The Arrival of The USS Little Rock in Buffalo

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Monday, December 4th

Hear the approach and arrival of the Navy's newest warship, arriving at Canalside for a commissioning Dec. 16


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Looking back now at this view we have of the city of buffalo on I can you believe it's a December morning it's a beautiful view on them the best views of buffalo or from the water and here we Aaron. But as of December or that it's it's a wonderful day actually to be on the lake. McGill little load different tomorrow but it super. Dave for a Little Rock to come in a buffalo all right and now we're all excited Esteban board thanks mark can go let you go back to seeing some of the abuses were approaching kind of rapidly here and there was really amazing being able to see this ship. It kind of appear out of the haze out of nowhere and all of a sudden all there it is and there's no mistaking it. For anything else let me tell you as soon as she was there to see that in the distance the newest navy ship the newest warship the USS little Iraq LCS and nine. We are awaiting the arrival this morning of the USS Little Rock LCS nine in buffalo at canal side but. Brand as are asking is among the first who will be seen as ship these are already seeing it from a Coast Guard vessel this morning Brent what's the latest. Yeah that's right we error approaching it we're still a little ways away harper reed itself because so morons the you're not sure exactly how fast we'll get to the new ship like. What was once kind of probably about very in the haze. Has come and pretty full view him today it's amazing when you see it in person a little shorter. Then the USS Little Rock that has resided at canal side for some time but. I it is every bit as a cool looking it's every bit as majestic is going to be a sight to see and already there's a lot of people. Lined up to see this ship eventually make its way. In some buffalo is a lot of people have been waiting for a long time. That new USS Little Rock LCS nine only moments away from arriving in buffalo. Let's go to the shore this morning at canal site and check in with our team went there. All right Susan yeah I'm standing here right along the boardwalk I guess we'll call it along the way out to. Erie basin marina Dan Mac is here one of the organizers who's been extremely involved in getting this all together in the end. Any moment now we're gonna see that ship comer on the corner and yet very simmering for the for the for the Connor for about cutter to escort Celsius nine around the turn down the buffalo river should be should be momentarily. On to dignitaries and Brian Mazur husky real problem a dignitary just headed out on US Coast Guard ship quote rather agency within the past. Thirty minutes or so so they made that transfer in their on board they're gonna have this way yet to triple lifetime her for those folks think it to Bordeaux. A studio worship. And right into in the buffalo are so very exciting. And should again and remember this for a long time you know is this all came together if this is what you envisioned Drake and you know I'm looking down this sidewalk here and you're seeing. You know pretty much it's it's gonna turn into a shoulder to shoulder elbow to elbow people lined up all the way out here basin watching this historic moment. Yeah one of our goals is to make sure that people were really aware of a dissident the significance to see this kind of crowd come on somewhat chilly. You know Monday morning it's great very exciting and very fulfilling her in Paris the conditioning commit for in non credit at work and but it's you know it's it's it's all worth it. Walk us through what will happen this year will come by here in the N things get under way as it passes by the the original US system for a yes so we anticipate as it enters the buffalo river it's going to be escorted by the Edward encounter fireball with their water up Salinas on display. Ceremony is so of this occasion and is it makes its way down the river it will pass the X Little Rock which is under split off when Neil Parkinson it's really knees that they're going to be doing. It's called day a rendering of honors where the docents their lineup right now on the volatile Iraq. They're in uniform they're gonna salute. LC is niner crew as they pass and the sailors aboard Celsius nine. Will return the salute in nine and navy tradition so it can be very exciting very. Very very moving Oliver for everybody involved. Right than the ship docks in in little bit of you know organizational time I guess until this afternoon and you've got some events this afternoon yes so little tickle of a time for LC is ninety to tie it at Nelson along the boardwalk once it's done in the crew gets settled. I'll give a little time and then at 332 B we've got her official welcome press conference which is really no opportunity for. Our local officials to to say to commit Todd Peters captive Celsius ninth welcome to buffalo we're really looking fortunate. And here's two feet of snow. Yeah hopefully that's that's that's criminal that later we'll get we'll let the guys get acclimated a bit before oh the snow starts line. All right Dan thanks so much in this is going to be historic appreciate the time that you are in Mecca. Who is one of the organizers of everything USS Little Rock in that news