors. Dropped now. I've it has to be a reason maybe they knew something we didn't know. Somebody like pat Galvin. You know it's those are big guy. A good bill vote getter drop out right away our own David Bolivia dropped out. What they know we did you know did anything bad for lack of more delicate term fix was in. There was gonna stay here whale was sold. Why get involved would this remembered some quality people. Lois spoke up prevail one of its glow about eleven of them to be honest and some good top flight people. And they seem to be dropping out Lama once though. Maybe they had the insider's view that we did not hang out. Let's code to. Jack and buffalo Jack here on WB again. I'm Jack here give me your thoughts good thing bad thing neutral thing though about his decision to use them. I electorate not on presumption of innocence Cindy and the department of on justice. I'll leave early exchange of convicted columns already that's not fair he's innocent until proven guilty. And on the shenanigans going on in Washington. Caller my opinion of anything they come down. Where it's it's it's questionable. And I think it pretty well known fact that politics is so that we churches so many people colonel. Quantum politics with relatively modest means they cut all. For example general false being millionaires tomorrow restaurant and it's one thing that a little bit colleges and accused. But he has not been convicted through defend themselves much maturity would reveal during his defense. Would not be appropriate to be revealed her campaign. So either you say there's he shouldn't be required go by us the voters not by law. It's your campaign for a state. That he he should get the campaign but not be required reveal. Material pertinent to his defense. Well is campaign over useless and other words when he gets in front of voters are front and oppressed. And the first thing that they're gonna wanna know is something about the indictment. If he doesn't there and address it besides is overall of thoughts that I'm I'm innocent of all charges. If he doesn't I have something that he can say some your throat of those voters. He's wasting his time we might as well to stay at home and not campaign. Well who will cheek yeah I'm the order I am or am I would vote for him and I would respect his ability to keep his. Cards or lose that's the garden particulars of the defense. I make no mistake about it I would I don't want Betsy to go Democrat but I think we have to be rational. In thinking that through to expect voters are hands to a C you're not campaigning for a while under indictment. Every once in awhile we need to get a breath of fresh air and see what we're dealing with thank you. Well it. I don't like the anti trump for his anymore than anybody else that I don't like the one cited press any more than anybody else. But that's a lot to expect from a voter. To hang your hat on back. To say OK you know I'm just being set up because it's and the trump and I was pro trump right away okay. So they may be coming after me. But the bottom line is. Couple of people on the indictment have made. In restitution. Tell me if you would give her diamond SP rational. Let's not be emotional about this would you have made restitution was nominated bill. I look enough. No way and I don't think most people of so unless you've got something that you can throw to the press and throats of voters. Some red meat something they can say he is getting screwed and that's why we're gonna stay with a me even though he's under indictment. Posted 20 just leave your name on the ballot and expect voters to vote for your because it's your name on the ballot they don't want loses seat. I'm. I don't know I'm not comfortable that you may be comfortable living anyway because you'd think there'd be any true numbers. Are the worst thing that can happen. I think the best thing that can happen as you get an honest candidate in there that we can vote for and know they'll be there or service. Otherwise. Billion I don't know. Here you have your position on the I don't know if it's a well thought opposition. Are you think. And I at this point. What is this an early what's at stake is the bigger issues so I would have to back Allen's. At this point through if you have because the odds are general as a state anyway. Those are the odds but we certainly have seen people breaking meal including trump obviously will be the best example. So you can do that roll of the dice and hope you wake up a day after election and we've jealousy. Let's go to us and AM of buffalo sandy on WB yen. Hello sandy. Well we've got to send resume is an echo going what's the what's in your mind today sending. Morning Q yes I'm actually you know if you remember back way back when. Could count was originally a fan Jeb Bush supporter. In the heat. He only came over to trump can't you know after you know count heated as the bush slammed they'll. Right right exactly so on I mean I'll let you know he's yeah Ernie he's human the first one to you know support chomping knowing after trampling me. The nomination but I think he is shameful what he's doing but it's not surprising because as he said he is there rather arrogant individual and it's a shame that all the other qualified candidates including David Bell via. You know not to mention. On the email. They didn't get an opportunity and but again like he said meat eating do you know knew what was coming down. I guess that's a good thing go when it's over you quo as some quality people there is name is dropping off the list. I wonder do they know something we don't know there's just not telling us right now. Exactly exactly but it is it is a shame again now allowing these other people to come forward and you know give it get a fair shot and I don't know is it that the sea is in jeopardy I would say at this. Now let's let's hope that every heals the floor and though we keep to see we'll keep our fingers crossed thank you thank you very much. Yeah I remember the last of the I think there were eleven people those were quality names. Who wasn't Joe Schmo from Kokomo these are these are people. That. Whose names we know. Some holding seats already who know I assume we know them all quality Republicans. And and to say him how come they're dropping out like this. They're not staying Jovian to a fight asylum are known fighters something's wrong here you're you're kind of sends it. And but once they found out it's not that easy to get a name taken off but not impossible. But it does requires cooperation. And if he doesn't cooperate is nothing much you can do about it. But does that spell arrogance or why let's not let's not kid ourselves shall we here's a guy who thinks I'm too good to be taken off the ballot. And what if we win we win but if we lose them stolen. I mean adds. Nymex. Will be back after let's get back to the callers this is David analog port David your end up. UB ENN ignored and load into what he got it and like. I called because I just wanted to remind people that