Atty. Paul Cambria on Buffalo Billion Trial Opening Arguments

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Monday, June 18th
Cambria gives analysis on Buffalo Billion trial.

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I am with attorney Paul here embryo and Paul we have. Just wrapped up the first day of the buffalo Billy yankees the opening arguments. Oh what did you take from the opening arguments both both the prosecution and the defense. Well understand opening statements are basically. What you believe. The evidence is going to show. Limitations over and so basically it's your best foot forward on both sides. Com and round. Understand. The statements made by the warriors waters. Were there for an actual. Actual transactions so it's basically what they think is going to be Al co. Room. Oh. The group. And so. In Arctic rose with a grain of salt it's when you start listening to witnesses that makes the difference in the case. What do you anticipate so will be happening in the next couple of days for the guards to the testimony what you think may come out here. That may decide the case one way or the other. While I'm in a government is gonna try to show that they're worse. You know basically and so dishonest activity. Two candidates auditioned you know obviously. Seminole defense team is concerned that. You know everything that was done. At all. This kind of operation. There are lots of give and take. In connection with the bidding process. And while people lobbied for beards and so on that in the end. It boils down to who qualify. Who leaders. You know cares about assets and so want to carry the project now in the prices prayer and so on for the project. Was there any B greeting in the sense that you know it was it wasn't an open and honest process. The treasury that it wasn't. In some here and other seminal group influenced. It's a process to the point where they had to get the beard. And Simoneau and the other hand will be demonstrating that look like it what to always done. We have the best price we are animals qualified company and we didn't do anything wrong. What could be at stake with the Governor Cuomo are with regards to the outcome of this case. I really don't think that you know. It's more political entry to. Be talking about the governor and so on because he's not a party he hasn't been treating our charge they haven't accused him of any wrongdoing. He. Role here if you will is that obviously kind air cleaner campaign contributions were great to be governor. Up by a number of companies. What these girls shouldn't. Ever be done state project hasn't contributed to one candidate revolver. Over the years are hoping that the door would remain open and two you know are receptive bid. By them but she's not a part. He's not going to be found responsible wonder what your other.