Assemblyman Angelo Morinello

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Friday, August 10th
Morinello on Buffalo Wild Wings getting into sports betting.

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CNN reports that Buffalo Wild Wings is exploring the possibility of offering sports wagering. New York has yet to legalize sports wagering so first off. I'll what is the status of sports wagering in New York how likely could receive this. Pasts either in a later recession this year or early in the session next year. We have to understand. It. There right now the racing and wagering board. Is more. Because there is all. The casino. Opera. To a trip and these tight. So. Games of chance. It probably also because of this important decision. There's been an interpreter in some circles. To be additional legislation. It's already in the legislation. See you know. And it's already in the past. This with the native American singles. It's important. Week and understand that just broke the rules. Oh and so there's the possibility. Our own beads or additional legislation. If there is additional legislation. That is neat. And it would be. Institute vague as to where they were 00. Sports betting urged. Casino. And that. Process. The prospects of but I think there so. Wild greens as casino they don't. So he should be. Well every year all entities. To be able who. We're response to. Be wildly wild wings says it would consider. It's likely an expert says that's likely bottle while we were part of with a established receipt or other sports data entry. How likely would that be permitted under New York rules if that would happen. Think or career is just my personal feeling for a number. Number or. Get legislation. Through. With the understanding. Of wings might become an issue that would be. So the other. If a casino. It was going to engage. In sports. I would think they were more like this is where a pair of are are within the conceivably drop it from sin so that they could not only get them there table. But also ball into the club sports betting. Or were you. Six are now. That's not because I've been told anything but very very quiet. That's equipment here. So at this stage. Like and so. They have not determined who would benefit what percentage is major sports. And I didn't know over the summer apparently there's been so. Sports. Commissioners have been tired commissioners from the very sports. Very very concerned. I'm just open the game would help the proper. Planning and rules and regulations. My perspective. Just saying that other states do it in the enough. We don't play in New York is so unique that we really and truly. Analyze this picture at all states. Would you be in favor of a place like wild wings. Whether it's over teaming up with a casino to help sports wagering on its restaurants. At this point and answer their questions and why I would have to look at the legislation. Would seem to regulations. And the restrictions before I could insert it. And at this point I would not trade one business and other and they get their view of terror level. I'm one who's on the cautious side because. I concern. Our bullion. Or. Gold standards and understand. It could lose as well when there's no sure. So I would really want the money that's. Or specific purpose on such as any education. And be able to be accountable and transparent. And also saw money going towards. Education. Or. These sports wagering and other types.