Andy Parker On Tuesday's Wind & Rain


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Andy yesterday was it a second. Record date of brain and how much rain to begin. Over an inch and it really kind of plastered everybody pretty equally we have that shot in the morning. And we had a little gap and then boy the afternoon that came down sideways so it was a little harder to measure but. It's certainly created some puddles and ponds in Western New York in Mosul. Have a chance to recede a little bit this morning but there's more on the way today not the same type of weather day had to do to sort of be a little bit different it's going to be a wet. Windy and much cooler day. Gone are the sixties and seventies and will be replacing them with. Temperatures that hovered just at fifty or slightly below that today wins this morning aren't in the breezy category but by this afternoon. Everybody it doesn't matter if you know the person next you gonna walk into the storm wow it's windy outside do you have gusts up to fifteen miles an hour really coming off the lake today through the buildings in downtown buffalo it's going to be difficult especially. Around City Hall there over by the Yvonne some of those are the favored it areas for wind channeling his those. Fifty mile an hour gusts in the being a little bit more when they funnel between the buildings now the rain showers today here's an interest in part I guess there's a bright spot in this forecast a promise to one yesterday. Is that he rain that everybody gets during the morning commute. All of that wind will likely split it ends and keep it north and south of the cities have during the afternoon as windy and cool as it's going to be. It will likely not be as wet I think if you're in Niagara Falls and if your sprinkle southward you'll likely have the rain showers right and into the afternoon but the city. Should be able to put the umbrellas down fortunately because mother nature when a stolen right out your hand out tomorrow. Is a dry day where you really get a little bit of sunshine on Wednesday highs in the low fifties there. But watch out another soaking rain arrives not for the morning. But for the afternoon and evening on Thursday and really continues on Friday we could get a couple more inches. Of water by the time we're done with that and then the weekend issues can be good for indoor activities cool and wet. And there's even opportunities some of the hills of the southern tier I don't wanna say it. But it's in there if there's a chance for some wet snowflakes on the on the heels Saturday night into Sunday. My cash are but but these are set and water will probably be under flood warning again later in the week. Yeah there's a very good chance that again we get a couple more inches of water of the flooded by Israel go our flood watch or go out and then advisory and probably at least some flash flooding out of that situation. Probably not is windy and aggressive is a bit of it is a temperature change. This time around but it's just a lot of water from where did you see any funnel clouds in the sky yesterday another note tornadoes but so were there at the prospect to some not not in buffalo to the we did not have the right recipe further to the north. It with as we went through the morning in the day it just looked it it trended more and more. That the right setup was featured south and east of buffalo really from spring bill southward to the Pennsylvania line. That's where he had day that chance for some of that rotation they're gonna send a crew from the National Weather Service down to an area near counters port which is just on the other side. Of Pennsylvania line and down there they had some damage reports. Indicative. Of rotational winds they're gonna go take a look at it and see if they can identify that but. Doesn't whether it doesn't matter whether it's tornado or straight line winds of barn comes off its foundation it's a windy day.