Beach and Company Chris Collins 8-10 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Friday, August 10th
Should Congressman Collins take a plea deal if offered. Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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Hello hello what is region governor of sandy beach wow quarterbacks are pretty good last night I I almost never. Watch pre season of football ever I wait until the actual first gun in the first game but I wanted to see other quarterbacks did they did pretty well. You know thinking about smiled again. And oval wasn't but I tip volley. You would require a great luck and god. Up Estonia every year or same thing I'll say no I don't watch any pre season I don't know any of the players. A lot of them are going to be asking you on paper or plastic. After I after the pre season's over so I don't wanna get involved. I don't know like a player and find out the player gets cut whatever. But this a season with a quarterback. A story going on with the bills I thought I would watch you know is a very pleased as you watch again. Yes I did I watched. Good portion of it and like Q I was pleased with the playground meter man. I McCarron you know and I saw things are Joshua Allen there really has me excited. Looks a pretty good now buzzing beamer was not watching as he was. I he had is a boots on his buckle on his hat on and he was our country all the time you're over a big affair watch your country gone yet Chris. Young was and talent put on a great show. I'm saying all of his hits except for one Chris Young if you're listening. Very so you didn't sing tomorrow. But he can't sing tomorrow he's going to be another town but a larger wishing good thing tomorrow then you could see you again that was my thought of his death of one room borrowed to morrow oh. It's not from any. Oh no that's not the Crist wouldn't make well I don't trust. Or judgment or music anyway was because you said drew us it was him and day and a man has been. Your favorite song was there John waits on what's on the way miss seeing you I think it's a song that stand the test of time you think it's the best song ever I think just according like Google play. Which heavily at the four years I've listened to that song 243. Times you always have a lot of your life now Johnny what do you think is the best song ever partial Beatles music so I probably pick while my guitar gently weep as it goes on George Harrison's assets are good it's not going to tower and and buzz he's not as good somber look. I was a disc jockey for many years I'm may hall of fame this show are you I'm in May. A rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland look up under the desk jockeys section. I know great songs first in order to have a great shot and I think you if you really wanna be up there at the top of the list you must have you go either way you're gonna start with a view. You're making me play in this yes well you're here every ukulele and this is the best ultimately. Here's the best songs. And. It's great. Sitting in now. In all of your. Somebody loses them to write about here. Autism rates are. I wanna hit this target. It's your job. May yeah. Do you. Obviously this has happened. To me. It's. Where are you going to come. Oh very nice and instrumental. Right about here in the head in Sacramento. I'm dancing and Tony Spencer went on dancing together if you'd like Steelers dancing around in her growth. Through this as. Get out of the far. And I can't statements that America's cup okay. Because that's how. Rick validation. Yeah. Okay. I solved. Hero gab that's that is the best song ever alone their drugs tiptoe through drew I argue that that's not even the best tiny ten songs Andy or you have a better time I have living in the sunlight is not tight ends that's it kicked off that entire record which was you know like platinum winner. But this is B this is the signatures are. When he comes out there in what becomes oil is coming on January nosedive but I'll when he used to come out for Ron gore because they would demand are you're saying this again. And so I I thought it was. My favorite song while times actually. I have 5000 songs on our drag. I probably. In my iPod to their mambo I'd probably played this more than anything. But I got some stray if you ever if you ever read the playlist on my iPad it goes from Pavarotti to its not exam and everything in between. And I eat a utility you'll feel like I was like southern rocker controller like southern rock like Ohio and college head banging metal like that classic rock to lopped. Andrea beamer likes anything that'll get him if a favorable position with a live with a woman. Right now if you look at my my last ten played songs it was Chris Young Backstreet Boys Rod Stewart Sam Hynes. Odds survivor Brittany spears. Survivor. You had two out of him anyway. Elvis. Have you ever ever rod Stewart's daughter. There's no. As she is I'm some videos with him online she can sing. I