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Friday, February 9th

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Her it's 930. In 716. Emotions. Talking from both sides in a buffalo courtroom Thursday. As an elderly Cheektowaga man is sentenced for the beating of his own life is all he could tell my wife homer is our create. I am and how much. It's the case of Martin Turco it it's complete army could tell my wife homeowner is Ari. I am and how much power and what to do we as a society can not all I'll. These folks. Who feels that they want to put. Her husband or wife out of their misery. To allow them to it to take matters in her hands. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Martin Turkoglu it's will spend the next six months of his life behind bars another five years of probation following the near fatal assault of his wife Rita. On September 9 of last year. Turkoglu it's now 88 was the primary care giver of his 86 year old wife. She currently suffers from dementia and said multiple times prior to the assault that she wished her life ended. Martin attempted to mercy killing of his wife nearly five months ago by placing a towel over her head and bludgeoning her with a hammer. At the garden gate health care facility in Cheektowaga. We take you incited emotional courtroom now on the podcast as the feeble and emotionally distraught Turco it's speaks before the court. These flat stick first and foremost. I actually think he's sorry for the paint himself red card minding your. Mind. So you can only. We I don't know what my life. Over dinner me and actually very much. Pretty clearly to hear her voice again. I had birdie chance. Big horse that number I. Many say. Progress whole court you. Hurt hurt and it. Take her life. And I don't know I'll. Not to execute. The reality is that it had been asking if it's a long time. I hear that Hummer H. I am completely responsible. For my actions. Commitment that I made a mistake. All horrible mistake to assure you thinking tonight good. And my wife in his outbreak. Owning hedge. And earlier remarks we'll throw my actions. I wish I put him or seeing what the repercussions are actually beat early Mike and left. Condition or hurtful hoax. I actually it is or it hurts the most. Not speak. And quiet. And I can. Think they have got it was me. They added them. Accession is. To take care of me because that's what the loss. Eight. Mind. Our own. No I. Here many years since September aren't. For a Harden and oh proved it. I don't agree with them. I am worried. For me take someone like me to my own hands. I need to apologize and truly believe she in turn needs to hear it apology from me. I promise I'll never heard or intend. And sixty tigers. Beat out of order. Yours ago. I brought an article one dollar. And quite get it done. And myself if you look. This is the first. I'm pleading with the court. I argued a matter. Of putting is all he could tell my wife. Homer sharply. I ended. March I don't know her. Sorry. That emotional plea tugged emotions inside the courtroom and the case had prosecutors. Perplexed all right well that this arm. This obviously is stay calm. It's such a tragic case had a it's probably. The don't back when the guilty plea was. What's and turf wars probably most difficult decision that. I had to make him he'll hear hear the DNA Erie county district attorney John Flynn following the sentencing. What you do where. An 88. Your old man who has been married for almost sixty years to his wife. Who. Obviously love one another very much. They've lived here in Western New York for their entire life raised a family. Law abiding citizens who are church going people. And it like a lot of elderly people not only in this area but across the country. Morneau of the spouses get the measure. And one of the the one spouse arm is it's going through agony. Is. It is. Is causing significant. A heart ache for the others follow us. And and don't couples are faced with this shot all across this country and across our area. On a daily basis. Definitely it. I'm on the other hand. As I show before we as society cannot allow. The spouse. Who feels that they want report. And her husband or wife out of their misery. To allow them to to take matters in her hands and allow there to walk into nursing homes. With a hammer. And he'll try to beat his wife to. Always. That that action is not acceptable on the matter wiwa. No matter how old you are no matter how secure spouses. I. I feel for mr. Terkel what's I have mercy for mr. for what's. I think that I showed him mercy. When I had to allow him to plead to a salt instead attempt at work. Com this was clearly attempted murder case there's. I believe I had a very strong case. Bought. IE. I shall mercy I think that George mentioned today I think the difference or mention that today. And a lot in the plea to an assault. But once I along the plea to assault. I could treat it as a bar fight. I I I could treated