conference this afternoon at 330 by the way you hear it live. I'm WP yen as part of the story happening right now. Is out on Lake Erie the USS Little Rock is arriving for its commissioning ceremonies and WBN's Brian mess around king is aboard Bryant. All right Dave yes. About to be aboard approaching new US. Witches absolutely impressive stunning. When you're able to see it up close the USS Little Rock LCS nine and were approaching right now. This side of the ship where we will be boarding in just a matter of minutes so openness and along so my great images and things like that. And gave very excited all the people here on board. Rate to get on the leadership and I had in some buffalo where we should beat really and only a matter of half hour so as you approach that you've been able to see and tell me what it looks like. Well it's it's a big wall it's a very unlike what you see at canal side right now with the former Little Rock be. Basically grace the lab from the side it tough to see a lot of it now and Dave I'm gonna have to let you go take this out dresses were about to board. Understand that let's get another look at the midshipmen the events that are coming down by the way. A canal sites not necessarily the place to watch this is where it will be docked for the better vantage point. Is near Erie based marine and that's where we find WBN's Tim winter Tim. YouTube that they've been boy what a great morning I mean the sun is up now over the skyway in canal side and there. The railing here from the the naval and services sparked all the way out to Erie basin marina. Full of people that have come out here today to watch this historic moment. Is Brian boards that ship it will make its way in through the outer harbor and then into the river in once it does that will be on the air with live coverage. And will will walk this ship right up to canal side live on the air with Brian on the ship to me unsure. And doubt we'll bring all the colors in the sounds but you'll pass by. Following the fire boat Cotter they'll do a a salute to the docents that are already. Situated on the bow of the original USS Little Rock of global then. Dock at canal side in the crew will have a little R&R into other official formal welcoming press conference this afternoon. At 3 o'clock we'll have that live on WB Ian. Were onboard this Coast Guard dogs Hillary ship. And it's a rocking back and forth you know on the lake and of the big USS a Little Rock is completely on. Stable here and there's a big door on the side of the ship and basically. You pull up. Almost touching the ship and again and all come back Tia. OK give us some construction our eggs now and it's him or is down there to MO what's going I'm. Not a lot yet seen Andy and I but that the hint you know really. But Brian is on board now been communicating with him he is on board how to think Colin USS Little Rock how did they get among boarded the debate showed across the borrower. Video latter how did they do that. Well what they did is they went out on the you a smaller USS Coast Guard boat and enact Coast Guard boat transferred then to a needy. Vote in and the navy boat. Brought them to the actually USS Little Rock Celsius nine when you speaking with you. We are texting back and forth he was getting some safety instructions on. Imus in the event for the new US. Rocked sinks and. Which I highly doubt we'll ask them to let any. The guys in the contract that picture as I highly questionable maneuver as part of your morning gently you know. In any undertaking and people that are hard they need to be on your vote against you have to become okay especially here in Atlanta hallucinating. Exactly and he. But we request idol has been the mayor should have given doctors Brooks Brothers suit and dress day as Johnny Depp as a pirate I think that would have been cool. Head. The other mayors on board county executive pull in cars is on board. And I think guys assemblyman John Ryan is on board and a few others that yes so they're out there now they're getting some instruction and they'll be coming in on the the big ship into we can't see and I'm looking I'm I'm standing right out at the hatch restaurant which is right at the mouth of the river in this is where the ship will command. The fire O'Connor will be the first one we see in they'll be escorting the shipped up the river. No cadets salute over to the original USS Little Rock crew. And then they'll document thing to quiet down until later today when there's a news conference around 330 this afternoon so that's kind of the order of the day. From the WBN newsroom good morning I'm Dave you know here's what's happening. The USS little rock and new class of navy warship. About to arrive in buffalo this morning forced commissioning later this month alongside its namesake the original little rocket naval and servicemen spark. The ceremonies of its arrival are about to get under way the vessel could be. Blowing into the buffalo river in any moment and WBN's Tim Wenger is taking dollar and preparing for our live coverage from Erie basin marina tam. The water spraying out of the fire broke hotter right now in the outer harbor and then just off to the left today you can see. The USS. Little Rock beginning to make its presence known here at the buffalo outer harbor still gonna be. Sometime before it gets into the inner harbor in then. Re here to the mouth of the buffalo river where we're