would you know I thought OK is gonna bring his daughter out she's got she's attractive of course you expect there to be a drag their roster were never dated any dogs. But she brought him censure product flow without a tambourine or something. Know our name is ruby she can sing she really Kensing check out when ago. Obviously if I didn't have plans tomorrow I would definitely be driving to Pittsburgh to see Rod Stewart and dumb. Omen girls is way up fights and Elop close and Robert you know wealth has AI daughter who can singing tours with a now is Eddie Money. All right yes I didn't know that it's I saw us do opera buffalo years ago. She is okay but it was amazing I glow wears it wasn't a bad concert but it was. It was snowing in the middle. But when I first are rods that are popular movement had to have my Rasual and daughter. I'm Iranians bring hero via fiber daughter there will be cutesy but she can. She can belt it out she can sing and she's tall and slim and and blond and attractive who's got the old mogul bill. Our take a break I know you need a break after tiptoe through withdrawal of Tony I was trying to get that way accent I was genuine pain on that you know Tony as he was singing the wax was coming out of yours is so musical -- from his hair guy used to be tornado snag go back to listen to some Metallica now argue you know like go ahead Ming is that earned Marilyn Manson viewed we all know adrenaline you pick any news that the but it won't be back with more after this wouldn't even if you looked in my closet. All of my clothes or an eighty's or his seventies or sixties or fifties. I don't even know what an eighty's outfit is Adobe eighty's trivia. Music and more throughout I was like the more part of it throughout the game after game you spend the night on the field under the stars. I hope they mean the things in this guy with the annual family camp out the by dozens are going to work gall whole hog the. Eight Michael Jackson videos that's do you have any eighties of bad anymore I got rid of everything that I bought at chess king and what is Jimmy dressed up like yesterday. For next door from I don't know I didn't see what you saw what was the dress that was like Disco like late seventies Disco why didn't and I am noise or some event some promotional thing. Because he came in looking geeky yet he had robs sunglasses on guy and then die at some flashy. He uploading it DT. But now you know because I'm not a fashion he's. How close are seven days 80s90s. Tomorrow your overalls and winter summer. Whatever as they're put on go to work I mean that's about it that lies they can thank you that's like yeah that's what you need you know neither of these meetings and tonight. You know what. What I don't like. I I'm not a fashion these. And I I don't comment on fashion I don't care about the beyond what is on his clothes are clean. And and all the buttons are there in the zippers were supposed to be and they you know via. The link is is proper I don't care about the rest of it. But you know 11 thing that's going on now it's been going on for some time profession that I hate. I hate. Skinny jeans Alia tight jeans that I am not the usually warm by women. Or guys that are not gonna make the final out of the Buffalo Bills training camp. I I think. Basically I've never seen anybody look good in them even very attractive people. People who have great bodies in a great look at the going to be. Skinny jeans are gimmick of his uncle Kiki is that you like skinny jeans. And yet through a phase and the US giants hit. Unit where to work did you like I'm more now almighty god to the equivalent of eighties parachute paint job Johnny have you noticed if you have I had you know alerted him ever being immersed in Netscape easy I'm glad you guys are looking at my hands or not. Well our guys are where we're not there we're not drawn to your skinny France wasn't phase ID still low and two pairs of skinny jeans that I have not worn them in at least two year you on Jupiter is okay. Seldom. Seldom throw them away donate them don't ever wherever brewer. I will not I'd I'd I promise I've got more than at least here that's. Yeah Oscars ever known you for years ago that was before oh real good together that are adults and it's been two meters north bank renters. He seems PG. That's why you haven't flight rate are having more fun than your belief that I now. All of banks through it was a Mabuto was about I'll Jimmy Key omen game ever to grow. I said rod Stewart's daughter movie was I just played our park in opened up Stephen Haller her band is called. The sisterhood bunkers she can sing and I guess she's got supermodel looks chip. Via its are tall slim blonde can move. And can sing I mean she's got a rod Stewart's genes believe me and then I had this image is their regular jeans she can think look it up are online and arguably amazement. Okay the hammers police blotter I always like to read this because. It shows you how how how difficult things are