Assessing Link Between Marijuana and the Munchies - Cheri Preston


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Looking at marijuana how it may actually heighten one's appetite correspondent Sherry Preston has been following the story Sherri what did you learn. Hi Suzanne first of all good morning that's not may it's it does actually induces your appetite it's called the munchies if you wanna do it and pop terms and medical marijuana terms it's a Canada's induced growl and has surged. What these teams at Washington State University found was that grew Roland. He is usually released by the static it's a hormone found in everyone's body signals to the brain that it's time to eat. Well they started this in rats and what they found is that a dose of Canada's release that surge of grow and that is much greater than normal. They gave rats a a drug to prevent that growing surge and that confirmed that the campus was what had triggered that they have three groups of rats. One group he would ever want it one group ate enough to be stuffed in the other group. Where rats that were starved for 48 hours they gave them the marijuana and all three groups in about two hours. Had to this surge and were eating more food. Doctors are encouraged because you know he can make jokes that they say you know as a medical marijuana becomes legalized more places is going to be a lot more studies about this. And it's really important for patients who have things like cancer and anorexia and HIV aids. Because they sometimes today just to simply don't have appetites and they really need something to stimulate their appetite the rowing courage by. Yet we we've known and I think for some time on the effects of marijuana especially when it comes to the munchies but in knowing what specifically. In pot makes you want to eat more. That's what can really help doctors for maybe people who don't want to smoke something but. Are going through chemo treatments something like that word that one may be little strain of something can help them. Right exactly and this this growl and surge. Is is something that doctors are really looking at because they wanted to know if you know this is something you can't Cammie simulator can they take it can they have it you know. The something that is you know they global for some of these patients who who you know if they needed something like that. It's also interesting that as more medical marijuana is legalized in more places in recreational marijuana as well. It's an area where you can see a lot more studies like this you're gonna see some of the things in and doctors and researchers studying. Some of the benefits of says some of those kind of stuff it should be noted that this was a paper. That is currently under review so it's not been in a medical journal yet bloody it was presented this week. At as something called the society for the study of congestive behavior. So somewhere across the country there are people who are studying ingested behavioral over in his they have conferences about it sounds ago iPhone crowd that's a Barrett talked about the as the week Sherri thanks that's correspondent cherry Preston.