Beach and Company The Amherst Bear 7-11 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Wednesday, July 11th
Is the Memorial to the Amherst Bear a little over the top? Listen to Beach and Company LIVE Monday thru Friday 9am-Noon on News Radio 930 WBEN

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All alone is BJ company I'm sandy big jump for those of you know bad that I would come back sick you lose. But doesn't feel bad that I would come back injured and UN backed up our. How is it about this bear you know why everybody's got an arm because that's black bear and black bears matter I'm just telling him. You know I'll I. That get ready. Hello hello hello I've been on vacation and barely two weeks and I got bad the day before yesterday always the today. When you get home too are kind of reconstruct itself but that I have variances in trip of a very nice people on this trip. I got to travel with some some real plus type personalities. And very very caring and nice people because they help me when I needed it our commitment to that app and it. I tell you this story OK I must tell you this story. It's taking a train. A beautiful one it was bullet trains the a train. From Berlin. And it was a 180. Kilometers per hour some regards who's really moving the thing was really movie going to Nuremberg. So going from. Verlander Nuremberg that train is. Fabulous okay. Then we're just going to get off the train and walk to a bus where a little ways away as our hotel is it's pretty easy arsenic and normally it would be. Now you get into the train station in Nuremberg. And it has a marble floor. Very nice looking transition marble floor and there are strips of rubber. Rubber something like robber anyway. In and the in the far. Mine because I've neuropathy I don't have you know the feeling I should have in my in my feet and one of my feet caught the rubber stripping. Without me you realizing it and I kept going forward while my foot said I'm staying in nine and crash. I came down so fast and so hard the first thing I know is my head bounced off the marble floor and I'm thinking. This doesn't really go for my career I shouldn't have to go back and saying hello I'm. Julio what's our frequency whatever. And because I I felt all on one side. You should see what my you know my but it looks like what is Tony look at this arm. Does that arts it's pretty grows and as I wish the show was in living color 'cause it would be it was the orange. And purple and yellow and red. And it goes all the way from my armpit in my hand and then down into the private areas of sandy beach. I am I'm giving it X ray and all my stuff today. But did but here's the video. When you fought a public area like that first of all the police where there is certainly. Bernadette ask for help when they were there boom like that. And a and a medical people or their boom boom boom and a lot of vote of people traveling in the people who are sure live in that area. Offered to help very very quick response very. Our comprehensive response but the problem was trying to get me up from the ground without injuring me without hurting me. And you had some pretty big German police. Ed some pretty big German. Medical people are doing and they finally got got it up however here is the problem. The problem was I didn't know if there was anything broken. So we've got a wheelchair and now get this this one time I'm not gonna do shtick about bin never okay. Again Everett the guy I have the guy I have been nine you're going back and forth with 450 years. Pushed me in my wheelchair. All the way to the hotel. Where I could do a little recuperation and others offered to goodies and now I'll do it. That's standup guy the ID is there a guy he's really good guy. And I thought after leisure zone of me pushing and everything around. Now there and never was pushing me around. But why he was pushing you don't you there in case the train was coming he put me in front of all he figured lawyers would be walking up and you are. All the talk now Dan Dan admitted personal video and he took a made sure I was OK for the whole rest of a trip and I thank him for that dialogue and he's awesome he is he's an awesome guy and today everybody that travels Lewis that the x.s and think metal. Bottom nice that if people know people on this trip. Everything is digital lies is that it 'cause I felt like writes itself part I mean really hard. I do everything would write him everything and my thought it was left him but I can't do anything left and in so think about it like this after after a brief Oliver and so like yesterday. I couldn't raise my arm above this level now like to do a little bit better but. I can't feed myself would my right hand I had to go to my left hand. Now I felt like all people who are really girls of army. Because I would take the floor saying that was that was as it is a pass on there. I would I would put the right for the right fork in the past that but I couldn't get into my mouth. I would have to transfer that to move left hand. With the far and it would fall off the floor and I went through except I could use either I don't I graduates of I'm impressed. The countertop as cars IE. IP or did you go okay now you're hungry here's an airplane. And. Have pummeled her feet like he did me I mean it I hate I really Clinton had to transfer that now it's time to brush my teeth. I can't get mine from up high enough so it's that it's a matter of holding the toothbrush in one place and then move on Monday. Up and down on the outlook saying this is ours I'm going out you'll have to have a do that would your head. And it. I like this 45 and if you wanna get a few laughs out of somebody's misfortune like. But for fun try it. When you're rushing into the if you're right handed tried rushing yards the realist in you couldn't do it. But the angle is off and you feel like you have a brush. Your teeth and stuff like