in cameras that's a hotbed of crime. And on Monday July 30 this is from Amber's big are you ready. On Monday July 30 the residents of Princeton avenue reported that her neighbor in the apartment. Threatened to hit her with his cane the I. Don't think you know if we assaulted you wouldn't with a whopper or maybe a role later. Something like that that might be troublesome mature Cain you're probably out walk him without much down we don't we don't want violence absolutely. A young's road resident reported she met a man at an online game now you know it's trouble right away. If your online playing a game with somebody of the opposite sex I think you can almost sense troubles ahead. Big complaint stated that she sent him photographs of herself. And he is now demanding money or he will release the photographs. Well as this is worse than being threatened with some of these Cain the complains that she doesn't want her husband to find out. How embarrassing would that be. Tuukka okay you're here you are. Europe online Houston day. Suggestive picture to a guy you don't even know the other guys say is thank you for the suggestive pay average or mouse and money. You sent me pictures have you Iowa which is a George Washington. Hamilton. Anybody who's on the money. So send me and then she calls the police. What do you tell them please don't tell my husband. He's of I'm afraid that I don't want anybody to know. I mean come on of them I think that marriage is over she sex thing. And she's probably an adult a person by apparently her judgment once announced by some forms in out of little of yourself. I feel well everybody likes the sultry. Here's meat eating cheeseburger I would like Lego like that. At a Sheridan drive business a woman. With blond hair now they say buys shares on here let's see if it's in their for a reason. Is that a reason there if you identify aerial need to know she is one here or just is this like a blonde thing okay. At a Sheridan drive business a woman would blogger allegedly unhooked yourself. From an IV and ran out of the office she was wearing skinny jeans. A white T shirt and no shoes. About that. The the volunteer at the ivy should you be wearing shoes I'm thinking you're probably in a doctor's office and I don't see any people. We'll now where NGOs. And walking outside with no shoes skinny jeans and poking your eyes and she's a Blondie you want it doesn't she go anywhere issues and as part of the un of looking at the height issues like left Fisher. Maybe she had a of problem whether shoes maybe they were hurting and she just decided in late but I'm hoping this shows is our right. If you wanted to bear forbid don't unhook the idea and notes empty it is just hurting us I mean I wonder if there's a call Graham. And the Grammy Awards were brought against her will I don't know but it doesn't say but how can be a cop. And go on some of these calls. I'm I'm thinking that's that's going to be a few laughs when he got back to the station. I'm thinking about that's a what did you do today all I had to go find shoeless blonde. You know that had yanked an idea of our she has an idea as she has no shoes on she's wearing skinny jeans while his can be almost anybody go to all of affair and a string of bad today Arab the Arab looks like a beautiful day for the fair. I like the fair Tony likes Rivera. You skip the very last night to go to a concert review generally go to affair. Yeah I if if there's a concert there like Saturday and doing a run through diet fairgrounds but. It's just not my cup of tea usually I have nothing against it are you stifle don't know why do you figure might leave me a woman doesn't mean you're expert I should have to a minimum do not at all that voyagers yeah not at all I you're setting a one woman as we go to a club beat her. -- there is no one that's not good enough casual gamer if you have a policy the. That's our revenue flat lying dead as life as you cared here. Do. Your average as programmers or is and he's. And just in. The third Terry nice as the guys in the water there I didn't walk through yesterday the last Russian let's Russia get a lot of them there for energy. I've got us thinking. Luck have you ever seen a dentist that affair no I don't know how they end they do they're not there. And you don't fear to a brushing there's no need for them I'm just saying I don't get the people that spend. Every day the fares going on at the fair I've never understood it well there's some people like animals some people like the flu some concerts. I mean a lot of things like a prepared. OK that welts. The gloves I go to the fair every year the shooter quilts. I go everywhere providers here Mary I'm gonna get you acquittal for Christmas ball he uniform. I would take a regular overturn hundreds of your mind early WB here. Yeah the financial guys is that Jeremiah Wright Tony said I see him lower today. We're hoping Collins six over financial guys who come member and donuts and they bring their bring