Beach and Company Chris Collins 8-9 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Thursday, August 9th
We discuss the latest on the indictment against Congressman Chris Collins. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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That video specific questions of the day representing their representative Chris Collins should he quit. Will he quit. Should the Republicans dump them. And Michael who vote said this morning on early morning news that he thinks that even with this going on that. That Collins is likely to win. No I don't know if these women ought to have no idea. But I wouldn't say he's likely we're right I think he can't win. I think he can Lowe's side and you don't usually don't take any middle ground night. I convictions one way or the other wrote would this who knows. Because some people may vote form similar because they're going he's got a great job. And they wanna continue some people may vote for because they think. He got jobs. By the people. Oh boy have there bomb sites have for anybody close to the president. Isiah might get some sympathy votes there even if you Warren a via a fan of our Collins at the beginning. So I don't know every interest thing but one thing. I think I do know. Is that if he keeps his word that he said last night there will be no further comments. On on anything you're doing is a case. And that's that he's saving your from a trial. How is he going to campaign between now. And Election Day without. Him being barraged every single time he steps in front of a microphone or camera. With questions about this even though he's he's on the record as saying. That he is not going to reply to anything what kind of a campaign Cunningham Tony can he have any kind of realistic. Today at a campaign in normal as. Circumstances. I don't see how I don't hitter now because like you said the number one thing people are gonna ask us about this case. With scorn now with C optic nerve you have to say about this. This evidence shows you do in this of that what we've seen on the fall. I think a lot of heat before because it doesn't do town halls but I don't blame him for not doing town halls because thousands set up. As you wanna be opinion out of town halls and everybody that doesn't like you'll show up and drive this rupture you're meeting but this is way beyond that. This is you know sound calls it just a little this little of that this is a lot of everything. So Leo Wilson. He's not he's not really gonna be able to go out and campaign for those reasons he's gonna see protesters. Everywhere he is pressing the pleasure nobody had just something as simple as hand shake him right you ought to do that you got every pretty close to people. And here's a thing and if Chris Collins thinks he's gonna be able to skate by. I'm not gonna make any comments from now to November the other. Then you really blind to what's going on the DNC is going to throw now a lot of money at this seat because they see in our eleven as a tossup. You know I think he needs I'm certainly not a lawyer but I think he needs a small win. I think he has the go through his thumb holding the indictment knowing him out. He has to go through this and find something that he absolutely positively can defend it now. OK and he's got to say my lawyers have perusing indictment. And if you look at section blah blah blah blah blog law and then give you definitive. A statement a wide that is not going to hold up in court. He doesn't do a whole thing but it begin don't want just a little doubt out there now one thing that's all he needs. To give to give supporters say well he got that there might be other things will give them halt. But if we can't do that we're one single thing and he's not willing to dual and single thing I think he's going to have to contribute the job he's gonna have a really tough time. Let's go to middle of the down here this is Mike and Wes teel Mike you're on WBBM. Sorry I'm fine thanks for your patience Michael you have regarding Chris Collins. Well there's. This thing all stars with mr. Collins because I don't believe this club or is in laws are gonna bite three quarters of million dollars upgrade. Pharmaceutical company that's based solely on an experimental drug this terrible policy without somebody saying hey. Polled by it's a done deal you've got to make a lot of money so he got in they bought this stuff on insider to begin. Okay because. The less they got some. Unbelievable portfolio because most people don't. Take 90% of the portfolio and by an experimental drugs just opened and make very. Well that's true but couldn't be set on any anything that popped up and became a Wall Street once again. Another words where some breakthrough like an iPhone type of thing. As suddenly everybody wants one has won and there were few insightful people who have bought it on the ground. Yeah I'm not I'm not drawing any conclusions that I Visalia all started with. OK and that number two that reason it he didn't tell his own stock is as aborted director. Lisa official with the company ENERSIS certain fiduciary responsibility. That goes along with that so. Even if he had wanted to sell to stop. He was he's prohibited from doing it because everybody in those positions are insiders. Always say that was the week as part of what he said last night was he's that I did not sell me in my stock. He's not accused of selling any restock. You can read