Beach and Company Chris Collins 8-10 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Friday, August 10th
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That's funny there was a lawyer mentioned in the understands what Randy named Kristin Davis. Keep in mind is Cynthia Nixon who's running against Cuomo. Was one of the stars of a sex in the city Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the stars at the Kristin Davis I don't make the same one. I think it's a different one no I don't think there's lawyer was ever India TV show sex in the city. It is a region governor I'm I'm Massa a couple of questions regarding Chris Collins. And overdrawn his alleged press covers were dragged the wife up on stage Wear them. For no purpose. Except through to show a word together where a family and lark we couldn't be closer. I always seen that with a lot of guys in trouble. You know it's funny when a woman gets in trolling every drives a drag the guy up on stage with them but when a guy gets in trouble. They'll always drag the wife and there's so I was wondering why you felt about that. And also plea bargaining. Apparently according to a newspaper article that 90%. In Florida and 90%. Of these kinds of cases. Are settles we have. At a nine to present rate. And you don't have ago to load the trial that I'm thinking who would you want Chris Collins who's taken a plea bargain. I'm very much against plea bargain I know you have to have a mind all the courts wouldn't exist without them by civil like. And like your opinion on that let's go to pat on a cell phone patina on WB yen. It. It and my. We. Can't among them. Much. Sharpness our. At all or did ignorant and sent them. You know I'll. I think you'll be a good idea anyway just because of the focus on relationship sure. Right in here a couple of other a couple of other people. Hear me crack up when he does not say in Nancy's mother. While. Kicking settlement in a so much justice achieved so I didn't. Transcript and ask whether or not that was our hope importantly. Since they're both. Lenders. Are co conspirator right side and also what is due to our parent like trouble. Yeah. The benefactor of his relationship where. I Crystal River course. Now what does it do anybody a first Ali cut so wide path he's a very successful businessman in a lot of different businesses. And these and today you know he was county executive and now representative. So there's a lot of people began tainted with the same brush them by their association them. Aren't at work for. Our core I have I have no idea I I've not heard of lacrosse. Deals where 01. One plea bargain would affect another case and I guess this will all unfurled. In time but to go get a lot of questions and not a lot of answers thank you pat. Thank you very much I think the plea bargain keep in mind if it was offered. If it if Chris Collins sees this is the end of the line for this. There's no way around it they've offered me a plea bargain I think getting his son as part of that would be absolutely essential. Brave because of a father and son a whether he gave us on the money or by the sudden reversal is I don't know. And a I don't know if we'll ever find out. But the bottom line that's that's a very strong bond usually within the family unit so we can understand him doing that. But once you take every bargain you I think in my mind you've given up any kind of declaration mr. innocent. Because I think I know if I was charged with. A crime and I was innocent. I would spend my last penny. Through defendant I'd there's no way I would take a plea bargain if I know if idea if I were innocent. If I were guilty in the way Barger was right is something you could consider. But not enough unless you are regulatory. What David Bellevue said the day that. That we found out about Chris Collins says I wanna see veins popped out of his head screaming. I'm innocent if not then. And you know we've. I'll newest kind of quiet and also on adds something because a bit these are opposed scripts because I like to see our plays out. They usually always CEO we see people doing a perp walk we can see that this time. So they didn't do that I am usually after there's some kind of of the finding of guilt or accusation. Of bad behavior. TV stations go and they interview. Anybody that knows you been neighbors. Somebody sits next to ensure urged. And the people that they interview the of their opinion of the oh okay and I was just wondering I haven't seen any regular people standing up going you know what. I never suspected Chris Collins would do anything like this. He's a wonderful man he passed my child on ahead. He gives to charity he does this and that. And so they give their synopsis of what the person's life I went to his house to get a cup of 100 I did yes I I borrowed a cup of money. From one time and usually there that are out there after murders and things like businesses. This the current case we're not a murder. Where they'll say I never suspected anything. He was so quiet he he just worked on the law and you know they do things like that we never saw him angry. Why he removed foreign from my dog's paw he played with the neighborhood chill and let children love jam so I'd like you to do your postscript. If the TV cameras were in front of you. Would you say something like you know I don't suspected he was arrogant. Andy tried to hide about though is that it now now is it showing. Dragging his wife up on the podium. Not taking any questions come and it looks bad for him and so I'd like you to do that that postscript for me. And because of TV stations will ask for it eventually I haven't seen it yet I've seen some other politicians as well I've not seen. The neighbors especially the neighbors. He's so quiet why he's lived here twenty something years and we've hardly spoken to each other but he seems nice. He always waves on his way back from church you know