doll that's those guys know how to get right to grow bigger how to win over the staff exactly thank you glad in my thank you of we're taking good care of the crew here. Today in the in case you didn't hear a stormy Daniels. Appearance has been cancel apparently she was scheduled. To be in New Jersey to America canceled because of security concerns at all I'm not really sure what that means. Whether there would be a political picketing out there are. Our our wide but now I'm thinking you know you know I'm thinking that this canceled zoning and the environmentalists. And you know line. Because there is more plastic in stormy Daniels then almost straws. It in the every restaurant you've ever eaten you know and they got a bit and the plastics rise. I guess you got to ban plastic slippers and their guy is any such thing as a natural strippers anymore president. Aren't they all plastic all the time it's been a long long time you know of is a Baylor would know of America. Charles many non plastic strippers yeah outlets in Namibia environmental rules cancel stormy Daniels there's just too much classic. You know as it runs the waterways and ducks ducks her drug you're actually think they want to get keep her out of already highly polluted area naturally going to be natural order a year ago ledger on stage and see her lawyer now wants to throw his hat in the ring. To run for president all come off. Yes and in the yes or peaceful supports Alia. There and that's important that's one vote yes there that's the endorsement the only vote Fiat. Although the riser begins as they order which you do I had I don't think it's cookies sandwiches and you know I mean if your dollar stormy Daniels fund raiser you're expect at least a poll. Well I don't think. My I'm not out of got out out bloom put dome blown a lot of jokes that are there really are so is it that Zogby did you guys get your money record with its. Or refund kind of situation. Yeah new home hole but I didn't get investor. It was like god. Michael Jackson he had the tickets are ready eight get commemorative tickets remember what all happened as I got tickets were going to be available in the b.'s role to be a stroke yeah exactly that's where everything's available including stormy Daniels and it it's it's it's kind of it's kind of fun to see who likes what for entertainment birds. Slippers on the word for them for me like your ex rivers when I was juncture in response. I've never been in the strip clubs I've now out of memorabilia as I've been social club twice and I've had awful experiences I. Here's the thing I can go to a bar any given night you know and diet by girl drinks are an ever rejects me ever tease me for the jury didn't reject means I don't need to pay money you're gonna reject right yeah. I'm not into the hole tease thing. If I guess you shouldn't have to be rejected you know that's the part of being the guest as a part of being a ticket are about buying a ticket islamists that. Now go. I like going out for sporting events like going out to talk to friends you know if there's a woman interest and and think we'll get. Well a couple of times a year I grew up and move remembered Massachusetts outside of Boston. And my friend John in my for an added some other. Our guys in our class that's why is the year we go to Boston's Julio Howard strip club which is. The most legendary of hall of all of the figures the zero hour and here we are where where high school kids. And you know blocking happened on the streets of sailors in full dress whites. I mean in there therein therein. Oh that's part of our education where you've probably heard of the place that that was in my neighborhood where I grew up called fly ball flight is sure they're all mob as part of my knee problem you have. I think I yeah I fell in front of ways once and and broken cement. And I and that was a that was that I was living very well known local realtor. Is a real or now by Tuesday radio personality what we use the voice ago. We used to ride our bikes there in larger bites them way of whites and we used profit operate outside the window stand on top of our bikes. In so we can look at. So consequences. The strippers in around looking for guys that show Obama bicycles when I mean heads and that's really attractive you know fourteen years who exactly would your nose pressed against the yeah exactly. I've been twice to strip clubs both for someone else's birthday I went to law at nets from my buddies nineteenth birthday. And a few years ago a friend of mine wanted that celebrate her birthday on a Tuesday night. And really after 2 o'clock even buffalo it's hard to find a bar still open after drew except for the strip clubs. So we went and you know what I I was so upset that tech had blown an eight were point lead to Syracuse and ask don't earlier today I. I just sat there had a few drinks in the head down and. RS that's. As sacred light thanks so much that today you and enjoy Angel it's a fine adult entertainment