Assessing President's Remarks & Twitter Response - Michael Caputo


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Let's get right to Michael Caputo this morning former trump staffer and I'm Michael the president's expletive comment about immigrants from certain countries. Now the president's tweeting that the language used by Amy was tough but was not the language used so what is that supposed to mean. I don't know what that means that someone who wasn't in the meeting in this a couple of those situations we. No it's curable we. Coming out the light on this one apparently. From a democratic peppered with the pending in Beatty. You know that bit and these that the kind of language that you know my friend who's hailed data chart part. Notable or build game. Or at and you know when it comes out with president united state you can't be saying things whether it's. That word or another word and insult Bayesian that are voter you know we're trying to work. Either we're trying to help an intense level of nations are trying to help us. In the war against terror so from my perspective this is on the stage and and I think it's something that the president gonna pay for are you disciple. You know the word is what's grabbing all the headlines but the other parts of them leaks conversation from the White House yesterday our. You know making some had ways to lead the fact that he references Africa. Haiti but then saying why can't we get more immigrants from Norway a lot of people just pointing out their racial undertones of that sentiment. Yet back the jackpot and I think raw language. Is one thing with respect you know that we all know. The president has just come out of a meeting with the president of galway you know and that you know that president. Of an of the country with an educated work or are. We gonna buy and I don't believe the president. Was trying to make racial. Statement. But it certainly now way to end that's what matters. So it you know accompanied here at this went through pearl while. What Michael would at an apology go along way here. It certainly would rather president but we're not gonna get apology from our cultural. It's just nodded at DNA if it doesn't it kind of you know if it's in the the last part we apologize inspect the first time wherever the apologize. In the many years and I knew it was character. The release of the Billy pushed it. And I've never heard of him tomorrow apologizing isn't appropriate to get one. Out of the presence of it especially if he believes that he didn't say what they say what they're quick they're alleging he says. What do you make of that sweet though is the president casting doubt to me. If you didn't saved whether it's the word or the entire conversation you would come out and say no I didn't say it but. The president's being very vague and suites is he trying to cast doubt in people's minds about. These media reports that were widespread yesterday I mean not just a couple of outlets but a places like Fox News saying they confirm the conversation. I've no doubt he has no doubt and indexing your editor of the leak and somebody's not vote for McCain ought. I think the president probably you know in the aerospace ought to cast doubt. But again he says he unit brought language but it wasn't bad language. You know listen but the problem is that he was insulting Asians that are important to. I bet not a good look for the present United States. Our Michael glad you could join us this morning with your insight Michael Caputo former trump staffer. And WB EN contributor.