Beach and Company The Amherst Bear 7-11 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, July 11th
Is the Memorial to the Amherst Bear a little over the top? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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We're back could be just governor Alexander occasion I'm looking at the text aboard which is a 30930. Your text of error shows up on a giant screen right in front of me and sometimes I wish him. However it. This says. Regarding the bear who back hell cares. A lot of people care that's the thing a lot of people do care and it's nice to hear about wildlife that is nice though we can to protect wildlife. But we have to protect people first. That's my concern. And 101 of the Texas I'm not an old friend I'm not a bad up on bear behavior read they don't routinely attack people. Well yes I agree with that but the police said the one leg was damaged sewage drag him along and remember when when bears feel threatened. Or frightened or anything like that. They've become even more dangerous than they normally are because you're not going to be able to. I would suggest that thing well heirs are gonna come after me so eyes you know I can get a quick picture something like that and or maybe there's a kid playing outside you don't even though there's a policy here really it doesn't make much sense of the bear is injured I think gamers police did the right thing. Certainly I'm I'm sure that they felt was badly having to do it. As we do. As we know they had to do it let's go to Tony on a cell phones Sony are on WB again. If it's on what's on your mind about this. Well I live and paper. And maple. My son was never pleased that he's also on what you. Generation second Serbian emerged Ian Moore other members heard. Throughout amber because you're being displaced that the economic sense for speaker and they're building all over a year in order girl subsequently are pretty. Protects the org. But this error vote Tuesday. That street grandchildren their own ignorance of our. Ultra yeah and to meet the park still what the more than that this should. Because they. What about all out of QB is huge for us. But the facility here be become like. Also religion to them we take the opposite approach to trot from every issue. Our. Ports but is that this error. Injured looked at and here it should be an. I think you said it as well as it can be said I totally agree would you thank you Joni absolutely. And here's another attacks this is just one more example of how out of touch people can be. Why is there no concern for public safety. Everybody immediately goes through V. Defense of an extremely dangerous animal. The same way they will go to an offensive dangerous illegal immigrants. And what the hell's wrong when our country guys have you heard that in the last a year what's wrong with a country it seems like common sense. Just goes out the window. I mean there's days if you have to choose between the possibility of a via a human being being injured or killed. Or an animal being injured killed much as you it's distasteful we'd like to Dillard who we don't like to think about it. A human being has to take precedence is still. That's just the way it is and if if the bear had been a hit for so I felt badly. I was in you're up when I found out that the bear had been hit by a car. On the 919. I felt awful I drive and I'm I'm the every day I I really felt novel about it I didn't even see a picture of the bear wasn't in in the company of the bear. But we feel badly for awhile life. But that's one of the things that happens nobody's got an answer. About this. Any other way. Let's go to Iowa Mary in Lancaster Mary on WBN is this memorial of a barrel little over the top. It is. I thought the same thing in the morning when I when I heard when they first heard about that I was glad you brought it up as a topic but also first things first. Welcome back here thank you very much very and I've been paving this because I'm a senior market. Analyst forget about it. A couple last week it was a cartel in the what are your guys. Your talk about him in his Speedo. We have ads that's Famer Joseph beamer has been doughboy. Well heaven I'll look back and about the news comics section I think it was the seventh. 73 six or seven on the open at this distance calls and the kid. It was he that animal with a lot. And mobile on the other is okay I'll do you know in this BO boom again jumped up and your way to get there right now it. There's overweight bald and everything you've got to do what does it also the kid can. Do it. While that's guards or Joseph does your father wears Speedo is that argue the second generation of Speedo wearers. I mean I'm the only beamer Speedo where I know of but I don't know what happened before my time on this earth you are he's very first ones who probably are probably worse B goes up merrier suggesting not do that public. Right okay can. The big I haven't been conducted there the bear that they would welcome you back and number two I think this they're going overboard. About these memorials. And I would think it brought you right away like sweet like white were gone. A grandmother. And her seventeen year old grandson. Were killed in the draft in military issue shooting in the city. Yes I I hear read and heard about the. And I didn't see any memorial or anything they had of course there's you know. Public mourning and everything but you didn't see any of the out outrageous thing to do it done by somebody from the community and his grandmother 54 year old grandmother. Was shot and her little seventeen month old grandson literature were outraged that a source says seventeen month old that was in the way have a you know I'm a police officer shooting somebody. And the kid got killed that officer would've been off the force that can help it was a memorial all over the place. If you didn't see anything that reverend Christians that they had a service for the grandmother and a little kid. But it it was a tragic