they always have those people there. It never have a call all about what they're members of life here from the guys says he ate my house yeah all right you know he imposed so much of the grass he's over my side of the property lines makes too much in all our back kinda real real conversation. Israel and I Israel 1806169. Drew drew six and a third Grassley a couple of for a feel type questions around Chris Collins. First of all he dragged his wife up on the AM a on the podium while he was those saying that I'm not gonna say anything beyond this and reading his prepared script. The wife looking pain alleges that on an acorn because. It's it's not a comfortable position he can't make faces you've got to be careful of vote body language things like that. And I'm asking oh what's your thought of that I think your viewer wrote realty. Saga straight shooter you wouldn't bring your wife or they are but that's my own opinion plea bargains. Apparently in Florida in 90% of these news these types of of crimes are alleged crimes are settled with a plea bargain would you like the secrets don't take a plea bargain and can you separate that from innocence. I don't think so. I mean once you take a plea bargain that's the name of the game you could kind of admitted. You are Joseph let's go to Newark. Arlen lock for a car you run WB yen and do good morning. Good morning Carl. Oreo I'm fine thanks what really got hoarse today I would like after the question god regarding the editor part of the clutch. Sure like people are always surprised that their next door neighbor committed some dastardly deed. Okay yes you'll you'll live a mix to. Knicks have the congressman's what we thought about him. I would say that well what I think it would be a good father. You know alerting his bond in the current soap opera plot that. But it hurt at the end you would be allowed in because. It didn't quit they want seventeen billion dollars deal. What he did lose money unit that of course is not germane to a charges. But he did lose. Quite a bit of money in it and he'd denied. That he sold any of us are even after he had the information which of course was a joke simply because he wasn't charged with that. All right so you think he's a good father Ronald lousy investor. I would I would guess that people like. You want it's. Old array is an expert in Florida. That the plea bargain are usually done would be eight. Yeah that's from a lawyer quoted in the Buffalo News that day ago lawyers in the Florida areas that 90%. Our ended and are ended with video plea bargain. So it that eight. White collar crime at that I have a level. Well I know there was this much but there doesn't have to be a lot for the lawyers say that. You know obviously if there is a tan in nine of memorably bargain you're gonna say 90%. So there's no raw numbers but I'm guessing. Though a lot of people are in Florida. Who'll left northern states in May be bay via kind of figure out that. There's a way around this tax burden or something else like that so that doesn't surprise me. Well only because. It wouldn't you know aka the court system you mentioned a few times. You have to have plea bargain plea bargain all the way from. Go to traffic court for beating the big picture or you know improper charts. Yeah Avaya and a often though bill lower the charge because. And not mama I'm a non ma I'm moving violation and they get to keep all the money on a moving violation they have this year in the states though. Oftentimes there there pled down that you're right and you get a good handle on that thank you Carl thank you very much. Yeah bottom bush as I recall his credentials on this moving violation. The municipality have this year with the Albany. But if all of a sudden you're not going ten miles over instead your tires need to. Looking after or you know something like that. Is that non moving violation against Tivo I'm name dropping that I'll line. The I would that's good that's a good thing I did not and and I knows I'm not in I'm I don't go to court Tony hi. When women do when they do the man on the street. The my neighbors say he was such a good guys and we never suspected the row with beamer and Tony. You know everything around we're evil companions. De Rosario and I 301806. Or six your sixth and I thirty. Yeah I like those man ministry things they always do them and usually they'll try to get your neighbor the neighbor of the accused. Who rode that thing. I didn't know mat thing about anything going on next door. They usually it's after some horrific crime has been committed. No a week we didn't think there was that time. They were quiet drive today didn't party no no organized neighbors. Yes they they were attempting to commit this crime but it's a shock to me as opposed to the other side was. Ploy we knew that this guy I was ready to blow ideally with signs on his lawn. He he went out with a blow hard and two events. He he did a lot of things that made us very suspicious so this comes as no surprise that he's charged with his. I usually don't see that usually is the other side. Where there surprise I'm convinced that what we heard it's like some of the earlier bombings remember. The big kids because there were high school kids making bombs in the garage remember and dad did not know that. What father doesn't know what goes on in his garage. Jimmy Allen who's I don't get them all get that at all because people even have been working on some project in the Raj. They get their car in the garage. Videos that he did they do things they stored things in the garage. Is no way you can be making bombs. And not know is going on the garage while Chris collars dollars accused of that certainly. But anybody who's close to him. It would be easy either cover that up because it's not well know what you made the collar and non and then if you hadn't told anybody except yours son. And whoever he told senior we said