you know the important thing is to keep it. He. As the as the Republicans see. So before you let the people and they can bitch it is like get your high moral ports that you can't. Vote for somebody who's been accused. Or indicted and not found guilty yet. I have wanted to remind people or fight against the you remember what that Democrats did you ever named Alan Hevesi. Yeah sure. Yeah you know I can't remember details of what it was is chart wet but at that time and it was a late late ninety's it was the comptroller in New York State. He was at the over Saudia pension fund which is a huge huge number. Yet and they looked at him like he was geez. He's just walking out of order because it was pretty part of the money in the late nineties when the end of football or was still inflating out of proportion. Before it exploded. And yeah I forgot that the delta what is going to be charged with their woody was accused up but it seems pretty obvious he was crooked as it it was a long and it Democrats. They quoted him back into office. They've put them back in there and I I remember asking my sister brother lockup that you offered this guy you know he's crooked as hell. Well he may it has a lot of money. Yeah and and now if they drag it off to jail because. This seat the governor can put another Democrat in there. Yeah well first off you're looking at Albany is. If it's full of people who have wrongdoing now at least. In the end kind history some of them are being convicted him and some of them are going to jails some of them was local names. But yeah that's that's been going on Albany for one's sure. Well that the bigger picture is more important did then you know. As just the way I feel about it. Well then you get a vote might get a vote everybody gets a vote we'll see award goes let's just hope that state is there I was I mean obviously it's days thank you thank you very much. Let's go to two Ed wean in new fame and winning here on WB. Both Bill. Pinkney he stole my thunder I was going to say this same state Hillary Garrity Ellen at this it would happen. And you don't imagine ever Cesar as wild okay go ahead. Thought it. Well thought out what you call. Black voters are ultimately create for about it because. If you'll recall LA ever see you don't play well not I can't vote that they can't. Don't care couldn't hold up because they're voters told you what they thought I. Look at Marion Berry Mary Berry I mean everything you can do oh goodness gracious self and he kept getting real active. He would Carey told we used equality. I loved dragging their daily. All he was driving modem is there is Google. The route he what you're saying public employees as veterans you know. But that's a great talent local network and have dragged me debt. If he'd get if he vacancy that vote back in Iraq if you really what. Well I think if if you are at odds maker you'd make the odds of favorable Betty well the event even with an indictment hangovers. Out of the criteria there is he would meet these people in the senate better Republicans can't help the president trump. I guess what's going to learn because the first thing that they're going his guilt. It did not get out and say you know is different ball great board seat the first thing they're going to kill it. We're gonna keep hearing not about impeaching the president for the next couple years. They started vet before he even took office so I've fully expect Americans January you know this is our minds now is like the Alamo where we need every single man every single gun to defend ourselves. You agree with you to a point where you say you know you don't want people with really you know big character and it's. The people bet they won't cure reflation in this and that torn up inside district. There I'll sang man they're outside look at the exception I would not vote for wanted them. And that but I still would not vote for a Democrat I would still within not someone else's bull. But I would never have voted for our senator art because of the the felony charges it where against him in fact. When the judge know it yet there was evidence supporting claimed that the arrangement I understand he's been adjudicated. But while it was still attack that kept me. Answer this do you think there's Chris Collins should campaign. Are definitely. If he has sold here I thought it was and it says like you said it lies. He shouldn't be afraid to camp. Absolutely because if he doesn't campaign. First although whoever is something. We've seen examples in the past where. Our public officials weren't very responsive to answering to the public and still won. But if he doesn't campaign that's asking a lot of the voters out there is saying you you don't want loses seats so badly you don't give a damn what I'm about Iran. And it says well let him tell his position on how he looked at Maryland rally. And a mind you know build the one thing has been a logical person would would you make restitution. If you didn't take him in the first place of course not couple of people on the indictment of already made restitution. The other people make restitution. But like I said of what has surprised me a bit because this little guy on the ballot in. Like I told the uninformed voter I couldn't believe that when they get sick atrophy and I is that I did all right so what what is going on here I don't people and embrace what their act apparently. But some are on the line at the at the end of the day. Yeah I don't know can you just look at somebody else's say this so crooked that I don't mind being crooked true because they're giving away when I mean to have your own standards and you have to live by the militant. The goal of the hardest character personally. I had wanted to be and you'll probably won't agree with me for a number of recent. But I would have preferred if he Carol Paladino get in there. Well I have a car. What is the foot in his mind but I like girls Schuettler. How wonderful rapper that it hit he wouldn't date only got. Is an advocate he's an advocate for the people and a guy who doesn't need the money and as well and good. Put his neck out there are no Carla Collins. His instead of you unfortunate things that are there but I still items old dogs. And then guided by anybody and charitably. Paladino why you don't hear some of the things that he says and as you'd you'd better be ready to defend but I as the cola. I still like him thank you thank you very much. Are you out remember we had a good slate of a bit strong Republicans many of them already and some offices service. And when they started dropping off every once in a while why would it why would he drug. Don't understand this then maybe bill because maybe that was him all the time. This is what their plan would do. All right that about wraps it up so we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty and if you happen to run and Vontae Davis your marvelous. Paper last month we'll be back tomorrow. It's. They never to music he's certainly let you know I don't give a.