this ten times and go backwards that it is not what they're accusing him of so ideas Eddie is saying I didn't do something they didn't asks may I didn't say I did so. I understand I only bring it up because people are pointing to that it's some sort of indication of his innocence. Know that it was not able to do this by law. Because you have to go through eight. But transparent procedure that's why you know some guys that don't pick up these cell 400000 shares everybody gets to know about it so you can sell your shares to. Yeah exactly what is is all about having information in the public doesn't have. Yes it's true so you know he could have told you want a piece of actually owed the. As far as the phone calls and every day. He's got an email right when he was at that party. Guy he began calling frantically multiple calls city's fire. And then it. Turnaround in his side than his father in law so all those but we're supposed to believe that they. Buy this stock out of nowhere and then they got over it stopped out of nowhere with nobody involved. It seemed a little difficult. To be honest review I think a first year law student to prosecute this if they improve everything that's in the indictment. Yet and then that timing of this is albeit elected as some sort of conspiracy. This guy that the federal prosecutors. Put all this stuff out there he was appointed by trump can replace the former one bad throw bow legs very. Gray area and this guy is a very very pro trump. So it's not likely dead he would have an axe to grind. We would like to believe that everybody be like that but I think were realistic about them. Think otherwise but yeah he's a big trump supporter he's not look at liable to go out and trying to scuttle one of a fellow supporter of the president. Yes it is he was under this guy as. But he so arrogant. This column guy he would arbiter investigation not put this two years ago helping out I don't remember exactly what it is. What he had drawn the attention of federal authorities and all he does this knowing that he under investigation. Well you know sometimes people disappoint your big do things that are. Well beyond what you what should be done if you have the intelligence that they have. But they still do it anyway we can't figure it out a winner saying he's guilty but we're saying it happens a lot thank you thank you remarks. Take a break every time I newsreader I'm thirty WB. Over the years I invested heavily in innate became the company's largest shareholder. And an uncompensated. Member of its board of directors. Without my investments in steadfast financial support the company would have gone under. Bringing with it a premature. End to a drug I truly thought would revolutionize treatment options for secondary progressive and that. Let's go to a cabin in Pendleton Kevin here on WB ENN. Well sandy our home or are you reap your first to say you know let. You do process or beat you or cystic this courtroom but certainly guilty. Oh they have well where it's say if it. Our records are what circuit are pope's secretary of what is it is Donald it's the dark her. It's right witness will expire Sunday if you and I try to be Ichiro a let's say arm re at it right a wrong thing code you'll be Rick. Or will be OK okay and we never result will be procedures really some archer okay. And you read part at least. But. Piracy by others some time walker which are actually country. They're. It. And then your car you turn up and you argue or mobile on fire is accidentally on fire. Back OK. Well so mean to say way to smoke there's fire but you know what I really saddened me when I listened to some of the callers don't care. Mean I wished it were put away if cocky affiliations. And all of that and re deeply as a community as such a district here. Could we really got someone really represented a stroke of interest with war. You know we're right now. I'm glad you said that because I'm gonna read you a ones 11 sentence here this is a tax exactly were you just said. We will vote for him because we can't imagine sending a dirty rotten Democrat who represented us. Well out something it's so peaceful okay these same people accused of Agra India. Merriam Barry's bit Tesla unborn quality assurance that it Teflon deliveries. All attempts among dog and and orchards and Hillary clearly she maybe you'll eat right. One of them act we might as well core one of them Chris Collins right so we're we won that so. See people that you look and that sort before. You actually sit people. Write I coordinate sinners. Gary you weren't in. Get put sort. You know it's. You know aren't meant these yeah it's it's it's pretty basic. To know that it possibility I Marion Barry he could wind and it. That. Kuwait which he hit it forty. Gordon upriver. I hear you I hear you loud and clear that you are Kevin. I I don't go for the best person OK I don't like the other party's politics anymore revenue or otherwise I belong to the other party right. But it's it's it's almost amusing in a strange sort of way. Are you to defend somebody wanted to offend just because you think your job to defend them. Via. My cousin did did Caroline for you know I saw him go and I was right there are. But you know I. So so killed people I read about it it was an all girl. So all I mean that's what they'd go. It's time audio as well yeah he he might have done that but and then they'll throw him or examples something worse. Well idea. He may have