Assessing the student gun forum 930in716 April 9, 2018

Monday, April 9th

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It's 930. In 716. Assessing the student organized gun forum. Nobody was called out. No really no names were mentioned and I think this was behind me no political tone I think it was highly respectful. I think having a diverse point of view what it. Easily made this hot discussion more of a discussion. The term assault is being thrown around and they all have made false statements I'm Jim winder on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. About 140 people turned out at that forum at saint Paul's cathedral Saturday. Most were adults not students but the event completely organized by students. It featured two Democrats congressman Brian Higgins and congressional candidate Nathan McMurray. Congressman Chris Collins chose not to attend. Fearing the event would be an anti Second Amendment session and become a circus. That in my estimation. Didn't happen. After the events Susan rose and myself. Talked with the players I thought it went very well Andrew cool all checked is one of the organizers and moderator news. I thought basically. I think we we started something did. What happens from here. I believe it starts. Looking at people that are different are you looking at people who have a different spot than you you have to. So I'm conversations with them if it's in primary in public it doesn't matter because you're defining middle ground if one of children. You're meeting today that you did that surprise you that you learn. I wouldn't say necessarily anything to surprise me to some degree I think I understood both the representatives ideologies coming in. But I think it's refreshing to see hear their thoughts on. Be able to talk actually talk. What you heard today from both neat nick Murray and from the congressman congressman Higgins. They both agree with a lot of points to feel like. It would have been a better session if Chris counts you come back pats. I think having a diverse point of view would have easily made this top discussion more of a discussion. Where were able to give intake were able to learn things about a different side so I think that would have been at really get us. It. Re going from here I mean and he got the website now a lot of social media going where you taking this. I think right now we're gonna. Look back to what we did what was successful from this one wasn't successful. I think build from there I think that's the only way we can really do it we have to really sit down and figure out what's to be most effective way to reach those students and everyone in this area. Snatches. Gun control. Of your screen apps on their plant forced him. Yeah we're that we have mental health also misses. Tides ignorant gun violence I've read but we also immigration we have climate change. We understand that if students we don't have to be passionate about one issue we can have several voices were passion about many things. Andrew June. Can feel like you've got caught up a little bit of some political crosswind that at a press conference slam and yet. Aren't informed guy at least so I mean I think you provided a lot of publicity to our bench but I think also it ended up becoming a little bit more of a battleground where we it lost some of its. But I think what we did today was good and I think every who attend could agree with that. He begins to walked away with a positive attitude congratulating the students are being proactive in banding together. And asking to be heard at this girl. You know nobody was called out I think there was a profound respect for everybody that was in the room. Everybody agrees with everybody's assessment. As to what ought to be done and I think everybody can agree that. It's in everybody's best interest to get to the bottom of this anti. Share the views of people that we may not agree. Nobody was called out. No really no names were mentioned and I think this was behind me. No political home I think it was highly respectful. Any church maybe that influenced things a little bit to that it was it was very productive. Chris Allen should have been here. I think that's his decision. You know I think it's larger than the issues large and wanted to be too. I think this is about a nation how to treat each other. Actresses to the point of view and I think he's expressed clearly. And didn't feel you know and plan B here and that's his decision. I think you know I think what we've. More important than anything else I think you know we need to she's trying to. Seemed to get. Information from experts on its and I don't think we've done enough. And and I'd seen everything the mental health community the law enforcement community to use these issues every day. The teaching community and students obviously you know I think it's a very good job here I thought this was highly respectful of everybody's opinion. And I think there was clarity about. Some of the options that are on the table and those options don't work. Then you know we should. He'd mature enough to see why his hand and it. A conversation about. About what what does in fact. After meeting and talking with these kids. And hearing Chris Allen's time radical. Artisans was to Iran at all. Look I wouldn't call them radical pars and then I don't see any of that here today. But there's elections going. In these things taken a life of the overall innocent people will always. Do these things differently has more on election I didn't view this as political at all. I didn't get that sense from the invite that we received it and get that sense from the tone and tenor that he was sent