thing but I I know that it is Barton memorial skull that this is what bothers me what happened when he popped up these you know. Memorial of the date type of thing because nobody did anything for their grandmother like. I totally agree or when I read the story I've heard about it also oversees a when I read the story yesterday you know I went through all of papers the whole two weeks I if felt extremely bad about that in your right there was not the same outpouring that there is here thanks very good to be back. Good to be back we'll be back tomorrow because. Thirty WB. Samuel while little soft and on the on the ball. Yeah. Let me see let me see the I don't see Ed this is saying attacks. I don't see a roadside memorial from Iraq cones and squirrels on the side of the road Williams at all. What's the matter aren't they cute enough. And a policy. The WB ends after the noon show yesterday that would be way that Tom Barley. Or many experts calling explain about the fact that bears don't sweat proof of this finger shot. Mayor it's com it's the way it's written is this him by a hundred. Well anyway I missed its starters fine program. Who go. This that it did put down one injured but not killed by car collision of what's the difference. I mean we we should respect our animals and wildlife into the best weekend not to interfere with them. But by and large things are going to happen as long as. As though wouldn't they are looking for fun I'm sure via cameras police governments are deserve a shot of there wasn't thrilled about having to do it. But would have been leave little stroller the bear and injured summary at a time ago and injured animal of any time. It can become a dangerous situation what do you want to believe it or not. It's true though that's the way it is let's go to wade. Wager on WB yen. I think any way an advance copy it and I did thank you waved us on well I feel kind of bad that I haven't. A big threat back there yesterday. And I was able to get your life under. Do you think I would like to come over and put up a memorial Fella you merely. Mickey Mouse a big rat memorial guy there's a memorial to the bear I mean please. I love animals through the let's not get nuts. You know obviously concerned that that isn't that great need to memorial. You know I just started out there. Some roses for rodents against it now I think we get me started thank you wade thank you very much to audience see it. They did a from the time where kids. We are O we are. You know comfortable around. Little Teddy bears. Some people like giraffes. And different things and we think kind of think of them as being like us except having given bodies. But wild animals are wild animals for a reason even a domesticated animal. If it if it turns on you you know I just like can go to. It's not a jungle cat just a regular kitty cat. You know beckoned to audio a lot. And if you think about while not domesticated animals is is nice to see him from a distance what happens is when these. When these while I sentenced Hamas and reward restaurants special social media. People if they happen to have one in their backyard that there are going to Atlantic pictures of them and things like that it's nuts. How many people got off to a bear to try to feed in thinking you know it's going to be friendly when big kills it happens it happens in the you know national parks all the time. And you'll see big lines of cars where there's a bear sighting. Or moose sightings or whatever depends on where you are. In their people just wanna get out there and a take a photo that I still love wildlife birds after respected through. Let's go to Austin in wheat fields Austin here on W via. And it oh loss hello Austin yes. I first thought was so I'm not one of those liberal selflessly call and complain that you and argue that the current yeah but I do differ. From your. His impact on Sunday Sunday. I'd change that or say that we need to captured. Rehabilitate the bear. And over 48 hours ago about 500 signatures that yes there are now suicide euthanized. But I'll buy me issued killing at bear. That there was an aggressive ball all the last month that it's been on the news has been lashed out against anything that you know of and it would also are also injured I don't believe it is moral thing I think that's overkill. Quiet. Like. The group of problems like the injured we further evidence from like going back to all. Well I first saw I have I applaud your feeling for animals and and common sense. It's it's there if things that we see on television I wish we wish we couldn't they have them right here right now. People who are are trained in in the wildlife rehabilitation. Where is an earth facility. How soon can they be there on call whatever there's a lot of things that go into it it's not as a easy as you would think. When you see people who do for a living. And prepare to do it even that is that it's difficult it's just track one down in Amherst here and there. Having the right people come from the right place with the right equipment. Wouldn't be as easy as you think in an ideal world I love the idea. Okay thank you you're on our lot idea if you can go door. But obviously this was the case remember animals sometimes react to being afraid. Sometimes react to being threatened. They may not appear. And as he said I has not been aggressive so far. That's the key race so far you don't know. And sometimes. What they tell you when you're in areas where there are bears you make noise so you don't surprise that there. I mean I even I know that. In those sold the news in most instances they will retreat and stay out your way and our come after you. But you never now you've ever kid playing in the backyard. Buddha who thinks the bearer something jokes. And walks until it you can have a kid playing and I remember my eyes specifically. Are my daughter goers is realism and she was six years old when we're in California. And we had a nice fenced in backyard. She came in and said dad there's a snake out there