that. And then there are other things as well that if you're used to doing right handed and can do it right and Abdul left NAND. It's it's not fun I don't know how you did and it meant having no hands. He hit it yet but at least you'll eventually marry I was able used by laughed because my right was operated second so. A my as my life was healing those able to start doing things with that including writing. And writing my name lefthander plot have an expert in it because I had shoulder surgery in the mid ninety's. OK so you want to do before I'll tell you one thing that's funny. To have the manager of one of the hotel's. Oak. It but it really was. Oh Gilani stressed that reorganized or two ago I mean these these are very nice. Improper hotels in all of his proper decorum there and I've met the blooms all know and a bureau sleepy bear I've been like that. But we call ahead because there there was some mobility problems because my. It was my knee. My hip and now I so we call ahead to see if there will be a wheelchair available at the next oats now and they said they didn't have one. I think when this is today upscale European hotel they don't have it down okay. But I had to I had to get him through the hotel whatever so never that I came up organized. Aren't there is fair it's each man at the hotel. And I said let's commandeer that luggage rack. OK so what we did you seen those hotels they have the brass luggage racks okay. I got up and stood inside the luggage rack and he wheeled me into Google wannabes. Like. Like freight. You know and the marriages that that's the last thing the manager wants the state is to have his guess one Wheeling the other and luggage rack. I spoke. But this early enough. He gets so mad they found a wheelchair now hide it well I I don't know if they went out bought one. A rent that one or you know whatever. But that they will me and that has so bad debt debt debt that they never though wheel me around I'll likely of them it champ areas. But the advantage of Rotella and he appreciated. What does that it was funny though. It will take a break we'll be back for more newsreader and I'm thirty WB axis in the beach and we are back from vacation. Went to the museum and went to the BMW museum they were both excellence. If you ever have a chance. And you're in the area. Check it out. Because they are sold weld done and if your car personally and I am. And did you see some of the things in there just a knock your socks up. As usual AAA did a great job make change everything that taking care of everything was handled. And I'll say this about biting the viking river cruises are phenomenal. They really are they can't do enough for you and our ship. Hat of a bit of a challenge because. The Elbe River had not had that area hadn't had any water in a long time had rain on time. With the last ship down that there was enough water to carry us and we just made it the last one. They had to postpone some other ships cancel there is some of his because of the water level Leo. But a bad combination of a AAA and the viking and Barbara Hughes. In the good folks there. The people on on the trip it was a it was great it really was even though I took a little tumble but now I'm learning to brush my teeth in my left hand. You guys proceed to your vacation. I looked in my state premier weren't there you are vacation while I was only days yes. I came back I did down Monday Tuesday before the fourth of July are took off for the fourth and then. And that lovely procedure at the end of the week where I had to take two days off. Are okay yeah elements are budgeted. Budgeted. And I had video photos posted. Had posed for photos of that and and whoever's sites along arbitrage. You're the pictures were starting guards he's seen as part of Polynesia a fabulous job. And I understand. That buzzing hammer throw and for me a couple of days I also understand the buzzing beamer. Told people in Germany put these rubber strips him and and he'll be walking around this this and since that maybe target doable our budget bill buzz. And I I felt I don't. I thought I did while that was a great reaction to both days Thursday and Friday and we did we did some off what topics bush as serious topics at the same time and I couldn't be more thankful for the reaction on the tech sport on FaceBook and the great comments on the phone calls it was really well appreciated. And I'm not wishing you'd taken every day off but I hope to fill in again soon. Well let me just say this is good that you did well but just some advice on them to you know I mean there are people like myself. A I'm Bridget did well all I knew you would and that so Tony you are arrested I'm well rested or about injured. And buzz it beaver is here I would assume we're going to carry on the show and I don't know what you guys are doing. On Saturday. But I don't want a lot of people will be doing a lot of people will be riding around buffalo on bicycles and they said. Naked and bicycle as now here's the deal. By American backer MacKey Becker event highlights payroll eco friendly transport C there there are saying bicycles. Are more friendly to. To our universe. Then our cars or trucks or anything like that so. He is ordered through ride bicycles damage. Naked that makes even more sense because people will pay attention about look at look at look at each win over there. I'm they'll be looking up the words Schwinn. It once billed as an extreme freedom of speech exercise. And as you know I'm very much in favor freedom of speech when your naked. I think that you go to. Who listens to what anybody says women make you can concentrator is their naked okay is our is our message here. Okay this is better for via acknowledging outcome Ian insomnia program. Put there herb promoting pollution free transportation. And obviously a bike safety. They'll be at dozens if not hundreds of recyclers are expected to get naked. Maybe