Beach and Company The Amherst Bear 7-11 Hour 3

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, July 11th
Is the Memorial to the Amherst Bear a little over the top? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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And we are back where Vijay governor a Sandinista may. This man sitting next to me he has a big familiar look but I'm not really sure. Looks like some guys it's been outside my house last week and your news could be here on a regular basis his name is can memo and I just gummy bear. Haven't seen in awhile and you know you're brown bear or blog where matte paper second round. Are now I can there's an event going on today. In the in the foals that that might affect some traffic getting give us an update on the efforts. As you know sandy excuse me. He. Lewis certainly should I know. Tech in my era. Flyer mile high Fisher my dish I am doing rats a viral by Darian your ahead. And I because veterans memorial commission. He's bringing you the Vietnam traveling memorial wall in Niagara Falls at the veterans. Monument there the American veterans monument in Niagara Falls were gonna have a they escorted. No one a couple of the parade it's they're just escorting the wall from the summer park mall starting at around noon okay. And to do I Hyde park at the corner of the US 62 witches and Niagara Falls boulevard. Top pine avenue and Hyde Park boulevard. And there are they'll some of those three fist sized wall. And I heard of those who have lost their lives. From. All over now we're doing this in Niagara Falls but I do some research has 32 people from the falls who died in Vietnam. There's sixty something from buffalo who died in Vietnam. Orchard Park I had a I had a few capitalist but I am I gonna go through that entire list. And and the area town I want a north town wanted to we all lost. People and then I'm I'm I myself am a Vietnam War veteran. And I was over there and this means a lot to me he's sitting there watching those bombs fall. I have a great deal of sympathy. Not just for the Americans who were lost but not just for the south Vietnamese. Fighters who have lost. But for everybody that was in that war on either side it was a tragic thing. For everybody. More than two million lives are lost we lost a little over 50000. Because the war was spot over there and stuff over here. But we're gonna have some great events going on. The walls being put together today. The on Thursday we're gonna have a grand opening ceremonies. She his name. And and they start at noon. And then Thursday were gonna have last grand opening on Thursday Friday is law enforcement day perhaps somebody there from day. Homeland Security whose name is on Sean Cooley. He will be there and he's going to be giving praise to local. Law enforcement in the air. How long memorial all of the available to be seen him higher. Hop or pop until the sixteenth. Sixty some money at gingerly through giraffe Ricardo rarely it happened I'm allergic so often and as well not many. I don't know in America and Europe. That on Sunday we'll we have in the closing ceremonies. And that would be by in Vietnam War veteran sergeant Brian Bowman and so there's gonna be something going on every day. It's an opportunity for you to get out there and actually he can't make it Washington DC. And given the DC and C and veterans not a guy it has it's hit them and I hit it really really is. But we've also prepared. It's tracing paper so that you can sketch the names of your loved ones. On that wall or a friend or someone that you went to school who did not make it back from. From Vietnam. Although I think thanks for doing this with a community I know you worked very hard to get this up here and it'll via a real a real positive and events for the halls. All right thank you I had never like for anybody to overstate what I'm doing this pro logic was brought to us mainly. By Stan Zimmerman he's a principle a retired principal on the Syrian Myra falls which is a part of the and he is a part of the commission is a commissioner. I'm just like myself stand that he almost job on this working very very hard to make this happen. Using navy terms again again Gomez yeah yeah I don't realities of certain there. I I effect I was at a Hyde Park this morning it's on the chairs. Being sent up in the various parts that are blocked off for the mind monument will be brought and also saw any large group. Motorcycle riders with American flags and batch of patches and so. People were starting to come in already for my past about a dozen of them coming down Niagara Falls boulevard on my way yes and yes it's going to be a pretty big event. There will be thousands of people that filters through it and it's a good thing for Western New York. All right today's subject can the hammer is a black bear. I envy memorial to the fair. This this memorial seems. Over the top let's be honest about it over the south. Most divine known fact almost every person I know loves animals. But then this is that too much for some are your thoughts on the cameras police shooting in my career well. They sign on the side of the police car says to serve and to improve our sex. Not