AT&T-Time Warner Merger Gains Approval - Daria Albinger


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While the AT&T Time Warner merger approved by a federal judge yesterday Gary holding areas joining us in now with more. It's being welcomed survived big business little what does that really mean for the rest of us. Well he basically has changed the way companies are going to look at mergers from here on out without getting into too much. Corporate jargon. He created with the birth of vertical mergers so we could see what companies. Which is competitive but who make. Compliment to project joining forces and unfortunately what package mean in some cases. Is that we'd consumer are going to pay more up it would be basically like Amazon and Netflix joining forces. Okay Al. That we got a completely now that provided pay TV services. Now all food going down a company. That produces and distributes this kind of thing. And the main argument for not letting this go through is that when you'd seen two big cities like this. Joining forces you're one step closer to a media monopoly. And generally when there are fewer choices prices go up so that was the mean glory. And now that this has come to fruition. You quit tee higher prices. It especially puree your customers and existing customer. Shirt and Gerri what other mergers might. Be happening as a result of this decision. I cannot affect the budget companies that we're on the sidelines looking at what's going on in the media companies it would seem CBS and Viacom. You know I'm looking back I moved the company I worked for Disney has been you know basically battling. Comcast to try to take control box. And companies that aren't in. The media Express Scripts and Walgreens. CBS and Aetna so we could see more mergers like this and it means bottom line less competition less competition usually doesn't it has a crisis. Criteria we appreciate the insight it's a approved by federal judge.