it's just not my cup in either everybody has now I guess is supposed to be good and I've I did joke around hand have. Some guys just love the way to end seriously when you start off ways they have good food. I'm gonna make you had to good good roast beef sandwiches yeah I'm now okay I didn't battling electrical outlet near with a girly thing. You like roast beef. Yes okay laser array of prisons wouldn't hurt or your hardware that. I think the choice birdies and had to grow from it did mine going to home. Followed through to a they'll either that or it's very nice that's that's that's ideal. I know that break event organized start the show the official start of the show we hope you're enjoying. The fair today it's a beautiful day for the fair. Kind of good reviews on what we saw. I yesterday on the bills' first game which I never watch but I watch it to see other quarterbacks looked and Albert. Under Israeli prime there will be back with the each incumbent and it's a Friday night bashes the buzz is that on the Toledo mud hands tonight 705. I'm dressing your favorite eighties outfit they'll be eighty's trivia. Music and Mars throughout the game after the game you're spend the night on the field under the stars with the annual family camp out. The the buys his first bearish forecast. Is as pretty as pretty favorable so we're gonna have right camp out on the field I think big is going. I think he's taking a date because he figured that's the only way he's gonna get the second base and is under the stars in the buys this game affordable family camp out which does not sound Georgia probably angles there. Got to try everything rightly in my position and so what position is that. Ago. Okay desperate and it was right let's whereas Colorado only mean him. I know what we're talking about Chris Collins as snow the the top. Talking points in the area and some different angles. Lou regarding know what's going on Chris Collins and that gives us a chance to discuss. Partially the criminal justice system. Partially future plans he might have movies are convicted. In things like that but one of the things that. That he did. When he had his alleged press conference first of all. I think is pretty well known by. He just read a prepared statement that he already sent out. And that was at the auto questions that are are anything but and I'm but I asked Tony. And ask Busby to see if they can get the answer this what they've Chris Collins who are at his press conference. That every politician. Who ever gets him any kind of troubled does. What it wet lab India that the you know Newton. Who's your mama you just like Eliot Spitzer he had isn't why you thought they are all they always bring their wives up there. And first of all that's got to be. Would love to be. At the house. When big guys in trouble says that alive would you mind on stage with me. I got to announce that this is what I'm being charged with. Or they come in with a hooker or insider trading or whatever and I think it'll be a lot easier for me if if you show support vice standing next to me. While idea while I give our declaration of shame. I bet immediately countered against them as far as I'm concerned you up team and that the up and stand by your man you have to do it I guess if your wife. But I'm thinking the wives gonna hate. They have to hate that because they don't get to say anything they just get the stand there and or just like Bill Clinton and Hillary remember got a hold hands. Although Axel thing you've got all the ads that air and walk on the stage and then in the and you can't make any facial references to what they're saying. I don't have a TV camera in here about a we are now make them for you I mean incidents revolved charges. I have that kind of stuff you don't want any of that are you just have to look a stern. You have to look supportive. Like that's my man how could they accuse him of doing anything wrong he's a perfect man and a great father and a wonderful person. So you gotta you gotta be dragged up by you about your hands upon the podium while they read the declaration of innocence. I don't like that I think if you are. I note with some of you'll take exception of the term man up. Because we're in an inclusive society where a woman up as justice. As applicable as man out but you know I'm talking about if you if you're accused of summing Humana up your you do you do it yourself you don't drag the wife along. For a little sympathy he used a double edged sword he use of the wife and MS both. The wife as a visual. Gee look at me I'm just an innocent guy and the MS as one of the reasons the investment corporation. That he wanted to help people who are fighting amassed he really cares and yeah he does care and and and the blues way I knew it was caring. Is his wife was standing next element via press conference I'd like to know how you feel about. The wife standing next. To the husband. At the podium when husbands and trouble. The other is there's an article in