to you know they're not and I heard the guy from DC department of environmental conservation. Who says that. In the course of what the police are supposed to be doing that they did not pan out for you step on any DEC tolls because they had an obligation to do that. That the bear was wounded. I go back to a guy and a its name escapes me beamer. Tread limo as well as to veterans each had your program yes I told story oh did I miss that yeah when he brought his girlfriend up there to Alaska aware of them. A for the season. I've. There was this one rogue bear that he apparently had no connection with a and then the killed and devoured. Most of both of them why he had no real connection with the any of them you can I don't gonna and you say that I sent it into wild bear these are wild. Animals and his girlfriend was from buffalo what was her name beamer. A I cannot pronounce it wants from buffalo and was born in buffalo yeah. Okay because it's a whole series on Trevor well how would they want to memory or not to come up and he kept on going there anyway what the bears weren't morning M Ozzie who was not there the Rangers were. The park Rangers right. Mike Dick it was since stay away from the bears. And I think what happened was he usually leave every year at this time. But this time decided it's like a week or so longer into hibernation and the air hogs at they are wrong. Read them I mean that they're about to go down here's here's dessert. Now. People get crazy when they think of animals because of people like Disney. Bears do not play the banjo. I hate to tell you that his next move then and they're not bad day's news they don't dance now none of that stuff you know live v.s are wild animals you have to remember that you can treat them with great reverence and great respect. Because otherwise you end up being right and there are just wanted to colors that bring out the point that. These bears have a mean university club there you know how it had a very well for breakfast that was though this what a nice hot tub they have babies are born Olson as the yet. I hunted down a bear claw. We'll take a break have males and then there and it will be back live more and the Israeli the united thirty WV. It's obviously unfortunate. Currents but you know they're so as it is not. A better way out of situation then that's what the members police permit despises. You know I'm the reason I like Jenna Hamilton is Ken Hamilton is not just all talk he is. He he is a work as he does a lot of work him on these projects. In the Niagara Falls and I know he always gives credit to the other people but you use your credit yourself my friend because you're so busy. Sometimes you barely get them here what you're doing a lot for the community. Well thank you thank you very much when I'm really looking for some younger people to take my place I started this I think it was 27 years though have. In forty years is enough let's. The caught up. Obviously I'm sure you're still good ago. It's a chick lying through her and this severe and say hello Renee you're on W via. You remember quite toxic seniors over the affair that was in Orchard Park. I don't when you get refresh my memory go ahead and yet what they were. Trapped in my backyard. Really what what's the DC draft board there it's probably one that they go in to get something in the slams behind them that he actually has got to tell us what that DEC trap looks like. It's like I've been through it's it. You don't go to the welfare you know the gate good start and found a scapegoat for their they paid to go into a trap but I think oh. Guys it's always a cage as a captain York. Well here's the thing they try to trap that they you know they went out and got her there and ethnically or. It because that was out that I had to force other air buffalo new ridiculous I mean it restatement part of my house people work. It was like I just felt like people we're going to like Derek the other like across street look at. There was other people here watch there. So they tried to do. And what happened like it was hoping because it was too many people there were answers that like you know what can attract job I think there are. They've got traffic they are very etiquette. And it was a baby bear and I think they're Allah and dean it's it's it would just with the ethnic because. People are used to it the suburbs that senator there are we opening so much wildlife we have coyotes via pops so we have Greco. You know at. It's and it isn't like just let alone or are they should take course go ready to go but when we get involved in it you know. Insights fears that they would be used to do in Egypt on the they don't scare. I got brain yeah yeah it's the right car and I got it you know unfortunately. You know this guy is as Marco go. Dario wants it wants an animal is wounded like that the police say was dragging his of fourth leg there. It's very dangerous and even if they're normally not that of a dangerous. Attitude they do get that way if they're startled or if they're injured or the cubs are around. The other thing like that. And hire somebody say that you know give them an opportunity to go back from where you count but if you