as you know two individuals and up and in a fight where one commits the assault against the other. I had to recognize that. But this was a situation of assault on an individual taking him to work towards it. And I felt. That I was obligated to send a message. To not allow a precedent to take place were. All know. OK now or spouse to dictate the wife of all the dollars mouse and you walk away Scott free. So that's why I had advocated for jail. And that's why I believe that George realized that. And arm in a water treatment course racial progress for what's as hard as that may be to do. Moment that that decision had been made and that decision was made by myself and congress agreed to by the judge. Yeah IR you home. I would have felt awful. Column and I still willful awful if you are in jail. Com. I would. I filter is calm so. I I think that systems wars or her. Considering her circumstances 88 years old. He's got some health issues com. And if he would overall. If he would've went away for a couple years he may hear in fact I'm in jail and how. If he dies in jail and and and his wife on even though she has dementia. Com north she apparently mourners stand is crying offered every day. Asking where is she misses him shoot low. On it if he all. If he if he got a record of incarceration for a couple of years and he died in jail where I'll. From being able to hold wife's hand in all before she guys. How is that right arm. I feel terrible. Or we wrestle this birther bill. Yes. Well I don't I don't think that it would just be possible for. Tougher than the visible and large I think she's film she's in all its facility now I don't know what her import or movement. Freedom of movement has quite frankly I'm. Technically. Yes your question is if feasible yes indeed the order protection. All its car daughter shows that. He can't see horror. As long as there is either a family member present. Or a third party present so it doesn't. It doesn't. Technically quantify whether she can do the Emery gave it rehearse or heard everywhere doesn't matter I think. I think religiously low. Up from what I understand. Yoshi's. You know we're nursing home bound vessel on. Salute visits or have to wait for at least six months com. We arm. We carved out an exception after plea to IE home IE you know of the plea was before the holidays. I I carved out an exception to fewer protections saying that. Arm. Sheikh he could visit her over the holidays. As long as there was a third party precedent. Thinking that there be a third party present from the nursing home. It's my understanding. That the nursing home. All would not allow him in that facility to visit her or holidays. Com. Nursing home has what to do that it's a private facility. On they have the ability to dictate who comes and goes on our property. I get back. What I'm not happy. Gotta be ashamed of themselves for not letting him calm she hit her over the holidays. How difficult what are then it. To provide an escort to walk him in there and watch him as he helped hold your hand at Christmas time. We're ready. I get it. You don't they're there they're British it is our TV I'll probably be happy to me but I don't care. Column that they're probably gonna say won't mr. Flanders there's state regulations involved. Com we got to worry about lawsuits you know chatter chatter. I get that I know I guess they don't. Health care facilities are under regulations. All I appreciate that. Com I appreciate you know bomb. That the potential for lawsuits. With the civil order -- people all time for a guy here I I get all that bought. No folks sometimes common sense is involved here. Sometimes you ask yourself well we know. Who truly be an issue here is is really gonna press for a lawsuit mom you know social and all happen I mean no longer the family. The fairways I'm a father shot. All the family did not want to shoot a father go to jail. Alarm so it all I IE I'm not Raleigh on. I'm only buying that argument is if Amy got the future I just seat and I understand there done. But they have rules or regulations but I'm I'm very disappointed that they that they were not allow him to bomb. It's year old holidays and then now when he gets out of I out of jail here in six months IE I really hope. That. They have a change of heart and ensure little mercy here on as I hill and as courthouse. Are there any special. It will be a local jail there will be local jail and arm. You'll be up there sure fault and and holdings senator terminal. You know where to put him. Well based upon his true physical condition so all. You know that now they'll be decision that at that that it they make and of course there do these boys are always state prison will be it'll be they'll be local school children. Rita Turco let's has recovered from her injuries. Upon release Marten Turk who its may only visit his wife. With the third party supervision. We're back Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.