the Merrill joined them you know this is a welcoming city the mayor usually stands out on the steps of City Hall which might see a marriages jump on our. Aaron they're going to be all over town Saturday. Before the annual world naked bike ride. How is it even legal by the way it is this you don't and not many people don't know. It is absolutely legal to go topless in New York State don't you remember those those and at Times Square. Those protests that's what they were protesting the ones that we wish. The article which sent our shirts there is some you wish weren't populace that you be happy to buy a bike if they stay home. But are now the rest of it from a safe from a belt. Line up. You're it's okay to be naked belt line down not so much so you can get arrested for. You know I saw pictures of this on our on line and I'm saying some people cheated. They were as part of the naked bike rides but they are told us we'll initially. Our way yes. And so our prayers are that's not rise. I understand you like to be part of bike safety but maybe there's a different march for you ya this once billed as the naked bike. March and that's what it's supposed to be world they appetizing laurels and naked bike ride is a people powered happening bring radical attention against oil addiction. Well I against oil addiction certainly I think it was you have megabytes analysts all the time. Cycle is the bigger conscientious choice to kind instead wearing a dumb ass. Helmut that they have to lower and I understand it's it's a safety. You know it would slugger brain explode they're now it's yeah you got to Wear a helmet as funny in New York State you have to Wear all of which are the word bra. I find that amusing on his eyes at the state after twelve feet and afterward help. All I don't know about that everybody we see is wearing helmets are not really sure I mean it's bike safety you should be naked helmets shoulder pads for the work that needs ahead. Connected dude. That the iPad. Our nick admits is meant to bring awareness of the smaller relative cycle is Gerard the streets there but cargo where there. Bear bear treasured error event kicks off at 6:30 PM Saturday at the Edward and Carter fire boat. Doctor ordered the fire of Ohio street. The exact starting point is kept as secret. Should be hard to figure out if I think. These five hours at a level. I'm not rouge I wonder if I order for these. He's thirties and have. More of the pictures in via these larger hard anyway getting naked apple testing right now. Netstat well against Ohio don't want people addicted to oil. Naked eye signaling that the answer will be back after this hang in there. Good did you go ahead and passionately about the naked bicycle or on Saturday in the event kicks up at 630 Saturday at the Edward hotter fire boat docked it 155 Ohio street. The exact starting this tempest secret because there on people just on their gawking. Is a serious issue marginal giving the Planet Green. It's cyclists planted to travel about twelve my pals around said he could either of you guys don't twelve miles around the city of a bicycle twelve month. Not yet he cannot argue buzzing up like we are concerned you've been running lately so you're probably better. Then we arm the event ends at a private after a priority for participants. Get off the bike and there you are at the party. ID five dollars suggested donation for entry to the party movement here. Probably worth it organizers has some advice for participants of these this is serious stuff. They urged the naked writers to bring along some clothes. Is there at the drop out of the ride and stick together in the group yeah I mean what do you get a flat. The whole rise on a stop everybody else is gonna keep up pedaling or nearest that he is sitting there on the side of the road. Totally naked with a flat tire and you'd think they're gonna buy this story of I was part of a group that just when. I. They also discourage the use of alcohol or drugs during the ride since. And it is here in New York State it is a 100% legal for all of whom it has to be totally topless in public. That's what they said on their FaceBook page but I was doesn't mean totally naked topless is top. I would suggest you from Leo from the waist band you know about the belt area. Up is leading goal down not so legal so would be terrible the rule does not necessarily applied to anything shown under the belt. Luckily for me I haven't seen anything on the belt since the Eisenhower administration saw no real worry about that. As saying that. Some people might have a problem when that cycle serve aidid's are congregated Bidwell parkway and Al would. Or Lafayette square in downtown buffalo at about 8 PM. And there's less that I'm glad we're organizing them you know we do a lot of hockey stuff here about a side going is getting getting more. More important to us and congratulations. I don't know congratulations. Erica Brecher who I like a lot on channel true. Celebrities and Erica Brecher will be a person like a lot on channel four as she is a does switching TV stations from. Channeled through the channel four. And I wish her the bezel like I guess her husband works for. So that I don't know if that's any reason or not but she's going to be a weekend anchor and reporter refuted so that's it. That is about that anything go on and closed on the last couple weeks in buffalo that I should know by know what's hot and I give that a sitting on my computer than it was Javier. It was very steamy of very successful taste of buffalo last weekend I miss chase that's threaded their buddy Chuck Schumer was there would design henchmen. No science to come meet Chuck Schumer or for anybody Hackl them. BI exactly did he have a radio podium and called press conference probably dead I think those signs that said welcome Chuck Schumer actually turned into a podium so if anything happened if trump said anything