Zander who's to say he wasn't injured by a larger bears and bears as someone point out our territorial. So he could. Go back very macho what do you think the memorial of the bearer. Renee is that a little over the top. And hundreds of as you can love animals without going over the top and being it's being. Realistic about their place in the world the thank you very much. That what do you think they're Canada and ask you about this there is a memorial to the there you know you know this. But there's not you know I mean it's. It is not a memorial to the there. It is a memorial so that people could go out. And say that Macau sensitive I am I put out something for unions to remember that there in mines. And I look at these street memorial were somebody dies in a car accidents even at this their cause they cause these accident themselves. Now every time you drive by you got to see a bunch of flowers and stop on the road. You know take those flowers to the cemetery because if you don't do any thing you know anything other than that what you're saying is. I'm not mourning the dead I want you to mourn me because I'd lost somebody I mean this is I I just it's sick of this stuff is just it's just crazy we've gone crises. I I would that's one of the earlier textures and said the same thing that we lost that remind. We want to bend over backwards to prove that we are the most sensitive of people on earth and if anything happens it's negative. We get the grief counselors out there that oh look in knowing Collins now they have crying roams the Tony we haven't talked about that in a while. Remember when we're talking about some of the things going on a college campuses. The world's oil. I don't have the show's not over here you are going to be some from me he was giving us information without a mother crying Rome's remember Garcia. During the campaign they were they're crying sentenced to say thrown yet safe as in plot hole word written in shock. Guy you know is a big deal is said from it in shock yes. What forgot the college but they had a room with coloring books and played out out because someone had written trump all of the campus. In shock comes out. Worrying boards employee go. And just remember we are the future of America apparently in god and I met a lot of minutes out some time for don't always result in about these young kids and and she and I hate is an. I never saw before an adversary again and after we both thought about our where these generations are going. We both looked at our feet and raise their pairs of the same time looked and each other's eyes and she said to me you know something. How big lead that I am going to be dead by the time they just take over and I shook my hand like doses and and meets whose job. Exited obviously likes. The reality of of living on earth that and things nice things happened in honor bad things happen living on just the way it is if it's it's in the DNA and France overcompensate. It's it's almost like you just that one up. Your view feel badly about the bit I feel more badly about the very many photo all real old feels are back ago. Is so it is now is speaking of coyotes I'm sure that beamer is very familiar usually see them about 4 AM. When the bars just about this at. Right now I have to follow the Plato it was the University of Michigan Law School they had blocked them bubble blowing. All he'd like it though it was the law school they're blowing bubble. The University of Michigan Moscow also Cornell University had a crying and where they offered hot chocolate and issues. All I would mum on Sean. The bad day. Thousand guys Diana Chapman in my room all that and I bid you good that was are gamers and for professionals. It's gentlemen put your hands yours is Todd it was a great British and his well. Well comment anyone down. Seriously Susan what do you think I'm curious good for you guys are let's get all their opinions when you think we changed from being realistic about life and society. Students in this fantasy we're living in mad cow went PC over you know. When do you think that happened if they can we put our finger on it and get an idea when NASA. Maybe after I after the Vietnam War or when you can we. Pin point one with thing that's aren't. Every I think we've always I think we've always been heading in my lifetime obviously but I think it took a sharp turn in the early twenty tenths. Because I can definitely tell a difference from when I started college to when I graduated in Italy a four year span. I think it took a sharp turn around 20102011. And we want everybody has that everybody's special. Well there again not only are very much in the smarts and and you know we see it now where everybody gets a trophy everybody gets. I don't know sensitivity here and everybody this everybody that. There there are no winners and look dismal us not keep score. All of this stuff is so different. From let's go out there and and and knock their socks off and when the game. I think it's gonna be wary of browser on again this month. Don't forget to the PC crowd wants to. Sounds any anybody this masculine masculinity is bad we can't have that. Well it's obvious that McCain has given up. Where we