and I went out there not only was that a snake it was a rattlesnake. OK so forget that. Things can happen. And you you have to do what is right from the general population. You guys a shame that their natural habitats might be used up by some housing development. But that's the real world that we have to learn through to deal. Let's go to Terry in Texas area on WB again. Your markets and all that time I'm in the grade till memorial center or lack it mildly ill. Take a moment say a few words. That's at Texas added drew Jerry go ahead. Let that you know hello Dan Moses much. Now expired mark so. And more often than not than most people lack counters throughout or must say that I'm and out the situation is flooded and really got. We need to get a life are idiot and I a new purpose but they're distant third and run around and make you feel bad up there. A man barely been here they are yes I am by hourly and ballot you know it wouldn't be euthanized in Lebanon up any. And I'm and it's insane anybody's lives that the that the bears that. Terrible as you know I make a mat a memorial that's ridiculous. Yeah that's always have now and you know it's one thing to grieve properly and it's it's it's a natural human reaction. But jewel overreacted. As well as what's happening now. Next thing another going to be at least certain they'll find any aid is some good or fair idea Al. Our and well let's helmets beamer without his best behavior while you're gone on bullets now and barely until it is that. These days not mayor. Well that's because I enjoy him jokes that those who are powerless and to Mumbai and I'm glad you dimmed two thumbs up thank you Gerri thank you reminds. I'm beamer did you have Gerry called what did you do bribe him. I told Terry that you know I checked is in the mail that we. It is that call with a compliment. Via. Memorials are right in some instances. Over done and I think this is one of them is it's one thing to grieve. One thing to remember we've all been through hardship. We've all been through times of our allies or wonder if we can catch our next breath. It's so devastating. But it is what they do now is you know. You've got to be instead of an annual report currently calling grief counselors. I think it's I think it's just over done a really do with overdone. And so when it was via legitimate reaction. Is Canada lessons that are kind of cheapens the counselors. Or anything of that Tony do you think that we're over overdoing the memorial idea yes we. Anytime there's anything negative suddenly we find out as Terry said I enjoy it. That there is a a gulf on meet Paige. Then they'll flowers on the bridge and all that sort of thing and next thing you know the flaws some of the flowers have died and if you know it's just. Where where is this memorial for the dead skunk in the middle of the road called lull Wainwright go Loudon Wainwright the third dad's gone your middle of the road. I've got your flight dad's got. Off the zero but I have a gold record for this. I really do I I have it it's up from my home if your were allowed to visit bigoted as the mode or the wild animals. Will be back after his canyon. And we are back with the basic governing MacKey Becker and Steve and team Watson wrote the article about the police shooting the bear. Gasses that moment talk about that we'd love animals I think most people do as I as I said earlier I don't trust people don't like wow I just simply don't. And that part of a story the bear was walking on three legs and dragging its otherwise you're going to value police spokesman. They were in contact with the the EC the work into arranged to trap and tranquilize the the bear. But those arrangements were not completed by Monday evening and it wasn't clear. That it would be possible to do that the officers at the scene made the determination once it was safe to do so to euthanize them that's their word. The bear because it's injury and it was having trouble moving to a less populated area. They did not seek the go ahead from the DC at for the decision and officer killed the bear with a one shot. Fired from a patrol rifle and about 9 PM. He he doesn't know how close to the officer was through the barrel on the show inspired so we know of severe words. Was shot with one shot. And taken out the Baird didn't even hear a shot so that was that. And said as it is it's it's a reality. You know basically what he would do. There whenever there's the new house bill that some things something of habitat for some animal. Small big large not dangerous dangerous and Adam as as the population grows there's less space for the animals to be wild. But you have to be realistic. About it and as long as we're as humane and giving as we normally Camby. I don't think weird be faulted for. Jim in west Seneca gem here on WB yen. Rules then the I don't. Like the area. People have good good intentions they think that that's fair could train collides. Once it enters. It's too late. Look at aired thoroughbred racing horses that are worth millions of dollars. The big break a lake on the track. And in the attempts have been made to put these animals and artisan and and you know their leg and it almost always. Unsuccessful. And sometimes they're being called that vote of thoroughbred horses suffering so much that they have to put it out of a mystery right on the. I've seen that women horse ambulance comes out a good breaks your heart. The doors the several years ago there was a rash of that happening for some reason. And you're right there worth millions of dollars the owners love them and whatever budget there's sometimes they're beyond help open you have to put him down and sent. Yes and people don't realize that there's more black bears and New York State now that the numbers are in the thousand. Because there's more forested land. In the state than there was a hundred years ago because there was so much logging a hundred years ago. And because of farming. I was so much land was cleared bet that the bears will force that