situated outside the hatch restaurant. It Erie basin marina and a couple of the onlookers here that are staying warm is Richard and Kathleen rate rate Harry what what brought judge here today. As a former as a retired and retired but it veteran and never a lot about the shipment speech wanna see you welcome to buffalo. It's kind of a cool event as the camping and you see all these people gathered along the railing here we heard about it this morning and we said let's just get dressed and come out and hear me. Are able you just moments away from witnessing some history here in buffalo can't wait yes Ari Richard and Kathleen among the that really the hundreds that are gathered here. From Erie basin all the way back deed to the US naval service since park where the crew of the original Little Rock is up on the power right now and they're awaiting. A salute from the crew of the new one and we can start to see the ship now appearing into the inner harbor so it'll probably be another. Ten minutes or so before it really gets in full view but. Brian as a rescue is on board we'll have live full coverage for you when that chip gets a little bit closer and starts to make its way up the buffalo river Dave. All right that Tim Wenger theory based marina which is by the way the place you need to be if you wanna watch this this morning. Don't go to canal outside go to the basin marina. WTE and the back good Beijing governor yes sandy beach and whoever our coverage of the big event going on the waterfront here is sim cards hum. Well Sandi can tell you the USS Little Rock is just rounding the bend so to speak it's in the inner harbor right now. And that's being escorted as we thought all morning long by the F fired O'Connor which is. Spitting its water from its guns in the the ship very impressive. In its appearance is about to. Make right turn in your little head up the river so. It's still gonna take a little bit of maneuvering to get it fully into position to head up the river to its final spot. The canal side that they're really just pretty amazing sight to see this big navy ship very modern looking obviously. I'm not the prettiest Turkish ship in the world but if you read a little bit about it the functionality of this thing is incredible. And couple of tugboats are helping it out is well. To make all the maneuvering sit will be needed and it's being escorted by multiple law enforcement boats. From around here in dead just a line of people continually. From here all the way down to the canal side. That are just lining the fence here. Waiting to get a close up look in all the cameras and phones are pointed right out there at this beautiful navy ship that's headed in deport. Earlier I heard that the ship is not armed gent who they wait until his commission before they have put the armaments aboard. Yeah they do well after commissioning yes but it needs to be out in the ocean for them to do that for it there's some sort of regulation but the navy ship will will go out to the ocean and presuming down the coast to. The Norfolk area where it will be armed it has everything. The abilities now to be armed all of the actual arms are on board that just that. The ammunition so to speak is now I'm on board yet so here's your correct there but that'll happen out in the ocean down in Norfolk. It took Tim Wagner down and I've done at the water. Yeah exciting times here seeing the the USS little rock the new ship is now heading into the buffalo river it's escorted by the Cotter which is now made its way up the river. And the Coast Guard right in front of the bow of the USS little Iraq we've got this all up on FaceBook live for you if you wanna see it if you're in a position to see that. I if not it'll be their throughout the day and we're live on the radio obviously to bring you the color can tell you the crew part of the crew of the Little Rock is standing and the valve the left side the port bow of the new ship and also along this during the back into the boat. And they'll be saluting the folks and the original USS Little Rock moving very slowly just passing the China late house. At the mouth of the buffalo river as it makes its way up the river in what will happen is the ship. We'll slowly make its way up here. By all these very interest to people that are standing among via the railing. It'll pass the original USS Little Rock. And once it does that they'll via a ceremonial salute to the crew. Docent crew. The little rock and then the they ship the new ship will. Situated itself. Along a special stock. Canal side buffalo in that area has been closed off to the public for the day and actually for the next couple of weeks. Here's some cheers going up as the ship passes right by us here and canal side. The crew is waving over. The crowd in that we've got Brian as you guys. And poor little. Brian yeah that's him back up after going through this just a little big guys who lost the connection with the world when they're inside this. Floating fortress which is basically. What it is when you're walking along. Inside the new USS little rocks were approaching college got AC DC last thing on the speakers as we approached canal side and a lot of people. Lined up people more so that left area is an impressive. Sites to see jumping on board from Coast Guard ship into the side. Of the new USS Little Rock where. You know basically. Apple's report. We'll smaller vessels the load and