start. When he got rid of the monkey bars in the 1970 that is nobody asking you were as strong they rubberized so I am proudly when you do that for the playground and expectation is that anything and everything that. Do his life. But I'll ball IV episode about all iron whereas sank back home. I'm belt as the world over backward bar news editor and I birdied WB yeah. And we are backward region governor M sandy beach can Hamilton is whether it's a couple of we'll see a couple of text real in my Treo. Santa had to kill a mouse this morning they got to know Mike kitchen I kept thinking about the mines and Cinderella. But I had no. And it hasn't Ottawa and I am glad I did I can't deny us. In this because it can't Qualls camp was already here so he didn't send that form itself. Sandy most of what can count and does for the community goes on notice he is a star in his online community is fortunate to have them I totally agree with a way that. I know the amount of time he spends on but he gives no compensation for just doesn't. Because it's the right thing to do for his own community and I'm glad that he every once allowing pops by Erin lets us know what's going on. And you say at 12 o'clock or Kim were route 22 minutes away from there. They're gonna start moving the portable. I am I gonna start moving it out and and calling it our taxpayer rather really really thank you for that. They're gonna start moving about a summit part mall's parking. Up Williams strode towards the airport turning left heading west. 62 north to get to the American veterans monument. Which are at Hyde Park which is on the corner of Hyde Park boulevard and pine avenue so there will be a procession going down that road at my limit through traffic. Eight tad bit. But it is I mean if we take a few minutes and and just to honor the I'm 58000. Plus. Americans who have given their lives in Vietnam I think I think that it will be well worth the Sony pointed out honestly and there were a lot of motorcyclists with flags. And we could have in the number was estimated that up to 600 headed down on the weekend might have been that but you might have to 300 people out there who are. In their possession and. The Vietnam vets who don't get as much for blessed publicity is as other wars mainly because. There wasn't a popular war. And that we have a lot of people fleeing to Canada instead of serving and it was a very tumultuous period these guys deserve. A real recognition on a regular basis but sometimes they get a loss with the with the others. Absolutely again as I say that I am a Vietnam War that. My station was north Star Search and rescue we were about eighty miles away from the enemies capitalist enemy at the time and no way. And where I. It's my house today senator. I'm from Arizona. McCain McCain. Where it was you know he was there at the same time that I was there are only eighty miles away from the Javon forget that the yet. It nicely mistake coming up a but but it was it was when I was there as a young man I am more testosterone than brains. Million as and that's that's just the way things or I couldn't get the Vietnam fast enough to put me on a ship that wasn't going to have come Washington comedy Taylor. And tell my I joined the fight. And I had to take a great deal believe watching the bombs while out of the plane spam on the cities and everything. At that time years later. I began to see these things played in my mind and and and it and it has its tragic about it bothers me to this day you know all of the innocent people just going to work. They then had anything to do with that war. Then why it. And I'll probably. Have to I went bumpers. I'm not black and and and other than that but some us there. Apply the death of them is that out on the people who are. Pretty good there are songs they are there some hideous like like I was there aren't enough. And we have to thank god for people who are like me who have more testosterone in the Marines who are willing to go and pursue the real. It's one thing I like as you've always been very candid and Ira members this thankfully one and that's only if I ask you about your Iraq because you are navy veteran and anybody out there in the navy. Would appreciate. It's an all the facts of a outlook what you achieved what ranked it's. It. I was an operations specialist first class bank now if you're gonna really well and you're gonna bump up what would your restaurant I would have been achieved any of the how about. And Steve ready I was about to get bumped up for Mac have been Annan and you're going in the wrong direction let's say he's referring to is that one point Tony sandy assuming. Kenny when you're in the navy. War where Euro what was your was your bank. And I told them about the recession of the progression of Iraqis go and as a Seaman recruit. And then you pick on the Seaman apprentice program for boot camp. And go to your primary school most venues that was rather than I do well in school and decide I that you liked the baby yeah. Instead of I have been to go to the next link you can skip that ranked. And become a petty officer third class asked that frank was called and was caught semen and so I told my supply and remain