Assemblyman Sean Ryan

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Friday, August 10th
Ryan on Buffalo Wild Wings getting into sports betting.

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Sean Buffalo Wild Wings says. It is exploring the possibility of offering sports wagering at its restaurants. First off your reaction to you this exploration by the restaurant chain. Well today enjoyed a lot of other corporations and trying to. Jeanette caught a piece of casino or sort sports betting so yeah we have two big questions in new York and one is will New York allows sports betting on professional teams. And then the second is where will the betting be able to take place. So obviously the interest groups are lining up. Other casinos like a lot goers saying. Let's added but only at casinos. The receipt knows what is the racetrack casino BP. You know they're all pork that they want it all the rest keynotes. And hours seeing a national chain. In wild wings corporation which is owned by Arby's restaurant. I'm understanding that even busters is is talking about trying to to get out Matt. But it really all about these companies won a few they can take a cut. That casino gambling in Rawls trying to trying to boxed out underneath the basketball. Who saying. Yeah this is Mike Turk you know I wonder when it gets here first. Obviously the first step is forty or to legalize sports betting so. How are things going in Albany as far as getting sports betting legalized. Well it you know we we can't legalize it without any regulatory framework and it goes to that question where will betting be who you know who will allow it. Were over saturated with casinos in New York State. That hardly any of the casinos are pretty in the revenues that were protected so. They're all pushing really hard make people come to the its casinos. You know to bet. You may remember a few months ago Major League Baseball in the National Football League. Came into New York it. Tried to get a capacity. A series of laws that would allow them to take out a cut themselves. Which you know they were calling the integrity beat. So. It it's big public policy question. But we don't want it to turn into Barney grad. Where you know that people with the highest paid lobbyists certainly will be the ones were going to be allowed to. Host casino world serie a sports gambling it in New York State. If sports gambling. Is legalized in New York State how likely the view he be in favor of a Buffalo Wild Wings allowing now. Sports wagering. That's not area just you know master listeners are remembered its dead buffalo in the title but yet not been doing buffalo is just but it just RB's who NC. Another pet food chain called wild wings so. I'm not looking. Sports betting in McDonald's. And burger angered Turkey cheese and so it's I don't know likely weren't allowed to go to. National fast food chains.