Analysis of U-S/North Korean Summit - Carl Calabrese


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Joining us on the line we have. Republican political strategist. With the mass yellow mark Tucci calabrese & Associates it's Carl calabrese Eric Carle joined us yesterday. Ahead of the summit now that it's also and dumb we've heard from the president. Karl joins us again to give us his thoughts Som oh why don't we just start there in general. What do you think of the summit so was it more than you expected less than know what you expect it's what we're asking people I wanna know you think Carl. Count me as the but that one of the 63% of your audience that set. It's much more than expected I wouldn't say more I would say much much much more than I expected I think most people expected. Expressed the idea that will likely to see stages maybe for a stage would be the north Koreans give up their ballistic. Missile program and then go from there. It just felt a lot of things just totally obviously there were a lot more. Talks going on between the two countries privately quite definitely that anybody was aware of and number two I think it. Is it I read an article yesterday that really allowed it connect some dots and it has to do with the role and Haley are answered the way it. What this whole episode. She did two things number one is able convince the Russians and the Chinese Security Council to increase sanctions. Tremendously increased sanctions earlier in the year that really you really put these. You know put the price down to under North Korean economy. But also. If you call the list ballistic missile the north Koreans showed off it was an Intercontinental missiles they aimed at Portland. They brought it down early but they made the point that they now have the capability of reaching US shores apparently under the direction of battle called. Nikki Haley delivered the message very clearly to the Chinese and the Russians that one more provocation like that. The United States was unilaterally unilaterally going to take out North Korea's nuclear capability it would be warm and I think that that was obviously believed. I think the Chinese at that point got very very heavily involved and push this whole thing. To the point where we are today remember without China North Korea is not so like I think that we got we can start to see some opted to your. And this is a big win for the president. Personally as a net. Huge I mean you know this is not in this really got our old enough to remember Nixon going to China. Obviously China is much bigger country are bad relations with China has gone on about 25 years. When Nixon stepped up that point this is almost seventy years but this is just huge on the world scale. Huge political implications the president Republicans waited to the mid terms. It is this is major so I know that the media. Some of the media or at least in this is not good enough there's the question marks but this they have to use the phrase of the local card viewers this is huge. You know we heard a lot about Mike Pompeo his role in a setting up some of the preliminary talks and then his role as it will continue with what's next in dealing with North Korea. Could this summit have happened. Or would have been the same with Rex Tillerson in their instead. That's that's the tough question and answer yet. Probably not I mean Pompeo was. It has a much much different secretary of state that he is much more into what the world view Donald trumps the solicitor was. I think he's because of his intelligence background. I think he brings. You bring information to the table that solution didn't have that probably advice column in ways that made everything possible so. Obviously he's he gets his little is not a critical business in the alien that you and Mike Pompeo. The president but at the end of the stress with the president and he just pull something off very very few people. I ever thought would happen to the summit itself and then to go and yet complete the utilization. In one meeting checked into. Some of the optics lest I mean seeing. The American flag in the North Korean flag next to each other but what about that just itself. I think you saw that on the news that I thought that was I thought that was of kind of a forty drummed up that issue of it is only when there hasn't been. Summon meetings where you don't see the complexity and it could it be that this was. Don't want our president so what. In the big picture so what. If you look at the end result there was nothing degrading to the American flag look I've done other than. Flying next to North Korea and the vet helped change the the chemistry. That helped create the whole. Yet this small price to pay war the legalization. In bringing the temperature down on the North Korea the Korean Peninsula and avoiding the risk of war that bet that was definitely. A possibility as well. Wondering if you were trying to read it all Kim Jong balloons or body language surest facial expressions to kind of see. Whether or not he was being earnest turn out whether or not you can trust him at the end of this. All right I don't think you can trust the do the same as Ronald Reagan say your trust it trust but verify. This thing got to be verified. What's important to recognize there's. From setup this morning the sanctions stay in place. Until we start to see progress on the other side. You know Kim and his family has dealt with American presidents set. It would develop folks he played them like little. I think you realize is that this is different kind of guy now. And he's got to change his behavior. But to be the sanctions will stay complacent but this thing is verified so it would be just the first step but it. The first step on the road that no one thought was possible even to begin what you know there's a lot to extend the play out in this and I completely. Carol do you Dennis Rodman played a role in the somehow. There. Bill. If you're on the go back that China for example you'll love what started the ball in relations between. China in the United States it was the US table tennis team. Going to China. That was the first crack in the in what had been 25 years of Cold War. Almost hot war rhetoric between the two countries. You know it. I I don't want all we'll play it but again when you look at it historically. Little things like Fayette begin to change the temperature. I would think he has to give a percentage you know he might get 2% role in this thing it's small but again. It is just as a table tennis scene indicated temperature. That that brought some attention to. Our relationships in the relationship with Kim Jong-Il on. But this blog from a mile that's beyond this is this is his accomplishments. Like how we appreciate the time as always both today and yesterday talking about this summit that's Karl calabrese. Political strategist with messy Alomar Tucci. Calabrese & Associates.