semen in the navy beat. Yeah I don't know maybe it. A lot of ways and I. Now 83 all right trio 1806169. Through through sixers are 930 were asking about the the and burst bear. We all about animals we love animals. Not Ramsey is a little over the top openness would be minimum memorial to the beer. That's a that would dogma now as I I feel the Delores in Hamburg low pressure on WB yen. Thank you can't and welcome back it's nobody have you. Terror. Plot so yeah this is very much on your mind Delores eight I would like people just and the more you money. Kids account of the Amherst for all those wonderful police officers that he at. Used. Taxpayers' money debate debate here. How they have that kind of followed around know where the bear is how much did Iraq have no idea vicinity estimates yet. Who have with the overtime there. Thing is probably up in the range of about 40000 dollars. If the UN start to include the legacy costs because this overtime goals on their retirement Udoka had absolutely. Maybe and who they know if it's the same ones so you bring up the question of of a police overtime and they effective use of taxpayer money. And I want to thank you for serving our country. You know Miller let me tell you something one of the greatest pleasures of serve in the country was to know that there are folks like yourself out there to post your true love fest thing. Bagger he's not a surprise is we made them out to be yours thank you thank you very much. A remarkable you really are as well you're one of the most remarkable people I've ever met because you do so much for other people. That it's amazing and a lot of it is unknown to the general public. But in other thing of it is and the reason it is is because normally. I don't do it everyone else is doing if they have the skill set necessary in order to complete their mission they have known me for me. I go and do the things other people won't do and the things that I could do pretty much on my. In other words when you walk in nominate a meetings there council meeting. They look at who say that pain in the does it at the back. Yeah thrown in candy you know from Niagara Falls got the shipment of flex seal in yet to take care of the walk out of water you is hey you know aren't our business days. Marty is in the bio second it's a little parting of the waters in Niagara Falls. They ever get that water things straighten out its why not you know. Something there's probably a billion dollars worth the work on beneath the streets at night felony to be done is there. Many of the pipes especially where you live it Tony there wouldn't pipes from the village of LaSalle. And so it's America that they glass of this slump but you have to remember when they put those pipes that the average car wiggled some criteria and are problems. Now you've got trucks back RVs homers and all of these other things transiting the roads. And it is just the pipes were not made for the type utility that we're having now. Plus their age is a problem there are procedures and because I look at the magazines on. On those types of repairs whereas. If you use a rubber liner to go through those types that helps and had been helped for quite pick pay any long. Period of time but the thing and this is that we just don't have the money and the rate payers can't take anymore rate price in order to pay for it for those repairs. If you magazines with rubber liners. It's a zealous about. Me a should I'm mind that he will be back right after visiting there. Please permit has. Has a responsibility to ensure public safety and the perfect within their jurisdiction to dispatched. It'll slow late that they deem is. Threat to public safety and though you know they have they have that right and they need to make that decision and you know we lead that would denounced. I direct them to do so and then they don't need our direction to do so. And Hamilton is so what does and there we've been talking about the amorous bear. Because it's strange I mean we had several. Several stories that a lot of people are talking about. But the fact is the hammers bear. I captured the imagination because people. A look and think oh bears Q owed is not hurting anybody why did they have to do that. Couldn't we have had an alternate method and it turns out of that this really was the only choice that it wasn't going to work out a for various reasons and the bear was injured which is a big big ego a notation there. And injured bears are gonna the same attitude as a non injured bear. And anyone can certainly come there's just accidentally come across them if they're in they're they're they're startled if they're afraid. Who knows and they can't take that chance so I do not so faulty cameras police and. Now scientific about it when a woman finds her own child how a woman finds a child. Underneath a car as she gets to string. The lift up that got her car if a bear is injured or any other animals and injured what do you think that they're adrenalin is gonna do for them. Absolutely and we think of them as cartoon characters they're not they're wild animals you have to remember that and you see him do stupid things just on YouTube sometime. And as this type