Attorney Paul Cambria

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Thursday, July 26th
Cambria explains how a person is able to keep his job after an arrest on a serious drug charge like the one against a Buffalo Sewer Authority employee.

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He is a member of the buffalo sewer authority. He is being suspended we didn't behave. How different is that from C a while. Person who works for another private business and gets arrested and me and being suspended without pay or perhaps fired. Well it depends. An agreement. For example it could be a member union between Asian member union via specific procedures laid out. For someone who's merely accused. As opposed to an actual. Criminal finding and a at this point the person to emerge console or complied to the city could apply to private company as well that the private company which unionize so it's not unusual. In especially in Serb or could implement so actually edged to suspend someone pay until there's actually an adversary hearing. Well they have a right to be current. Then capped that proceeding. The next step is can they be suspended without pay and they beat church. And they fired. That would be the next step but this is an unusual. Usually. Aaron Brown is conducted before the paint stops and perhaps we implement much. In the past have you seen cases where. A person working for a private firm. Doesn't have union type representation. I get arrested lose their job find out that they were not guilty and are they can't come back to level job. Yeah but Tibet could clearly happen because in the regular private employment chapter a national unitary. Unemployment will. In and you could be distract and. Or for no.