unload we were told that that's. Usually going to be used for Navy SEALs special operation. Bedside before and we were lucky enough to kind of get a firsthand look of what that is. All life as he answered on board. On the back end of this ship a position not completely on the back and more up top. And his work and be yourself around against him innocent affects you. From the Erie basin marina toward the originally USS Lou Brock in this Boca boat is kind of cruise on the line here. Difficult to keep up that. I hit just a very impressive looking intimidating looking ship I would say it's 400 feet on. The original Little Rock is I believe 600 intensely so it's a little bit shy. Of the original size at the Little Rock but extremely impressive and I'd see intimidating I'd I'd hate to see that that come in handy if I was. An enemy of the United States because it's a very impressive ship. Swiftly making its way up. The buffalo river. The second archer my way down the sidewalk here toward the original Little Rock. And that's where this salute will be taking place momentarily. And then they ship will dock itself. At canal side buffalo. I can see Brian has aroused ski and some of the dignitaries have walked from the stern of the ship. To a different vantage point but the crew is at the ready. Completely waiting for. The docking of the little rock and later today around 330. They'll have a formal welcoming ceremony that will be a news conference that we'll have live on WP yen and and they've got a couple of days of down time. Before some activities kick in this coming weekend in of course during that downtime CD. They're gonna have about a foot of snow fallen. Guess that its wind. Went to sea trials that Tim and you can tell the sailor is among our reporting crew limits you we are saying they're up on the import side of the bowel. And Brian says I'm at the back of a moat. There. Well accuracy sandy and it. Where it is I you know I'll tell you IE I'm used to being around boats and amused to sailing it's better but I. I'm amazed it. Quickly this ship is making its way. Up the river I mean it is really moving along quite quickly and obviously it's going to be able to stop pretty quickly to it's just passing by. The original USS Little Rock right now there almost alongside one another. As I speak and the ship is still moving pretty quickly. Welded ever has been well that's chipped ambition abuse usually are on is that what has a motor and a big one. He had does that look of the you know and actually this it's really interesting when you read about the ship. It's a giant jet ski and mean it really is operated. Like a giant jet ski it's water propulsion. In a Q and it's very Agile we can move quickly if it does not have a deep draft doesn't. Require a ton of water for a two. Maneuver and float and it's obviously has. A lot of maneuverability that perhaps the old USS Little Rock simply did not have its right alongside the original USS Little Rock right now. As the crew. Gives us a salute right now. Stay with you here is we continued to. Follow the arrival of the USS Little Rock it is currently approaching. The original little rock and a Coast Guard boat is a situated right in between. The new Little Rock. And the original little rock and this is where that. Navy tradition. Is about to unfold here with the salute and then via a Little Rock will be able to position itself. In place for. The next couple of weeks or ship will be here sandy for. Just over two weeks the commissioning on Saturday the sixteenth of December. I am I have a bit of coverage and that I am out of the coaches the navy has great pomp and circumstance I've been in San Diego and a naval ship returned and the crew stands. At the full attention. Would salute given to the people there to greet the shipman has this wonderful to see it must be honestly thing to be a part of. Yeah it really is it's it's just remarkable that this is happening here and when we had Dan Mac and earlier today one of the organizers of this this event. You know he had indicated that this really we are in competition with other cities for this to happen and obviously the edge that we had as we have the original ship here. In this is the first time in the navy's history we're something like this is taking place where you've got the original ship that is here. Already and then it is being commissioned alongside its namesake. So that is something that's it that's really unique and I think that is obviously what attracted the navy. To having this all happened in in buffalo. I can tell you that the they do Little Rock is kind of stationary right now just off of the left side. Of the am original. Little Rock. And the Powell the original Little Rock points out her. The river. And currently the ballot in new little rock the front of the little rockets pointed in so there opposite one another rate now. I'm not sure if the the plan is that the the new ship will be reversing itself and turning around we'll see that happen in the next several minutes I suppose but that's salute has taken place. And now it is just the final. A situation of the original Little Rock. I'm sorry the new Little Rock as it approaches the special docking area. That they have in place. At the can outside buffalo that the dock it we're so used to seeing there all summer long has been removed. And they put in a special docking area for the ship and then they have. Shut