the local news. From a an attorney in medium. Southern part of Florida who says that day he's been through a lot of these kinds of cases. He says in these kinds of cases 90%. Of them end up with a plea bargain. Whereas you get through the end of the road and they say okay. Will do this if you do this if you admit that that will do this and whatever his plea bargain. And that 90% of them are ended that way to be honest radio I'm not a lawyer but just looking at the indictment. I don't know I don't know what you're Chris Collins is going to have for choices but if he has a choice. Do you recommend a plea bargain or do you not because the plea bargain says to me. Okay I'm Joseph because I don't see anybody who's not guilty taking a plea bargain. I see people taking a plea bargain who want a softer sentence or wanna get off totally. I don't see mr. or mrs. innocents taking a plea bargain I just don't. Now that might via a yeah hole when my resume if arrival wanna be a lawyer which I don't but the bottom line is you take a plea bargain for a lesser sentence. Or you take a plea bargained against somebody or your husband your life. Whoever else is involved I give them a softer says but this is done in exchange for something. All right and whether they admit it or not whether they admit go tonight I think that most people would save take a plea bargain and probably didn't. If he's going to take a plea bargain step down step aside some meals on ya I think that's a good idea so they'll go first two questions I have regarding the wife. And plea bargains I know I know because I had this discussion was lawyers I had this discussion what Paul OK amber yeah. Thirty years ago on the error or hours on a WGR. I know that the criminal justice system would grind to a halt. Without regards I know that I know they have to have them but I hate them. I really do I believe the justice is should be sought. If you improve a case then punitive measures are are necessary to camp through of the year you have to let them go. And plea bargaining is is not my cup of tea and I'd like to know how you feel about it. Because I think with plea bargaining. You still get the taint sees some people go too far. They think that if you're accused of a crime. You have to be guilty that's absolutely wrong okay known and in some people don't have the concept of an innocent person accused. People can be accused whether innocent or guilty and it's an accusation has three proven. And that's that's where that is but I'm thinking when you take a plea bargain it's in your used to Wear that taint. That is what you you have hopefully I unite in jail. You're not they're cleaning up trash on the side of the road you know wearing those stripes. Nobody's flying the bad boy bad boys what you gonna do when they come for you when you walk into a room but everybody's thinking that. And keep in line with Chris Collins. He's a very successful. Businessman. And he owns lots and lots accompanies. At every every board room meeting he has every manufacturing. Floor walk through he has. People sitting them or think of that and he knows that so I don't know. Taking it's taking a a plea bargain you racism that taint I'd do agree Tony that somebody was taken one. Whether it's it's it's going to be legal of course but whether it's proven or not. Is tainted with with a lot of the must be a guilty or it would have taken I just assumed guilt the I would too it's it's a wave through or get out of a longer sentence. It's a way to get something that you need or want for it may be for somebody else and involved with the case. But I'm I'm thinking a plea bargaining is not for me would you recommend if it's offered that Chris Collins take a plea bargain. And it's no surprise because he's a wealthy person it just seems like wealthier more privileged. Well that's true and you can eliminate money as being punitive for Crisco. They're never going to fine him or ask for restitution of the kind of money as. So it's like go finding a professional athlete 5000 dollars dislike for him give it time now for five minutes exactly. Go to the room and just stay there and re think about what you've done. Well what's your cure is the village in the Wall Street Journal for you. Like that. And it is time out that'll serve you well Chris Wall Street the up so the first of bigs were talking about plea bargains. When if its offered would you recommend he take one. And the whites should we have taken the wife of from the podium. Standing dutifully she'd wasn't smiling not that I saw. I'm nor would any any woman be smiling standing there Silverman who's accuses them. It Austria and Montreal 1806 on six managers experiment. Our guys guess Roy gets he gets here got your writing instrument out. 72881. Is the number two text the word fall after a hour well that's what I did in Germany. F a LL is what happens on the leaves changer in Western New York. Send the word fault the seven situated wanna new hood where thousand dollars.