publicly. He could be there right ago guy or you know he's against bad asparagus whatever it might it Jack Chuck Schumer is your guy. That will I help you out so I missed taste that that's a big VO I missed the heat wave that's a big ordering rounds. And Vanilla Ice towels over their eyes babe you've got your organizer. I didn't we actually had friends in from out of town so. You actually have friends. Now more than two audio. Well that don't come and ask them I haven't signed up. Well I'm glad now we're ready to go and the bear is the story right now that everybody is talking about or at least most people are. First of all let me let me just do my disclaimer at the beginning of this part of a show. I love animals. I love animals. All animals. If I accidentally oh if one flies in in my car on I'm going on the highway feel badly about it. It ruins my whole day I you know I love animals are support animals I want animals will be safe and healthy. But sometimes we get a little crazy. And I think as I said before. As I said before the Walt Disney. Is the man responsible for this because Walt Disney is the man who took animals from the wild kingdom of which they were born. And made them into creatures that we can converse with have coffee will have to have a bagel. Whatever the date saying they danced they play the banjo and all the stuff. Keep in mind a black there will kill you if given an opportunity just revealed now okay he they're Q. I don't I think we see it on TV all the time. But the bottom line is I I would take the cameras police at their word when they said that there was something they had to do and for reasons number one. Nobody has says given me any indication that there be a reason somebody would enjoy. Killing a bear like that for just fun. Or just because they wanted true I think that they wouldn't do it must they had to and are now the reason I'm bringing it up now there's a memorial. There's a roadside memorial. To the bear. We have you know things that they put on the side of the road when knowing something bad happens and I think he won all. While wall first of all a bear is bad enough I know I've I've watched enough. Enough nature shows the velvet. A bear with cubs as. Very dangerous this bear didn't have cubs but this bear the Korean conflict was injured. Certainly an injured bear will be nothing you'll wanna get anywhere in there because they said he was only using. Three. Fate was not using the four of the fourth foot or leg. And and so was injured if you don't wanna get anyone in here and injured animal like that. Because they're ferocious. Yeah they look Q and guess what we've all had Teddy bears haven't week. Well currently prayers and you've seen baby bears and ms. goldilocks and the three bears. I mean we've got the Chicago Bears we got dub there is. We love bears and we should continue to love bears but we can have injured bears. Walking around in a heavily. Is heavily. I'm human districts in the areas that will be on his own habits that I'm aware and as far as I know hammers those have humans and it and that's true. And we can you imagine. I I'd I want holy picture view imagining if that bear had killed any money. After the police had a chance to and dispose of the bear because of the sickness can you imagine what kind of outcry there would be now. And it would be grossly unfair so I'm gonna take the police have their words they were out of time and our. In our history where we don't believe anything the police. That's baloney I believe the place on this if they think they have eight. A reason a substantial reason and necessary reason to do it and they did it I would say it's unfortunately had to. But that does not fall yeah on the wrong side of the cameras police department and they had to do with they had to and they did. And if they hadn't done it you would be after a very high so I wanted to know from you. Have we overreacted. City Amherst black bear a situation as you know black mayors matter I told you that the beginning of a show. It's older grizzly bears so little polar bear is sort of any kind of bears we love bears. But we can't Hamlin wrong injured like that apparently got hit by a car. I think while I was on vacation and so it's there's been around. It's a got hit by a car and what do you do women animal was injured I know what they have to do with the horses if the forum down. With some injuries they have to put him down. And so it's sad as it is I think it was necessary. You'll all all right although it's sad and you know joyous about it but are you all right with the cameras police what they did. With the black bear and what do you think the memorial for the bears. Little over the top. I know it's it's sad. I'll give you that it is sad. But I think it's all sold in the top what do you guys think it's fingers over the top and I'm not big on roadside memorials and uneven so yeah I think that's a bit over the top over the top dozen big event. Yeah I think guy that's over the top and like you said immediate and it it stinks that the wildlife had to go but I think it was the better for the community you know so it's set at one point put it. We're kind of beating this dead there. A dead horse oldies version that was there is is that there doesn't there. OK okay. And then go wells is an alternative boom boom at their low and your pick Nebraska into the oh well take a break and we'll have more who wanted to from new industrial Montreal on 806169. Through 6930. The cameras black bear it is said we love them you love them. But is this memorial took a bear a little bit over the top. At a UK okay with what the cameras police and I absolutely. Am would back after today's the day from my buffalo purses they 50% off air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. From pure air care. He enjoyed playing fewer air in your home would 99 dollar air duct and dryer vent cleaning from pure air care go to my