here by the kids. You know it's reasonable for somebody to expected it would have been yeah I mean you know how these forums can get you know they become you know very. A lot of heat and not a lot of light I think today was about a lot of light. And it was a good thing and enjoy you know hopefully in future forms. You'll see more participation. In the audience not all in agreement any type of form discussion is great when anything anybody get nanny involve them political discussion. Is great Tony the tees back is eerie county chair for scope shooters committee on political education the students. Are young they don't have like experience. That is a big strike. You always people involved so I did contact them hopefully will be able to get together and future and you wanted to talk and anchored it to happen. I just found out about this last night so I I obviously Paula got it down their slightest. I came down who actually sent a letter to the school topic clearance did you. Let's give them his love my latter activity he said he never got itself out it's short notice and I can understand because we've held opponents ourselves. Well what do you think I mean so these kids came up they all you know with some questions there and moderator and really ran us well. I don't think it. It's our first time it's great you know little nervous because there. But we don't like the idea that index cards sometimes they tend to get censored weeded out. Maybe we can help them out with Seattle little bit. But actually went very well but what do. About the topics in the questions in what was discussed today and in the responses from both Fannie McMurray and congressman X they seem to be. That was on the same page when it comes it stronger background checks a ban on assault style rifles and more mental health funding. The term assault is being thrown around in the whole heavy false statements. Congressman Higgins is a comparing the weaponry used. In are re act that's on the streets here that's false. Thought. The rifles assault rifles that are used by the military. Can not been hurt can have not really been purchased by the meets that the general populous since 19186. Signed into law by President Reagan. These rifles. Are there Chinese ER fifteen as the the baseline. AR fifteen assists us either semi automatic rifle. You could go on YouTube watch all the many videos of 7810 year old little girls shooting this rifle easily and having fun with that. When we are comparing their rifles that are in awarding here that is not a true statement that is a false statement. So where should then we're issued the focus be right here. Aspiring as outlet but those sound right well you key to purchase assault rifle OK so talking about a ban on line news. Do you not ask why aren't they telling the truth vs the fact and the rifles let people learn it which is the truth Smart people know the truth what is what. When you don't tell the truth that brings together credibility and motives that's it seems like there's some motive here they don't wanna say what exactly is an assault rifle and I'll get a quick when. An assault rifle has all guns have a switch out. Your basic rightfully you when I buy his BC I raw it's your office which is called safe when you Chernin and you get one bullet for the trigger. You can fire and saw they're fifteen or shotgun pistol at the same rate it's just how fast I guess can try to pull the trigger. But an assault rifle the definition of assault while it has a force elections and it is as safe. Which is off it has though iron which is semi automatic Pakistan rifle but has two more he has called first inning when you pull the trigger three bullets will come out. Or you can switch to automatic. Which is not a map you can't by the that is did the you've got you can't I that I can't find if you not want. There in there so highly regulated from pre 86. The price if you can get when our 1030000. Dollars for only yet shoulders. Museums you cannot purchase an automatic rifle the one about the air fifteen. They talking about and yeah they're they're making this bill off buying this rifle and the question is why. Guess that I'm grateful that should be still available. It's just a semi had a rifle you know how concept here is obvious we don't know one can kill who wants to see anybody get killed. You're not gonna deal you can stop people wanna kill them. And that's the way it is unfortunately Amtrak you know it's like giving bad news here but it is what it is. So that the bandit attack today. Is it's at the terminology. It's I think it's purposely be Enron and got a question why. The safe act was to put it was to register eighty hours in the specialty at least 90%. Of the eighty hours in New York State we're not done known comply. And no one and no one's going to. And it's very simple here because. Americans are pretty Smart. And I'm gonna give there the definition of the second man is this it's meant and always has been in this that the most porous person. Has the ability to defend themselves from those in power it's that time ever keen to beat B. Americans are Smart they understand history. And people empower our people power knowing that they try to go this far the BM are trying to pick little little performing fraud types and jump and I can do it. Americans are not gonna give up their ability to defend themselves just in case. I was impressed with the event I didn't agree with a lot of what was said. And I wrote about it in perspective piece you can read at WB ENN dot come back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with another edition from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.