Analysis of Comey Revelations - Steve Roberts


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Political analyst Steve Roberts is with this now Steve even though we struck Syria on Friday ever won today talking about. The home the interview. How much a wait ahead of we put behind the words of the former FBI yet director to work I guess and totally to war or throw something. As significant as what happened on Friday night. Well it is rather extraordinary that that such a moment as foreign policy issue would be quickly. Overshadowed but that's the nature of the trump presidency that the focus seems that you have to radically day by day sometimes hour by hour. There's an ABC and hole out which we have among other things who do you find more believable. James combing the former FBI director or Donald Trump by 48 to 32. People say call me is more believable. So that a threat to the president given the enormously critical. Remarks that Komi made over the weekend and it. Tracks with a another finding we saw on the ABC poll. You know coming with not really talking about policy he wasn't talking about Siri what talk about trader immigration there. And need the other major issues facing the administration stuck my character. He's talking about personality. And in our poll we asked if you had a favorable view of the president's personal. And by 62 to thirty and 61 to 32. Voters had an unfavorable view of the president but that. That unfavorable and negative view jumped to 68%. Among women. And 73%. Among college educated women so when calmly calls the president morally unfit to be president. This is hitting at an issue that is at the top of the concern for a lot of voters particularly these college educated women. Who in suburban districts around buffalo and many other cities could really make the difference in the fall. Intercity Annette trump Komi poll numbers 48 to 32% who's more believable. Call me over trump in the poll. Break it down is it engendered by party studied how did those numbers show. Yeah it looked the the Republicans are still. Pretty loyal to Donald Trump. This tracks closely to party lines but as I say the big swing here is gender. And it's an important thing to keep your eye on because. Look there are a lot of voters. Female voters who voted for Donald Trump. 2016. There were probably traditionally. Republican. They were sick of eight years of democratic rule they did not not at all like Hillary Clinton. And so they voted to trump but they had their doubts even in the election we saw that. Doubts about character doubts about judgment doubts about temperament but they voted for trump anyway. In but I'm now seeing in these numbers in that to review reasons why coal means more believable than trump is because these voters. Who did vote for trump are now having second thoughts and having buyer's remorse they're looking at fifteen months in the trump presidency. And as we saw an an earlier poll particularly for these women and they look at trumpet and indeed we can ask the question. Is he a good role model for your children and two out of three women said no. That's Trump's biggest vulnerability. Eric it is Steve Roberts joining us on the line.