done insider trading by it and Zathura a mob of the year an orphan is in New Guinea. There he can't make any logical out of it and it is. Kevin just said if you want good government yeah I think you've got to vote for the best person for the job now. It doesn't have to be somebody of another party committees nominee of this party if he stepped down and they put some deals that Iran. Blood as long as he's going to be the candidate he's the candidate you got to make your decision on him unfortunately the Democrats who never put a candidate out there that we would know like probably none of green with probably not but at least we listened to. At least listen it would probably hear things right away that a deal breakers but at least we just didn't do it automatically say no. Because they don't belong to our club. Okay and where I think I think we can't forgive the sins as long as they're committed in our club and condemn assumes that the other club. I mean both sides have some have sins that they have to confess. To pardon the Catholic expressions there. I and we have to vote for the best people since when is it wrong to vote for the best people. Never wrong the vote. But I get a kick out of our local elections when you hear and non hairy gloss will stand up to a trauma like aria via. Harry Russert went himself with the governments don't trump both those go to eye Dominic in Rochester dominate your W via. I am utterly. Dominant but worse so what do you or I had 2.0 man the last caller let me off. We're gonna hurt my personal point where why or why did everybody piling on. And everybody. Got it all into Procter. And the other thing is that. Remembered a few years ago senator and the New Jersey was charged with money laundering. And Abby now illicit sex with underage people think I'm lunch with Bill Clinton and yet he still sit and chat. There's always other examples I think one of the things that's sending this on a fast track is that we're we're staring down an election coming up and a couple of months. And bill we've got to get there as much information as we can. Process that information to make a decision in a very tight timeframe. For something as important as this. And and the other thing another caller he says. Well let him pick up they got emotional in that caught the first Almonte. Watch what dog bit people riot just watching they're people of thugs don't web master black people had been cracked skull open. I don't really preach about. As so what do you think he's gonna give credit card Chris Collins and other chassis in remote form. Heck yeah because they're all crooks. Every one of these things happened I would it myself okay well which has happened who match. Criminal they don't want something illicit. While I'll look at it as any other people and sent it in in the congress the one. On shenanigans going on would be. Why do you just that you just explained it so would your own logic exactly what I just said reverb or job there. And thanks Veronica appreciate it down. It just shows complete hypocrisy we can't go after they are aside for covering up everything not going after their own people it's it. What we're saying is do what I say not as I doubt. Well well insured crucify the other side but leave us alone I mean that's visitor it's funny because I describe just what it was say and I didn't know. There's also on the screen was that he was there and that's fine. And we can we can disagree but. He he flashed out exactly what I said. Bids any time surveillance it offends somebody they've points or somebody else who's done some wires. I guess we get all end up getting down to. Oh or Jeffrey dull or let's say Jeffrey Dahmer mirrors that matter what you did. At least should not accountable. As shall we go to that level he was a Democrat out there let's let's go to that I'm going to vote for him because at least he's not add I can't Campbell. That'll that'll. So pretty much he wanted to clean the swamp of corrupt politicians unless they are already our guys will go world's favorite spot in the swamp for us. Man it's it gets carried these things get scary they're really drew. Let's rock weird I don't hold on hold out what's wrong web voting for the best person. Can't believe I even said that. We'll be back Brevard newsreader I'm thirty W via. A couple of attacks a year ago a lot of tax law FaceBook lot of calls lot of action here. Says it's at now a bit of every three of them. They came in in consecutive order and they're totally opposite each other OK if there were three positions. He hears. It's not fair for crips the makers choose between a Democrat or him he needs to step down. The next one Kevin no voice of reason. And at the third one Collins represents our platform that's why we send him sins are between him and god. Well whoa man and god was running through your program. That's at bats he doesn't need yard signs Dziena independent gaga is yes these fair yes he's very fair and know that there's several people put on the tax line. David elevator should should run instead of Chris. Might I remind you a month ago I did this last night that big annual award and would have been David. Hitting running got yeah I mean it was mentioned by some callers dollars techsters yes you realize that if he ended up being a candidate he got the demo sphere. Did during the election yes yeah during the election which is three months so it's it's three for three months ago fear. So beamer you could