the smaller and smaller areas but now. So there's there's so. Mud should. In the way of abandoned farmland back in converting back to woodland. There are more of bears and these young bears are chased out of out of there out of their own brand Asia. By the mother wonder about a year old. And they may wander for hundreds of models and out sometimes play like this very unfortunately. And that up there and an amber. But a guy ends you know you see there are instances so when I animals that don't mean any harm anybody me and a harming people like when you hit a deer would your car. People have the swerved off the road people have been killed we going to see deer are injured and more than we might see anybody injured but. It's it's part of a reality we got the deal with the reality of wild animals thank you good point about the of their brains. That breaks my heart crises that. You've ever seen now fragile. Horse's leg skiing in Miami averaged a red probably ways at. 1112100. Pound somewhere in there. And their legs looked so fragile. And that if they take amid stubborn break a break their leg it's almost impossible to rehab. Some valuable horses they've tried to rehab. And there aren't many that have been very successful and he brought that up and over India in very knowledgeable. Okay yeah mr. beamer do you have any of FaceBook pages or regarding the Amherst bear. All OK yes he's on the that's Tony you do the best three finger telephone thing ever seen. Okay is this triggers they hear the little finger is the mouthpiece what's the thumb check check check this out. Say the I guess I cannot see buzzing beamer when he's on the phone all I know is he's here. In there somewhere so buzz is up for vote now and Andrew and forma. Yes Donna says I suppose if I had injured a bear roaming around a residential neighborhood. I might be more apt to think the best thing to do is put it down beeper goes after someone. It's sad to think these animals haven't got much of a chance once they get into populated areas well that's true. No no because no good things that are happening. They you know you have to make sure event. You don't leave anything any kind of food source out there are they'll keep enough to be either they'll keep coming back. And a lot of people do the right thing in our try to do the right thing they feed birds. And there is bird feed out there and the bears love that. And if you don't say carrier garbage the bears lot of that he had a picnic and and clean up after yourself the bears love that. And they if you've seen some of the for our treasury shepherd of the things they have in Alaska. They're remarkable. And sometimes the bear is being gotten through those true. And they want right down in the history. Like being on the places because they used on the voice before the street was there. If people go online on FaceBook in the season the video. It is a family of their plane and backyard swimming pool pause and ask you the moon boot but if the owner were to go out there and even go near the baby bears guess what I'm a bears anecdotal. Very they were chair via honorable plain and simply. I don't I don't start right times when I did. A remote with the buffaloes their remote women's goal with 6 o'clock in the zoo closes at like 5 o'clock. And we were right in front of the polar bears you man you know you I think you ram from W war would mean yeah I was one of the ones where they brought the snakes over the that was nice I love that. An arm that is so right there there's just me in the polar bear Florida power and the ball the polar bears looks so cents and these. But I'm thinking if I went over into their habits that'd be the end if he's done begun. So but it looked like we had a little going on contact. He's the polar bear was enjoying my show and I was able polar air will be had a nice day whatever. But you don't get in that case is well known that he wanted to Coca call I think so a dead and anyone to be on the commercial from the Super Bowl. And I recommended him I don't think there are them when he has to get a batteries will be back Lamar goes straighter and I'm thirty WB yet. Wild animals especially adult bears. You know or bears that are approaching adulthood you know this was not a cub. Is very difficult third to rehab eleven and captive tapes that. That is a beach in governor of said he is talking about the about the bears. There. Here's they attacks. Sammy about five years ago on TV their program about the bear man in Alaska lived among brown bears there was a film on him and his girlfriend. Talking is sitting near these large brown bears the guy was warrant. By the you know wardens that it was very dangerous medalist he continued. This recklessness. In Valencia I know what happened because I saw the whole series that was Timothy tread well. He was warned by the Rangers up there it's you do not come in here and he is the sneak in there all the time every year. And he will lose loved the bears no question about that and he thought he had some kind of connection with the bears. Bugs like all. Decisions we make out of our heart instead of our mind that was not the right thing for him to do. And it ended when he brought his girlfriend up with him. To Alaska Lisa drop them off of the and the one at the beginning of 01 season where it was say for. But it was not safer in a row bear on not only kill them both put though when they foam on the or partially devoured. So you think that as much as you'd like to think. That you have a connection with a wild animal remembered that can change at any time. Look at Siegfried and Roy would vote. The problem they had and they thought they had a special connection with the while animals. Non domesticated animals can turn on you and it does not take a tiger or lion or something into a bad job on you. Even the smallest. Non domesticated animals and really Julia and a and so I think it would be amorous police. In their day in their rogue wisdom thought they had to take the bear down I'll go that I will