yesterday. The miss is the midst of a mistake only if you know recharge the mistakes I made was telling. He is prospective father in law. And an acting on it by selling the shares now once Chris Collins if this all ago went down as if he's accused of once he made that call to his son. Because he got confidential information from the CEO of the company that the trials fails once he called his son. He's already committed the crime whether it's on tax and non. But once it's on Exxon and then you're really in trouble because you can always say yeah I've made five calls to my son I was very disappointed that the trial failed. But. Nothing and nothing was done whatever it doesn't matter once you once you've disseminate that information. You're done if they know it but. But if you don't have done it they have to probe that's what you said. When you jotted it really makes it very obvious and visit quote sometimes you quote just stand out. Okay there is a quote in the buffalo on those. That says though I've never is from a lawyer. These facts these allegations you don't often get much better evidence than this. The words of David Chase a four attorneys who prosecute inside trader cases. So yeah so they the so it's not just they radio talk show host who looks at the looks at the thirty page indictment goes whoa this is pretty detailed but lawyers who deal with a two apparently at least this one. Says that he doesn't get many cases where you see something like this. This kind of a case laid out in Austria I'm 3018061692. Rivers six 930. Sort tied him up plea bargain show we take a plea bargain if it's gets to the point or is offered one he hasn't been yet that we know of the wife the wife was dragged up on numb on on the podium you could tell she was not happy should rather be somewhere else and I don't glamour. But that's what politicians do. They bring their wives ago would them up on the podium. And somebody posted this. That. Collins made sure to mention that she is his wife of thirty years. Okay he made an appointment now. Women she's a very attractive long ago. Bug saying that for a reason. Women don't like to have their ages discussed in public. I I bet she whispered don't say twenty years. Thank you enough at least a decade off please thirty years people doing the map now. Let's see if they got married when she was won me you know they don't want that that's probably as bad as being accused of insider trading. In effect that might be. Proprietary information that shouldn't have been disseminated publicly. I get him or for that true throat battle out there throw that may get a 31 page indictment. Any kind of gave boy is wise sage at the same time. That's not right and that's not fair as it that women would be angry because he he's accused of insider trading. Being accused of kind of speculating and wise sage is even worse. Will be back Lamar goes right into third AW via. We are back live in Abidjan Doubleday let's say got some tax up here. Do you really think his neighbors or Spaulding lake they're gonna bad mouth him as the first though post on an. I as I was antibiotic sick and I just held a judge on a Democrat and I voted for Clinton. And they just Sarah the ticket because they're all good downs well if that happens events that. One of the post rigs here's another we don't know of a plea bargain will be a complete exaggeration because they're politicians. They have a completely different set of standards and laws to live by it in the rest of Muslim that's true especially congress. That's that's the way that that works. And where room where it kind of kind of curious as to. A what the end game would be. For a very successful businessman like Chris Collins all of a lot of businesses does a lot of business a lot of people. I'm thinking the end game is either if he doesn't do any jail time. I even if he gets a suspended sentence depending on what comes down he's always going to be tainted with that brush. I don't think news you can race that right now so. I I think they'll be a certain level of punishment for that but meanwhile. What about the people have lost money. On on the stock rancher how are they going to be compensated they probably won't bring the existing provide and that's the way it is. Now we're living in a very crazy world of very crazy time. Ant and December as we hear about things. Because we got different layers now. Before our that we had one lawyer it was just OK where to generic. Good that there must be true now we have was an on line wasn't on fox as well as on CNN. I was about our show. This baton the other thing and then you have to figure out of its legitimate and those are of it's fake news. And you get the average of from one side the average of them the other side both claiming. The high ground. But this this is a story that is so did you hear this story. You go only knots. Which does not so and we just lost our mines. This is out of Atlanta and that's what our media talking about now as we say good bye to Chris Collins Lenovo give Mo a weekend off. An Atlanta charter school changed course Thursday. On a plan for students to recite something other. Then the pledge of allegiance in the morning. So they had they have set this that in the morning usually do pledge of allegiance in school I think most of us do that certainly. Was was not a no worthy of. That was something just happened and we did okay and Atlanta neighborhood charters school I had announced on Tuesday. That they would scrap the pledge of allegiance from their morning gender gap fifths. If you're not insult that already waiting to hear this in favor of participating in a group. Wolf pack chants. Are keeping my pain they're dumping or they were planning to dump. The the pledge of allegiance for the wolfpack champ Nate you know what that means. That's their school mascot. That's their school mascot they were ready to dump the pledge of allegiance to