Back to DC To Talk About Russia - Michael Caputo


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Joining us live this morning from Washington DC political strategist and WB and contributor Michael cook could go. Who has a date this morning before the Senate Intelligence Committee morning Michael. Good morning you're doing. Greg what are you in for today do you think. It's Groundhog Day. I get that they the exact same thing after the exact same question. But I have heard in July of 27 team. Only I get the pleasure of doing it again. The timing on it at the United States senate committee on intelligence. And I get the pleasure paying quite as much legal fees. Did you have an option to not go I'm just trying to think of why you would have to go into again when you're expecting the questions to be exactly the same. I'd hold the senate committee to my attorney then it Bach so that there was nothing for them. To add to that power couldn't bear. And I'd I'd bet that outlook is down there to give them my transcripts too big and avoid. Caught in the adult all the of the legal beat up but they didn't ask for accurate transcript back out didn't give it to them. They have they have questions that they believe they need to get this to not really all that bit. I'd I don't really want to do this but if they want you there as an American civic from our fuel from old though. Michael do they. Ever share information the house and Senate Committees. A bit or even care elevators and they care nothing other than a rivalry between their house and senate that goes back more founding father. And for some reason it hit him it is it a trickle all the way down to average citizen who have to do double and triple the work. Are in order to impart the information of the carpet or ago at different thinking at all close Susan here aren't aren't speaking with Bennett. Committee staffers today who will determine. Whether or not it the senators need be ear of the back Maine being from me. A second time. And that also happening on the second. Our senate committee the senate committee on judiciary. With a baton death and interview me to see if I get the pleasure paying double legal be coming back again and coming there that are the same thing. Which is not a. Is this a long drawn out process par for the course in Washington or do you think they're being excessive. Especially toward you. Our I think feared that if I think they're the rock investigations and well or that their. I believe that there you know nobody has has proven any. Evidence of collusion between the prompt campaign where I was working. And the Russian government. Are some people tell me that they're just trying to protect our box. There was nobody can tell them that they never spoken like Pluto and Michael Capuano had all the back into denial. The problem is every single time I go to Washington for these are right it caught recording 5000 dollars. So I'm basing what looked like. Could be three or NA from alert our investigation called me up even more art sit down with the federal government. Michael what do you think you are to these committees are you. A central and peripheral. Person a distraction perhaps what are you. Arm of my attorneys have been are notified and are you may have witnessed. In these proceedings not a subject and not hard. A witness at W who might have seen something that important. Our heart are part of a public is someone we definitely had evidence that might lead to the convict apparently. Some kind of our discussion. About a target. And a target of court as someone who they're they're attempting site on the lowest per on the food chain here but that doesn't make might be able these. Anyway at the expense of my family Beijing about a 145000. Dollars in legal beat. In a I have to go for the grand jury or anything like that. They're going to be exponentially more bit more than I make in a year that the more than most Americans may in two years in yet I can pay at all. How would you characterize the importance of what the house did with you before what the senate is doing with you today and the investigation being carried down by Robert Mueller. What the difference between the to a good one you know back to congressional investigations are purely pol someplace where I'll be able to make little point. In my answers but the Muller investigation of the criminal investigation or one where they're trying to indict people. Are in the article written it in their investigation. That something that you take a lot more I don't wanna be series because these regret opening here. Well you you look at it very equally and very mart are at the work truck and preparing for trial. And our. Because I don't not thing they've been told by no nothing. How did as an on on are on record under post but I but I know nothing and yet you. Each of them want to put their picket line in the water even don't know it can't eat fish. Nobody think they built an. Michael we appreciate the time that's Michael cook food L a WB Yang contributor former trump campaign staffer. Who is testifying in front of a senate panel in Washington today.