Back to school! 930in716 September 4, 2018

Tuesday, September 4th

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It's 930. In 716. Back to school and back to reality. Nothing like it did fresh start to a new year and something we always look forward to be a war. We reach our officers which I understand it more than the whole county has narrator I'm really proud that the board of education at myriad will do that. And emphasis on security. In some cases high tech. If you had a restraining order against you that you're prohibited from being on school property. Or within a hundred feet or someone who is on school property. It would have been flagged you. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 716. It is the annual Wright return to school these few days. And as you'll hear there are added emphasis on school security this year and also high on the agenda is keeping the kids and staff. Cool. Literally with oppressive midsummer heat in store. Not as major concern where some of the schools actually have. AC. Have our building darker are the march mark Lori is Niagara Falls school superintendent. At a capital projects in the works. That will begin in say your spring unfortunately. To air conditioned or more of our our elementary schools. Arch so those those buildings are due to quite. We have plans. We have a standing room in each of the schools to rotate let them then. We'll take it slow and easy to rattle bottled water and up. They churches sir you're cool and take frequent breaks both buildings that aren't here. He said take it slow when he easy is that kind of what their first day of school is like you know maybe even the first week taking it slow kind of and getting kids to used to being in school again. Well interestingly over the course of the summer we we had almost share our students and sometime this summer program he would recreational stem athletic. Our summer school or a pair of these so. It really never opt for a lot of kids but. It's hard to reestablish rituals and routines that you heard already this morning and make sure they can get familiar and start to pull their relationship with their teacher. And of course it does fail later advocate in the school year. So we we we take a little bit slower but do we really need to hit the ground running because not. The university school does not allowed to do everything that we wanna do all the time so. How ritual to repeater establishing in the first they're. You know mark ear district got a lot of attention in the last week. For the fast food delivery story and what's reaction Ben since that that there won't be anymore fast food deliveries for student lunches. He had been it's been generally positive club. Parent starts he the steps these. Most of the students see the benefit of not risking any kind of security breach org or taking away the attention. From our safety officers are offered spare upbeat that they've got a shield phone call kill the delivery. It's it's it was mainly done because it was in the code of conduct for the longest time in Pete because it takes time away from home from the intention of people need to work its focus on keeping that's what they. An orderly. I think a lot of people were surprised to know that fast food deliveries were even a thing that was going on you know if you haven't been in school and a number of years. Yeah oh it would be just cellphone and and then you know the instant gratification of thumb thumbs people. We occasionally not I don't mean it's elegant happen every day but there were there or drop box of food. A short time the tyrant or just care apparent that we can't air any type of restrictions when it's food in the school. The ability to choose to bring girls were they want to recommit in the morning we reached can't waste expected guilty to all call. Or intranet door buster it it's actually that's that's just the week. You know we've also going to have for the first time for full time resource officers in the district is that right. Yet its military that's a huge. A huge move toward street he that'll allow us to put to reach or thought it was a matter ball very well. Which 480000. Square feet Wayne to cover in that school certainly trying to increase their. Number school resource ounces negated when he stood to our middle. Your district it's kind of needed right I mean it's amazing how many students are in. And Niagara Falls city schools on a day to day basis. Yeah he did a great school loan or altered or that one and 200. People. That sure about two over 19100 students. What steps so while almost 200 in and there's always that. Three centers are workshops or community agencies that collect. So if you look at the concentration of people during any school it's probably more concentrated our school that he world that they. So. I commander of our police chief. On our board of education or were making their move to bring in all the resource options and I think it's really the way to go for school street. Do you ever feel mark but you're managing a city not just a school district. Ice it's sometimes it's certainly feel like that our budget is a 142 million dollars which is more than its budget. We have well over 12100 employees. And it it has that you don't we have seven belt the student so it is like managing a small city. But it's certainly a lot of fun and we get really really great kid and all that makes even more. The heat isn't as much of a concern that sweet home schools either says superintendent Anthony day. You know on our district. We had that could move the luxury of having an all of our building's air conditioned. Except for a sort gymnasiums so the kids in this staff will be in good shape even when it's gonna be this this. How about fats or know why known needs a complaint for the kids who were headed back dead this week though what what are some of the things that you do on the first day as far as getting kids kind of re acclimated to. You know working in this school day is it straight back to work as a kind of a slow easing into things. Well a combination of rest every