be in for a lot of overtime and my last name does start with a BCI you're gonna. But but but let's go to you that's funny let's go to bill Larson Hamburg harsher on WBN. OK can I start with bigger rating US do Mac want to join the lynch mab against Chris talent. This is. Okay thank you can somebody starts where they disclaimer. About aggravating me or aunt or are gonna hang up on them you know I was surest way. To get me to hang up on him anyway I know is that say you're not gonna hang up on me are. Because as soon as I hear about it do. It's just so you don't know we have all of open lines here said Jawad also want that's the deal with the all star with with an attitude please. Let's go to Patrick in Hamburg Patrick derive W via. Then you let us not forget the epic films that Chris Collins detection investors well. People bought those talks for the column that Stanley brand doubt he'd move. Reverend would fight those stocks there was no 100%. Chance that they were gonna lose all their money. You know that's ridiculous the money that they could've spent an elite believe it or there. Education or exceeded maintain their home but Collins at the attitude of hey. As long does not might there we print who you're out and 750000. Dollars. And the little guy might be an Collins went looking for a sucker but I it would look not. He then mentioned matter at all as they as the victims in his speech last night. Outlawed but not his failed. Others can suffer financial ruin I mean what kind of attitude is that it's disgusting. Well I thought his a speech I can call a press covers last night was amateurish. It was offensive because he kept trying himself to MS. Maybe maybe he is insane and and I missed judging them but I think he was using MS is a shield. In other words if I can say I was doing this through stemming have a making my investments because the possibility of helping people amassed. And and it didn't work out that he'll get some good well I just thought he was using elements. Well it's true colors came through and I did not read the indictment I'm gonna read it on the computer later on your web site but. Correct me if I'm wrong there were three men who were indicted and arrested. Collins is on in the future father in law group. What about the girlfriend and the mother are they cool operating already that they've already done a deal where they paid back I believe that it's. So then they must've con firm the what went out behind the scenes as part tall and given them the tip. Yet there was a agreement that somebody would not work as an accountant for X amount of time and there's several other things. Bill about the main players evoke the left of the other players with zero point zero people. Right but the girlfriend and the mother are in law future but a lot could easily say well yes it's true we did get the phone call on Chris Collins. The boyfriend got hit his son Cameron and then Cameron picked me up because if you look at though want him very imparted that. He picked up his girlfriend and went to not bother to watch how NB a light at 9:15. PM. He. So they've got it down to kind line. There's got to be people cooperating I believe perhaps it's the goal line and the future moderate. MI us his lawyers can can shoot holes in the things you're talking about and the other things in the indictment. I I don't know how we overcomes this to be honest review and he. I think I said if he wants to beat this he's got to come up over at least one thing in the thirty page indictment. Then Ed that he couldn't definitively say is wrong and here's why. Otherwise Ozzy ought to get short campaign housing ever going through low win the seat again I don't I don't think he again thank you thank you very much. You need one thing it's like it's the same thing Hisham of the campaigns remember Tony we went through the presidential campaigns and that's what they try to do. When there was seventeen people on the stage. They try and get one. Bet that is defensible. That you can't shoot down this is easily verifiable. And if you if you improve your right our combatant one bit. Then people suddenly have more faith in you. If they were wrong on this one bit they can be wrong though a lot of and so he's got to do that and he certainly didn't argues argue that last night. Has called credibility the west can't appease its crosses than the latest. Rate now coming across as totally real case some B and how generous here it's very generous view yeah so I think that rate there is going to be huge turn off to a lot of people. Well I think that what happens is that there are people are gonna vote for remodel. It doesn't matter. They'll vote for many. There are people who. OK proved to me major worth might vote yet poster. And then you've got those that would involve form anyway so they don't really matter as far as the total count is concerned and those were just to stay home yeah bets bets at bats that's a problem. Setting and I can't vote against them but I can't vote for either one. You know and be the situation. Albion. If it's like grow a Florio. At a bar sitting next to beamer. In leaving alone. And Florio. I mean that's it that's just the way life goes them guys some guys who went with them and there are few women listening right now who can't relate yeah so -- as me joking or is there I just society get uber myself exactly Iowa over the in my mills I would take a break there will be back for bargains are gonna