up anything within a mile national parks and animal confrontations. People dump when it comes to wild. There really are I walked in my backyard this was last year. That to throw something in the trash can. And about a look at this your time these summits about about 45 feet from me fifty feet from me. There was a ten book the ten point book. Stan and they're looking it really absolutely in the system the city and I let them them for my bucket he Japanese have ten that was already out there. Alibaba Joker and I says okay brother we could move them back the way very very slowly because I did not want a confrontation know what that book. Ever while we were on one of our trips and Alaska. They were the dough we had a Rangers speak to us and these are for those of you haven't been to Alaska before one thing I should caution you about our most. He said moos looked kind of dumped in the ads and do you go to the big club isn't a minute we're out there and obviously they can be very dangerous. And you have to be alert to that because if you're not used to it you might to your regretted it and walk that is Mozilla Lindsey says and so you cannot. I remember once I was traveling cross country in my RV and a motor home and I remember getting a knock on the door from the via live in national park. From the ranger alerting everybody in the campground that there was bear activity now I am a motor home. Maybe at that time maybe 39 feet something like that. Made of steel. And gets me nervous there were people who attempt camping whose state and then tell us and think oh well I'll be protected by his loser at least thirty S and dozens. There's bullet collision death for a very sad. And they have people is don't don't get there really don't. And and this because they don't know and understand. And they do things without the proper study. Yeah me if you would adjust your homework you wouldn't be that they're comfortable around them wanna ask your court question. We have with the retirement of of Justice Kennedy. If Donald Trump who is nominated someone that we're continually. The conservative viewpoint. I if he gets that. That would be the biggest I think the biggest move of his presidency so far for the future. Of of people who consider themselves conservatives and Ruth Bader Ginsburg may retire eventually. And can you imagine if that fell into place this president could be is a precedents setting. President that we never forget because he could set the course of those the idea. The record for maybe 2030 years. Absolutely and that's what it's all about I found out something at a note before the supreme where where babies come from. What color. Of the but I can't do that anymore. Is that the Supreme Court do you still up until nineteen that 1930 or something like that. They used to meet in the basement of the capitol building. Over and I don't know that either you see that big building you know it was there for as long as the capitol building was there wasn't. And so there was this intricate link between the Supreme Court. And congress is when they separate and got their own building as when they became legislators. Of things given what you just said and that we do have an activist court nowadays. You're right they could change the course of American history. That's going to be made for the next one me thirty possibly forty years. Because of medical breakthrough these guys can live to be a hundred and still slur. Yeah and to have people now are saying gee I don't like his style no load president trump eyes gazed. Lewd and crude but he's getting things done and I think the more he gets done more panic thing is being done on the democratic side. Why of course it is remain there's. It one legislator said that when he was in the public sector hiccup from the private sector says. Kenny says in the private sector we always produce towards a goal. And the so public sector the goal is producing. Well Donald Trump is producing and that's something that the people up in congress have always that was their daily wick said they are producing these bills and things. Whether we need them or not or whether they're good person that Betancourt is gonna. My license he goes to meetings where allies friends and foes alike with guns blazing after he lays it all out there this is how we feel you're not paying your share we shouldn't be doing this we should be doing that I know your traditional budget I'm getting the job on. I mean that takes a lot of a lot of guts and and then I just back from Europe but it's nice having talked to a few people there. About politics not many but they admire his ability to get things done they really do. Now that's only have to do is get Natal discard them when they're supposed to do we have this liberals saying why can't we be more like Europe. Well then why can't Europe be more like us to start him or bills for the. It's highlight that Annenberg a cat and good to see you again I hope we have seen is soon going. Obviously I'll thank you good to see you said welcome back okay will be back tomorrow. I'm arrogant guy and I'm newsreader I'm thirty W via. Yeah. It's. They never have to needs to be used some leeway here and I do give him.