Anthony Bourdain and Suicide 930in716 June 8, 2018

Friday, June 8th

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Her kids 930. In 716. Tragic and troubling news of the apparent suicide death of Anthony board game. Four Dane was 61 years old he survived by daughter. We are unfortunately sitting up Turkey and the number of suicides. For people who were the other demographic PH group antennae boarding. We go in depth on a troubling subject as we'd learn American celebrity chef Anthony board game has been found dead at age 61 in his hotel room and trance. While working on his CNN's series on culinary traditions around the world. CNN confirming that dancing in the statement he was found unresponsive Friday. Warning by. Friend and chef Eric repair. And calling his death is suicide. CNN's said gore team was in Strasburg filming in upcoming segment it is series parts unknown. Susan Rosen Brian has around ski talk about the news shortly after it broke with ABC's Erin deters ski. It was. Really just a shocking announcement from his television channel CNN confirming that he. Killed himself sometime Friday morning at a hotel in France he had been in France shooting an episode of parts unknown. For CNN and was found unresponsive by his friend. The chef Eric repair who is the chef and owner of Laverne and then in New York City. Four Dane was 61 years old he survived by daughter. And this news just. Probably shocking a lot of people who enjoyed his work very well known not just as a chef but. As a storyteller and a lot of these shows. The key. Was hardly known as as a chef and I think he would have been the first one to tell you he worked around different kitchens in new England and New York City. But when he wrote kitchen confidential which it at first was an article in The New Yorker and then a bestselling book. His fame skyrocketed. And he took on all all hole. A kind of renegade sheath type personality telling stories about what it's really like to work at a kitchen celebrating. That that that downtrodden chefs who who who work. They're you know to the bone opted to get food on people's plates and then he became a celebrated television host and winning a number of awards. First for his work on on the Travel Channel and that it's CNN. As he explored. Different parts of the world through food and culture and and helped us all to try and understand things a little bit differently. You don't air and this comes just days after the death of designer Kate Spade this week who also took her own life which was shocking to so many people but. It's been really shining a light did just in the last day or two on the alarming increase in suicide rates in this country. In the CD is the CDC said there had been an increase in in this also such a thing that that medical professionals have recognized called suicide contagion. Where the visa behaviors can actually be transmitted and and so we're not sure if it. That may have been the case. Here from from Kate Spade to Anthony board game but it is 88 medically recognized thing in and there are questions. About the impact of media stories when we talk about suicide and whether that. May contribute to to an increase in suicide rates. Now it is there any. Word yet son that he you said he was out their filming and episode of the show ways. Our other air episodes of the show yet to be aired that will be on the air at some point in the future. Geez I don't know. And would defer to CNN that they only put out a statement saying it is who have extraordinary sadness that we can confirm the death of our friend and colleague Anthony port Dane. They credited his great love of adventure and new friends and find food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world. Which made him unique story teller. Unfortunately. Cooper Kirk's. Across all demographic groups all racial groups all economic groups. We opened up the WB and live line to Ken house connect with the mental health association of Erie county he shines a light on the stigma as the trends in the troubling facts National League. And locally. Well we are unfortunately seeing an uptick in the number actual results. For people who were the other demographics the age group of antennae boarding. You know can I just heard of the other day with with after hearing about Kate Spade that. And she was one of 45000 Americans to die annually by suicide why does it get so little attention. Except when it happens to a celebrity. Well it gets little attention for all of those generally vote 45000 Dutch years is that there's very etched in history. But one it's a tragedy. For every scrambling for every large forever armored. Somewhat and guerrilla but it by taking. Its just an absolute threat the program loves that Kirchner. The family there aren't there coworkers neighbors. Everyone who's connected to that person so. We had 45000 tragedies in the past year. And I guess or anything good can come from. The insurance it was hard courts this week is with those trying to spotlight on orders Eddie problem. And a terrible situation for many many people all across our country and unfortunately here in western north. And a board dean has been open about his set past use of heroin and other drugs and about his. Kind of journey. Two I get off of that habit since it clean himself up is there a trend though of people who might have. Those past problems and even though the drug use is an issue anymore. Couldn't that lead to depression later in life. Well as we've talked about many times in the past the roots are you strong. Coal occurrence between now called pictures. In alcohol and substance abuse highly strong. And record which are in in virtually all of the pictures most advocates for sure. People who are dealing with now I'll issues are so rhetoric here withdrawal and or alcohol. Well people who start withdrawal and Dorell call. A development on all issues so those two things are ultimately together or. Is some it it was startling to me is that. Approximately half of suicide victims have no known mental health condition. Well the Q urchins and there's no milk. You know look at the end and that's probably one of the bigger part of a threat. To people are chuckling which operate outside of and as we talked about with the issue strict. One of the things that statement notes that it keeps people silent. It keeps people feel like some sort of success of the third dealing with these things which are very much part of the human condition. And it keeps those people separated. Oftentimes from the culprit could make their what that are in in some cases like Anthony boarding and eventually of borrowers. You mentioned that stigma does the attention placed on this Kate Spade other suicides have by celebrity's does that help may be break that stigma. I think it helps from the sense they're we're talking about it and simply talking about it simply sharing stories. Makes it OK for other people. To begin to have their comforts are what people look at very successful. People are kicked straight and Anthony border. Who Barbie world record her you know the world are much greater. That would give other folks collection the reduction folks who were successful Oakley. In a well known. Seemingly have everything going in their favor. If they reached the conclusion that any militant group such towards. There are people who may not be antiquated Katie. Similar situation. Could well considering you know what our armed struggle and him and it's a controllable and that's it's partly a look at that. OK to have difficulty. The where it becomes not okay used to do acquired or. Order feels some sensor inadequacies your description. Portion of the belt reach out there that helped the it has anything good comes from the so hopefully many good things come progress. Did it raises the level of awareness of reasons macabre search and it makes it okay for people who ask for help. In to reach coach over there don't get to that point absolute. Despair and desperation where they feel like Andy electors is really about options for. It can for people who are suffering and struggling right now who may be having. It's thoughts of suicide where should they turn. Well let's start first we'll here what a cockroach and services. They report to want to watch other open. So there's a recording or out they were trained counselors. Arched her and it again it's been treated for 2121 record should servicers. For those who were French people who are struggling and you aren't. So one mentions who were who aren't you should always take that seriously. Should all of these. Approach that with the utmost here. Not ask questions. Now probe those people. Acute sense that there's this situation burger suitors. Have an opportunity to entertain and get those people help. A new report on factors leading to suicide came out just Thursday the day before boarding staff. Read about it at WP EN dot com back Monday. That's 938 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irrigation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.