establishing routines to make sure everybody knows how things are going operate both in the classroom into the schools. As well relationship building at the same time giving teachers and kids get to know each other. The stronger of the relationships the stronger the community's strong the learning so. Did we expect to work with some of that work is really establishing the connection that'll mean so much later on in the year. Any new safety or security features that will be a new to students and teachers. Well we've we've we've we have a pretty good safety plan in place where we have spent. The last year revising our safety plans are in sync command systems so that we can be better prepared to respond to any sort of emergencies and may take place. We go to school resource officer we don't for quite a few years. And we built upon that with some guards that we are added to our supervisory team as well as some of our monitors as well. So we we have can you cameras going into place to help improve. The ability to kind of keep an eye on things in retrospect. Looking back on in. Kind of in being able investigating the incidents that it may come out. This year were also planning on doing. Redding mental health curriculum is all districts are New York State. For our students and we're we're really working and delivering some mental well. First date so to speak on training for our staff. From keeping cool too. Keeping us safe. Well the technology itself has been in existence. In various forms with law enforcement and governmental entities throughout the world overseas in Europe. And some high tech facial recognition systems are in place a block port schools to keep the kids and staff safe. Tony Allen though is with the CSI group that designed and implemented a high tech systems in a lot ports schools. It's a recently been re adapted for use in schools. To enhance the security. Measures that various school district have a place. Well how does this work you're standing at the door let's say to pick your child up from school. And what it what is it scanning. Well basically this three components of the technology one of which and it's what's it like it or would be considered facial recognition. Which we've identified unwanted individuals or those individuals that are well beyond school routes. So essentially there is a database of individuals who are prohibited from being on school grounds such as sex offenders. People with restraining orders against them and those type of things. So those individuals were inside of the camera. Than that camera would send an alert chief security officer is within the scores hole personnel. Are these certain faces kind of are readily available for people how difficult this it's to obtain these databases of images in depth put them with these systems. But sex offenders are. Public record registered sex offenders are public record. There they're throughout the PC JSU Angela winery it's all registered sex offenders in your area. So essentially we're just taking people who are already. I'm wanting her are not allowed which on this in this school property you're on the school property and placing them in a database. In the video stream from the various cameras which are already allegiance school districts. Is being would be viewed by a system to determine whether or not that might be the individual who's not allowed on school property. Except CNN misdemeanor arrest for something it's second and automatically red flag you at the door. That is correct it would not red flag anyone who's not prohibited from being on school property so for instance. If you had a restraining order against you. That you're prohibited from being on school property. Or within a hundred feet or someone who is on school property. It would. Then flag view but not someone's got a misdemeanor arrest or something of that nature. Okay how many school districts are kind of looking into this in new technology you we have obviously heard about. Locked form what they're doing out there but I'd have to mention this is kind of stuff that's really interest into a lot of different superintendents. It is it is you're seeing to a lot of different superintendent we are the school districts throughout the state that actually throughout the country or Egyptian and implementing this technology. Luck or just. Happens to have been the first ones to adopt the technology in. Quite frankly Lockwood has been on the cutting edge of it into schools securities and 2012 when we first started working. That is correct anyone that's not allowed in the school district will be armed it. In the database. Anyone else as far as I was concerned that does not attract children that does not attract teachers. In the other thing to keep in mind that this system. Does not record or short feet. The data that is sort with the missiles video surveillance system is already in place in the air. Video recording systems that they have schools that had these cameras like Francis Laporte. Have had these cameras in place fifteen years. We're just taking the stream of those cameras and looking edit and see if there's anyone that should not be in the mr. the other thing that this system will do. It to identify firearms if there in someone's hate. How we've been mentioning sex offenders things like Tampa could this also work with somebody who say. Has been suspended from school because of making threats something like that or somebody who has been. Red flagged by the district it's maybe outside of traditional police system. Yes absolutely kept it can. Work in that manner if they are legally prohibited from being on school property. So yeah an individual who was expelled from school and given in order not to return to school property. Could be in the system so for instance the the unfortunate tragedy that happened noted are and that individually excelled at school. And individuals such as that would be in this. Lots of kids are already back in even more on Wednesday so be on the look out and will be back tomorrow to. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.