his crime country. In and replaced it would have a chance for their school wolf pack. It's while what sort of looking for. That's that there are broad and main bitter guy that is their nickname the wolf back. That's debt and they want an average it for the wolfpack so they'd rather go school spirit ran in that they're rather country now that would be like. Imagine this imagine down at the buys whose game in the announcer says. Ladies and gentlemen please remove your head as we pledge allegiance to buster Verizon. And finally. Is that ridiculous or watts I think everybody about well first off that was my kid in bank has been pulled out of school now here's the next sentence if you weren't offended by the fact that they were gonna drop a pledge. If you aren't offended that there were gonna blah by a drop the pledge of allegiance. In favor of the school mascot. The move was said to be done in order to make the school more inclusive. Does that make you wanna throw up. More inclusive because some of the kids. What I didn't stand to do the pledge so they were gonna dump the pledge put the wolf pack act champs on. As a as a result of that move so they don't want to be part of this card you know that with this ain't no exit the outlook that's look inclusive that's the point yeah. Because I don't think you'll hear your pledging allegiance to the flag. I mean we all know the pledge of allegiance the move was said to be got to make school more explosive. And the chance likely named after the schools wolf mascot you think says is likely. Let me see your enemy yes the mascot is a wolf. They dual wolf chance. The person that wrote this this fees says it's likely it was named after a pinhead off our job. The there will be created by students and teachers. Stood and here's a quote students will continue to lead the meeting. By asking because they got the you know what hitting the fan right so they decided to set it aside and here's the XX. Exploration. Students will continue to lead the meeting by asking our community the standard which is abated and our wolf. Pack chant together. Students. Will also be given me opportunities say the pledge. And another point in the school day. Within their classroom. So they're jumping the pledged for the whole school to start school bay which would come over the PA system. And they're still gonna go to the wolf pack chance. But individual school rooms. Q&A do via pledge of allegiance. The schools elementary campus president Laura results beat. Instead the bed that's what they were going to do from here on and officials later decided to go back to be a regional format this is how we easily there. They use words. That it might not to register with everybody. Go back to the original format which is the pledge citing some miscommunication. And inconsistency. In the role. In the past the pledge of allegiance was recited during our all school morning meeting. But at the start of the school year the daily practice was moved to classrooms. The decisions to stray from the morning ritual was carried out in accordance. We have the state laws and aligned with other Georgia schools. So here's and so that's Richard got you got to school Wellington dump the pledge of allegiance. Because they wanna be more inclusive. A closer with home. Inclusive with a lot as Tony said. So instead they would do the wolf pack champ insulting. How insulting to of his country. And I bet I don't know but I would better if you go on a class from your problem fund an American flag carrier. This is an Atlanta charter schools what the hell is going done. So I'd like to know if your student. Tony's arteries that if it is a kids. Where in that school maybe out of that school and I would say the same thing if my daughter was in school iPhone doubt that. It's like okay Tony is Psycho we're getting rarer but Tony is there I'm appointing you as your romances. It's like it's like we're gonna dumping pledge instead we're gonna do the hokey pledge. And the hokey pokey you know hokey pokey instead of pledge of allegiance. I find it insulting. And I just have to wonder who's educating home they're willing to dump son or something like that under the name of being inclusive. Inclusive what how does that mean if if if people aren't standing up for the pledge of allegiance you dump the pledge of allegiance. I don't get it. And also. As Leah as they sub him on this the president now is quoted after the national football league's openings. Yesterday. He told players to find another way to protest. And I think he's exactly right when you meet your opinions on a both of those the pledge of allegiance being replaced by a pledge civility. School mascot. I'm Elijah Atlanta hit at the flag with a tie and get overweight. We'll be back remark news radio announcement thirty WB I'm wondering when you go to Florida as the sun melts your brain. And these pin heads this Bos three educators. And here's the explanation of why they tried through. Throw out the National Anthem and I'm sorry the pledge of allegiance why they try to throw out the pledge of allegiance and replace it. We have an ode to their school mascot the wolf. The wolf pack Chan was going to replace the pledge of allegiance I find that despicable. And here's one of the explanations. We support our students in their growth and CNN is our duty as educators to respect their first amendment rights. This statement said adding that the officials are striving to. Address concerns and feedback. While respecting the rights of every member of our school community. Now that I tell you that the Atlanta charter school. Is called a grand park a charter school and serves students. K through five. All right so there are talking about the the first amendment rights. Of children from K 25 what's well it's five or ten years old. They're telling us they're trying to get exclusive with their roles. M by a bat they're going to they wanted to dumb. The pledge of allegiance because some murals and wanna go to and the generals that the older the older ones the more mature ones it's K through. 