down traffic in the area of canal side as well and Brian has aroused he is again on board the new ship and can join us with some coverage on board Brian what's up. Get him out were aboard the brokerage and we just want through the ship from where was it. Our position before you're the bank and on the kinds of top deck. And power and preparation. Everyone kind of getting ready here to. Doc which mentioned staying a little stationary and moving slower than we were before in the music gone blessing it was cool to see that so loose. That we saw all on the Danica and what have you here. From the bridges were overlooking the deck of the ship to. My rights we have the fire boat car Conor with the water cannon salutes and then over to the last everyone is aboard the old Little Rock. Kind of taking this in as the ship makes its way to cancer word it will be for the next two weeks and after being so close to the ship you're gonna wanna get close to a some of the pictures really. Don't do it justice has where it. Fun part you know coming into shore Tim let me send thank you were quick. Are yeah we're still seeing this. And then I think what will happen unless they do a last minute maneuver here I think the Powell will be facing. Up river. And in I'll be you know opposing what that you did old little rocky is positioned at the naval and servicemen spark. But this commissioning will take place on the sixteenth of December Saturday morning a very formal affair. And speaking with the organizers over the past couple of weeks and actually couple of months they should say. A lot of navy tradition goes into the planning. What will unfold here. In this is a secure site now this is. United States navy ship. Albeit not commission yet. So the security will be very tight down a canal side we'll learn more. About some of that later today. During the news conference which will have live for you at about 330 but. The ship is just about in position at canal side buffalo. Anyone that's been down here over the summer obviously can picture that boardwalk area. Where there would be a dark and pleasure craft and obviously that has been taken over now by a 400 foot. The United States navy vessel the USS Little Rock LCS nine. Which is making its final. Maneuvering heats up to a couple of large fenders that will offer it to. The can outside buffalo docking area. I think Brian is back on board rated talk. Yet Tim or bank here in some of the things that I learned though while walking through this ship while it made its way from Lake Erie to where it is now stationed. Your canal side that we got see some of the officer's room some of the rooms of everyone on board and pretty cool to see that everyone has their door decorated for the holidays decorated for Christmas everywhere you look go to you know little festive here. As festive as she can be and I navy vessel I guess also co look at the mess hall and saw what's on the menu for tonight it's chicken. The smell really good at least I cannot say that in a normal breakfast they said they have. I know one of the officers eating areas that step Brothers on the TV so watching a movie is stay aboard the ship here. Because even though what you see here is kind of the beginning of ceremonial couple weeks there's a lot of work to be done aboard this ship we got to look at the room where they're controlling and looking at. The engines of the ship then Rolls Royce powered jet engines powered ship there's no rudder. On the issue that's powered by each of those engines all the maneuvering. He's done by steering. And you don't thrusting those engines it's not a traditional. Ship that you think of the way it's able to steer itself in the canal side which is what I'm looking at right now and Justice Scalia absolutely impressive. Being able to see this humongous. Ship. Maneuver itself so close to the dock as we are now and slowly but surely get in the exact right position. All from the vantage point that we have here now of course. They're looking a lot of monitors they're looking kitco how important what I'm seeing here and they have a lot more training but being able to see it from the bridge. That's absolutely incredible and impressive Tim I think that's something you can maybe speak go a little bit more of than I can have docking the boat. We've got an example we've seen how hard it is to Don we've crashed into it a few times can you imagine. Something's figure this. Yet this is a pretty remarkable indeed would what you don't see Brian is off to the right side of the voters of voter would call it the starboard side. We've got those tugboats is escorted the boat into. The ship I should say into canal site are pushing the stern the back of the boat right up against. The canal side buffalo dot great now. And that. There assisting just the the propulsion of the ship I'm sure they can do it on their own but it's a much more controlled. Approach to the dock in I would say it's just about parallel almost to the docket can outside buffalo. So this ship is just about secure making its way all the way from Wisconsin we started tracking the ship yesterday as it made its way down through Detroit. In and out into the open waters of Lake Erie where it. Taking the full end of and end of Lake Erie. And then this morning of cram course over the past 2030 minutes or so making its final approach. The buffalo river and now and canal side buffalo where it does