Analysis of Chris Collins' Troubles; Nate McMurray Rising? - Kevin Hardwick


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Doctor Kevin Hardwick is with us this morning post of hardline Sundays here on WB and it's a political science professor echinacea is talent. Talking about the indictment on insider trading charges for congressman Chris Collins who has been. It completely silent since he met the media Wednesday night and Kevin in just wanna ask you. How you think the polls are going to change. With someone who's under indictment a scandal how this is possibly. Affected candidates in the past. Well obviously is is a poll numbers plummet. And the question is can still win his race in this district given the Republicans overlay. And the answer is he'd be he might be able to. I mean the argument would be look yet you don't you don't like him I mean he did something bad. But would you rather have this this. Democrat in there. Who would vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker or whatever I think today. I can see that making an argument. And say look illegal probably probably be convicted. But that we after he takes office and their BS special election at a gubernatorial appointment that the United States and it. Or the House of Representatives it's a special election. And there'll be a special election that ever earmarks whatever it will put you know it's a good god fearing Republican in there I mean I think that. Could be the argument needs to the to the voters in the district Republican voters of that district. Along of course of course with the idea that you've got to make Nate McMurray. The left that Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton you've gotta you gotta demonize him. Make him an electable so if you eat it. If Howland is the candidate. Any state in the race it'll be a very very messy election. You mention if Collins is the candidate he says he'll stay on the ballots but Sid do you believe he's taking. Long hard look at that and being pushed maybe by some in the party to bow wow. You would you would have to mean there they're caught they're they're three very one key east easy in these state on the belt he's being in any work try to get reelected. Second is. They can't get off of it because it's it's very difficult if not the bill at this late stage there are ways to do it. And he just says that that there regulatory campaign have yet other things to worry about and it's it's pretty good to walk over. And the third scenario is that he is able yeah avail Republicans are able to replace it was you know live with someone who will win this district. Again that's that's difficult it's. UT it would be easier if you were a lawyer because that makes it nominate him for State Supreme Court in some districts in New York City. You know where where Republicans go to but it's what you get Republican on the ballot. I mean there are similar scenarios. The Democrats. We're getting rid of Cynthia Nixon if she loses the primary there they're talking about getting Euro the working families party built sociable slightly. Both from from Cuomo. But there again you know it's it's difficult to do that but there are wasted and. Do you think it's safe to expect GOP leaders to distance themselves from talents. All I I I think it's tough to embrace him at this at this point. Again I think the argument would be. Getting you know hold your nose and invoke talents if he is indeed. You know abuse of these candidates these running. A vigorous campaign for re election and yet you're nine units and a wannabe in this photo with him after the. I wouldn't say it's surprising vote just what do you think about the what it says about politics in the country right now to where I EU might say. While this guy may be in jail in a couple of months but at least I'm not going to vote for the Democrat and that can be actually a valid argument that could win you an election. All it is is it has won elections in the past I mean there's there's there's no question this happened people held one elections well under indictment. And again it is and people missed early voting for them at people voting against someone else. You know I mean I mean you go back a couple years a lot of Republicans. Really didn't warm up and Donald Trump. But they didn't want to elect Hillary Clinton so they knew of of of Trump's problems and then and then this stuff that he said that they had Access Hollywood tape and all that Japanese player replete. Really don't liable for this but I they'd rather vote for that then the alternative which would Hillary Clinton. And you have to set up a similar sort of scenario. Here does that am speaking as somebody you holds a public office is that. Bother you would solve that a lot of times people look more at the. All I I could go on forever about that certainly and and part of the problem in the two party system is that. It's tough to get a carbon copy your self I mean. It's bright and if you look at the Republican platform in the democratic platform. The probably say well I'd like some things from this one but I also like some things from this one problem is you have to choose and and too many people. Just go with the aren't that he and assume that someone is exactly like them on every issue in and we're now. I'm sure this is 18 part of Sunday's hardline program. Yeah well would detonate it McMurray coming out in the second hour in the Dave Draper for channel four and Ryan Whalen from Specter news between the the network currently known as spectrum anyway. Will veto will be joining me in the questioning. You have naymick Marie on the program this Sunday he is more in the public I've been over the past 48 hours that he has been in the past you know 48 years that you could say. How do you think he's handled that so far. Well I I I think he's. I I think so far he's he's done done okay. I mean you can tell he was a little bit. You know and you know he was in and all of the whole thing it was shot it. For for everybody when it broke a couple days ago and him included. I think you'll get a lot of coaching that he wouldn't otherwise. On but for him it is going to be careful he Libyan situation to be careful what you wish. Because eat what. And they were going to ignore him and he would have gotten under talented in that but. That's okay it would talent as long as he wins well now he's that he's a serious contender. So they've got a drop outs and they're they're they're going to be a lot of negative things coming about it about Nate McMurray. You know some of them might be true but regardless. You know you've got to dehumanize him now because otherwise you'll it'll. You know Kevin afforded McMurray and should he hoped that talent stays in. But it talents resigns. All he's got to hope that talents that he did. Yes yes held without a doubt the Republicans will put someone in there who they know when it. Kevin we look forward to the show Sunday that's Kevin Hardwick joining us is tuning how hard line Sunday morning.