51. Of all 'cause I kosice age. The last couple years. If a ten year old is on Kafka with him is because his his or her parents. And Avaya told that person young person to be uncomfortable with that obvious sounds good to meet its come from the steps that the school not that. He's exactly right but that's how they drivers and they said we wanted to be all inclusive and it's not about first amendment rights. Children in kindergarten. Were demanding their first amendment rights. Children in 1234. And five grades are demanding their. Free speech rights are you kidding me. And the teachers just a wide and the administration. And the superintendent. Whatever big power structure is down there. So we're gonna go along with a obviously got a lot of backlash because now they're still gonna do the wolf pack chat. But the but the pledge of allegiance isn't going to be like it was at the beginning of the school day it could be anytime during the school day in and in individual classroom. So what that says is that congress divide and conquer. Maybe this classroom all say that maybe this classroom walls. I swear where we're heading into a period of insanity. And we may already be there. My friends on and Pennsylvania Don era WB yen. Good morning Sammy good morning Tony how you guys doing today. Well we're doing okay done as I recall when we went to school him on a bird. We stood up every morning and pledge allegiance another we all survived it. Yes we did and I didn't see any TJ is there any of these. School higher Iraqi. I guess that like what you got today I made we become like a Roman empire will not implode from within. It's it's you know it's a you can understand differences of opinion. This is insanity. It's is absolute insanity and as Tony said that didn't come that didn't come from the students I probably came from a faculty. They're positively can for the faculty what they're trying to do you know there's nothing like originally kidnapped at age it's a lot easier to. To change acute marred the dedication and it would be when they got in college were they do a pretty good job of nowadays. They make it sound like it's a require you advocated the demanding a what are the kids demanded no longer recess or demanded to go home after lunch would they suddenly changed the rules because. Is somebody from Qaeda five. Is demanding that they set up the school they differently. Now obviously. It's it's it's insane. Is is if city insulting I like you can't even get. An angry about it anymore because it's so prevalent was sitting at everywhere. They as some of the players yesterday during the NFL. Pre season game. Did a power fists. Some good nods sort of knee whatever the president said they should find a different way to protest and I agree that some of your Eagles gone I'm not mistaken. Yeah there's a guy named Jenkins who has it will really. The guy. But somehow always involved with this and it does a lot of work in the community are are are knocking on knocking him but I he's wrong the way they go on about it. Yeah I you know they are the bully you want how to kill something killer from the inside. And that's what they're gonna do the National Football League this is the first game of the season people were excited and and are excited about the season beginning. And they said they throw that poison to go in there because they can as I'm going to be good for the game four as far as the NFL's concern. Now just like you alluded to that a little bit ago. If all divide and conquer and little at a time before you know it things it the other way around. You know how does your eagle also play yesterday that they do well. These big these games you know you got a bunch of guys that are trying to make the team and guys that are gonna. Beyond the feel of this season's start. The other on the sidelines watching a lot of don't know they didn't play particularly well all the people that they had opted and other mosque by a couple of touchdowns. Well wait a wait got some really good play from all three of our quarterbacks that I think that's what most people were looking for. For a little hope. And the big guys who threw five interceptions are one game suddenly was seven for seven. And would have been made for aid if it was not very good birdie attempt to pass. And would've been a session as though he looked like a million bucks yesterday so I know it's the first. The first game of the exhibition season and I usually don't watch these but was curious to see if we had a reaction going. Well it's all a single world somebody turned around like that that you never know what could happen down the line. That they can have a great treatment. Well so let's Obama vote your team and my team have a great seasons on. Thanks for calling improving that you can do the pledge of allegiance it's OB a functioning human a human being thank you appreciate the call. A lot. Of yeah I imagine that that school they're catering their cage until five. Great vibe that's up to ten years older and older Kennard Gardner walked up to his teachers as. I don't feel cough I say hi how. Would you. It. And it certainly don't do that pledge allegiance are really don't you couldn't move my blood testing for social costs are you don't want me if you don't want to. Align yourself with a country why and how should the country align themselves with the U. I'd like to know that intelligent willing to pledge your allegiance of his countrywide you we care. Once you go somewhere what you will do it. You talk about fair weather friends we don't need that I can tell you 7 June hey they've won is that number. Flora V cast dog though word for this hour is signal. As I GNAAL. Signals. And that's the seven situated one you might win a thousand dollars.