appear. As though it is just up against the dock right now. So it's pretty impressive here if you're watching and FaceBook live you can see the old USS little Iraq. With its bow out pointing out to the lake the move USS Little Rock LCS nine with its bow pointing toward land. Up river. And just about in position as those Tug boats make some final. Pushes toward the dark but all in all essentially. No USS Little Rock is now secure. In buffalo it will be docked here all week long some downtime for the crew. And then they will. Tension there activity later in the week where there's some events planned to be attending Buffalo Bills came to Buffalo Sabres games are we going to dinner chefs say here. So lots planned for the crew before the commissioning. December 16. So for now that is it from the buffalo waterfront for median of Brian has anything to add to this point. You still with us pray and on board. Tim just Little Rock. Give up. Work or appear were still on the bridge and all have to add is that it was absolutely impressive being able to walk through this year. Hopefully those of you who have the opportunity to do so can end even if you don't. Go aboard the old Little Rock because it's amazing to compare and contrast some of the pictures that we're sharing now. On social media Twitter FaceBook with the images from inside. The old little rock and it appears that were off all set already to be stationed here you know I'm sitting right next to. Something its labels are ready bag it's filled with a whole bunch of different flags and one of the crew members just came here. Grab the American flag from the ready bag and now looks to go out so I made it look for that. It's. Pop up on the top of the ship. Pretty soon it's an amazing turnout from the little I can see outside the ship everyone who has showed up. To come and see. They knew would you assess little run here and it'll be here for a couple weeks. All the way from Wisconsin through the Great Lakes and Richard canal signed commissioning. On the sixteenth being the big events but if you have the opportunity to stop by and see it. And I would definitely incursion do so. And here's what's happening right now the US has Little Rock LCS nine of the world class nine a brand new kind of warship for the navy. Has arrived in downtown buffalo. There's ship arrived in buffalo this morning you just turn it alive to have a December 16 commissioning ceremony. And our chairman Wenger is at Erie basin marina watching it all unfold. And days so many hundreds of people who gather here along the boardwalk leading from canal side buffalo pass the US enablement services park all the way out. Today hatch restaurant Erie basin marina where we first got picked glimpse. Of the fire bolt cutters sending its water. Hi into the sky in the USS Little Rock following closely behind well now what is unfolded if you haven't been with us for the past twenty minutes or so as the USS Little Rock LCS nine is now situated itself with a helpful of a couple of tugboats. Right up against what would normally be the dock at canal side buffalo. Kathy and Bob among the throngs of people who have come out here today and really impressive history that we we just watched unfold right. It certainly is it was thrilling to see that pattern command and sprayed water there was such a welcoming. Look to this river. And we just loving this day it's beautiful. And it's hard to imagine that another day from now about movie you'll ever shovels and snow blowers Golan no question about it. You know parts and I were really surprised with that they're so worth of that team our match up. And I I thought I was actually going to be able smaller. Then it is you know what you write pictured in my mind that the picture. As citizen why didn't. Fascinating thing it's a question about it it's amazing your among many who came down here and know once in A lifetime thing I think to see. Well it's a first in a lifetime days to have a new ship commissioned alongside its namesake this right well thank you for. Being down here to bring us to so many other people. Kathy and by joining us live on WB yen in debt he mentioned the size of the ship it's about 400 feet long but man is an impressive day when you see it. Up close and personal and people have the ability to do that over the next couple of weeks and that formal commissioning Dave is on December the sixteenth. All right as last time we're talking about up close and personal let's go aboard the vehicle where WBN's Brian mass arrest he had a firsthand view as it came into the buffalo harbor this morning Brian hello. Did Dave I was able to a sneak off feared that the side of the ship board that tugboats are chugging along kind of pushing the ship. So where it needs to be alongside hearing canal side though aboard the ship. You know it's amazing to see all this is going on and everybody pretty calm and just kind of standing around walking around. Doing what they need to do not a whole lot of our rush and things like that it's a pretty common scene aboard the ship as were about to. Be exactly in the place and I can't see from the other side just how close so we are have been done but. The Tug boats over here where I am kind of pushing along. And getting very closes. Make highway accident region Dave make sure you're looking for some of those images absolutely incredible for mom or Little Rock. On and usery 930 on Twitter.