buffalo perks dot com. A of Kirsten Gillibrand Symbian and they give bike ride she's very much in favor of saving the planet. And I I think she should I mean they usually usually politicians have been as an event it was I have more than a 120 people Bennett. They show up I think LB and I think for Kirsten though maybe chuck should always show up put his podium Alia. In the naked bike ride with an hour show on who'll enjoy the sea in the make it better by Greg would you not like this I think a Schumer and Joseph program that would be an easy choice yeah I think that you list not cement block. I practicing the mayor do. I I would because he would do it and a assume without pants. I think I've got a tie that's. Whatever it. I don't know I think I have the mighty python. Series when he was at that he had no need to follow. So are asking. Blood of animals as a picture of a black bear India buffalo and those who went of them and I hate to see anything happen any of them. But the bottom line is it's dangerous. Especially a bear if it's injured that is very very dangerous but I can tell you. This is a bomb NC. Any equipment arm to move my glasses. But anyway. If BC right now forty information. That was like people a starter or pose like that you always Steve lips turned upside down to see their personal and some. For York in I'll read like it's written okay I'm gonna get in the mood of the person that posted its. For your information. And you'll feminization is not the same as killing something whether I'd gotten. The bear why shot to death whether I'd done. He was yet I don't that he it was not euthanized look I feel as badly as you do that the bears gone. But let's get realistic. Because the second opposing is more is more in him and in the reasonable zone. If this bear attacked a human being hurt kill them but people still have the same reaction the answer is no the public would want to. I'll hunt down and killed a bear and that's exactly right. That's exactly right in injured bear. If that bear heads. Had you know been left to Roman injured anybody. We would have held the project into that let's go to Scott in Cheektowaga struck on WB yen. And a Scott thanks for calling what do you think that the police have the right thing and but what about the memorial to the bears that little over the top. And you know hopefully you know Archie who got understandably not large but yeah. There's do courtroom don't realize about despair. There's really territorial I don't believe we have a big bear population in north North Carolina Cheektowaga and worse. Vital oil I don't believe there's there was either leading off the mother. All right still lost the mothers are bigger barrier pushed it out Google where you actually air so value you know go up there are not members. People forget amnesty period they're afraid. They'll have to be wounded they are afraid to go and attack. I've seen enough specials all while alive to know that if people think dangerous chances around bears I don't know maybe they just saw. A Disney card to the with a bear talking to somebody or something like Abbott. They can tear you apart and there you've you've ever seen anybody injured and a bear attack if it's pretty brutal. Obama I'm gonna ever gonna pitch shot to repay. I mean it can't screw the the big picture. Do you want to get they walked up I could be I don't know that latitude and it's. It's going off on you each week I doubt you or did you. There's been people die from little Debbie didn't. Coming up on top of the bitter dispute is that there aren't lower. I've seen all kinds of things our on line with the actual video of of people being attacked and whatever society and are on the same page we we may love while alive but we've got to protect people first thank you people have to comforts. As you know I saw not that long ago. I was so shocked and surprised have you seen the video of a giraffe. Attacking and other giraffe. All god. It is so slammed their heads and they act I they take their necks and they swing them around. And that they are extremely. Dangerous and don't argue until I saw a video of that. I was so out of a cuddly cute little Malia I did a I did remote at the opening of the draft policy or buffalo soldier right next play. I'm and their fine them and blow Wednesday when they get angry and stuff and other giraffe. Wildlife is that the key to that murder is wild. Okay there are not domesticated they. Animals. And they are not part of the Disney campaign of hate and let's have lunch with the yogi and boo boo. And there animals in got to realize that. I I appreciate our people's love for animals I don't trust people don't like animals to be honest. People that have no regard for animals people who mistreat animals absolutely in the compromise don't like list. But some things you have to do and they caller was right about dear. People have been very you know injured walking up to a dear that they legally hunted. Thinking that it was gone and it was so. You gotta be careful of ever seen sales videos like when animals attack him things like that you have the pretty frightening they are they really are because we're used to sing them and in a certain area where there. Under control. Professional people are are aware of them that sort of thing. But if you if you look at people visiting national parks and so they get out of their cars to take pictures of the bears stuff. You'll have people get excited or react because the only animal looks cute but if you pass them I'll look an animal. That it is something happens when he's gonna camera guys it's only if it's Q right at it. That's why buzzing beamer will we'll always be highly regarded by our audience. Even if he's worn a goofy salute to a wedding. We'll be back Lamar under Israeli and I Barry O'Neill and I don't care about us spirit of us on this I'm just saying. On the straight and I've third governor of the end.