thirty WB yeah. As they fight to clear my name rest assured. I will continue to work hard for the people and constituents for the 27 congressional district of new York and I will remain on the ballot. Running for reelection. This November. How are you going to go after a guy I or even be inquisitive about a guy who says he's going into held booby them as the answer is you can't. That's the bottom line whether he did the format or vivid for profit is immaterial he used that. Last night who are kind of make his his appear a little easier. Yes sir act does not but he came off like a Democrat yesterday I'm like aren't you way to make excuses and try to. BO lack any any sound very amateurish I expected more from Chris Collins thank you Gerri thank you very much that was my first impression was. Amateur this is amateurs. And I kept waiting for something important to come down some thing to fight back. It was almost like rope ago. It was he is it was a Mohammed Ali against the rope does you know letting punches fly amber and ones ago retaliated. And he didn't know nothing meaningful nothing worthwhile I thought it was a amateurish I thought it was embarrassing. It handed to me it was not compelling at all. And good to think that he took of the day to compose that speech which wasn't that long in the first place and then I'd take any questions. First of all you know you can take questions like that you know that. So why haven't at all unless you're going to lay something out that'll strengthen your position yet like a mouse around and the via. As it because oh well these being indicted thirty page indictment well he's coming on that I can hardly wait this buddies got his eye on. There was nothing. And it was ninety minutes and ninety minutes late of nothing he could give them that. Ninety minutes earlier and still would have been nothing. About was it was just an impressive let's put them away. Let's go to shammond Williams bill Sam here on WB yen. 200. Few elements. Search. Bowl. You'll certainly be found guilty. Dole sort or so on but I think you know columns and so so. That would kill the players that are going to be worse and years. Yeah him as of these. Yeah maybe for most digital. Corporation but in most corporation. Revealed little ol' linemen. And a pretty significant line them money. I wonder stay there if they have been a case like this. A victim's impact statement. Because there's people of call and said Lotta people lost a lot of money. There in those and some was there their retirement plans or whatever. I know in criminal cases oftentimes they'll have. As statement like that donors to do that in this kind of case this is a criminal case. And I'm sure that they do sectors. Just that they do you know went back and look more or Stewart themselves on to choose same thing and basically which yeah. In terms of him being elected this time at cherry. You each in human beings are strange creatures video. Remember Ted Kennedy. Switched. Convicted of manslaughter and some you know yes you know these often maybe a certain degree tour or. There are certain effort those well. There was dollars and Liam I'm back I just watched removing Kennedy a couple of weeks ago of course I lived through it is from Massachusetts so much. I'll buy that that was that was pretty shameful not only was he still in the senate. He was he was lauded he was applauded he was the man so your right people have strange memories we'll see what happens I would miss thank you thank you very much. Buzzing give me a couple of viewers. Or make sure we use some for me just category here. Joseph says I believe an innocent until proven guilty therefore I will vote warm in take my chances is if he's proven guilty there will be a special election and we can choose again. I really don't want a progressive in that seat. Well I don't harbor residency. There. That's. That's a given and I do believe and I think most Americans who believe innocent until proven guilty but we also have a belief. In the fundamentals. And brainpower we have to process information. In and say we're we're allowed to make up our mind unless something changes that during the course of the trial. Looking of this 303031. Page premiere Africa for governor. Indictment. If they improve what they allege. If they have proof for all of that how do you get by it you say yes I I did call my son. And I tried Chicago like five times in three minutes it was a frantic call ya got that right after I got the email from the CEO of that. Of the company. Saying that that tests failed. I call them but we didn't talk about that I was just anxious to talk about his golf game and he was anxious to about my grandchildren. Because that's that's the way it is and that's the way lower regions guys that at all we'll go back. Who is going to believe that the answer is curly or Larry or mall. Pick the one that nobody else is gonna believe that. Not even show though shallow portion. He was always beef well not left the forgotten Scrooge and below we hold close so are we look at that curly Jules no courage who's the worst bill. Okay that about wraps it up provision company and I will see you tomorrow. But for. We have fake badge code words. It's this is 72881. And the word is kind. K I am ET packing fifth sentences that evacuate anyone knew who might get. Kind of a surprise in him a thousand dollars in cash. It's. They never have to believe that he is certainly let you know I do give it.