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Where do you see. Elmore and going in a war you know what can. What can happen to change may be this this progress and it's been going on to the point where it's it's losing its historic deal. Well I think elm ladies you know and then verge of leaving it losing its neighborhood feel mean you know to see kids watch him guy to really nice place you want. Shop at small commercial storefronts here we all know what we love about Belmont avenue. But unfortunately the developers have figured out a way to. Capitalize on that night rooting part of it to put up something that's gonna make big profits for them. The community really sound sold lists in the new green code in that limited heights and with so building and preserve residential areas. But the city of Buffalo's implementation of that is green coat has been a big disappointment. They being given it away. But you know where they giving away to go well connected developers so. You're seeing now real concentration of ownership on elm and avenue the Yugo down the strip right now it's eleven vacant buildings slated vacant storefronts. They're all owned by Sinatra or there'll by delicate. You know it's not a natural turnover. So the these commercial of these big landlords there accruing property they're letting them sit like these houses have been sitting for nearly five years. And now they're saying they're bad maintenance well whose own them for the last outside years. So yeah we want to avoid debt this sort of trick they played on the community in the past of demolition by the galactic. You putting up these you know these state smoke streams that. These buildings need to come down you know I challenged delicate is. If they don't have the capacity. To rehabilitate these houses that's fine in May be it could have little limitations and that put a for sale sign up. They'll go to week. And a young couple move in. The blood sweat equity into woman I love more families living here. So on the one side their mouth delicate says we need to get a variance to build a big building community more density that's what we need density and acts and stuff done and intensity. But right now others four to six residential units and these two houses and they ought to replace with two units so what happened there density arguments. Mean that's an art thing is that there's the bodies empty lots that bank could be develops on top on on the strip. But then they're starting to come into these residential areas and take away homes and end the prospects of a family's living here. You know it. Do you think that the city of buffalo is is to blame her for this this this. Ongoing problems Tennessee which said the dreamcoat problems that they've enabled this kind of get away with it. The city of buffalo is being negligent in enforcing the green code. Other municipalities handle way different if you're gonna try to build something in Amherst. That upsets the residences and against their zoning code the Emerson zoning board says no. And it's a developer is like it they have to go fight in court. The city of buffalo is take in the opposite tact. If the communities against that they shrugged her shoulders they give the developers what they want and then they sit in the community you cooking goes. Well you know one I don't know why did retreating there to residents that way you in favor of one corporation or hoard different corporation. You put these these two as a perfect example of yeah the developers said they wanted to form based green code where they can look at the picture and know exactly what they're allowed to build. While that's not what they wanted to hear it do something differently. Just to backyards available there's an egress here they can put garages behind they can do a lot here but they're they're choosing not to do that because I think they thought think. That they can maximize profit by doing it a little bit differently. But just think how does that impact the neighbor on that side. The neighbor on this side of the debris behind you nobody wants to live in a residential neighborhood that suddenly has. These non conforming houses are structures Il plopped down in the middle and it's not good for the community. Hi this zoning board meeting on Wednesday how important is it you know to. You have these community leaders have their voices spurred by the zoning board in the zoning board actually acting upon anything that you want to see is that there's only important. Yeah and needs to listen. Immunity offer an over reliance console numbers opinion even notes that and you were in the law as a factor they should be considering. Need to come out to the community. You know the need to hold meetings in the community around these projects instead they hold in the middle afternoon and cramped room in City Hall. People in this neighborhood have taken off days of work several times of the last years and frankly you know at their get worn out. Because they have to take that they up to do it on the developer just pays a few lawyers and a few PR firms to come and you know it it doesn't Wear them out at all so. He'll once again they're trying to put this surface parking lot all the evidence this was in front of the zoning board with the last two months in the zoning board said no to it. Another reshuffling the deck and saying it's a look at development application to see if they'll get a different result. But security's becoming very fatigued they're becoming frustrated. You're we have agreeing code we think we have a green code running Kyrgyz a lot of good development and also preserves. The character and an ever so we bought one simple thing. 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