Aretha Franklin Latest - Jason Nathanson


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Lots of prayers going out for Aretha Franklin the queen of soul. So let's join correspondent Jason Nathanson live this morning to get the very latest. And what's happening with the singer Jason good morning. Hey good morning and the very latest is we just don't really know exactly what's going on yesterday a flurry of activity and reports about how. Aretha Franklin was at death's door who's gonna die any minute. And that clearly has not happened. People Magazine and it talked to her her nephew Kim said she's alert and laughing and he's being able to recognize people. As his brother was there Saturday and choose watching TV soap opera bitch you all of this. Aretha is dead stop. They're trying to keep her spirits up but then CNN reports last night that that she's at home and she's in hospice care. So it doesn't look good whatever the cases. But we don't know exactly what's gone on. Aretha Franklin now born here in buffalo went on to become Jason I mean it's nothing short of alleged would have really be able to describe. Yeah absolutely eighteen grammys for performance. So another two Grammy special the grammys for a total of twenty grammys. In our lifetime. Shoot something like seven the of the more than seventy. Hit on the billboard hot 100 singles chart. And she won that first Grammy in 1968. So I mean she's just been. A legend for a long time and and performing up until now. You know other. Doctors told her that it was she it shows scheduled for earlier this year doctors would order some weapons that you couldn't do those but you know. She had scheduled chosen and was gonna keep performing. Keep powering through and to keep your voice like that you know it's 76ers all is said to have the performance ready is just pretty. We have lots of entertainers paying tribute you're too and like beyoncé and Jay-Z last night. They performed at Ford Field in her hometown of Detroit right. Yeah and they dedicated their show to her. And dead DJ Khaled who opened got the the crowd all sitting respect apparently. You got Mariah Carey tweeting that she's praying for the queen of soul. Bill Clinton tweeting that Hillary and iron thinking about it reap the Franklin tonight. There there's so many people's lives that she touched across all spectrums and all the bombers are speaking a foreign praying for. All right Jason thank you so much for the update that's Jason Nathanson lots of thoughts of fur is going to Aretha Franklin struggling this morning.