go with that. Because I don't think any of the cops out there are no matter what department therein are looking. Forward to shooting a bear. Mid may be on my shift today nuggets should bear no I don't think they think like that I think they think like you. And like me love animals still but that their job. Is to serve and protect. And I think that's under the protection section where you may think well that fair it was injured. It wouldn't hurt any problem I don't that's one reason they might hurt somebody. Wind of their origin they're more defensive there Maureen do wobble to be startled easily. You might just come across some somewhere someplace you'd never think a bear would be don't know you know. But this solemn memorial to the there I think it's over it's. I think the vessel we do now only got had given a cute name to the job you know and a little symbol. But that's Fuzzy here and now this problem they have bears it's sing bears advance bears have played the banjo. Thanks a Walt Disney so we think that the bears are well look they're cute and cuddly aren't. Mentally. Aren't and you don't sleep in nails on a bear you know. I have last night at 6 AM. Exits at the bear nails. Let's go beer and I'd make a ladies who have their that. Might get north and Iran WB yen. But boring candy you know Mike Gartner did. In the opted to keep that I doubt it headquarters in fact I mean it was like. A bit over 300 pound belt made that are really gone. You know the mission herself about a lot of burgers and so. Yeah I don't know whoa what the rule of what the remain aware of the remains and that I put this of the that we should look into objective now. Our idea think that the cubs have the right thing. Votes he's gone as we're here for some bare me I'm here I watch these Alaska shows. Or Tony or watch any of these Alaska shows. Through it now I look at it once while I wanna see the scenery and in the animals but I don't wanna see. Animals attacking other animal or not eating them know that cardinal. Most of the OS it shows while most of the Aussie shows are people surviving in the Alaska. Very harsh climate and they have behind every year are according to the show is now. Somebody shows more produce shall we say than others. They have to have meat formerly of meet for the winter and so there out obviously surviving and they use anything vague yet. And they use it all up to survive in the and that's one thing but it's it's dangerous stuff. And make no mistake about it today. They have a very respectful while throughout the bears all the knees and his size he stack in the will be going for the winter if it's a very good thing about these Alaska shows is you know. That although they are saying wow. We've got to have a most winter we've got to have me in the freezer they say freeze event ever our tourism and don't on the freezer is maybe it's outdoors. Idea but anyway they saved that. And they're working hard to do that and you're wondering now wait a minute if they don't get a moose. Or an Al aura bear or whatever they're looking for they're going to start that. I don't think so simply don't have Burger King simply because schools doing the video right now. Always operated the camera and telling me. The people behind the camera they're sitting now they're going yes it worked for cable company look at my assumption is based. And all those people on cam are going to die of starvation about ratings we'll have. Scalp passable piece and yeah once you have people video and you. And taping you they have to have electricity. They have to have accommodations. They have they have all the things that you don't have. So I often wonder about that there was a lot of that one of the families. That does seem to be really down and down on their luck trying to grow with some health problems. Trying to stay alive in Alaska turns out prepare for a while to do in Anchorage they come out there tomorrow Munson film stuff. They got to wonder if you'll learn not to trust and need to reality the other reality shows you you got to be careful of I'll bet there are buzzing gamer and earlier average number of FaceBook if you would only. I had general says. On the flip side if this they are hurt somebody in the people's screen now would have been screaming why didn't you do something sooner. Well that's exactly right they would take if you had a chance. To capture that bear or if you have do put down the bear and you didn't do it. God help you if there's anybody found out of somebody else was injured. And that's I mean that's a natural order of things as much as we mind why not like to see it and we don't. I think we have an appreciation for animals. But the bottom line is. If it's between a human being and an animal. In them and you take a chance that human being is energy your view me the wrong choice. Animals or animals as much as we love them would I would would have to be the of those loser and that's our war say that. Criticism could be the fact that. We are so many people now that are anti police and big time you know veins with everything that's been in the news total last year's oh. Are often times you think about where are they sympathies where are the memorial sue people it every weekend that are innocent people a good shot and killed. We had a grandmother and and their grandchild. The just a few days ago and I don't see any memorial set up for them. And there's so it is kind of misplaced your domain. And anything we can do to make. Cop look negative. People willing to take that right now because of the atmosphere and that's wrong. And is absolutely wrong and I'm convinced that the police did what they had to do sometimes they have to do regrettable things. But the bottom line is if they took an oath to serve and protect. And they see is necessary to do this to protect them I'm with a it Altria Montreal 1806169. Through his six iron on there it will be back. We have Canada have all done ladies and gentlemen. I guess the parents after many many moons back after this.